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My name is Martin Varrand. I am the creator and curator of Motocross Advice. For many years motocross has been my passion.

I started riding motocross in the late nineties. I am a two-time junior World Champion and a six-time Estonian Champion. During my junior years, I was racing against guys like Ken Roczen, Eli Tomac and Blake Wharton.

I am sharing all of the things I have learned in more than twenty years of riding off-road via this site. My primary focus is to provide you with the best Motocross Advice, creating an ever growing resource for riders at every level of the sport.

Here, you will find shortcuts to the best motocross products available anywhere. You will find opinion articles, reviews, tips and tricks. I write about the best dirt bike accessories, dirt bike gear, and dirt bike parts. I also share motocross tips and tricks that will help you ride faster, smarter, and safer than ever before.

I invite you to reach out if you are looking for personal advice, coaching or racing.

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