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Dirt Bike Parts

Here you can find my guides and reviews about dirt bike parts. This category is especially important due to the complexity of equipment on the market. It is really hard to make thoughtful buying decisions if you don’t have enough trustworthy information about the topic. My mission here is to provide unbiased information about some of the most important equipment on the market. All the reviews are based on my own experience.

FMF Factory 4.1 RCT 4-Stroke Full Dirt Bike Exhaust System

Best Dirt Bike Exhaust Systems 2020 [2-Stroke & 4-Stroke Guide]

March 28, 2020

Dirt Bike Parts
Ready made Complete motocross graphic kits

Handy Guide to Dirt Bike Graphics 2020

Welcome to our ultimate guide to dirt bike graphics 2020. Graphics really help make your dirt bike look the part. Stickers and graphics also serve a practical purpose. Fitting custom or branded graphics also offers protection to your plastics.  This article will give you pointers on how to source and fit graphics to your dirt bike. Whether you're thinking about a custom look or…
S.M. PRO Platinum Dirt Bike Wheels 2020

Best Dirt Bike Wheels and Rims 2020

Dirt bike parts and accessories become a very significant part of the ongoing upgrade path for any committed rider. Your dirt bike wheels and rims, plus their associated parts, are vital components. This article will explain some of the fundamental considerations that each component requires. We will also look at the role each of these parts undertakes while keeping you moving forward. It is…
dirt bike grips Scott SXII

Best Dirt Bike Grips 2020 – The Ultimate Guide

Comfortable dirt bike grips are an essential part of a great riding experience. Best dirt bike grips protect you against vibration, arm pump, and give you a control of your handlebar when riding on a wet, muddy track. If you are looking for a quality motocross grips that will feature all these things, then find your favourite from my 2020 ultimate dirt bike grip…

The Best Dirt Bike Tires 2020 | The Ultimate Guide

One thing that is consistent amongst dirt bike riders is the tendency to become brand loyal. This loyalty applies to all types of motocross gear. When it comes to dirt bike tires, it is easy to understand why riders get superstitious. Your dirt bike tires are (hopefully) the only part of your dirt bike that is regularly in contact with the ground. They will…
Honda Hp best gearbox oil 2020

Best Dirt Bike Gearbox Oil 2020

Most of us are very familiar with engine oil. We know that the engine oil level is on our regular maintenance checklist, and that engine oil needs to be changed come service time. But what about gearbox oil, or transmission oil?  The first point to note, is that gearbox oil is generally only used in 2 stroke engines. Because of the way in which…
Motocross Advice-Best two stroke-Four Stroke-Oils_Maxima 927

Best 2-Stroke And 4-Stroke Dirt Bike Oil 2020

As with any high-performance machine, dirt bikes need regular mechanical attention for them to run at their full potential. Service checkpoints included using the right oil for the right components. When buying dirt bike oil, the majority of people get overwhelmed with the different varieties available on the market. It is essential to know what you are looking for when deciding which oil to buy.…
Maxima Foam Air Filter Oil

Best Air Filter Oil 2020

Air filter oil is used with certain performance air filters. The filters themselves are made from a foam type material that is soaked in the specially formulated air filter oil. The oil once applied, is very effective at keeping debris out of your engine. Good quality air filter oil keeps your engine components clean and functioning well. As a result, it decreases the amount…
Michelin dirt bike tires

Michelin Dirt Bike Tires – Best Deals & Buying Guide

It is pretty much unheard of to meet someone who isn’t familiar with the Michelin brand. We see it everywhere from TV to all sorts of on-road and off-road vehicles. For most of us, Michelin is best known for their car tires as well as their big white mascot (the Michelin Man). However, many dirt bike riders will know that Michelin also makes great…
pirelli dirt bike tires - the scorpion series

Best Pirelli Dirt Bike Tires 2019 | Buying Guide & TOP Recommended Deal

Pirelli is typically a tire brand associated with high performance machines. Personally, I always think of the Pirelli sport winter tires that I put on my car. They are amazing! However, I am not on motocross advice to talk about car tires, I am here to talk about Pirelli dirt bike tires. The thing I like about Pirelli dirt bike tires is that they…
Bridgestone Dirt Bike Tires

Bridgestone Dirt Bike Tires – Buying Guide & Recommended Deals

There is one thing that has always been important when it comes to motocross. That is tire selection. A poor quality tire will wear quickly, weigh too much, and you will likely discover that it is hard to find traction with. The thing about tire selection is there are names you can trust, and then names that scream cheap knock-off garbage. Well Bridgestone dirt…
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