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Best Dirt Bike Helmet Camera 2022

Dirt bike helmet cameras need to be tough and weatherproof, so choosing the right one is important. A digital camera is a great way to record your motocross or trail rides; TeamMA has spent some time pulling together a shortlist.

Motocross is tough on gear, and so we review products that handle abuse well. Every helmet cam we suggest has great battery life, advanced image stabilisation and robust construction. Extreme weatherproofing is also a factor. When you are out in all weathers, it is vital that your dirt bike helmet camera keeps the mud and wet out, which is why we have only selected tough cameras.

We include action cams that are affordable, futureproof and have reliable customer support, and added a bonus product featuring exciting new technology too.

GoPro Dirt Bike Helmet Cameras

GoPro action cams do exactly what they say on the tin. A versatile helmet cam, capturing action and speed in super high-quality as you belt it down the trail or around the track. GoPros durability, resolution, and stability combination are a force to be reckoned with placing them among the leaders in action cams.

1. Best Dirt Bike Action Cams – GoPro HERO9Best Dirt Bike Helmet Camera 2021 - GoPro HERO9

The new GoPro 9 is an action cam with more of everything. A slick gadget for the fast-paced motocross trails. In-camera horizon levelling means more stability on the sketchiest rides. Challenging terrains and wet weather are a winning combination for the GoPro 9. 5K video and 20MP means you’ll easily capture a high-speed mud-fest from your dirt bike helmet.


With this top of the range GoPro, you can be assured of the latest technology in image stabilisation, as well as solid customer service.

GoPro 9 Specs

  • Weight 158g
  • Weatherproof: Waterproof
  • Waterproof 33ft (10m)
  • Picture quality 20MP
  • Image stabilisation HyperSmooth 3.0
  • Internal storage 16 MB
  • SD card size MicroSD (max capacity 256GB)
  • Battery life 72-112 minutes


2. Best Dirt Bike Action Cams – GoPro HERO7

GoPro HERO7 Best Dirt Bike Helmet Cam 2021This ‘tough as nails’ GoPro is a must-have helmet-cam for dirt bike fanatics. Hyper smooth video stabilization means every ride can be captured without a glitch. With hands-free commands, you can keep eyes on the trail and hands on the handlebars while taking photos and starting a video.


For such a budget option the Gopro 7 combines value with sup-high quality footage. Great for the rider who is looking for one value buy, or even multiple cameras.

GoPro 7 Specs

  • Weight 116g
  • Weatherproof: Rugged & Waterproof
  • Waterproof 33ft (10m)
  • Picture quality 12MP
  • Image stabilisation HyperSmooth
  • Internal storage 16 MB
  • SD card size Micro SD (max capacity 256GB)
  • Battery life 30-90 minutes


Sony Dirt Bike Helmet Cameras

Impressive features and superior full HD image quality make Sony action cams great value for money. Epic-wide angle views and wind noise reduction ensure great trail riding footage. Sony has been giving GoPro a run for its money when it comes to action cams. Definitely one for the shortlist.

3. Best Dirt Bike Action Cams – AS200V

Sony AS200V Best Motocross Helmet Camera 2021World-renowned ZEISS optics give contrast and sharpness to helmet-cam footage. And with an ultra-wide lens, free from glare and reflection your movies can be as extreme as your ride. Advanced SteadyShot smooths out the bumps and blur whilst wind noise reduction delivers clear sound. All in all, a solid and superior action cam.


Sony AS200V Specs

  • Weight 93g
  • Weatherproof: Dust, shock & waterproof (with supplied SPK-AS2 case)
  • Waterproof 16ft (5m) (with supplied SPK-AS2 case)
  • Picture quality 8.8 MP
  • Image stabilisation Steadyshot electronic image stablisation
  • Internal storage None
  • SD card size SD, SDHC & SDXC (max capacity 64GB)
  • Battery life 115 minutes


Garmin Dirt Bike Helmet Cameras

4. Best Dirt Bike Action Cams – Garmin VIRB Ultra 30

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Aviation dirt bike camGarmin action cams are robust and known for their built-in GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope and compass. These G-Metric functions are unique to the Garmin action camera, its a more clunky yet punchy dirt bike helmet camera in the lineup.


Having made a name for themselves with Geo location devices Garmin brings exciting technology to the action cam market. If you are a content provider and want to overlay data on to film, then the Ultra 30 could be the cam for you. One of the coolest features of this capable device is the ability to add complex overlays to the footage, featuring location, speed and so on.  Check out Gmetrix here.

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Specs

The VIRB action cam is the new flagship model from Garmin. It’s user-friendly and comes with a hardy waterproof case with a decent selection of mountings, so you can attach to your helmet or handlebars. The G-Metrix (accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter & compass) are clever functions to measure your need for speed on the track. An accomplished dirt bike helmet camera.

  • Weight 87.9g
  • Weatherproof: Waterproof with the included case
  • Waterproof 131ft (40m) (with supplied case)
  • Picture quality 12 & 8 MP
  • Image stabilisation 3-axis image stabilisation
  • Internal storage None
  • SD card size Micro SD (Max capacity 128GB)
  • Battery life 135 minutes


Olfi Dirt Bike Helmet Cameras

Olfi actions cams have a loyal following with raving reviews. Fantastic value for money with all the features and 365 day returns plus a free microSD card. Can’t argue with that.

5. Best Dirt Bike Action Cams- Olfi One.Five

Olfi One.Five Dirt bike action cameraAn impressively compact helmet-cam to boot. High-tech features include 4k filming, external microphone capability and digital stabilisation to reduce natural shake on your ride. Everything is included when you buy, even the SD memory card. Plus, some damages are covered with a free accidental damage policy. We advise checking the small print!

Olfi One.Five Specs

  • Weight 60g
  • Weatherproof: Rugged, waterproof
  • Waterproof (98 ft) 30m (with supplied case)
  • Picture quality 16 MP
  • Image stabilisation: digital image stabilisation
  • Internal storage: None
  • SD card size Micro SD (Max capacity 64GB)
  • Battery life: 90 minutes

DJI Dirt Bike Action Cams

6. DJI Osmo Dirt Bike Helmet Camera

DJI Osmo Action MX Helmet Camera 2021Smart with dynamic detail and a front-facing screen, DJI action cams look good and make your ride footage look even better. DJI may be better known for drones, but the Osmo is a cool piece of kit which won’t break the bank.


DJI Osmo Action – Specs

Osmo action has a 3 layer lens making it safe from the elements, repelling oil, water dirt and other small particles – ideal for dirt track racing. It’s a fast and interactive system with HDR video and rock steady stabilisation, meaning dynamic & shake-free footage no matter how heavy the action.

  • Weight 124g
  • Weatherproof: Waterproof
  • Waterproof 11m
  • Picture quality 12 MP
  • Image stabilisation: Yes
  • Internal storage: None
  • SD card size Micro SD (Max capacity 256GB)
  • Battery life: 135 minutes


Technology is full-speed ahead as always. Now you can capture anything & everything from the skies above with this innovative new drone from Skydio.

7. Action Cam Bonus Review – Skydio 2 Drone

Skydio 2 automate dirt bike helmet DroneThe Skydio 2 drone raises the bar for action cam footage. Using artificial intelligence, Skydio 2 follows and anticipates your next move on the track – terrifyingly awesome. It has 6 4k navigation cameras and fast processing cores.

The Skyiodrone 2 is a flying robot dirt bike helmet camera operator, capturing the magic while keeping your head in the race. It’s smaller, lighter and quieter than the previous models, so the buzzing shouldn’t irritate other riders or spectators. Branches and fine wires can be a problem, and you will need someone in attendance with the red button in case of an issue, however; Sydio is aiming for full autonomy soon.

The jury is out as to whether autonomous drones will be something we see in the near future. Current legislation says that there must be someone with their finger on the red button in case of an incident. There are massive advantages to being able to go out solo riding, and having a drone with you. Of course, the footage is superb, but from a safety aspect, this could prove to be an interesting development in tech.

The counter-argument is that dozens of drones bussing around is a privacy issue, as well as a general annoyance for those who are not part of the film, especially if they just want a quiet day out! Regardless, it is difficult not to be impressed by the rapid advancement of these cameras.

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Have fun out there

Martin & TeamMA