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TOP 16 Best Dirt Bike Gloves 2023 | The Ultimate Guide

When deciding which motocross gear to review, the main points of contact are a major factor of TeamMA’s recommendations. When you’re riding off-road in motocross, enduro or dual-sport adventure riding, there are four main points of contact: your feet, your inner leg, your hands, and your ass! Each of these contact points needs to be protected, and in doing this, you also maintain more grip. Your hands and your feet are arguably the most important out of these points of contact. Whether you go with this list, or looking for a women’s dirt bike gear or kids dirt bike gear, there’s plenty of different equipment to choose from. With the above in mind, we have updated our list of the best dirt bike gloves for the dedicated rider.

Your hands have a lot to manage when riding off-road. Not only are they responsible for acceleration and braking, they also need to keep you in contact with the bike. When riding hard over rough terrain and catching colossal air, the level of grip required can be significant. Your next set of dirt bike gloves needs to be able to withstand the rigours of the trail. Additionally, they should be able to fend off the worst of bad weather and inspire you to push harder and faster.

Our reviews focus on motocross gear that we would be happy to use for proper off-road riding. Many comparison sites focus on products that are either cheap or readily available on mail-order sites. We believe that any product reviewed for off-road riding needs to exceed those criteria. The following list is our definitive guide to the best motocross gloves available for the 2023 season.

Fox Dirt Bike Gloves

Best Motocross Gloves – Fox Dirtpaw

Fox Dirtpaw Best Dirt bike gloves 2023

The Fox Dirtpaw has long been considered a best dirt bike glove among all styles of off-road rider, although it’s particularly capable as a motocross glove. For a little over $25, the Fox Dirtpaw will provide all of the necessities that a dirt bike glove should. Fox is notorious for their selection of riding gear, so it comes as no surprise that they’re ahead of the game.

Why we chose the Fox Dirtpaw dirt bike glove

The construction of the Fox Dirtpaw is simple but effective. Expect a textile-based motocross glove with rubberized sections to increase grip and protection. The Fox Dirtpaw has a reinforced knuckle strip and single-point Velcro closure for easy wear.

The large areas of synthetic suede that cover the entire palm area and wrap around the thumb really help to stay steady while we were riding. The silicone ribbing on both the index and middle fingers also serves to enhance the grip on the levers for a surefire hold. 

Each finger has spandex between the face of the mx glove and the back of the hand to enhance movement. One of the Dirtpaw’s winning features is the use of Cordura, which is a trademarked fabric designed for durability, puncture resistance and flexibility. It’s also water-resistant, which is great for muddy days on the track.


Best Enduro Gloves – Fox Bomber 

Fox Bomber Best Enduro Gloves 2023

Where Klim has reversed engineered their enduro glove, Fox has over-engineered their motocross glove. The Bomber is a motocross glove reimagined for trail riding!

The Bomber caters to the hardcore dirt bike riders and it offers serious protection. Beefed up knuckle and finger padding, plus extra layers for durability, make the Fox Bomber dirt bike glove the perfect choice for ATV, enduro, and adventure riding.

Why we chose the Fox Bomber dirt bike glove

Things change when you leave the more predictable environment of the race track. Extra confidence in your gear really comes in handy when you’re riding in the woods on harsh trails and unknown terrain, and the Bomber enduro glove is all about confidence-inspiring protection. While it has the DNA of a motocross glove, the extra assurance afforded from the oversize knuckle and finger armour helps you feel safe.

We found a small amount of reduction in feel with the extra layering, but when you face tree branches, rocks, and debris coming at you from ever-changing terrain, you need to feel sure you can keep that throttle nailed. Wearing the Fox Bomber dirt bike gloves gave us big confidence knowing our hands were protected. 

The overall feeling of security continues with the neoprene hook and close cuff. The Fox Bomber has a real goat skin body and extra-durable faux suede palm for durability and enhanced grip.

If you need full protection while maintaining feel, the Bomber combines all of these elements beautifully.


100% Dirt Bike Gloves

Best Motocross Gloves – 100% i-track 

100% i-Track Best Motocross Gloves 2023

The i-track motocross glove continues 100%’s overall theme of lightweight and durable products. 100% have made a big impact on the motocross and off-road scene since the 1980’s, and they continue to develop and improve by challenging larger brands when it comes to form and function.

Why we chose the 100% i-track dirt bike glove

The 100% i-track employs a seamless design on the mx glove for increased comfort. Mesh finger gussets increase airflow and moisture-wicking to make sure your hands stay comfortable even when riding hard. 

We like the thicker section of thumb overlay that reduces blistering in key contact areas. The silicone finger sections were helpful in maintaining grip, and we love that they’re still touchscreen compatible with your phone or map when you’re out and about. 100% also uses a slip-on cuff design which stays consistently comfortable over long periods. All in all, a great choice for a motocross glove. 


Best Enduro Gloves – 100% Geomatic 

100% Geomatic Enduro Gloves 2023

100% offers a few off-road selections in addition to their line of motocross gloves. The Geomatic features a multi-panel construction for serious versatility and comfort, and you’ll always stay cool on your rides with breezy mesh finger gussets.

No matter your needs on the trail, the Geomatic dirt bike glove also has a microfiber thumb to clean glasses or wipe your sweat when the heat is on. Even with the protection it offers, you’ll still have integrated tech thread that allows you to manage your devices with your gloves on.

Why we chose the 100% Geomatic dirt bike glove

We found that the silicone triangle print on the fingers of the Geomatic mx glove was excellent at offering additional grip and traction during a hard ride. The top hand TPR details offered even more protection for roost that inevitably got kicked up in the heat of the moment.

Geomatic dirt bike gloves come standard with a slip-on neoprene cuff for easy on and off, so there’s no messing with straps. Reliable, easy to use and protective all around, 100% kept their priorities straight when designing this model.


Troy Lee Dirt Bike Gloves

Best Motocross Gloves – Troy Lee Air 

Troy Lee Designs Air Motocross Gloves 2023

When two leading motocross factory teams use a single mx glove across all of their riders, it’s time to stop and take a look. Red Bull and Cole Seely Honda have used the Troy Lee Air over multiple competition seasons. 

Troy Lee has developed the Air dirt bike glove with the motocross rider in mind, since he believes that your hands are the most critical point of contact. Troy Lee has listened to the individual demands of the world’s most successful riders over the years, and the Air mx glove now meets all of these needs.

Why we chose the Troy Lee Air dirt bike glove

There is no doubt that the subtle differences between a serious motocross glove and an enduro glove are significant. We wanted as little fabric as possible to retain maximum feel, while still maintaining protection from roost and flying debris on the track. We found that the Troy Lee Air achieves this both comfortably and stylishly.

The Troy Lee Air dirt bike glove provides comfort and flexibility via a two-way stretch spandex body. The palm of the Air uses a minimal layer of faux leather to keep that all-important feel without losing grip. Increased protection comes with the use of cleverly positioned TPR ribbing.

If you are looking for minimal weight with an ultra-thin & light design favored by world champion riders, the Troy Lee Air has you covered.


Best Off-road Dirt Bike Gloves – Troy Lee Gambit 

Troy Lee Gambit off-road dirt bike gloves 2023

Troy Lee Designs has produced another perfect all-round dirt bike glove for trail riding. Offering a durable and more substantial weight option to their Air motocross glove, the Gambit features a 3-layer soft-shell fabric and a fleece liner for extra comfort and durability.

The compression molded cuff on the Gambit enduro glove makes for an easy fit, and even with the standard silicone fingertips, it’s still screen-compatible whenever the need arises. 

Why we chose the Troy Lee Gambit dirt bike glove

With this model of dirt bike glove, we experienced the increased protection and enhanced paneling that an excellent all-round enduro glove requires. Although breathable and motocross ready, the Gambit features solid D30 knuckle protection to handle the demands of trail riding. 

The dual-layer palm also benefits from plenty of perforations to deliver maximum airflow and wicking while still staying grippy and muting trail chatter. The Gambit glove is ideal for a solid day out on the trails.


Alpinestars Dirt Bike Gloves

Best All-Around Dirt Bike Gloves – Alpinestar Techstar

Best All-Around Dirt Bike Gloves – Alpinestar Techstar 2023

Alpinestar is a favorite manufacturer of ours here at Motocross Advice, and they have a wide range of products in their dirt bike glove section. The Techstar is one dirt bike glove that is a great all-around investment. Even though it matches the price of the Alpinestar Aviator, the Techstar covers the broader range of off-road disciplines without compromise.

Why we chose the Alpinestar Techstar dirt bike glove

The Techstar sits at an affordable price point while covering a more extensive range of needs. It is a light and comfortable product with plenty of feel when riding.

We liked the combination of breathable mesh, an overlocked faux suede palm and neoprene padding over the fingers to offer a bit of everything. The split finger padding and TPR protection kept us ultra-safe and comfy, and the silicone grip panels make for easy gear changes and braking. 

The Techstar has one of the coolest features we have seen on any dirt bike glove. The material between your thumb and forefinger can often bunch, or lack flex, causing a pulling sensation in that space. The tight feeling can get particularly irritating on a longer ride, and it can often add to rider fatigue. In a brilliant design move, Alpinestars has added a section of super stretchy material in that area of the dirt bike glove to decouple your thumb from your index finger.

If you are looking for a great all-rounder, the Alpinestars Techstar is both affordable and capable.


Fly Racing Dirt Bike Gloves

Best Motocross Gloves – Fly Racing Lite MX 

Fly Racing Lite MX Gloves 2023

Continuing with our budget suggestions, the Fly Racing Lite MX Glove is part of a whole range of motocross gear. Fly Racing has been producing the lite mx glove, along with lite trousers and tops, for some years now. Being an heirloom product means that each new variant is an improvement over what has come before. 

The main criteria for the Fly Racing Lite range are lightweight comfort combined with durability and performance. The recent addition of touchscreen compatibility doesn’t hurt either.

Why we chose the Fly Racing Lite MX dirt bike glove

The Fly Racing Lite is a direct competitor to the Fox Dirtpaw. Their shared qualities like a faux suede palm, lightweight construction, spandex finger panels and single-point closure made all of our rides super comfy and easy. When you wear this motocross glove, you can understand the design principles behind it. 

Fly has incorporated wind proofing for those cooler days as well. Wind resistance is a major plus on cheap dirt bike gloves since there’s nothing worse than losing the feeling in your hands when things get breezy. For comfort and grip with a little extra touch, the Fly Racing Lite is a solid product, and Fly’s cheap dirt bike gear can’t be beat.


Best Enduro Gloves – Fly Racing Patrol XC 

Fly Racing Patrol XC Enduro Gloves

If you’re looking for an enhanced off-road glove, the Patrol XC is your best bet. It’s one of the only dirt bike glove styles to feature an extra layer of impact foam for enhanced protection, as well as standard injected TPR in the fingers.

The classic, comfy fit of the Patrol XC enduro glove is furthered by the secure TPR wrist hook & loop closure with a neoprene cuff. 

Why we chose the Fly Racing Patrol XC dirt bike glove

We found the topside of the Patrol XC dirt bike glove to be super durable to impacts with its hard knuckle construction. The TPR injection in the fingers is complemented by a 4-way stretch Lycra material in the finger sidewalls for extra flex. All of this amounts to you getting both enhanced protection and ventilation with the Patrol XC when it really matters.

The gripper material, seen throughout the fingers and palm, is great when you hit terrain you weren’t expecting. The reinforced palm and thumb equate to your entire hand being shielded from any potential roost that gets kicked up in the process.


Klim Dirt Bike Gloves

Best Warm Weather Gloves – Klim Mojave 

Klim Mojave Gloves 2023

Klim is a manufacturer synonymous with hardcore products. A big name on the adventure scene, they are no strangers to the harsh conditions of the Dakar race. What Klim has done with the Mojave, is reverse engineer their hardcore adventure gloves to reduce weight and layering.

As the name might suggest, the Mojave dirt bike glove meets the needs of dirt bike riders who are riding in the heat.

Why we chose the Mojave dirt bike glove

Hardcore design and maximum protection are often at odds with warm weather riding. Hot, sticky hands can reduce concentration when you need it most, so designing a niche dirt bike glove like the Mojave is a neat idea. 

It is not uncommon for off-road riders of all kinds to have more than one style of dirt bike gear. If you are looking for a warm-weather dirt bike glove that maintains some of the design features of an out and out motocross glove, the Mojave is it.

We liked that this model provides the faux suede palm that many riders favor along with TPR protection, Velcro closure, highly breathable stretch fabric, and reinforced finger and thumb overlays. The touchscreen compatibility is a nice touch, and the increased perforation kept us cool as a cucumber.

The Mojave is a truly all-round lightweight dirt bike glove designed exclusively for warm weather use.

Shift Dirt Bike Gloves

Best Motocross Gloves – Shift Black Label Burntable Invisible

Shift Black Label Burntable Invisible Best Motocross Gloves

With an exceptional minimalist fit, the Black Label Burntable Invisible MX glove by Shift is perfect for motocross. A 3-panel basic design made from Italian nylon and a slip-on strap lock are guaranteed to keep you both secure and protected during even the toughest rides.

The perforations on the Burntable Invisible MX gloves have been specifically placed for excellent ventilation, making this one of the comfiest dirt bike gloves on the market. Plus, the bright, contrasted graphics make them look great with a ton of different colors.

Why we chose the Black Label Burntable Invisible dirt bike glove

After testing these motocross gloves, we love how much the 4-way stretch fabric enhances grip and shape while riding. The mesh finger accents kept us super cool without sacrificing security, and the silicone fingertips are perfect for a steady ride.


Best Off-Road Gloves – Shift Black Label Flexguard 

Shift Black Label Flexguard Enduro Glove

The Shift Flexguard enduro gloves are considered to be the more badass, rugged cousin of the Burntable MX gloves. Featuring double-bonded Italian nylon, as well as the standard 3-panel design, inner perforations, and 4-way stretch fabric on top, these features are only the beginning.

Strap yourself in with the floating strap lock entry and get ready for a solid ride.

Why we chose the Shift Black Label Flexguard dirt bike glove

Even though the Flexguard shares many features in common with the Burntable motocross glove, there are additional elements that have it beat for strictly off-road conditions.

We loved the injected TPU for enhanced protection and coverage, and the stretch finger gussets save the day when you need a temperature-regulated hard hold. The sleek silicone topside accents add both a touch of style and protection for any roost headed your way. The Flexguard has just enough protection to make it an off-road glove, but it could easily double as a standard MX glove if it’s all you’ve got.


FXR Dirt Bike Gloves

Best Motocross Gloves – FXR Pro Fit Lite MX

FXR Pro Fit Lite MX Gloves 2023

Being a racing brand, FXR has a substantial line of motocross gloves to offer riders. The Pro Fit Lite MX glove comes in eight different colorways and fits the bill of being one of the best dirt bike gloves available in 2023.

Featuring fade-free graphics, a slip-on cuff and a generous one-year warranty, it’s no wonder FXR is so popular with racers and amateurs alike.  

Why we chose the FXR Pro Fit Lite MX dirt bike glove

The durable stretch knit used in construction was very obvious and appreciated on our test ride, as well as the single layer suede inner for generous grip. 

FXR knows style, and the silicone on the first and middle finger comes in a stylish checkerboard design that enhances grip. Look sharp and stay protected in your Pro Fit Lite MX gloves and you won’t be disappointed!

Leatt Dirt Bike Gloves

Best Motocross Gloves – Leatt Moto 2.5 X-Flow v22 

Leatt Moto 2.5 X-Flow v22 best mx gloves 2023

Ideal for MX riders who want to keep it simple, the Moto 2.5 X-Flow dirt bike glove ranks high on the list. Featuring a minimalistic mesh glove and wrist strap, this pair is perfect for confident riders who value more grip compared to protection on the track.

Leatt uses the latest technology breakthroughs in their products, and that’s no different with the Moto 2.5 X-Flow glove. The current upgrade is a new nanogrip material on the palm of the dirt bike glove that’s allegedly 7500 times thinner than a human hair. Although we may not be able to verify that, we can certainly speak to a good experience with these motocross gloves!

Why we chose the Leatt Moto 2.5 X-Flow v22 dirt bike glove

As suspected, the grip on the Moto 2.5 X-Flow is solid all around, and the Formfit stitching on the fingers allowed us a reliable grip even in wet conditions. This is a feature that Leatt highlights, so it’s great to see that it holds up.

The additional x-flow mesh on the upper hand didn’t hurt either, and we stayed cool the whole ride. Touchscreen compatibility is always handy to have, and although it’s not obvious at first that these are MX gloves, they offer way more than meets the eye.


Best Enduro Gloves – Leatt Moto 3.5 Lite v22 

Leatt Moto 3.5 Lite v22 Enduro Glove

Offering stylish, sturdy protection, it’s no wonder that the Moto 3.5 Lite enduro glove is considered to be the next step up from the Moto 2.5 X-Flow. Although this model may not have the enhanced nanogrip palm, the microngrip is a solid alternative considering all the extra protection you get. 

Formfit finger stitching, touch screen compatibility and dependable all-weather grip are still standard on the Moto 3.5 Lite dirt bike gloves. With all the features below, you’ll be glad you took your chances. 

Why we chose the Leatt Moto 3.5 Lite v22 dirt bike gloves

The 3D molded impact protection on the knuckles came in handy on our hairy ride, as well as the stretchy and light topside for enhanced grip in the thick of it.

Out of any dirt bike gloves on our list, the Moto 3.5 Lite enduro gloves are CE tested and certified as personal protective equipment. Although you can upgrade to the 4.5 for more protection, this is the mark of quality for a reasonable price.


O’Neal Dirt Bike Gloves

Best All-Around Gloves – O’Neal Mayhem Rider 

O’Neal Mayhem Rider motocross gloves

When you’re ready to raise some hell, check out the Mayhem Rider Glove by O’Neal. This all-weather dirt bike glove is made from flexible and durable materials with non-fade graphics for a bold look in any situation.

Seamless fingertips mean less chances for wear and tear on your rides, while the hook & loop adjustable closure keeps the Mayhem Rider dirt bike gloves super snug all the time. 

Why we chose the O’Neal Mayhem Rider dirt bike glove

These dirt bike gloves are thick and sturdy all around. The grippy synthetic leather throughout the palm and fingers kept us steady over the nastiest of terrain, and the thumb is reinforced with a double layer for extra protection.

Even the silicone finger printing makes a statement with a sleek line on the middle finger and ‘enjoy the ride’ on the index. Not a bad touch for one of the most robust gloves on our list. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What do dirt bike gloves do?

Motocross gloves serve many functions depending on your goals and the environment you’re riding in. Weather can play a large part in which dirt bike gloves will suit your needs, especially if you’re riding in hot or cold temperatures. Thicker, more padded enduro gloves are suited to both cold weather and trails. You want to make sure your hands are toasty and ready for the unexpected when you’re out and about! 

On the other hand, thinner or less padded motocross gloves are far more ideal for warm weather and track racing. Overheating while riding can be a real concern in hotter climates, so a dirt bike glove that’ll keep your hands breezy will help cool you down. Similarly, when the competition heat is on, you want an MX glove that’ll breathe with you and help you keep a cool head. 

All in all, dirt bike gloves provide protection for any sort of outdoor environment you can think of!

Do you need dirt bike gloves to ride a dirt bike?

99% of the time the answer is yes. Since dirt bikes are usually only legal to drive in off-road conditions, you want to make sure your hands are protected from any surprises. Especially while learning (and throughout your career) you’ll probably careen off your bike often as you get a feel for how to handle it in different situations. Motocross gloves help you to protect your hands from injuries in these moments. While this may seem minor, you really don’t want to deal with a scabbed up hand while you’re twisting your throttle!

What are motocross gloves made out of?

This is entirely dependent on what function your dirt bike gloves will serve. Components made from a variety of materials like leather, Cordura, suede, Lycra, mesh, and neoprene serve different functions in protection, wicking and comfort to ensure you’ll get what you need. Whether you need robust protection for riding challenging trails or a super lightweight motocross glove for your hottest race, there are plenty of different options out there to suit your preferences.

That’s it – the 16 best motocross gloves for 2023. I hope you enjoyed reading, and that you’re on your way to finding your favorite dirt bike gloves for your exact needs! If you’re looking for advice about the best motocross helmets or dirt bike boots, Motocross Advice has got everything you need. We’ll be back soon with more!

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      I know that FOX 180 gloves should be Touch Screen, also Alpinestars Copper, FOX Dirtpaw

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