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TOP 10 Best Dirt Bike Helmets 2021 – The Ultimate Guide

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6D ATR-2 2020 dirt bike helmets
6D ATR-2

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FOX Racing 2021 V3 Dirt Bike Helmet with mips wired

Buying a new motocross helmet is one of those things you will do on a fairly regular basis. There are many reasons for purchasing a new helmet. Maybe your current lid has suffered a significant impact. Perhaps you fancy upgrading to the latest safety technology. If you are new to motocross, then new kit is a given. Whatever the reason for your purchase, you must choose a dirt bike helmet that works well for you. Without further ad0, here is the list of best dirt bike helmets money can buy.

TOP 10 Best Dirt Bike Helmets 2021 – Ultimate Guide

1. 6D ATR-2 Dirt Bike Helmets

6D ATR-2 2020 dirt bike helmets

6D is a totally helmet orientated brand. All of their research and development focuses entirely on helmet performance. The 6D company mission statement is to make a genuinely safe and durable dirt bike helmet. 

Even though 6D Helmets is quite a new company, they have already established themselves as a key player. The Geico Honda team has used 6D helmets for several seasons. Many 6D riders cite outstanding comfort and protection as reasons for their choice. 


6D Dirt Bike Helmets ATR2 – Key features


ODS is one of the standout features of this model.

The patented Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS), is comprised of an active suspension system, with a kinetic energy management design. This technology decreases the amount of energy transferred to the brain in the event of a substantial impact.

With this unique design, low, medium and high-speed impacts with both linear and angular directional forces are all managed with maximum efficiency. 6D dirt bike helmets are up there with the safest helmets available on the market right now.


ODS technology is a system employing 27 dampers in the helmet. These dampers work in unison to isolate the impact energy and take it away from the human brain. The dampers sit between two layers of EPS liners which keep both layers in motion. If you happen to crash, the isolation dampers instantly absorb the energy. This system reduces the risk of concussion and severe head injury, even if you fall and create angular acceleration. 

Why we chose the 6D ATR-2

In addition to the safety design, there are several other winning features. 

The venting system provides excellent airflow when riding.

The ATR2 has multiple intakes and exhaust ports, making for a cool and airy helmet. 

The visor has a great design.

The ATR-2 visor system is the result of feedback from world champion riders. Its faceted shape blocks dirt or rocks kicked up by riders in front of you. If you have ever caught a face full of roost, you will know just how important that is!

The ATR-2 is one of the lightest on the market. 

At 1480 grammes, the ATR-2 will reduce the amount of pressure on the neck when riding for extended periods. Its low weight makes the ATR2 an excellent option for dual sport riders who are spending longer in the saddle.

ATR-2 guarantee

When you are buying a premium helmet, you want to know that it will last as long as possible. 6D has designed the ATR2 to be fully rebuildable and provide a three-year guarantee.

Safety FeaturesOmni-Directional Suspension (ODS) & emergency release cheek pads, sternum pad
Weight1480 g / 3.26 lb
MaintenanceRebuildable, washable CoolMax anti-bacterial liner
VentilationAir-Gap Ventilation System
Warranty3 Years
How Does it Compare?Despite being a newer contender, 6D’s research and development has put ATR-2 ahead as one of the most advanced helmets on the market. A three year warranty in addition to the reliable ODS safety system and copious vents makes the ATR-2 worth the $695 price tag.


2. Alpinestars – Supertech M10 Dirt Bike Helmets

Alpinestars launched their first helmet, the Supertech M10, in 2018. As you may expect from Alpinestars, the M10 is a premium motocross helmet aimed at the high-octane motocross rider. 

The Supertech M10 is a carbon composite helmet, available in four shell sizes. The venting system is beautifully engineered, with sixteen inlets and five exhaust ports. The M10 keeps air away from your head, with multiple channels directing warm air through a porting system within the construction of the helmet. Other dirt bike helmets force air through the area where your head sits. Alpinestars design increases comfort and performance when you are riding hard.

Visor performance is a little limited in as much as there is no adjustment forward and backwards. What prevents a change of position is the unique design Alpinestars has used for the visor quick-release. The safety feature is a good pay off, and as the helmet is adjustable in other ways, this should not cause problems. 

Alpinestars safety features include removable cheek pads with retractable straps and a full MIPS (multiple-direction impact protection system). The MIPS is a dual-layer compound which allows the liner to rotate within the helmet shell, thus reducing lateral forces. 


Why we chose the Alpinestars M10

Adjustable shell position

The top liner of the MIPS system has three different attachment points. This fine-tune system allows you to reposition the shell around the inner liner to make it sit higher, lower, or biased to the front or back of your head. 

Collar bone protection

Extra safety performance comes in the form of a rubberised gasket along the base of the helmet. The suspension panel provides an absorbent core, which in the event of an impact, will protect your collar bone from your helmet. 

Extremely light

The Alpinestars M10 comes in at just over 1260 grammes in a medium-size, which is one of the lightest weights for its class. 

Safety FeaturesMulti-direction impact protection system (MIPS), emergency release visor & removable cheek pads
Weight1260 g / 2.78 lb
MaintenanceRemovable comfort liner made from anti-bacterial fabric
Ventilation19 intakes & 5 exhaust ports
Warranty30 day returns on defective merchandise
How Does it Compare?With its carbon composite structure and massive emphasis on ventilation, the M10 is ready for a rough ride. Enhanced collarbone protection and super lightweight composition render the M10 a reasonable and protective bet for the $579 price tag.


3. Shoei VFX-WR EVO

Shoei is a company famous for its uncompromising safety standards. Their world-class dirt bike helmets are among the lightest on the market. Shoei’s premium class helmets utilise their very own AIM technology. 

With the latest VFX-WR, Shoei has completely outdone the quality and performance of the previous model. The following updated features have kept Shoei at the front of the race.


Helmet Design & Safety

Shoei has integrated the visor and mouthpiece with the shell shape on the VFX-WR, and the goggle rib now wraps around the full extent of the helmet. Your goggles will stay in place from start to finish with this valuable feature. Layered high-performance organic fibers result in an ultra-sturdy shell that’s lightweight and reduces bulk when it really matters. 

Differing foam densities help optimally absorb impact from crashes. The Motion Energy Distribution System (MEDS) uses dual liners to improve impact absorption for both linear and rotational acceleration using an anchored insert liner. As a result, the VFX-WR reduces rotational forces up to 15% more than previous models.

Additionally, the new V-470 visor is set at a high point and integrates with the shells shape. As with past models, the visor is fully adjustable to fit your specific preferences.  Featuring a screw-in design, your visor is sure to stay in place even on the roughest rides.


Why we chose the Shoei VFX-WR

Emergency Quick-Release System (EQRS).

For any rider who requires immediate medical attention, it is vital to remove their helmet quickly. Helmet removal can be tricky, especially while trying to avoid severe neck or head injury. Too much head movement or jolting can make injuries even worse. Shoei dirt bike helmets have EQRS, which allows safe removal of the cheek pads and lining to avoid these issues. This simple feature can potentially minimise injuries sustained in a serious crash.  

Enhanched Ventilation System.

Shoei is renowned for their high-performance ventilation systems. The VFX-WR utilises well-placed ventilation channels inside the helmet that provide plenty of airflow. The VFX-WR boasts an additional eye port air intake and two additional rear neck air outlets for increased ventilation. 

Certain interior features have been redesigned as well. Quick-drying fabric is still used on the cheek and forehead pads for swift wicking, but soft raised fabric has been incorporated for the overall head padding. This dual approach reduces stickiness on the wider helmet and makes it easier to remove.

Updated Mouthpiece:

Both the mouthpiece and opening have also been upgraded compared to previous models, allowing for better breathing even in hairy situations. An inner mesh filter helps to keep out dirt and dust, while the outer metal screen blocks larger debris on rough rides. Since only one screw holds the mouthpiece in place, this feature is easy to maintain and clean.

Industry-leading guarantee.

Shoei is so confident in its dirt bike helmets that they provide an extraordinarily long guarantee. You can opt for a 7-year warranty that starts on the date of manufacture, or a 5-year guarantee starting from the date of purchase. 

Aesthetic Appeal

The VFX-WR 2021 range offers seven color variations and styles so you can look your best when it matters most.

The Shoei VFX-WR is easily one of the top dirt bike helmets to beat and offers some serious competition.

Safety FeaturesMotion Energy Distribution System (MEDS), EQRS quick release, wrapping goggle rib
Weight1633 g / 3.6 lb
MaintenanceMax-Dry Removable liner, screw-in adjustable visor
Ventilation16 intake & exhaust vents in total, new eye & neck ports, updated mouthpiece for easier breathing
Warranty5 years from purchase or 7 years from manufacture date
How Does it Compare?Steady safety via Shoei’s innovative MEDS system and updated mouthpiece equates to superior protection no matter where you’re riding. Top it off with a wrapping goggle lip, EQRS for hairy situations and a five year warranty, the Shoei VFX-WR gives you the most bang for your buck at $550.


4. Fox Racing V3 2021

FOX Racing 2021 V3 Dirt Bike Helmet with mips wired

Fox has been producing quality motocross gear since 1974. They have over 40 years of experience in designing great products. Ken Roczen and Ryan Dungey are just two world-class motocross riders who put their trust in Fox gear.

Fox dirt bike helmets look as incredible as they perform. The current range has eight design options. Since then, it has gained much respect from the motocross community. 

With the V3 helmet, you get a premium quality helmet for midrange money. Fox has achieved the perfect balance of high specification Versus value for money. The V3 remains one of our best dirt bike helmet for the money product.


Fox motocross features and technology

One of the notable things about Fox V3 motocross helmets is their Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS)

Many manufacturers of cheaper motocross helmets test impact resistance with a vertical force only. This method of testing will replicate what happens to a motocross helmet when it is dropped straight down onto the ground. When you have an unplanned dismount, rarely do you fall straight down headfirst. Vertical testing doesn’t cover all the bases when it comes to safety testing. 

In a real-life crash, a rider will be more likely to make contact with the ground at an angle. A motocross crash will often result in the rider’s helmet twisting on a sideways plane. It is this sideways force that can lead to a severe concussion or worse.

What is MIPS?
FOX 2020 V3 dirt bike helmet from the back

MIPS is a scientifically developed, impact protection system fitted to the V3 helmet. Think of it as a kind of shock absorber designed to counteract sideways force. It does this by absorbing rotational energy. With sideways force soaked up, there is less head movement. Less head movement equates to less disruption of the fluid surrounding the brain and reduced chances of concussion.

Another excellent safety feature is the magnetic visor release system. Screws attach most visors in traditional designs. Slam the helmet into the ground visor first, and you create a rapid twist motion. This twist motion is what causes a whiplash injury. Fox has developed a visor system that is robust enough to perform when you are shiny side up but will detach easily with any impact.

A detachable visor drastically reduces the chances of the helmet “grabbing” the ground on impact. It is features like these that made the V3 one of the safest dirt bike helmets in previous tests.


Why we chose the New V3

The Fox V3 has always been a favourite at motocross advice. The new 2021 model has some neat new features which have kept it in our ultimate motocross helmet guide. These include:

A new Fluid Inside™ rotational and linear impact management system. 

MVRS: We were big advocates of the magnetic visor system in last years guide. Some users seem to have fed back concerns about the performance of the system when roost hits a rider. Fox has taken this on board and upgraded the visor system for 2021. 

The VARIZORB liner helps spread the energy absorbed in a crash across a much wider area. 

Finally, the new Injected Mesh vent screens have upgraded the ventilation. There is now less chance of much and debris penetrating the helmet space.

The V3 is outstanding value for money. With these upgrades, we feel it is one of the best dirt bike helmets in its class.

Safety FeaturesMulti-direction Impact Protection System (MIPS), emergency release cheek pads, EPP chin bar, magnetic visor release system (MVRS)
Weight1220 – 1400 g / 2.69 – 3.09 lb
MaintenanceWashable X-Static comfort liner
VentilationInjected mesh vent screens
Warranty1 year
How Does it Compare?A long time motocross mainstay, Fox Racing balances functionality and cost with their V3 helmet. MIPS keeps you protected in any situation, while the upgraded detachable visor ensures less potential problems. Top it off with enhanced injected mesh screens to reduce debris while riding, and the $519 price tag seems almost crazy.



5. Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex Dirt Bike Helmets

BELL Moto-9 Flex Carbon Best dirt Bike Helmet 2021

Bell has been producing superior motorcycling gear since 1954. Bell’s Moto-9 Carbon flex is a carbon composite, lightweight motocross helmet, with a whole host of benefits. Many of the helmets features are centred around Bells unique interior layer design. 

High-quality materials, unique design features and attention to detail, place this helmet firmly amongst the industry leaders. From beginner to pro, Bell helmets inspire confidence and provide high levels of comfort. The Bell Moto 9 deserves a place in the 2021 ultimate helmet guide. 

When considering a premium helmet, it is essential to know that your money is being invested in a product that will stand the rigours of motocross riding. One of the main design features of the Bell Moto 9 is longevity. Bell has produced a helmet that will last. 


The new Moto 9 Carbon flex looks good

Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex Dirt Bike Helmet - Front

The Moto 9 Carbon flex hits the ground running, with a highly technical interior lining system. Sideways force and impact absorption are one of the main challenges with any motocross helmet. Bell has designed a first-of-its-kind, three-layer impact liner. This is a MIPS system constructed from three densities of material.

This hi-tech approach comprehensively disperses impact energy and works to reduce rotational energy transfer. The three-layer system is designed to cope with low, medium and high impacts. Each of the three layers reacts according to the level of impact, giving you the right protection at the right time. 

In the event of a serious spill, safe helmet removal is one of the main challenges faced by marshals and medical staff. A neat magnetic clip-in system ensures that medical personnel can remove the Moto 9 with the minimum of head movement. 

Other key features of the Bell Moto 9 Carbon flex:

Easy to wash lining 

The harder you ride, the hotter you get. The inside of a helmet can become a very sweaty place. The Bell’s magnetic cheek pad system takes far less effort when removing, washing and replacing cheek pads.

The helmet weighs 3.4 pounds

While not the lightest helmet on the market, it definitely isn’t the heaviest either. Its safety features and ventilation system inevitably add to its overall weight. 

Why we Chose the Bell Moto 9 Carbonflex 

Progressive layering

A revolutionary three-core layering system for absorbing kinetic energy at three different speed levels: low, mid and high-speed impacts are all dealt with individually by a dedicated layer within the helmet. 

Adaptive fit

The Moto-9 features segmented construction, automatically conforming to the riders head. With this proper fit, the impact management system can work far more effectively.

Rotational energy management 

Part of the MIPS system is the inclusion of a low friction liner, which separates the comfort liner from the EPS shell. This low friction liner allows slip, to lessen rotational energy from impacts which would ordinarily cause your head to twist. 


Bell helmets were able to improve upon the already effective Velocity Flow Ventilation system to provide unparalleled airflow within the helmet. The highly effective cooling system sends a flow of air onto the chin and forehead. This effective intake system, coupled with well designed rear vents maintains fantastic airflow at all speeds.

The Bell, Moto 9 Carbonflex is up there with the top motocross helmets ever designed.

Safety FeaturesMulti-direction Impact Protection System (MIPS), Magnefusion Emergency Removal System (MERS) cheek pads, chin bar, magnetic clip-in system
Weight1542 g / 3.4 lb
MaintenanceWashable X-static XT2 liner
VentilationVelocity flow ventilation system, flying bridge visor with air intake vents, ventilated EPS-lined chin bar
Warranty5 Years
How Does it Compare?Leaps and bounds from their start in 1954, Bell’s Moto 9 Carbon Flex helmet features an innovative three-layer MIPS system to help reduce impact. The MERS system ensures ease-of-release in gnarly situations and the Moto 9 feels sturdy compared to some lightweight options. For the $679 price tag and 5 year warranty, you’ll get a durable helmet that will easily stand the test of time.


6. Troy Lee SE4 Factory Carbon 

Troy Lee Designs 2021 SE4 Carbon Motocross Helmet

Troy Lee Davis is an artist, designer and Motocross rider. Innovative design is in his DNA. He first started designing custom helmets way back in the ’60s. Troy Lees designs have continued to refine and perfect their helmet technology.

In 2016 the popular SE3 was redesigned entirely, and the SE4 was born. Troy Lee focuses on producing the safest products possible. The SE4 is a Premium class full-face helmet. The carbon kevlar outer shell makes it both light and durable. At just over the 3-pound mark (depending on the size), it is the lightest helmet that TLD has ever made. 


TLD SE4 Main technology features 

MIPS with three-layer EPS liner. Inside the helmet, the EPS liner is designed to handle low, mid and high-speed impacts. 

The TLD SE4 boasts an impressive 21 ventilation ports and a well-designed venting system. Many consider the SE4 to be one of the coolest performing helmets on the market. 

Anatomical cheek pads with an emergency release system add both comfort and peace of mind. 

The TLD comes with a comfort liner composed of CoolMax and Dri-Lex moisture-wicking materials. The ability to clean padding and reassemble a helmet quickly is not to be underrated. Regular cleaning and maintenance is a breeze. 

Why we chose the Troy Lee SE4

We like the oversize voids for the rider’s ears. You will notice these as soon as you try on an SE4. The increased space not only enhances your hearing when riding but also contributes to the lightweight feel of the helmet. The ability to hear more when riding is a great safety feature. Greater awareness of what is going on around you can help you react quicker than you would.

By completely rethinking the placements for the air intakes and internal venting, the SE4 performs way over and above its predecessor. A significant change in the chin guard and forehead venting has added new airflow paths. In the latest version of this helmet, air is driven straight to the area around your goggles, drying any sweat that could potentially start dripping into your eyes. On the back of the helmet, several vents pump out moist and hot air, all resulting in one of the most comfortable helmets you can buy today. 

In conclusion

World-class motocross riders like Cole Seely have said that riding in such a safe helmet gives you confidence. There is no doubt that when you are confident and relaxed, you can ride your bike to its fullest potential. When you wear one of the safest helmets on the market, and you trust the technology put into it, you will ride faster and more aggressively. 

TLD has the aesthetic design of their helmets nailed. Troy’s artistic skills flow through his products. A range of stunning colours and designs grab the eye. When it comes to good looks, these helmets will be at the front of the pack for years to come. If you are looking for a Premium class motocross or off-road helmet, you are not going to go far wrong with the TLD SE4

Safety FeaturesMulti-direction Impact Protection System (MIPS), quick-release cheek pads, EPP chin bar
Weight1325 g / 2.92 lbs
MaintenanceWashable comfort liner made from CoolMax & Dri-lex materials
Ventilation21 ventilation ports
Warranty1 Year
How Does it Compare?Troy Lee is known for his innovation, and the SE4 only furthers this goal. With a carbon kevlar outer and a weight hovering around 3lbs, this helmet is lightweight with superior protection. Improved venting combined with MIPS and larger ear space make the SE4 both a plush and ultra-safe choice at $675.


7. Arai MX-V Dirt Bike Helmet

In the mid-1970s, Mitch Arai set out to make the best helmets in the world. Spending hours in his workshop designing the perfect composite construction has paid off with Arai becoming a world leader in the motorcycle industry.

Arai holds multiple world championships across many disciplines. Motocross is no exception, and the MX-V is steadily in action at enduro, motocross, and regular off-road events all over the world.


Arai MX-V Main Features

The MX-V stays true to its roots by using the traditional Arai composite as opposed to carbon fibre or other contemporary materials. Arai’s composite is stronger than many carbon fibre blends and maintains strength without adding to the overall helmet weight. 

Arai ventilation is as capable as any premium level motocross helmet. The Arai ventilation works alongside a trademarked cooling liner system to keep you comfortable and dry during even the most demanding rides. 

The standard Emergency Release System (ERS) adds a superb level of protection in the event of a crash. 

True to their efficiency goals, Arai has designed their peak to scoop air towards the venting system. This adds to the cooling capabilities of the overall helmet and improves comfort on long or vigorous rides.

The included warranty on the MX-V is five years, further underlining the confidence that the Arai MX-V is a truly world-class product. 

Why we Chose the MX-V

Many common design and safety features are similar at the upper end of the motocross helmet market. It is refreshing when a manufacturer designs a product that can be fine-tuned in for a more personal fit.

The MX-V has two design features that offer a fully customized fit. The first is the cheek pads, which have layers at 5mm intervals. With this feature, these pads can be removed until you find your ideal amount of padding. The temple pads offer the same system so your helmet fits just right. Both temple and cheek pads can cause issues with being too thick or thin, so being able to adjust these features out of the box is a smart idea.

Arai offers future-proofing and extended lifespan by selling replaceable interior components for almost every part of the MX-V. This means you can revamp your helmet as needed and avoid forking over cash for another new helmet.

The MX-V range has been developed from the classic VX3 helmet that started Arai on this path. We recommend the Arai MX-V with absolute confidence.

Safety FeaturesEmergency Release System (ERS) cheek pads, peak design helps with ventilation
Weight1674 g / 3.69 lbs
MaintenanceRemovable liner, customizable cheek & temple pads, replaceable components
Ventilation8 exterior vents
Warranty5 Years
How Does it Compare?Since the 1970’s, Arai has provided stiff competition and the MX-V is no exception. Featuring an exclusive outer composite and standard ERS system, protection is top priority. Layered cheek and temple pads ensure you’ll find your perfect fit with minimal effort. A five year warranty and $749 price tag guarantee durability and protection even in rough conditions.


8. Airoh Aviator 3.0 Dirt Bike Helmet

Airoh Aviator 3.0 Dirt Bike Helmet 2021

A massive upgrade from the 2.3 model, the Aviator 3.0 has a host of new features to admire. Since Airoh is one of the most popular contemporary manufacturers, it’s no wonder this brand takes serious pride in innovation.

The 3.0 has two construction options. The Primal option weighs in at 1290g to start and is constructed with carbon 3k for an insanely light helmet design. The other 14 colorways feature a standard HPC carbon build and are still seriously light starting at 1350g. Both thermodynamic and aerodynamic facets have been considered with the Aviator 3.0 to enhance temperature regulation and stability. 

Like previous models, the Aviator 3.0 is fitted with Airoh’s patented MIPS system (AMS2). The MIPS is comprised of two separate inner shells which encase a single silicone layer. This silicone layer is the patented design which transfers multi-directional forces should you suffer an impact to the head. The AMS2 design comes from data collected during strenuous testing. By analysing the forces present in different crash scenarios, Airoh has created a seriously capable motocross product. Combine this with the Airoh Emergency Fast Release (AEFR) system and you have a helmet completely founded on safety and comfort.

Ventilation in the Aviator 3.0 is superb. Chin and brow vents keep air fed to critical areas, while vents along the front and top keep you super cool. Rear spoilers help in guiding the recycled air where it needs to go.

Why we chose the Aviator 3.0

Airoh Aviator 3.0 back look

The Aviator 3.0 is one of the lightest motocross helmets on the market. At a fraction over 1000gms, you are going to feel comfortable for longer with reduced weight on your neck and shoulders. 

Regular maintenance and cleaning are easy with the Aviator 3.0 as the entire lining pulls out in one straightforward movement. Airoh uses a simple magnetic system to achieve this feat. The lining is fully washable and is constructed from standard anti-bacterial fabric. 

Another thing that we love about the Aviator 3.0 is the huge aperture for your goggles. Any modern oversize goggle will fit comfortably. This design allows for superior all-around vision and increased airflow when things get heated. 

Finally, the included extras like GoPro support, helmet bag and built-in hydration system make the Airoh Aviator 3.0 a solid bet. With its modern construction and flashy colorways, it will certainly make you stand out on the starting line. 

Safety FeaturesAiroh Multifunctional Safety System (AMSS), emergency release cheek pads, massive goggle aperture, hydration system
Weight1070 g / 2.36 lbs
MaintenanceMagnetic washable liner
Ventilation10 exterior vents, chin & brow vents included
Warranty2 Years
How Does it Compare?With the lightest weight in the game, the Airoh Aviator 3.0 boasts a carbon fiber shell and its own AMSS system with a silicone layer to redistribute force. With features like new chin and brow vents, easily removable lining, GoPro capabilities and massive eye port for modern goggles, the $515 price tag feels like an absolute steal.

9. Fly Formula Dirt Bike Helmet

Fly Formula Vector Best MX Helmet 2021

With many manufacturers taking the plunge and releasing $600+ models, the Formula dirt bike helmet is a significant step for Fly racing. A move like this demonstrates a commitment to its products and confidence in its technologies. So what exactly are you getting for your money? 

Constructed from high-grade Carbon Fibre, the Formula has four shell sizes to allow you to find a more tailored fit. There are also four inner EPS liner sizes to go with the outer shell. The thing you notice most when you pick up this helmet is just how light 1300 grams is. Ideal for long days in the saddle, and increased comfort around the neck and shoulders. Fly has some exciting new features, and unique spins on existing safety concepts throughout their 2021 range, and the Formula is no exception. 


Fly Formula – Other Key features

  • ECE / DOT Approved
  • Custom moulded rubber trim with integrated nose guard
  • Lightweight Custom visor screws and titanium alloy D-rings
  • Comfort liner and quick release Cheek pads
  • True Functional Ventilation (TFV)
  • Premium helmet garage included

Why we chose the Fly Formula Dirt Bike Helmet

You will most likely have heard of EPS technology. Fly has its own proprietary system, which consists of some unique materials and tech. The first line of defence is RHEON Impact Energy Cells which disperse energy from low speed linear and rotational impacts. Fly’s Conehead® system mitigates impact force more efficiently, as well as providing a softer liner. Six critical zones handle increased forces with a progressive range of protection. All of this adds up to a far safer rider experience. 

We really like Fly Racings approach to the age-old issue of Peak design. Fly has opted for a hybrid of the self-release system, and a more unique, malleable nylon material. When a helmet collides with the ground, the peak (visor) is always in danger of digging in. If that happens, then the helmet can be yanked back sharply, causing whiplash style injuries. Fly has created a bendy peak. When force is applied in almost all directions, it will fold and then return to its standard shape. If the peak does snag, removable dowels pop out of the helmet shell. If that happens, you can unscrew the peak, replace the dowels into the shell, and re-affix. It’s a neat idea. 

A clavicle shell relief zone is yet another contemporary design feature which shows Fly Racing is on the money. With more riders wearing neck braces, these soft filled zones reduce clavicle injuries.

Fly Racing has taken a brave step in entering the premium market with the Fly Formula. We like it. 

Safety FeaturesRHEON Impact Energy Cells, Conehead EPS technology to absorb impact force, EPP chin bar & clavicle shell relief zone, quick release cheek pads
Weight1305 g / 2.88 lbs
MaintenanceWashable liner & cheek pads
VentilationTrue Functional Ventilation (TVF) with 12 exterior vents
Warranty1 Year
How Does it Compare?Boasting a light weight and increased neck & shoulder comfort, the Fly Formula is ideal for any serious rider. Safety features like a flexible visor, RHEON Cells and Conehead EPS disperse both energy and force for optimal protection. The enhanced safety and comfort of the Fly Formula give it a reasonable pricetag of $639.


10. Leatt Moto 9.5 Dirt Bike Helmet

Leatt Moto 9.5 motocross helmet 2021

Leatt came to the market with its first helmet range around 2016. The Moto 9.5 is Leatt’s premium product and sits in the $500 price bracket. Considering the impressive reputation they’ve built for dirt bike body armour and protective wear, building the Moto 9.5 helmet was an essential leap for Leatt. 

Straight out of the box, the Moto 9.5 has an aggressive look, contemporary design features and feels as light as the Fly Formula. The Moto 9.5 employs a breakaway visor for increased safety in a crash. Standard emergency cheek pad removal keeps you safe when you need it most. The composite carbon fibre shell comes in the three sizes and accommodates six different inner liner sizes. 

At first glance, you can see Leatt means business with their helmet range. 

Leatt Moto 9.5 Key Features

  • Moisture-wicking, anti-microbial lining
  • Neck brace compatibility
  • Emergency cheek pad removal
  • Hands-free hydration kit ready
  • DOT/ECE 2205

Why we Chose the Leatt Moto 9.5 

The Moto 9.5 features a solid 360-degree turbine impact dispersion system. These safety zones are claimed to reduce up to 30% of brain acceleration and up to 40% of rotational acceleration forces to avoid concussions and traumatic injury.

The ventilation system on the Moto 9.5 range is outstanding. Huge scoops and exhausts drive a constant stream of air through the helmet even at low riding speeds, making this helmet an excellent choice if you ride in warmer climates. 

Applying fundamental physics has also increased safety. Four densities of impact foam are built-in to reduce force in the event of a crash. Additional features like a washable X-Static liner with neck brace mobility and a hydration side port with an optional hands-free kit make the Moto 9.5 one of the most convenient and protective dirt bike helmets on the market.

The Moto 9.5 is a benchmark premium dirt bike helmet and places Leatt at the top of the food chain with other major brands.

Safety FeaturesNeck brace compatibility, emergency release cheek pads, breakaway visor, hydration kit, turbine impact dispersion system, four densities of impact foam
Weight1193 g / 2.63 lbs
MaintenanceRemovable Dri-Lex liner
VentilationTop honeycomb vents, 10 total exterior vents
Warranty1 Year
How Does it Compare?Comparable in weight to the Fly Formula, the Leatt Moto 9.5 is a top contender for its ventilation and safety features. Larger vents and exhausts combined with enhanced impact dispersion guarantee a comfortable and safe ride no matter what. The included neck brace and hydration capabilities put the Moto 9.5 above and beyond other comparable helmets at the comparable price of $549.

What to look for in a motocross helmet

When you are buying a new motocross helmet, you should allow as much budget as you can. Don’t be tempted to try and save money through purchasing a second-hand motocross helmet. Your head is one of the most essential parts of your body to protect. If you have a fixed budget for your new kit, then prioritise a new helmet and boots, followed closely by knee braces and other armour. The place to save money is trousers and tops. You will always be able to find good deals on these items, without compromising your safety.

Your helmet will need to keep you safe. It will need to be comfortable and light. It will also need to look the business!

There has been many advances in technology

Advances in technology have seen a flurry of new materials, composites and safety features. Trademarked designs for airflow, impact absorption and visor clip systems, have increased. Each manufacturer has their take on how to make motocross helmets safer, lighter and more comfortable to ride in. The choice of dirt bike helmets is more comprehensive than ever before.

Our ultimate motocross helmet guide for 2021 contains some of the best dirt bike helmets money can buy. We know that you will find the right helmet for yourself from this comprehensive list. When you do, we hope you enjoy it for years to come. We will be back soon with more motocross advice. 


Fox Racing V3 2021










Value for money



  • MIPS System
  • Comfortable
  • Light
  • Great price
  • Ventilation


  • Plastic screws (safety)
  • No spare visor
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  1. Itamar Reply

    Man, I can’t understand why nobody puts the Airoh Aviator in their list of the lightest MX helmets! It’s the lightest of all these you show above…
    To mention, Cairoli wears one!
    Only my 2 cents.

  2. Nomad Eloc Reply

    Had a 6D just save my life a few days ago on the street. I would but another one once I heal up.

  3. james Reply

    Why are you posting aviator 2.3 and not new 3.0?

    • Martin Varrand

      Hi James, and thank you for pointing on this – as a matter of fact I currently analyse the new 3.0 and this will land on the review very soon!

  4. Benjamin Cook Reply

    Are these DOT? What about the retention system, all DDring?

  5. James Bilderback Reply

    Airoh’s website lists the aviator at 1300 g weight and the ace at 1000. The aviator costs a lot more so it would make more sense that it is the lighter of the 2 but it has more shit on it like magnets so who knows. Either way its a light weight mother fucker.

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