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How To Clean and Maintain Dirt Bike Helmet – The Proper Way

Not every one of us is an expert when it comes to taking care of dirt bike helmets. People think that once they have bought it, they can use it forever. Trust us, no one is that expert and we need to know the cleaning aspect as well. I am giving you the proper way on how to clean dirt bike helmet.

Dirt Bike Helmet Lifespan

People think that once they have bought a helmet, they really do not need another one because this is going to have a long life. This thinking pattern is wrong. Helmets does have an expiry date just like any other items. Usually a helmet stays for about 8 years. The helmets which are not used at all, expires because EPS (expanded polystyrene) starts to crumble. Your helmet can survive for 3 years, if it had an accident. Otherwise, one accident and your helmet is destroyed.

1. Between Motos

You only need some items for cleaning your helmet. These things include soap and grease remover. Soap or grease remover will help in softening the grease and finally letting it go. Apply some grease and rub softly. This will help you in having a clean dirt bike helmet. You can use this method after every month.

2. Power Washing

In this method, you will have to separate the parts of a helmet for a deep cleaning. There are areas in the motocross helmet which get dirty and these areas need to be washed completely. There are comfort liner pads inside the helmet which are installed for protection. First of all, separate these pads. These pads will need a washing too, because the sweats absorb in it and this might create some smell. In this whole process, you will need a power wash.

Before you separate all the parts, keep your power washer aside. When you have separated all the parts, what are left is the shell. Now, take the soap and apply it on the shell. You can use a grease remover as well if you have it. After applying soap, take your power washer and set on a low pressure. Wash the shell, but keep it far from the washer. There is a reason why you should keep the helmet at a distance. There is an EPS foam installed in the helmet. This has a magnet inside of it. Magnet can get damaged if sprayed in a wrong way.

You are always allowed to use the soap, and grease remover on the shell but with care. Use a soft brush to rub the helmet so, it can remove the sweat from it.

3. Interior Pads

The inner pads can be washed in the machine with a washing powder. Make sure that the powder is scentless. Let the pads air dry in the sun. If you dry the pads in the dryer it can get damaged.

4. Touch Ups

In the end, you can add details to the helmet. If you something on the helmet which can be replaced with a marker, use a marker and touch it up.

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  1. Charlie Brown Reply

    I don’t know about other guys but I wipe down my visor every day. I can’t stand seeing spots on the visor while I’m riding.

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