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Find the Perfect Fox Helmets for Your Motocross Riding Needs

Motorcycle enthusiasts know that the right helmet is crucial for both safety and style. The 2023 Fox Dirt Bike Helmet collection offers a range of cutting-edge designs and features to suit various riding needs. Whether you’re an off-road adventurer or a motocross racer, this guide will help you find the perfect Fox helmet to elevate your riding experience with the best fox helmets available.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore Fox Racing’s 2023 collection of Dirt Bike Helmets for optimal protection, comfort and performance.
  • Find the right helmet size with an in-depth guide to sizing process and a helmet size chart.
  • Fox Racing ensures rider safety through compliance with international standards such as ECE 22.06 & DOT certification plus accessories & apparel to enhance your riding experience.

Fox Dirt Bike Helmets: Exploring the 2023 Collection

Fox dirt bike helmet on a Kawasaki dirt bike with Fox Goggles

Fox Racing is a renowned brand with over four decades of experience in producing high-quality motorcycle helmets, offering a comprehensive range of premium products for motocross and off-road riding, including their top-of-the-line moto helmets.

Showcasing the latest innovations in helmet technology, the 2023 collection of Fox Dirt Bike Helmets promises optimal protection, comfort, and performance for riders across all skill levels.

The 2023 collection features three standout models: the Fox V1, V2, and V3 helmets. Each model is uniquely designed to accommodate varying rider preferences and styles, promising a perfect fit for every rider. With their advanced features, top-notch safety certifications, and distinctive designs, Fox helmets are an excellent investment for riders looking to enhance their riding experience.

Fox V1 Helmet

The Fox V1 Helmet is affordable full-face helmet designed for motocross and off-road riding, combining protection and comfort in one sleek package. It features:

  • A multi-density EPS liner for optimal impact protection
  • A lightweight polycarbonate shell for durability
  • An adjustable visor for enhanced visibility
  • A ventilation system consisting of 10 intake and 4 exhaust vents, ensuring superior airflow to keep you cool during your ride.

In terms of safety, the Fox V1 Helmet complies with DOT certification, a critical standard for motorcycle helmets. This helmet’s adjustable fit system, equipped with a dial-in fit and a chin strap, ensures a secure and comfortable fit for riders.

With a weight of 1.3 lbs and sizes ranging from XS to XL, the V1 Helmet is an excellent choice for riders seeking a balance of protection, style, and affordability.

Fox V2 Helmet

Offering enhanced protection and comfort, the Fox V2 Helmet is an ideal choice for riders looking to level up their gear. This full-face motorcycle helmet features MIPS™ technology for enhanced safety, a magnetic visor for quick release in the event of a crash, and dual density Varizorb™ EPS for impact protection.

The V2 Helmet features:

  • Lightweight fiberglass shell
  • DOT and ECE certification for the highest safety standards
  • Excellent ventilation with 10 intake vents
  • Removable inner padding for easy cleaning and customization
  • Double buckle closure for a secure fit

Perfect for riders who value both safety and comfort on the track.

Fox V3 Helmet

A close-up image of the Fox V3 Helmet, one of the top-rated fox helmets in the market

For those seeking a high-performance helmet that can withstand the rigors of tough conditions and race battles, the Fox V3 Helmet is worth considering. This helmet offers the following features:

  • Advanced cool head ventilation system
  • Updated MIPS technology for improved safety
  • Fox’s patented Magnetic Visor Release
  • Distinctive design elements for enhanced safety and performance

The updated MIPS technology and unique design elements of the V3 Helmet ensure that riders receive optimal protection in the event of an accident. The patented Magnetic Visor Release allows for rapid and effortless removal of the visor without the need for tools, further enhancing the helmet’s convenience and safety features.

Ensuring a Proper Fit: Fox Helmet Sizing Guide

Tim Gajser wearing FOX V3 helmet

Achieving a proper fit enhances the effectiveness and comfort of your Fox Helmet. To ensure the perfect fit, measure your head circumference and use the Fox Helmet sizing chart as a guide.

In this segment, we will guide you through the head measurement process and help you comprehend the size chart, enabling you to make an informed decision when choosing your Fox Helmet.

Measuring Your Head Circumference

To accurately measure your head circumference for a Fox Helmet, follow these steps:

  1. Find the fullest point of your head, approximately 1” above your eyebrows.
  2. Wrap a flexible measuring tape around your head at this point, ensuring it is snug but not overly tight.
  3. Take the measurement in centimeters for the most precise results.

With your head circumference measurement in hand, you can now refer to the Fox Helmet size chart to determine the appropriate size for your helmet. This will ensure a comfortable fit and optimal protection while riding.

Fox Helmet Size Chart

The Fox Helmet size chart is a helpful reference for riders to identify the appropriate helmet size based on their head circumference measurements. By comparing your measurement to the size chart provided by Fox, you can find the perfect helmet size tailored to your head shape and size.

It is essential to ensure that your helmet is DOT certified, as this guarantees that it adheres to specific safety guidelines and provides suitable protection for riders. The DOT certification label can be found on the back of the helmet, containing the manufacturer’s name, the helmet model, and the DOT certification number.

Safety Standards and Certifications for Fox Helmets

A person wearing a Fox helmet with a DOT certification sticker

Fox Helmets prioritize safety, adhering to the internationally accepted ECE 22.06 and DOT certifications, which are safety standards for motorcycle helmets.

The significance of DOT certification is paramount, guaranteeing that your helmet complies with the required safety specifications and provides sufficient protection during rides.

The Importance of DOT Certification

DOT certification is a safety standard established by the U.S. Department of Transportation, designed to guarantee that helmets meet certain safety requirements and provide adequate protection for riders. This certification focuses on impact absorption, penetration resistance, and retention system strength, ensuring riders receive optimal protection in the event of an accident.

Identifying DOT certified helmets is simple, as the certification label should be located on the back of the helmet, containing the manufacturer’s name, the helmet model, and the DOT certification number. By choosing a DOT certified helmet, you can ride with confidence, knowing that you are protected by the highest safety standards.

Fox Racing: The Company Behind the Helmets

A person wearing a Fox racing helmet with a yellow Fox logo

Fox Racing has a rich history in the motocross and off-road riding world, with over four decades of experience producing high-quality helmets and apparel. Founded by Geoff Fox in 1974, the company has evolved from offering motocross accessories to becoming a premier manufacturer of motorcycle gear, including the popular Fox Helmets.

The company’s commitment to safety and innovation has made it a leader in the industry, and its

The Evolution of Fox Racing Helmets

Fox Racing Helmets have come a long way since the introduction of the iconic fox head logo in 1974. The first motocross helmet by Fox Racing, the Pilot, was worn by Ricky Carmichael in 2000. Over the years, Fox Racing has continued to develop helmets for professional riders, such as the V3 Helmet worn by champions like Ken Roczen and Ryan Dungey.

With a focus on providing pro-level riders with the latest in helmet technology, Fox Racing has consistently improved their designs. For example, the V3 Helmet boasts a lightweight carbon fiber shell, an adjustable visor, and an improved ventilation system. As a result, Fox Racing Helmets have become the go-to choice for many professional riders and motocross enthusiasts alike.

Fox Helmet Accessories and Apparel

A person wearing a Fox helmet with a wrap-around goggle

Fox Racing provides a variety of accessories and apparel to complement their helmets, aiming to elevate your riding experience. Some of the products they offer include:

  • Replacement visors
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Jackets
  • Hats

These products not only improve your riding performance and comfort but also allow you to showcase your unique style.

Fox Goggles: Enhancing Your Riding Experience

Fox Goggles are designed specifically to be used in conjunction with a Fox Helmet, offering additional protection from wind, dust, and debris, as well as reducing glare. With features such as anti-fog lenses, adjustable straps, and interchangeable lenses, Fox Goggles are built to provide superior protection and comfort.

When choosing Fox Goggles, remember to factor in your riding style, the environment you’ll be riding in, and your personal preferences. Ensuring a proper fit is essential to maximize the protective capabilities of the goggles and guarantee a comfortable fit.


In conclusion, the 2023 Fox Dirt Bike Helmet collection offers a variety of innovative and stylish options for riders of all levels. From the versatile V1 Helmet to the high-performance V3 Helmet, there’s a perfect fit for every rider. By understanding the features of each model, measuring your head circumference, and using the Fox Helmet size chart, you can find the ideal helmet to suit your riding needs and preferences. With the added protection of DOT certification and the enhanced riding experience offered by Fox Goggles, you can ride with confidence, knowing that you’re equipped with the best gear from a trusted brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fox a good helmet brand?

Fox Speedframe Pro helmets have been certified and accredited by the highest safety standards, and even earned Virginia Tech’s best rating of 5 STARS. Therefore, Fox is a good helmet brand.

What happened to Fox Racing?

Fox Racing was acquired by Vista Outdoor in July 2022 for $540 million.

How much does the Fox V1 MX helmet weight?

The Fox V1 MX helmet weighs 1.32 pounds, according to product information.

What are the main differences between the Fox V1, V2, and V3 helmets?

The Fox V1 Helmet is optimized for protection and comfort, the V2 features MIPS™ technology and a magnetic visor, while the V3 is designed for high-performance riding with advanced ventilation, updated MIPS technology, and a patented Magnetic Visor Release.

Is it essential to measure my head circumference for a Fox Helmet?

Yes, measuring your head circumference is essential for finding the perfect fit for your Fox Helmet to ensure optimal protection and comfort.