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Best Dirt Bike Goggles 2021 – Motocross Advice Ultimate Guide

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100% Armega Goggle-Black
100% Armega

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Oakley Airbrake MX Goggles 2020
Oakley Airbrake MX

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100% Racecraft Dirt Bike Goggles - glasses LTD, mirror gold lens
100% Racecraft+

Dirt Bike Goggles are another vital piece of equipment which dirt bike riders require. The vast majority of motocross helmets are designed with no visor system. The traditional helmet and goggle combo remain the popular choice.

Best Dirt Bike Goggles 2020

You would be forgiven for thinking any old goggles will do, but the off-road riding will throw debris, moisture, and condensation in the direction of your eyes. Depending on where you are riding, UV damage is also a factor. In our latest comparison guide, we are looking at what motocross goggles are out there, for both the weekend and competitive rider.


Our ultimate motocross goggles guide 2021, will highlight the best dirt bike goggles, across the intermediate, and premium price points. We do not believe in the false economy of cheap motocross goggles. Low-quality products can create issues. Misting, or fogging, can obscure vision while riding. Cheap materials can lead to failure of the strap or the glass itself. Poorly vented goggles will cause moisture to form inside the glass, and increased discomfort due to seating.


Whether you are riding MX, Enduro, Adventure, ATV or dual-sport; all of the dirt bike goggles in our guide are capable of performing under the kind of conditions you will experience when riding off-road. All of the goggles reviewed have the option to use tear off’s (rips). Enjoy the reviews, and keep reading to find our top tips for motocross goggles.

TOP 7 Best Dirt Bike Goggles 2021

1. 100% Armega Motocross Goggles

100% Armega Adult Off-Road Dirt Bike Goggles 2020The 100% goggles brand has been producing quality motocross equipment since the 1980s. As the name would suggest, the company mission statement is to give it your all, in life, and in sport. Designed in California, and tried and tested by some of the best, 100% goggles have earned a place among the best motocross goggles money can buy.

100% commitment to off-road goggles, has seen the product range diversify into other two-wheel sports. It is not uncommon to see their products in the peloton at the Tour De France, or among the cream of the mountain bike world. For the 100% goggle range, motocross is where it all began.

With any brand strategy, the manufacturer will have trademarked systems, and abbreviated nicknames to describe the technologies and function of components. The single most important factors of an excellent motocross goggle are;

  • Minimal lens distortion
  • Ventilation
  • UV Protection
  • Toughened, or shatter-resistant lens




How does the 100 % Armega stand up in these departments?

Lens Distortion is cited as being zero. This is important, as even a little distortion can lead to eye strain and headaches. The longer, you ride, the more you will be affected. Zero distortion is the pinnacle of performance.

As you may expect for a premium product, the polycarbonate lens is both shatterproof and impact resistant. Top marks here too.

100% Armega Goggle-Black

Other Key Features

6–point moulded Locking Tabs

This is a quick release system which will allow you to change a lens with the minimum of fuss.

Superior goggle seal

Any goggle design relies on an airtight seal around your face. This prevents the ingress of water and dirt and helps reduce fogging. 

Fully bonded Dual Injection Frame

Cheap dirt bike goggles will flex and twist under pressure. The 100% goggles frame design ensures the goggle stays rigid and stable when riding hard, or in severe conditions. 

Integrated Air Intake Ports

These work in the same way as air vents, and exhaust ports on a motocross helmet. The 100% system drives air in, and through the goggles to reduce humidity and keep your face fresh. 

Over Size Strap

The Armega has a wide strap, to help keep your MX goggles secure. The addition of silicone beading keeps the strap locked to the surface of your helmet. 

3D Face Foam

The addition of contoured face foam to the rim of goggles enhances comfort, improves the fit across a variety of face contours. 


Why we chose the 100% Armega Dirt Bike Goggles

100% Armega Motocross Goggle w:HiPER Lens-Falcon5There are three additional features which we love about the 100% Armega. 

The first is the Hi-per vision lens coating. With Hi-per vision, you experience clarity and depth of perception, which standard dirt bike goggles cannot provide. In the same way as an Instagram filter can enhance contrasts, and colour, to vastly improve a photograph; the Hi-per coating dials up the detail in front of you. This is achieved in a non-invasive way. Rutting, contours, and colour definition are increased to aid critical rider decisions when riding on challenging surfaces. 

A next-generation sweat collection management and drainage system pulls moisture away from your face, and into a ducting system. Airflow is then used to drive moisture out through a series of exhaust vents. This is a simple idea, which is very well executed in the Armega range. 

Finally; a nose guard will add an extra layer of protection from heavy roost, and flying debris. This is easily removed for more leisure style riding. 

All in all, the 100% Armega is a very capable, premium quality motocross goggle. These dirt bike goggles are a wider fit than previous 100% goggles products, so if you have any concerns over the width, you need not worry. 




2. 100% Racecraft+ MX Goggles

100% Racecraft Dirt Bike Goggles - glasses LTD, mirror gold lensWe stay with 100% for there lower priced Racecraft+ goggle. The Racecraft range used to be the premium 100% goggles product. With the launch of the Armega, the Racecraft+ is now their intermediate model.

Standard performance features such as; wide strap, silicone beading, 3 layer face foam, and moisture-wicking and venting are all present in the Racecraft range.




Armega VS Racecraft; What are the differences?

With the Racecraft, you are still getting the 100% commitment to a quality product. The older Racecraft design has a couple of significant differences.

  1. Moisture-wicking takes place via a three-layer foam system, rather than the Armega’s all-new drainage ports. 
  2. The Racecraft has a range of tinted lenses available, but the Hi-Per vision system is not a standard lens on the Racecraft.
  3. The Racecraft does not have the all-new quick release lens system.
  4. The Racecraft does not have the injection moulded frame.


Why we chose the Racecraft+ from 100%

100% Racecraft Adult Off-Road MX GogglesAlthough the Racecraft+ is now in the shadow of the superb Armega, it doesn’t alter the fact that the Racecraft is an excellent motocross goggle.

We chose the Racecraft+ because it works exceptionally well as both a leisure and competitive goggle. The Racecraft+ is around $45.00 cheaper than the Armega, so it represents fantastic value for money.

The Racecraft+ also uses the out-rigger feature on its frame. Older designs would sometimes pull the goggles away from your face breaking the airtight seal. Out-riggers extend the strap fitment beyond the edge of your helmet, which allows the goggle to sit back tight against your face.

The other feature which the Racecraft+ has is the removable nose guard. This extra layer of protection can be removed quickly if for any reason you decide you don’t want to ride with it on. The nose guard does significantly increase roost and impact protection.

If you want a lower price point goggle, while maintaining the level of features and performance required for a competitive ride, then you may find the Racecraft+ is a great option.




3. Oakley Airbrake MX

Oakley Airbrake MX Goggles 2020Oakley is one of the leading brands in sunglasses and sports goggles. Their logo can be seen in virtually every type of sport imaginable. What Oakley goggles has done, is bring all of the research and technology from their sunglasses products, and produced world-class MX goggles. When it comes to dirt bike riders, the Oakley motocross goggles range represents the top of the food chain.

The Airbrake MX is a premium motocross product from Oakley goggles, Let’s have a look at what it has to offer.

The Oakley Airbrake MX is another optically correct lens design. Oakley goggles has its own trademarked system, which provides superior clarity and zero distortion. The Oakley lens is impact and shatter-resistant, and available in eight colours for different conditions.




Airbrake MX Motocross Goggles features include:

Extra-wide strap design, for a secure fit and minimum slip.

Ergonomically shaped facial contour, to aid airtight fit.

A quick-release, lens changing system to reduce downtime in the event of a lens change.


Why we chose the Airbrake MX

Being the top of the Oakley goggles range, and with Oakley being one of the most sought after products meant that no self-respecting ultimate guide could omit them. There are particular reasons why the Airbrake MX is so popular though.

First off, the injection moulded lens, using the Prizm technology, provides a super rigid, optically correct, and hi-contrast product. In the same way as the 100% lens, you will see obstacles and terrain changes in far more detail. Lens distortion is eliminated as the rigidity keeps the integrity of the lens curve, even under duress.

We think that Oakley goggles has a winning formula with their modular design, which allows every part of the goggle to be replaced. Event he out-riggers, which help maintain a tight fit, are replaceable. This is a very insightful move on Oakley’s part.

If you are going to be riding in extremely muddy conditions, (and why wouldn’t you be) you may wish to use roll off’s, rather than rips. Oakley goggles has designed an optional out-rigger with a roll-off feature so that you can switch between both types of tear-off, depending on the condition. Again, this is really great thinking and provides a far more versatile dirt bike goggle.




4. Oakley Frontline Dirt Bike Goggles

Oakley Frontline Motocross Goggles 2020Our fourth dirt bike goggle is the Oakley Frontline. The Frontline can be considered a lower-spec Airbrake MX.


Oakley Airbrake MX V Oakley Frontline; What is the difference?

The Frontline is still a very high spec dirt bike goggle. We are looking a the standard Frontline with no lens upgrade. So what is missing when compared to the Airbrake?

  1. The Frontline has smaller out-riggers
  2. The Frontline has a standard clear lens, as opposed to the prism. (this can be upgraded, but then you may as well consider the Airbrake)
  3. The lens swap system is not as straightforward or fast as the Airbrake. The time taken to change a Frontline lens is more like a standard goggle.


Why we chose the Oakley Frontline

Despite its shortcomings, when compared to the Airbrake MX, The Oakley Frontline is significantly better than Oakley’s older range products. You will pay a little more for the Frontline, than for the cheaper Oakley MX goggles, but the extra is worthwhile.

For your extra money, you will enjoy the benefits of the injection moulded, optically correct lens. There is a wide range of optional lens finishes for the Frontline.

We also picked the Frontline as it has a slightly smaller face profile, top to bottom. As many manufacturers omit to provide for a smaller face size, the Frontline might come in handy for you.

The Frontline still has an immensely strong and durable Plutonite lens, making it one of the most robust lens products available.




5. Spy Foundation MX

Spy Foundation Plus Bolt Blue dirt bike gogglesSpy has been making motocross goggles for around 25 years. The Foundation MX is a relatively new product which the company claim to have developed to show their continued commitment to motorsport. As with most of the other MX goggles we have featured, Spy is a lens manufacturer, who has diversified their product ranges to allow a more extensive use for their core product.

The Foundation MX boasts an impressive list of standard features for a goggle coming in at just over $100.


Standard features include:

  1. A 45mm roll-off system for adverse weather riding. 
  2. High definition (HD) Lexan® lens from Spy, which offers clarity, protection and safety
  3. Triple-layer Isotron™ face foam with moisture-wicking Dri-Force™ 
  4. Spoiler-style out-riggers


Why we chose the Spy Foundation MX

Where Spy have scored over other goggle manufacturers, is by keeping some of the premium features seen on more expensive MX goggles. They also have a few unique tricks up their sleeve. 

The unique thing about the Spy Foundation is the width of the lens itself. The MX model has the widest peripheral view on the market. IF you feel a little closed in with your MX goggles, or just want the best size view possible, the Spy is hands down, the best in this department. 

Foundation MX goggles also come with an installed Spectra™ lens and additional clear lens with posts for tear-offs. They even include 10 tear-offs in the box!

At this price point, there are not many manufacturers offering an air venting and exhaust design. The RISE™+ ventilation system draws air through frame vents, creating a vacuum that pulls hot air from behind the lens. This is a welcome option on such great value goggles. 

We love that Spy have added such premium features at an affordable price. For the first step into motocross riding, any form of off-road and adventure biking, or competitions, the Foundation MX is a seriously good piece of kit




6. Fox Vue Dirt Bike Goggles

2020 Fox Racing Vue Dusc Spark Lens Motocross Goggle-MultiFor our penultimate dirt bike goggle, Fox Racing makes a welcome return. Fox is one of motocrosses most loved brands. The Fox Vue represents another superb goggle for both the experienced and novice rider. 

With a brand like Fox, being at the forefront of motocross demands that they do not drop the ball with a piece of equipment. With such quality competition, it was vital for Fox to deliver a goggle with enough features to satisfy the hardcore rider, outstanding performance and the right price point. 

The Fox Vue sits around the $100.00 mark, which puts it in contention with all of the products we have covered today. Let us see how the Vue stacks up. 


Main features of the Fox Vue Dirt Bike Goggles

Fox is also going for the peripheral vision factor. Of course, Spy is the widest, but Fox also claims a super-wide view through a polycarbonate, injection moulded lens. This Pre-curved design offers superior optical clarity, and means the maximum level of protection possible from the Fox Racing lens. An ABS/Nylon outer frame helps to resist roost and increase stability. 

The Vue has anti-mist and UV protection as standard. 

Incredibly, Fox has been able to incorporate a TruLock™ quick-change system, and 360-degree venting to keep you cool and reduce fogging. This is a big deal on $100 goggle. 

A triple foam, contoured face pad adds comfort and fit, and, a super-wide 45mm strap with silicone grip will keep the Vue in place on your helmet.


Why we chose the Fox Vue Motocross Goggles

Fox Racing is renowned for delivering competitive products, that give the competition a run for their money. With such a fully-loaded product, at a $100 price point, you will definitely want to compare the Fox Vue with the other MX goggles on our list. What it may ultimately come down to is the lens quality. You may find having a goggle from a dedicated lens manufacturer suits you better.




7. Smith Fuel V2.0

Smith Optics Fuel V.2 Dirt Bike GoggleOur final goggle for the ultimate motocross goggle guide 2021, is the Smith Fuel V2.0. In the mid-1960s, Bob Smith designed the very first, dedicated ski goggle. In doing so, he changed the way motocross goggles were made forever. If you look at the original Bob Smith Goggle, you can see how every goggle manufacturer since, has been inspired.

Smith lenses are of exceptionally high quality, and although the Fuel V2.0 is the cheapest goggle on our list, it is not to be ruled out. There are sacrifices to be made when producing a goggle for under $80.00. Still, the optical performance and design of the Smith Fuel V2.0 make them an excellent choice for entry-level and experienced leisure riders alike.


Main features of the Fuel V2.0

The Fuel V2.0 comes in a dedicated medium fit, which may suit riders with a narrower width requirement. 3-Layer Face Foam keeps things comfortable around the goggle rim, while also adding wicking. 

  • Fuel V2.0 also use the popular out-rigger design to allow a snug fit when wearing them with a full-face helmet. Lousy weather riding is no problem as Smith has included a Roll/Tear Offs Compatible Lens with In-Lens Tear Offs Posts.
  • Smith is another lens manufacturer, who have diversified into products to extend their market reach. They provide their advanced Red Mirror Lens as standard, with a clear lens and bag in the box. 


Why we chose the Smith Fuel V2.0

Although The fuel V2.0 does not have some of the more advanced premium features, it is an excellent entry-level product. If you want a sub $80.00 goggle, which still delivers the best performance for the money, this may well be the goggle for you. The Fuel V2.0 is undoubtedly not for the pro-rider, but for us lesser mortals, they are an outstanding budget goggle.




Top three tips for cleaning and maintaining Motocross goggles

  1. Always wash your goggles in warm soapy water after use. Even if you haven’t been out in the mud and dirt, sweat can destroy the foam around the rim.
  2. To add an extra layer of anti-misting properties, wipe the inside of your goggles with a mix of washing up liquid, and warm water. You only need a small amount of fluid. Once the lens in moist, dry with a microfibre cloth, taking care to leave a thin layer of the solution on the lens. The washing up liquid will prevent misting.
  3. Use your goggle bag! Scratches are the worst possible damage a goggle can receive, and they are amplified at night, or under floodlights. Take care to keep the lens protected.

We hope you enjoyed our ultimate guide to motocross goggles in 2021 – we will be back with motocross advice soon.

Until then – Ride safe


100% Armega




UV Protection


Minimal Lens Distortion







  • Zero Lens Distortion
  • Polycarbonate Lens
  • 6-point moulded locking tabs
  • Superior Goggle Seal
  • 3D Face Foam
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    How is Dragon Alliance not rated? This is all about the corporate grease! Are you kidding , they rate Scott higher than Dragon NFX2 ? Even the NFX original is a way better goggle than the Fox and Scott. If you pay cash your product becomes the best lol !

  2. Sean Holland Reply

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    Hey, thanks for your tips. My goggles recently broke and I need a new pair. Your website helped me decide which ones I should get. I bought the racecraft+ goggles, and they look great on my helmet. Thank you so much.

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