Best Cheap Dirt Bike Helmets 2019 | Under 200$

Best Cheap Dirt Bike Helmets 2019:

EVS T7 Pulse cheap dirt bike helmet 2016EVS T7 PulseEVSCHECK PRICE >>>
oneal 7 series cheap dirt bike helmetO’Neal 7 SeriesO'nealCHECK PRICE >>>
Fox V1 cheap dirt bike helmetsFOX V1FOXCHECK PRICE >>>
Fly kinetic pro cheap dirt bike helmetFly Kinetic ProFLYCHECK PRICE >>>
TLD 2016 air helmet - cheap dirt bike helmetTroy Lee Designs AirTroy Lee DesignsCHECK PRICE >>>
One industries atom cheap dirt bike helmetOne industries AtomOne industriesCHECK PRICE >>>
scorpion vx-35 cheap dirt bike helmetScorpion VX-35ScorpionCHECK PRICE >>>
hjc cl-x6 cheap dirt bike helmetHJC CL-X6HJCCHECK PRICE >>>

1. EVS T7 Pulse Dirt Bike Helmet

EVS T7 Pulse cheap dirt bike helmet 2016Before hitting the tracks, every rider wants to be sure about two basic things: Firstly, that your vehicle is on course; secondly and most critical that your helmet is typically designed for the particular driving competition you are about to head out for. You don’t want to get on a well-tuned craftsmanship such as a dirt bike having a bicycle helmet on; that’s ridiculous! The more you advance in riding and racing, your protective gear should as well be upgraded. EVS Sports T7 cheap dirt bike helmets are well-designed product of EVS technology and race design which ranks them as an exclusive protective wear. Here are various designs and sizes available; hence every rider has got his helmet right here!

EVS series T7 ranks among the best cheap dirt bike helmets in 2019

T7 Helmet is a polycarbonate which comes in light weights and provides adequate ventilation for proper flow of air. The helmet has an inbuilt air cooling mechanism and an internal EPS channels for ventilation as well as a detachable and cleanable internal liner which is designed to wick moisture.

Key Features of these cheap Dirt Bike Helmets

  • Lightweight Polycarbonate Shell: 1632g
  • Inbuilt RAM air cooling Technology
  • Inbuilt EPS airflow channels
  • 6 outlets and 4 inlets ports for adequate ventilation/airflow
  • Well suited detachable and cleanable internal liner for moisture wicking and comfort
  • Certifications from SNELL 2010, DO and ECE.

Read about the most important dirt bike helmet features from my article.

What makes this motocross Helmet Unique?

    • Great and free airflow
    • High comfort
    • Perfect fitting
    • Great value for money


2. O’Neal 7 Series Cheap mx Helmet

oneal 7 series cheap dirt bike helmetHere comes another favorite on the cheap dirt bike helmets market – O’Neal 7 Series Crank Helmet! This is one of the top ranking, cheap helmet you can find. O’Neal has over the years proven to be a leader in the graphic design industry. This Crank Helmet surpasses everyone’s expectation for intensity. With its great designs and alluring finish, the latest Crank Helmet is a masterpiece.

The 7th on the series of Crank Helmet is the newest model from the stable of O’Neal; closest to the 8th series. Although this series is relatively cheap, the piece is packed with various advanced features. The modern, thermoplastic alloy built helmet is available in different sizes to perfectly fit any head size and shape. It also combines numerous features which give it an edge over most of the present day helmets found in the markets. The helmet features an air-vent system specifically designed to aid proper air ventilation. Similar to most modern helmets design, O’Neal 7 Series Crank Helmet features a wick cheek pad removal in the event of an emergency where the cheek pad needs quick removal. Also, the internal moisture liner can be removed and washed; where the cheek pad and liners are worn out, you may replace the linens, visors, and cheek pads.

What makes this affordable dirt bike helmet special?

Excellent graphics, quick removal of cheek pad, as well as the aerodynamic design gives O’Neal 7 Series Crank Motocross Helmet’s buyers a bang for their buck. The product further lost some weight following an upgrade of the primary materials to thermoplastic alloy; this also increased the security level of the protective gear. The shell-like shape was also upgraded from the earlier five series, enhancing the transfer of energy in the event of a crash.

This cheap mx helmet uses high air circulation system to maximize free flow of air from front to back, maintain dryness and coolness. With its pliable and cozy interior, combined with the removable and washable interiors, you certainly want to have this piece on. The helmet also enhances rider’s visibility with the help of the adjustable visor, designed with an inbuilt sun shield extension. Another interesting thing is that the replacement parts are widely available and affordable, and the helmet comes with O’Neal’s Anti-defects warranty.

Distinguishing Features of O’Neal 7 Series Crank Helmet

  • Light weighted built with thermoplastic alloy shell (of about 1402G)
  • Various sizes for a perfect fit
  • Adequate air ventilation channel
  • Quick Removal of check pad
  • Visibility enhancing shell and visor
  • Goggle traction to maintain goggle strap
  • Detachable and cleanable interior that absorbs moisture
  • Availability of replacement parts
  • O’Neal’s warranty against defects

What’s so special about this reasonably priced dirt bike helmet?

    • Perfect fitting
    • Extreme comfort
    • Light-weighted; compared to helmets with similar prices
    • 100% recommendable


3. Fox V1 – Cheap FOX Helmet

Fox V1 cheap dirt bike helmetsMade in 7 different colors, the dynamic race helmet gives riders a bunch of options to choose from. Cheap fox helmet is an excellent helmet for amateurs; this dirt bike helmet has 13 air vents, 4 EPS liner sizes, and 3 shell sizes. This shows the quality of the product. With the V1 helmet, riders get value for their money, comfort and optimal performance all in a single pack, creating utmost protection for the head in the dirt.

Key Features of this Cheap FOX helmet

  • 9 inlet and 4 outlet airflow channels
  • Moisture and heat resistant vent channels
  • Injected polycarbonate
  • Inbuilt roost guard
  • EPS liner with double density
  • ECE and DOT certified

Why this Cheap FOX helmet stands out:

    • Perfect head fitting
    • Great graphics
    • Top quality and highly affordable
    • Better physically than in pictures


4. Fly Kinetic Pro Bike Helmet

Fly kinetic pro cheap dirt bike helmetThe popular Fly Racing firm began their operations as producers of motorcycle helmets and handlebars. But over the years, the brand has evolved into one of the leaders of power sports equipment brands today. Their cheap dirt bike helmets are comfortable and they fit perfectly with any head shape.

Primary Features of this powerful cheap dirt bike helmet

  • Shell made of Poly alloy – a great blend of sturdy poly materials for a strong light weight shell
  • Double-EPS layers integrated for better impact absorption
  • Emergency removable cheek pads and liners- giving you a clean look and extending your helmet’s life span
  • Plush liner for additional comfort and design
  • Aluminum visor for lighter weight
  • 10 massive air vents for coolness and dryness.
  • Hi-flow mouthpiece

ECE and DOT certified for the United States and AS standard for Australia. This Cheap helmet surpasses or meets all market standards for safety.

Why people like this cheap mx helmet

    • Perfect fitting
    • Extreme Comfort
    • Great looks


5. Troy Lee Designs Air Dirt Bike Helmet

TLD 2016 air helmet - cheap dirt bike helmetThis helmet is a clear display of patented technologies responsible for the distinguished personality of Troy Lee Designs in the market for off-road helmet globally. Every helmet is designed with quality materials and advanced features common in TLD helmets. With the combination of the exclusive pre-preg carbon or composite shell as well as the ventilation system and also the impact liner with double density, the Air Helmet offers you total confidence to maximize your driving skills and drive at your preferred speed and still cocksure of your safety. If you are an off-road enthusiast, then Troy Lee Designs Air Helmet is a must have! And the best part is that their cheap dirt bike helmets are light and safe at the same time.

Features of the Troy Lee Air dirt bike helmet

  • Light weight
  • Vortex visor with one point adjustability
  • Customizable mouthpiece
  • Stainless still hardware

Some features about this cheap dirt bike helmet fitting:

  • Detachable, replaceable and cleanable comfort liners made with Coolmax and Dri-Lex materials
  • Replaceable cheek pads with extra sizes
  • enhanced EPS liner type that suits different head shapes
  • Three-layer mesh and open-cell foam to offer adequate airflow and maximum comfort

What makes this cheap mx helmet safe?

  • Double density EPS liner
  • Pre-preg composite/carbon shell reinforced with Kevlar
  • Flexible vinyl nose guards for roost protection
  • Inbuilt polyurethane chin liner with EPS
  • Surpasses SNELL M2015, CE 22.05, AS 1698 and DOT FMVSS 218 safety standards
  • Massive vent inlet provides high flow of air to your face
  • Inbuilt brow air inlets for proper ventilation
  • 5 vent outlets to serve as a channel to send out heat
  • Mesh grills to prevent entrance of debris

Why you should get this mx helmet

    • Lightweight
    • Perfect fitting
    • Value for money
    • Proper ventilation


6. One industries Atom dirt bike helmet

One industries atom cheap dirt bike helmetThe Atom by One Industries is manufactured with high-tech but with due consideration to price; as most people may not be able to purchase expensive helmets. So if you wish to get a superb quality helmet with state-of-the-art technology that won’t have you break your safe, then Atom cheap dirt bike Helmets are on top; offering a combination of performance, style, comfort and affordability to the rider who craves them all.

Exclusive Features to watch out for

  • Perfect match of strength and weight; shell built with polycarbonate alloy
  • Ultimate shock absorption
  • improved cooling system
  • Easy maintenance
  • Cozy liner
  • Better visual and well-fitted goggle
  • meets and even surpasses FIM and AMA racing standards
  • ECE and DOT certified

Why you should get this cheap mx helmet

    • Fits perfectly
    • Great value for money
    • Great appearance


7. Scorpion VX-35 Cheap mx Helmet

scorpion vx-35 cheap dirt bike helmetThis helmet is made with world’s renowned off-road rider’s specifications, yet the Scorpion VX-35 helmet is affordable to practically every rider. The protective gear comes in lightweight and with its double EPS liner; the protection impact is just incredible! The VX-35 comes with a custom fitted AirFit cheek pad system and integrated with antimicrobial KwikWick II Liner is moisture resistant for maximum comfort on your ride. Just remove the liner and get it washed when dirty, then open up the chin vent for some cleaning if need be. VX-35 has a combination of exclusive features that are not found in a lot of cheap dirt bike helmets like a peak extender. This helps to hold out sun and mud on any platform.

This Cheap mx helmet comes with some great features:

  • Double-Density EPS: Well-designed multi-layer EPS offers maximum energy displacement and an EPS liner inside within the chin bar.
  • AirFit Liner System: Adjustable cheek pad for customization
  • KwikWick II Liner Material: KwikWick II anti-microbial fabric helps to maintain dryness and cool even in warm weather and warm in cold temperature. The liner can easily be detached and washed.
  • Easily removable Chin Vest for fast cleaning
  • Exclusive Polycarbonate Surface: developed by Scorpion; designed to disperse impact and minimize weight
  • Aero-Tuned Ventilation: 3 inlets around the eyebrow area and one big scoop on top take out hot air from the 4 outlets ports behind, while 4 air inlets on the chin bar offer clean, fresh air.
  • Goggle Eyeport: Fits almost all brands and sizes of goggle.
  • Aero-Tuned Visor: Dynamic aero design to aid adequate ventilation across the visor and at the same time, shielding against intense sun.
  • Meets or surpasses DOT/ECE 22.05 safety requirements.

What makes it highly demanded?

    • Outstanding appearance
    • The helmet has a pump system for proper adjustment of the cheek pads to fit
    • Safety


8. HJC CL-X6 Helmet

hjc cl-x6 cheap dirt bike helmetHJC since the early 70s has been into the sole manufacturing of motor helmets. HJC’s years of experience in their specialized manufacturing, innovation, and affordability, lead to their breakthrough in global markets. HJC has over the years taken it as an obligation to consistently offer top quality, durable, comfortable and cheap dirt bike helmets for riders worldwide.

Why do we have this cheap mx helmet here on the list?

  • High Polycarbonate Composite Shell
  • Perfect fit, lightweight, and CAD technology
  • Shock absorbing EPS liner
  • Adjustable visor
  • Advanced Channeling Ventilation
  • Multi-level forehead and top vents inlets with rear outlet vents, offering adequate ventilation which helps to expel heat from inside.
  • Detachable SpeedCool and cleanable interior Lining
  • Odor free and Moisture resistant interior with high-tech anti-bacteria material
  • Multi-level cheek pads designed for optimal comfort and fitting; detachable and washable
  • It features chin strap sleeves that can be removed and washed.
  • SNELL and DOT certified

What makes these cheap dirt bike helmets attractive?

  • High durability
  • Maximum comfort
  • Perfect fitting
  • Adequate airflow
  • Value for money


If you are looking for something more Premium then also check my article about the best dirt bike helmets 2019.

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Value for money



  • Value for money
  • Safety Features
  • Awesome design
  • Well adjustable
  • Great Air Flow


  • My be a little smaller than size chart tells