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About Martin Varrand, the author of Motocross Advice

I started riding Motocross when I turned 4 years old in a place called Estonia (Europe). My father was a professional motocross rider in Soviet times and the ‘Motocross Virus’ was in my blood even before I was born.

Martin Varrand, The Author of Motocross Advice

This is important for two reasons:

  1. I had the best trainer anyone could ask since day 1 of my motocross career
  2. Every aspect of riding motocross the right way is trained in my muscle memory which I am now passing over to my students
  3. I am not just another guy with a textbook claiming to build Motocross Champions

After my father quickly discovered my talent, hard work and dedication became everyday keywords in my early life. By the age of 7, I won my first Junior World Champion title in Germany riding on a 50cc and received my second title the year after. Since then I have been 6-times Estonian Champion and participated in different GP-s all over the world riding next to guys like Ken Roczen, Eli Tomac, and Blake Wharton.

Martin Varrand, The Author Of Motocross Success Principles, The Ebook

Around 10 years ago I retired from a professional motocross career for two reasons:

  1. Lack of financial capabilities to take the next step in my career & to pursue a place on a team
  2. To focus more on my education which was not possible while riding at that level


How Motocross Advice Came To Life?

After I retired from my professional motocross career, I still continued to help other motocross riders out there. The sport is not easy. When you have ever enjoyed riding motocross, you can’t get the feeling out of your head. On the other hand, it is not easy to enjoy riding motocross when you constantly are making mistakes, have injuries, and see how other riders are making better progress than you. I have had the joy of teaching other motocross riders how to master the correct techniques and have shown them how to fully enjoy riding motocross.

Martin Varrand, Author of the Motocross Success Masterclass Online Course

There are only so many riders I can help on the track through physical presence, but the internet is giving me the opportunity to help many more. I want to show them all the true joy of motocross! That’s why I launched Motocross Advice a few years ago and opened my motocross school to all riders who need help out there.

The Mission of Motocross Advice

The mission of motocross advice is to provide best quality content about dirt bike riding, dirt bike parts & dirt bike gear. Best quality for me means that everything I talk about or suggest is tested by me with the highest attention to detail. I can only be successful if I am able to provide massive value.