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Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet 2020 | Off-Road Guide

Bluetooth technology has made a significant impact on the motorcycling industry in recent years. More and more riders are demanding wireless communication, entertainment and GPS as part of their riding experience.  The ever growing range of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets, available to riders, is an indication of the burgeoning popularity. Are all Bluetooth Helmets up to the job though?

2020 bluetooth motorcycle helmet

Just because a helmet looks the part, and claims multiple functionality in the communications department, is it going to deliver protection in the event of a spill? With many mid to high end bluetooth motorcycle helmets costing way over $300 without Bluetooth, should we sacrifice quality for features when looking for a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet? These are just some of the questions we will consider in the Best Bluetooth Helmets, Ultimate guide.

Before we look a the Best Top 5 Bluetooth helmets Ultimate Guide, a word of warning. With many key manufacturers of helmets embracing Bluetooth slowly, the market has become saturated with gimmicky and potentially dangerous crash helmets. The reader should use discretion when shopping for Bluetooth Helmets.

If a manufacturer has a basic or tacky website, or you are struggling to find them at all, maybe think twice. If a helmet claims to be a “racing” or “competition” product, and has a built in Bluetooth system from the factory, dig deeper. Are the necessary safety standards in place? Do they have sponsors or endorsement programmes with respected riders?

If the helmet makes these claims and is priced at under $100 be very suspicious.

A few tips when buying a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet:

1. Look for the following safety ratings: ACU, DOT, ECU, SHARP

2. Read customer experience reviews. Many inferior products  regularly show up the same faults.

3. Use a pricing filter. If you want a quality helmet, with full functionality expect to pay + $150

4. Visit websites and social media. The best products have communities of happy riders.

5. Go to forums, or better still, ride outs and dealerships. Talk to other riders.

1. Airoh Commander Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Bluetooth motorcycle helmet 2019 - Airoh Commander

Who are Airoh?

Airoh are an Italian manufacturer of quality motorcycle helmets. They have years of racing development under their belts and some impressive riders in their stable. With over 80 world titles to their name it is clear to see that Airoh mean business.

What makes the Commander Helmet stand out?

The Airoh Commander is the latest incarnation of the old S5, which features in our best ATV helmets guide. The Commander is one of the few models in our top 5 Bluetooth Helemets guide that is a genuine dual sport design. With aggressive off road styling and some useful features for those who prefer the dirt, it is definitely one to check out.

The Airoh Commander is “Bluetooth Compatible” rather than having a built in Bluetooth system. This means that it can accommodate the ear speakers, wiring and clip on units that your Bluetooth Communication system will come with. Whilst this helmet doesn’t give you a one stop solution for Bluetooth, if you are looking for an adventure touring, enduro or dirt bike helmet that can accommodate it is very capable.


Main Off Road Features:

  • Detachable ABS Peak
  • Lightweight High Performance Composite Shell
  • Well designed air venting system
  • Removable and washable lining, made from breathable, high wick material
  • Interior pop down sun visor.
  • UV coated, scratch resistant visor with Pinlock compatibility

Airoh Commander Review:

This is one of the lighter options on our list for top 5 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets. At just over 1440gms the Commander is around the weight of many competition Off-road helmets.  This will definitely be appealing to those who are planning long days in the saddle.  The option to ride with or without the ABS peak will also appeal to regular off-road riders. The Airoh Commander has a very aperture giving fantastic all round vision.

The pop down sun visor is a bit gimmicky, I would prefer to have the option to ride with motocross goggles and remove the visor for off-road riding. For those interested in touring though, the sun visor may well provide a good solution for ever changing light conditions.

Bluetooth compatibility comes in the form of removable sections to where you can insert speakers and factory designed cable routing. This means that you can choose your preferred Bluetooth Communication system and pick your functionality.


2. Klim Krios Sena 10U Stealth Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Klim Krios Adventure

Who Are Klim Krios?

Klim (pronounced climb) have been quietly making incredibly robust and comfortable outdoor gear for over 15 years. Based near the Rocky Mountains in Idaho, the often challenging weather conditions, and extreme nature of the terrain have shaped their products. With an enviable reputation for tough, long lasting and comfortable products, Klim have a strong offering for the top 5 Bluetooth Helmets list.

What Makes The Klim Krios Adventurer Stand Out?

One of the first things that you notice when picking up the Krios, is that it is incredibly light. The carbon composite construction has given Klim the edge when it comes to building a lightweight adventure helmet. The Shell is well designed, extremely aerodynamic and even with the Off-road peak in place, remains quiet and comfortable at speed.

The bluetooth motorcycle helmet is well vented, with the chin vent pushing air up to the visor for fog prevention. This is a nice touch, and results in a cool and relaxed ride. More confidence inspiring features such as pin lock as standard, and quality microfibre removable interior lining, complete a great package.


Main Off Road Features:

  • Wide aperture for good all round vision, will accommodate goggles
  • Off-road style adjustable peak
  • Great venting
  • Extremely lightweight


Klim Krios Karbon Adventure Review

The whole feel of the Krios is one of quality. The Krios Adventure is designed to accommodate the Sena 10U Bluetooth Communication system. The even better news is, that the Bluetooth system can be pre-installed.

The Sena 10U is a capable system. It offers multi user connectivity, with up to two Bluetooth channels. This will allow music to be shared, and up to four way conversation with other Sena Users. Range is a little over 400 metres give or take. The Krios, with the 10U weighs in at just over $600.00 but it is possibly the most comprehensive off-road Bluetooth package available. You can download the Sena app for increased functionality, including the audio boost which will give you some extra volume.

Music lovers can choose between streaming from a Bluetooth device or using the 10 preset FM radio which is built in.  Around 12 hours of battery life with a 2 to 3 hour recharge will keep you connected for even the most dedicated of rides.

Sena 10U features:

  • Up to 4 riders connected
  • Great speakers
  • Noise cancelling
  • Integral battery and head unit design for improved aerodynamics
  • Remote control Unit to add functionality at the handlebar



3. HJC RPHA90 With optional Cardo Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Bluetooth Helmets 2019 - HJC

Who Are HJC?

The third suggestion for our top Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets is another combination offering. This time, Japanese legends HJC team up with Sena’s rivals Cardo. Although this package is aimed more at the long distance tourer, this design of helmet could work for the adventure rider, who spends the larger proprtion of their time on the tarmac.

Those who ride more road race orientated bikes can opt for the RPHA 11 with the same Cardo communication system. HJC have long proven their worth. Decades of race development, a real eye for design and passion for customer satisfaction have seen them gaining a loyal following over recent years.


What make the RPHA90 stand out?

HJC are one of the industry leaders in developing helmet design and technologies. The RPHA 90 is one of the most compact flip-style modular helmets available. If you are looking at Shoei or Schubberth touring helmets, the RPHA90 may interest you.

First up, the HJC is light for it’s class right out of the box. This has to be a major consideration for anyone planning on riding long days in the saddle, especially if you are going to add more weight with a Bluetooth system. HJC have done a great job of keeping the RPHA90 slim and light whilst retaining quality feel and function. The latest version for 2020, has extended underside padding, offering a greater level of protection against wind noise and unwanted draft.

For a flip face helmet, the HJC is remarkably quiet. The mechanism is solid, and clicks into place with a confidence inspiring feel. A modular helmet of this type offers a host of options for you.

Main touring features:

  • Wide aperture port
  • Easy to use one touch mechanism for flip face
  • Redesigned venting and vent controls for better airflow
  • Optically correct pinlock visor system
  • Easy to adjust drop down sun shield
  • Optional Cardo Bluetooth System

Again we are looking at a high end package here. The RPHA90 is one of the most popular variants of the modular, flip face design. HJC use high quality components and have developed their propriety technologies extensively. As such, you can feel the build quality. HJC have designed a quiet and aerodynamic in the RPHA90, another big plus when eating up the miles.

The Cardo Scala based Bluetooth system designed for this helmet, is a top end product too. With full Bluetooth features including Cardo’s own dynamic Mesh, self healing network, you can ride with multiple connections. The dynamic mesh system will use each rider as a node, creating up to 4km of useable range.

One of the key features of Cardo Bluetooth systems is that they 100% waterproof and dirt proof. You can ride all day in all weathers and not worry about the unit switching into any kind of protection mode.



4. Scorpion Exo AT950, Off-Road, Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

bluetooth motorcycle helmet 2019 - Scorpion EVO AX950

Scorpion are one of the new kids on the block. For around 10 years, they have been pulling data from competitive motorcycling, including the very stringent demands of MotoGP. They have translated that data in to some truly inventive style sand designs, whilst maintaining safety, performance and value for money. If any of the more established brands are keeping a beady eye on what the next generation are doing, I am sure Scorpion will be in the cross hairs.

For 2020 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Guide, Scorpion have an exciting product for the adventure market. The AT950 is a modular design, which also draws heavily from the motocross, ATV and dirt bike world. It is interesting to note that Scorpion have chosen not to make a Bluetooth unit as standard. As with many other manufacturers, they have put the recesses and ports in place, to allow the rider to chose the Bluetooth of their own preference.


Here are some of Scorpions key features:

  • Advanced LG® Polycarbonate Shell:
    Dual Density EPS
  • Aero-Tuned Ventilation System: Combination vent and port force cool air in vent hot air out.
  • EverClear® No Fog Faceshield: Optically-clear shield with state-of-the art fog free technology. Anti-Scratch hardened coating. 100% UV protection
  • Over-sized Eyeport: Designed to accommodate most off-road goggles.
  • EverClear® SpeedView® Drop-Down SunVisor: internal retractable tinted sun-visor
  • KwikWick II® anti-microbial fabric keeps you cool and dry, easily removable and washable.
  • KwikFit® Cheek Pads: Allow easy on and off of the most common styles of eye glasses
  • Easy-Use Flip-up Chin Bar

Communication System Speaker Pockets

As you can chose any Bluetooth system to work with the Bluetooth ready interior design, you can pick a Bluetooth specification to suit you.

Scorpion EXO AT950 Review:

As with all dual sport models, the off road peak is easily removed if you are going to be on the road for an extended period. The chin bar raises easily and locks into place firmly. A large aperture gives good all round visibility and it will accommodate goggles.

The internal sun visor drops easily and can be operated with ease, even with gloves. The interior wicking is up their with the bets, Scorpion using their own KwikWik technology. Everything about this bluetooth motorcycle helmet feels good. Bearing in mind it is under $300 and we are pitching it against some heavy weight contenders, it holds its own admirably.

The fact that you can chose any Bluetooth system may well prove to be a bonus for you. There are some great communication systems outside of the standard Sena, Cardo obsessions that most riders have. A mid range unit, coupled with this helmet, will come in under the price of some of the bluetooth motorcycle helmets we have featured in this guide, so if you are on a budget then this could be the answer.



5. Arai Tour X4, Bluetooth Helmet

Arai Tour X4

We are back to Japan for this seminal helmet. Arai helmets are amongst the best in the world. With decades of research and development, we see solid design which has been honed over time. Arai are no strangers to technology, and even aside from the dedicated, Sena 10 SU Bluetooth system, the Arai is packed with features


Arai has a range of patented safety and design features, which regular readers may already be aware of. In case you have landed on motocrossadvice.com for the first time here is a quick overview:

  • Dual intake air system with Easy maintenance venting: For superior airflow
  • Complex fibre laminate: High fibre, low resin, for maximum strength coupled with flexibility
  • Aerodynamic pull down chin spoiler: Reduces wind noise, and vents hot air away from the face
  • Pinlock™ as standard: Patented third party fog prevention system
  • Fully removable, washable and replaceable interior: For superior comfort, and longevity
  • Superior safety standard testing: For peace of mind
  • Standard 5 year guarantee

The Tour X4 has all of these features and more.


Tour X4 Review:

This bluetooth motorcycle helmet is loaded with premium helmet features and can be used for a variety of purposes. The off-road style peak can be removed if required. There is a large aperture on this helmet, which means great all round vision through the full face style visor. If you want to go full motocross, you can even remove the visor all together and use goggles.

Airflow is superb. You can also change the airflow direction, having the it into your face, or channelled up the inside of the visor to keep it clear and so on. Getting the X4 to fit perfectly is also made easier by Arai’s ingenious cheek pad design. They provide each new helmet with layered pads, so that you can remove a layer at a time and find the optimum width for your face. Once they have worn out, you can buy fresh new ones! Cheek pads, are one of the main contact areas for your head, and I find that they really affect how comfortable and firm the bluetooth motorcycle helmet feels when on.

Aside from all of the comfort features, directional impact design, to reduce rotational forces in the event of an accident will reduce concussions significantly. A lot of thought has gone into this helmet, and that shows.

To provide you with well fitted Bluetooth, Arai have worked with Sena, and the popular 10U system. A solid Bluetooth unit, offering all of the key features including:

  • Up to 4 riders connected
  • Voice Activation
  • Great speakers
  • Noise cancelling
  • Integral battery and head unit design for improved aerodynamics
  • Remote control Unit to add functionality at the handlebar


About Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets in 2020 

In the first part of this two part article, we looked at the Bluetooth Communication Systems themselves. If you are not up to speed on Bluetooth functionality, the latest technologies and the buzz words, you can read that article here. 

One thing that is immediately evident as you begin researching Bluetooth Helmets, is that the bias is definitely towards road and road racing helmet models. There are some off-road helmets that have recesses for speakers and so on. For the most part though, the designs and features of most popular Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets seem very much orientated towards the road rider. I think that this will change rapidly over the coming few years.

ATV riders, enduro, dirt bike, adventure and adventure touring riders, all have as much an interest in communication as any other motorcyclist. With the increased isolation and dangers associated with off-road riding, Bluetooth is even more attractive.  In part one of this article, we looked at a Bluetooth Communicator with a built in crash detection, SOS dialler. This feature saved the life of a motocross rider. I think that the main manufacturer’s of dirt bike/dual sport helmets would do well to look at Bluetooth as a key feature in the next few years. 

So what do you do if you want a Bluetooth Helmet for use off-road, dirt biking or even adventure touring? 

Well there are some key products out there. I have compiled a list of the top 5 best Bluetooth compatible helmets for dual sport, ATV, adventure, dirt bike and touring. The helmets will have a minimum compatibility of recesses for speakers and wiring. Some will have a dedicated optional Bluetooth System and then there is built in Bluetooth with full functionality, straight from the factory.

Top 5 tips for selecting a potential Bluetooth Helmet

By taking the time to balance your needs against your budget and expectations, you will be able to find a good Bluetooth product fairly easily. I am sure it will be a very fast evolving market in the next few years motocrossadvice.com will continue to keep an eye on the developments and bring you up to date news of products as they are launched. 

In the mean time, here are some Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets that really should be on your shopping list, if you are looking to ride off road, tour, adventure tour or go out scratching for the day.  


So there we have it. A solid range of Bluetooth and Bluetooth ready helmets that are designed for the rider who will venture off road. All of the bluetooth motorcycle helmets suggested have a minimum safety standard, and I would have no hesitation in riding out for the day wearing one. 

I would like to see more motocross and adventure helmet models coming with the option of a pre installed Bluetooth system. There are also some amazing products from Sena, Cross Helmets, and even some crowdsourced Smart helmet designs that are coming through R&D as I write. Technology is developing fast. I hope that the big manufacturers get up to speed with the need for a dedicated off-road, motocross system, so that compromise is no longer needed. It would be great to see Fox Racing, O’Neal, Fly Racing, Shoei, Bell and the like, giving the same Bluetooth options for their adventure and motocross helmets, as they do for their road and touring models. 

Whatever happens, motocross advice will keep abreast and bring you the newest products as they arrive. Thanks for checking out our Best Bluetooth Helmets Guide. A like or a share really helps our cause, and we will be back again soon!