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6D ATR2 – Taking Helmet Safety to a New Level

The motocross industry is full of trending growth. Some ideas come and go, where other seem to hold their focus. The latter is true for helmet safety. In fact, the goal to make a safer motocross helmet is being chased by multiple different companies. Who leads the charge? In my mind, and the mind of many others, it is 6D helmets.

For 2018 6D has released their latest and greatest helmet, the ATR2. In this article we are going to take the time to breakdown all you need to know about this next generation lid. To keep you on track, here are three words to remember when thinking about this helmet, it is safe, stylish, and rebuildable! Learn more below:


The Ability to Rebuild:

Historically, motocross helmets have been a one and done type deal. You buy one, you have a good crash, and then you have to replace it. Well 6D is working to change that with their ATR2! The outer EPP foam is able to take multiple impacts without losing its shape which means, as long as the shell is okay, the outer layers are still ready to function. So here is how it work:

If you have a crash in the ATR2 where you hit your head, you remove the inner liner known as the EPS liner which is attached to the comfort liner. This is basically a helmet inside the helmet. Since the EPS is made up of a softer foam than the EPP outer liner, it can be damaged.

Visually inspect the EPS.

6D helmets - ATR2

If there is damage but the shell is okay, you send it back to 6D and they will clean it up, put a new EPS liner in it, put it back together and then send it back to you.

Boom, you have your helmet back, fully functioning, without having to purchase a brand new helmet. Sure the cost of a 6D may be on the higher end of the spectrum initially, but the ability to rebuild it should keep this helmet in the minds of most riders.



There is one thing that is always more important than the rest when it comes to helmets. That is safety. If the helmet isn’t going to protect you brain to the extent that it can, then what is the point in having one. Well 6D has been on a quest for the safest possible helmet since their inception, and the ATR2 is truly taking helmet safety to a new level. Let’s take a look at a few of these safety features:

Advanced ODS

Advanced ODS is the new and improved version of the ODS that was found in previous 6D helmets. The Omni Directional System (ODS) features elastomeric dampers that allow the helmets internals to move separately from the outer foam liner during impact.

This means that the helmet shell and foam liner, can move separately from your head in a crash. This greatly reduces energy transferred to the brain. The Advanced ODS transfers more rotational forces than the original one. However, where the most improvement has been made is under linier impacts. Overall, the ODS is unique and hard to beat.

Multi-Impact EPP foam

This foam liner is placed against the inside of the helmet shell and is truly impressive. It has been formed with areas of damping towers which help with progressive loading of energy. Here is where one of the cool parts come in, the Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) is capable of surviving multiple impacts. This means that as long as the shell has not been compromised, the rest of the helmet can be rebuilt like mentioned above and the foam will be ready to save you during another crash.

EPP Lined Chinbar

6D chose to line the chinbar with EPP as a way to help lessor energy transferred from crashes that impact the jaw area. There is also a sternum pad built into the helmet for the circumstance where your helmet strikes your sternum. This is really a testament to the full coverage that the ATR2 provides.

Emergency Release System 

Like most high end motocross helmets, the ATR2 by 6D features an emergency release system. This allows first responders to safely remove the helmet from the rider’s head without having to remove it conventionally.


Ventilation, Weight and Fit:

Alright enough about the safety. We know this helmet will keep our heads as safe as possible, but how does it feel to wear? Nobody wants a concrete brick on their head! Well many will be happy to hear that the fit has improved over the ATR1. Not to say that the fit was bad before (because everyone has a differently shaped head), but there were a fair few riders that felt pressure points that made the helmet less comfortable than it should have been. The ATR2 overall seems to fit better and stays glued in place while you ride.

6D Helmet sizing chart

The air gap ventilation system is an array of vents that help to feed cool air into the helmet and hot humid air out of it. It works quite well considering how much technology is packed into this helmet. However, it still is not the coolest helmet to ride in (as far as temperature is concerned).

Thankfully, this helmet comes in at a very reasonable 1480 grams. Which as far as helmets are concerned is lightweight. Maximum protection at a low weight penalty, it’s hard to go wrong with 6D helmets!

6D helmets Styling

Styling is always a matter of personal opinion. In this case, I would like to point out that I personally really enjoy the looks of the 6D ATR2 compared to its predecessor. The lines seem much sharper and the graphics more aggressive. The helmet gives the whole “man about town” appearance.

Which for me, is exactly how I like to show up at the track.  Another difference I noticed is that the chin bar appears shorter. This looks good but also would make the surface area of the helmet smaller and lessens the chance of it catching during a crash.

Two thumbs up in the style department!

Final Words

6D helmets have really outdone themselves here as far as I’m concerned. It’s truly amazing to find a company so passionate about one thing, helmet safety. The thing about the 6D helmets ATR2 is that it isn’t some weird looking out of this world, safety globe. It is a real motocross helmet. One that looks like it should, one that is light weight and well ventilated, and that is comfortable to ride in. I get to see and try a lot of helmets, and for 2018, this has to be one of the best if not the best. If you are in the market for a new motocross helmet, try the 6D helmets ATR2. You won’t regret it!

6D ATR2 helmet bag

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