Best Cheap Dirt Bike Helmets 2019 | Under 200$

If you are looking at cheap dirt bike helmets, it is likely that you are new to riding. Before we dive in to which of the budget helmets are right for you, there are a couple of things that anyone who is new to dirt bikes might find handy. To be honest, it is information that any rider may find useful. In this article I will outline some basic steps you should follow when buying a helmet. But before that, you will find my suggestions for the top 5 cheap motocross helmets available in 2019, under $200.00

Top Cheap Dirt Bike Helmets 2019:

Best cheap dirt bike helmet - Fox V1Fox V1 Motocross HelmetFoxCHECK PRICE >>>
Best cheap dirt bike helmets ONeal_Hex 5_Black And WhiteO’Neal Hexx 5O'NealCHECK PRICE >>>
Best cheap dirt bike helmet - Airoh TwistAiroh TwistAirohCHECK PRICE >>>
cheap motocross helmet - HJC i 50HJC i50HJCCHECK PRICE >>>
cheap dirt bike helmets 2019Fly KineticFlyCHECK PRICE >>>

1. Fox V1 Motocross Helmet

Best cheap dirt bike helmet - Fox V1

Fox V1 Helmet Description

Fox have been very busy refreshing their helmet range. The V1 Czar is one of 17 designs of the V1 range. The V1 features Fox’s Magnetic Visor Release System ‘MVRS’ to manage rotational forces. This pro-level, patent-pending feature removes the three visor screws and replaces them with magnets to allow the visor to release from the helmet in the event of a crash, while also securely staying in place when needed.

With Fox having redesigned their entry level lid from the floor up, they have massively improved the airflow. This means a greater level of comfort when riding harder and in warm conditions. Moisture is handled much more efficiently.  Fox has also introduced 4 specific shell sizes for a more true-to-size fit and feel.

The V1 comes complete with a removable and washable liner and cheek pads for comfort after repeated uses. 

Fox V1 Features

  • MVRS – Magnetic Visor Release System releases in the event of a crash
  • Lightweight Injection molded polycarbonate & ABS shell construction
  • 4 shell and 4 EPS sizes for a precise fit
  • Removable and washable comfort liner and cheek pads
  • 9 intake and 4 exhaust vents for optimum airflow
  • Gloss Finish
  • Weight 1350 gms

Fox V1 Safety Certifications

  • Exceeds ECE 22.05
  • Exceeds DOT
  • Meets ACU Gold for competitive riding in the UK

Fox V1 Dirt Bike Helmet Review 

Fox’s entry level helmet is fully loaded with safety features. The magnetic visor is a great example. This patented system will make sure that the visor unclips and clears itself from the rider in the event of a significant impact. This reduces the chance of the visor digging in to the ground and causing aggressive sideways movement of the head. This feature is on their V3 flagship model, so a really nice touch here.  

The fit is true to size, so you can order using a standard helmet chart with confidence. The shell is a polycarbonate, as you would expect at this price point. The variety of shell sizes and shapes is a nice touch. This means that you can get a more personalised fit when choosing a Fox V1. There are even a variety of visor sizes to match each of the different shells to make sure everything stays nicely profiled. 

One of the first things you notice when riding in the V1, is the amount of airflow. It is a really well vented lid. Fox have spent a lot of time designing a system which challenges helmets costing twice the price. 

A great entry level helmet. 

Read about the most important dirt bike helmet features from my article.



2.O’Neal Hexx 5 Motocross Helmet

Best cheap dirt bike helmets ONeal_Hex 5_Black And White

Hexx 5 Description

Oneal have over 49 years of racing experience, which puts them firmly into contention. The Hexx 5 helmet is an example of their value for money range of products. Constructed from a light polycarbonate material and with all of the basic features you would want to see on a dirt bike helmet, it is definitely one for your short list. 

Oneal Hexx 5 Review

The venting system is good. There are enough vents front and back, to create a good airflow through this helmet.  The shell is lined with Oneals patented Coolmax liner which is designed to draw moisture away from your face and head on warm days. The inner liner of the Hexx 5 is very well padded, making for a firm and extremely comfortable fit. 

The helmet features a number of replacement parts, making long term use and servicing an easy job. 

Hexx 5 Features:

  • Lightweight ABS shell construction
  • Shell weight (size large): 1380grams (±50)
  • Coolmax® liner Ultra-plush, removable/washable padded liner
  • Adjustable visor design
  • Multiple air vents help keep you cool and dry
  • Durable multi-colored matte coated graphics
  • Replacement parts available

Hexx 5 Safety Certificates:

Meets DOT, 

Meets ECE 22-05 

Meets AS/NZS 

Meets ACU Gold for competitive riding in the UK


3. Airoh Twist Motocross Helmet

Best cheap dirt bike helmet - Airoh Twist

Airoh Twist Description

Italian helmet manufacturer, Airoh, has been on the scene for a few years now. They have some popular models, which have gained traction amongst road and trail riders. Their “Twist” helmet falls nicely into the cheapest dirt bike helmets category. The “Twist” is another polycarbonate shell design, with front and rear venting, the popular aggressive styling, and a wide field of vision with adjustable peak. 


Airoh Twist Review 

There are a number of other basic features, including removable and washable lining and an easy to secure Double D chin strap. There is also a neat, removable dust filter to help keep ventilation to an optimum during off road riding. 

This isn’t the most technical of the bunch. It also has less in the way of venting. That said, it is a good solid helmet from a renowned Italian manufacturer. It is also fairly lightweight for its class. Did you know that Airoh also made one of the best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet called Airoh Commander?


Airoh Twist Features:

  • Thermoplastic shelled
  • Adjustable peak
  • Removable and washable liner/filter
  • 1200 Gms

Airoh Twist Safety Certificates:

Meets ECE 22.05, 

Meets DOT 

Meets ACU Gold for competitive riding in the UK


4. Best Cheap Dirt Bike Helmets HJC i50 cheap motocross helmet - HJC i 50

HJC have been manufacturing quality helmets since the early 70’s. They have developed a good name with riders all over the world. They are one of the few manufacturers to have built their own in house wind tunnels. HJC are renowned for their contemporary designs and innovative ideas. 


HJC  i50 Description

With their budget dirt bike helmet, HJC bring the polycarbonate i50 to the table. The i50 is a tough and aggressive looking lid. HJC are no slouches when it comes to technology and this shows. Impact protection is maximised with a shock absorbent EPS liner and their patented SLID system. and The i50 is very contemporary, featuring an oversize goggle port for today’s larger goggles. There is the expected level airflow and venting and comfortable, simple to use straps. 


HJC i50 Review

HJC are one of the surprises in the pack. The brand has made its mark in the road racing and track day market. HJC cheap dirt bike helmets have slowly chipped away at the big names in the industry and become a leading brand themselves. With the i50, they stand to do the same off-road too. Quality is of a high level. The Helmet isn’t the lightest, at 1450 gm’s, but it is certainly very comfortable. The impact liner and SLID system show how serious HJC are. A dedicated rotational impact feature at this price point is very welcome.  Should you be unfortunate enough to receive a sideways blow to the head, this system will reduce the amount of rotational acceleration your head and neck experience. 


HJC i50 Features:

  • Advanced Polycarbonate shell
  • Dual positions for goggle band to provide comfort
  • Superior ventilation: 9 intakes, 4 exhaust ventilation channels
  • Spacious chin area enables rider to breathe comfortably
  • Sliding Layer Impact Distribution (SLID): SLID reduces rotational acceleration
  • Aerodynamic and adjustable shatter proof peak visor
  • HJC i50 Safety Certification
  • Complies with ECE 22:05
  • Complies with DOT


5. Fly Kinetic

cheap dirt bike helmets 2019

Fly Racing are another brand that we see a lot of in the off-road, dirt bike, motocross community. They have a solid reputation for great value products. If you are looking for a starting point for off-road gear, you should have Fly Racing on your list.  


Fly Kinetic Description

This is an entry level, polycarbonate lid for those who want maximum performance from very little budget. Even though this helmet is the cheapest helmet on our list, it still does the job more than adequately. 

The basic construction includes a ventilation system, EPS liner for shock absorption, and even a washable interior padding system. This includes the cheek pads. 


Fly Kinetic Review

A great starter helmet for any self-respecting dirt bike rider. The kinetic will protect and keep you comfortable. The venting is pretty good for such a cheap helmet. All FLY helmets have TFV (True Functional Ventilation). When in motion air is forced through multiple air intake vents, then passed through aligned vent channels in the EPS and exits out multiple rear exhaust vents. I like the fact that cheek padding and liner can be removed and washed separately. This can keep a helmet feeling comfortable and fresh after long days in the saddle. 

Probably the biggest win here is dual layer EPS. For such a cheap helmet, this is a really important safety feature which will increase the rate of shock absorption when you experience an impact. 


Fly Kinetic Features

  • Durable and lightweight polymer shell
  • Dual-density EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) liner
  • Removable and washable comfort liner and cheek pads
  • High-flow mouthpiece is replaceable


Fly Kinetic Safety Certifications

Exceeds DOT



A few basic steps to follow when buying a cheap helmet

When dealing with the protection of your head, there is very little room for error! The helmet is one of the most important safety items you will ever buy. Head impacts are all too easy to sustain and the resulting injuries can have high consequences. My approach to helmet buying is to spend as much as I can possibly spare from my budget. If budget needs to be trimmed, then try taking it from less essential areas. 

This may seem an odd thing to say in an article entitled “Best Cheap Motocross Helmets”. The market dictates that a large number of people are currently searching for cheap motocross helmets and so I felt it was an important article to revisit. Whilst there is a huge array of helmets in this price category, many are simply not up to the demands of dirt bike riding,  ATV riding, Enduro, motocross and the like. 

When compiling this list, I have tried to suggest helmets that I would feel comfortable using on a weekend off-road ride with friends. These cheap dirt bike helmets would also be suitable for a rider who is looking to start competing in entry level classes. That said, all of the top 5 helmets are of a good quality. You should spend some time discussing your intended use with your helmet specialist or supplier. Your supplier might suggest that some of these helmets could be OK for entry level competition. 


Making sense of safety ratings: 

Safety Ratings for cheap dirt bike helmets

There are a number of safety standards which are used to classify a motocross helmet as safe. Of course, safety is a very relative thing. What could be labelled as safe for a short ride to the shops, may well prove to be completely unsuitable for anyone riding off-road, competing in a local competition or riding more challenging terrain. Therefore a certificate of safety is, in itself, not enough to prove fitness for purpose. 

When compiling the best cheap dirt bike helmets under $200.00 I have been careful to make sure that all of the helmets have a minimum level of safety classification. Ultimately, it is up to you the rider, to make sure that the helmet you buy is right for your intended use. To help you do that, here are a few basics about helmet safety certification:


The Dot Rating for cheap dirt bike helmets 

The DOT rating is rather outdated. Developed in the early 70’s it fails to satisfy my demands as a rider for a number of reasons. It should be viewed as a MINIMUM of protection only. Why do I say this?  First of all, the DOT rating is applied to a product by the manufacturer themselves. This has obvious integrity issues. It is not too difficult for a manufacturer to make sure their own product passes at a minimum level. Also, the DOT rating does not include any testing for the chin bar of a helmet. This is one of the most important areas of a crash helmet, when riding off-road. A rider cannot automatically assume that a helmet with a DOT rating is safe for motocross riding.


Sharp Helmet Rating for cheap motocross helmets

The Sharp helmet rating was introduced in 2007 by the UK government as a supporting standard to the European ECE standard.  Their controversial 5 star rating system has been questioned by many in the industry. One of the main reasons it is criticised, is that it uses a star rating system. This means that a well made budget helmet can end up with the same rating as a $600 helmet.

However, the Sharp system does analyse helmets that the department have bought off the shelf, and they analyse data from real life incidents. This stops manufacturer influence. Again, when buying a cheap dirt bike helmet,  a Sharp rating should be taken into consideration along with other key factors, and not as a sole deciding factor.


ECE 20. Rating for cheap helmets

The ECE rating is one of the more stringent test standards. They take into account a wider range of factors, including visor and the filed of vision available to the rider. Set as a minimum standard of safety for European riders, it can be viewed as a good indication of helmet safety when buying a helmet. It is not without its critics. The fact that the piercing test is always carried out on the same zone of the helmet is one issue raised. The suggestion is, that a manufacturer can beef up the protection in just that area of the helmet and get a pass. 


ACU Gold Standard (UK Only)

The ACU is the Auto Cycle Union for competitive motorcycle racing in the United Kingdom. In order to compete in the UK, your helmet will have to reach this standard and have their distinctive gold sticker on it. 


Other point to consider when buying a cheap Dirt Bike Helmet:

It is worth mentioning at this point, that any test standard will have its critics. I think the important things for you to remember when buying a budget motocross or off road helmet, is the brand reputation. Sure, there are always unscrupulous companies who’s eyes are fixed firmly on profit.

The truth is that Motocross, dirt bike riding, ATV and enduro are a tight knit family of sports. Reputations are important. Look at what brands the top riders are wearing. See which brands are investing in sponsorship and have a strong presence within the scene. Which companies are spending money on the development of safety features? These are the type of brands that will ultimately have a reputation to keep.  Of course, you should also ask around at your local track and find out what your peers are recommending. 

A combination of any of the above certificates of safety, plus research into the brand, is a good way to ensure your cheap dirt bike helmet is right for you. 

Finally, and perhaps most important of all. Make sure you have your head size measured correctly and before you get n the bike, ensure that the fit of your helmet is right. 

So which are the best cheap (Under $200)  dirt bike helmets available in 2019?


In conclusion:

Always make sure you have your head measured properly before buying your first helmet. 

Check with your local race association to find out what they require in terms of safety certification. 

Certification is only a guide. It is best to research yourself to make sure the helmet you are buying is fit for the purpose you intend to use it for.  

Consider ventilation, safety features and the materials used when evaluating a helmet for dirt bike riding. 

So there we have it. I hope you have a clearer idea of what to look for in a cheap motocross or dirt bike helmet. If this article has made you think about your budget and have decided to spend more, check out our Ultimate best helmets guide 2019 

If you are looking for something more Premium then also check my article about the best dirt bike helmets 2019.

If you already own a solid dirt bike helmet then check how to clean and maintain your dirt bike helmet from my blog.

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Value for money



  • Value for money
  • Safety Features
  • Awesome design
  • Well adjustable
  • Great Air Flow


  • My be a little smaller than size chart tells