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TOP 10 Best Dirt Bike Gloves 2021 | The Ultimate Guide


Troy Lee air 2020 dirt bike gloves
Troy Lee Air


2020 Fox Racing Dirtpaw Fyce Dirt Bike Gloves
FOX Dirtpaw


Fly Racing 2020 Lite Motocross Gloves
Fly Racing Lite

When deciding which motocross gear to review, one of the things we are always aware of here at Motocross Advice is the main points of contact. When you are riding off-road in motocross, enduro or dual-sport adventure riding, there are four main points of contact: your feet, your inner leg, your hands, and your ass! Each of these contact points needs to be protected, and of course, help you maintain grip. Out of all of these points of contact, your hands and your feet are arguably the most important. With that in mind, we have updated our list of top dirt bike gloves for the dedicated off-road rider.

Your hands have a lot to do when riding off-road. Not only are they responsible for acceleration and braking, but they need to keep you in contact with the bike. When riding hard over rough terrain, and catching colossal air, the level of grip required can be significant. Your next set of dirt bike gloves need to be able to withstand the rigours of the trail. They should be able to fend off the worst of bad weather and inspire you to push harder and faster.

Our reviews focus on motocross gear that we would be happy to use for proper off-road riding. Many comparison sites focus on products that are either cheap or are readily available on mail-order sites. We believe that any product reviewed for off-road riding needs to exceed those criteria. The following list is our definitive guide to the best off-road, dirt bike, and motocross gloves available for the 2021 season.

1. Fox Dirtpaw Motocross Gloves

2020 Fox Racing Dirtpaw Fyce Dirt Bike GlovesThe Fox Dirtpaw has long been a favourite glove among all styles of off-road rider, although it is particularly capable as a motocross glove. For a little over $20.00, the Fox Dirtpaw will provide all of the requirements a dirt bike glove should.

Why we chose the Fox Dirtpaw dirt bike glove

The construction of the Fox Dirtpaw is simple but effective. Expect a textile-based glove, with rubberised sections to increase grip and protection. The Fox Dirtpaw has a reinforced knuckle strip and single-point velcro closure.

There are large areas of synthetic suede which cover the entire palm area and wrap around the thumb — the grip on the levers enhanced by silicone ribbing on the index, and forefinger.

Each finger has spandex between the face of the glove, and the back of the hand to enhance movement.

One of the Dirtpaw’s winning features is the use of Cordura, which is a trademarked fabric, designed for durability, puncture resistance and flexibility,




2. Fly Racing Lite MX Gloves

Fly Racing 2020 Lite Motocross GlovesContinuing with our budget suggestions, the Fly Racing Lite Glove is part of a whole range of motocross gear. Fly Racing has been producing the light glove, along with the trousers and tops, for some years. Being an heirloom product means that each new variant is an improvement over what has come before. The main criteria for the Fly Racing Lite range are lightweight comfort, combined with durability and performance.

Why we chose the Fly Racing Lite, windproof dirt bike glove

The Fly Racing Lite is a direct competitor to the Fox Dirtpaw. It has similar qualities, with its faux suede palm, lightweight construction, spandex finger panels and single-point closure. When you wear this glove, you can understand the design principles behind it. Comfort and weight are perfect for off-road riding.

Fly has incorporated windproofing for those cooler days. Wind resistance is a major plus over cheap dirt bike gloves. There is nothing worse than losing the feeling in your hands when things get breezy. For comfort and grip, with that little extra, the Fly Racing Lite, windproof is a great product. Learn more about best FLY’s cheap dirt bike gear.




3. 100% i-track Motocross Gloves

100% iTrack best dirt bike gloves 2020The 100% i-track continues the theme of lightweight and durable products. 100% have made a big impact on the motocross and off-road scene since the 1980’s. 100% products continue to develop and improve, challenging the more marketing-led brands when it comes to form and function.

Why we chose the 100% i-track Dirt Bike Gloves

The 100% i-track employ a seamless design for increased comfort. Mesh finger gussets increase airflow and moisture-wicking to make sure your hands stay comfortable even when riding hard. We also like the thicker section of thumb overlay, which reduce blistering in key contact areas. 100% also use a slip-on cuff design which stays consistently comfortable over a long period. Of course, there are the usual silicone sections for lever grip; however, if you are addicted to your smartphone, or pad, and require touch screen compatibility, then the i-track provides that too. Handy, if you are planning any adventure riding and need to check your maps!




4. Fox Legion Dirt Bike Gloves

FOX Legion mx gloves 2020Fox is always developing its products to meet the ever-changing needs of its riders. While many motocross riders like a glove to have as little fabric as possible, the more enduro, adventure and dirt bike fans often need a heavier duty glove.

Not only does a heavier duty glove offer more protection, but it will also prevent blisters and afford more weather resistance.

Why we chose the Fox Legion dirt bike glove

As with the Dirtpaw, the Legion is a Cordura fabric partnership.

You can read more about Cordura here.


If you plan to ride in Cold weather, then the Legion makes a lot of sense. As with many off-road products, they are not waterproof, but far more weather resistant than other products. The fleece material adds to the comfort and warmth.

A double-layer palm increases durability while maintaining rider “feel”. The conductive thread will aid the use of smartphones and other touch screen technologies, which become more relevant as riders adopt a more extensive range of off-road styles. If you need a more capable off-road glove, the Fox Legion is an excellent place to start.




5. Troy Lee Air Dirt Bike Gloves

Troy Lee air 2020 dirt bike glovesWhen two leading motocross factory teams use a single glove across all of their riders, then you have to stop and take a look. Red Bull and Cole Seely Honda have used the Troy Lee Air for more than one season’s competition. Troy Lee has developed the Air with the motocross rider in mind. They believe that the hand’s are the most critical point of contact for the rider. Over the years, Troy Lee has listened to the individual demands of the world most successful riders. The Air glove meets all of these needs.

Why we chose the Troy Lee Air motocross glove

There is no doubt that the subtle differences between an out and out racing glove, and a more dirt bike orientated glove are significant. A motocross racer wants as little fabric as possible. They want to retain as much feel as possible while maintaining protection from roost and flying debris. The Troy Lee Air achieves this comfortably.

The Troy Lee Air provides comfort and flexibility via a two-way stretch spandex body. The palm of the Air uses a minimal layer faux leather to keep that all-important feel without losing grip.

Increased protection comes with the use of cleverly positioned TPR ribbing.

If you are looking for the minimal weight, the thin light design favoured by world champion riders, the Troy Lee Air has you covered.




6. Klim Mojave Glove

Klim Mojave Pro Adventure Gloves 2020Klim is a manufacturer synonymous with hardcore products. A big name on the adventure scene, and no strangers to the harsh conditions of the Dakar race, their pedigree is not in doubt. What Klim has done with the Mojave, is reverse engineer their hardcore adventure gloves to reduce weight and layering.

As the name might suggest, the Mojave glove meets the needs of dirt bike riders who are riding in the heat.

Why we chose the Mojave Dirt Bike glove

Hardcore design and maximum protection are often at odds with warm weather riding. Hot, sticky hands can reduce concentration when you need it most. Designing a niche glove like the Mojave is a neat idea. It is not uncommon for off-road riders of all kinds to have more than one style of dirt bike gear. If you are looking for a warm-weather glove that maintains some of the design features of an out and out motocross glove, then this is it.

The Mojave provides the Faux suede palm that many riders favour, along with TPR protection, velcro closure, highly breathable stretch fabric, and reinforced finger and thumb overlays.

With these motocross glove features present, Klim has then gone on to incorporate touch screen capability, a comfort foam and increased areas of perforation.

The Mojave is a truly all-round, lightweight dirt bike glove designed exclusively for warm weather use.




7. Fox Bomber Dirt Bike Glove

2020 Fox Racing Bomber Adventure riding GlovesWhere Klim has reversed engineered their adventure glove, Fox has over-engineered their motocross glove. The Bomber is a motocross glove on steroids!

The Bomber caters for the hardcore dirt bike riders and majors in protection. Beefed up knuckle and finger protection, plus extra layers for durability make it the perfect choice for ATV, Enduro, Dirt Bike and Adventure riding.

Why we chose the Fox Bomber

Things change when you leave the more predictable environment of the race track. When riding in the woods, on harsh trails and through unknown terrain, you need that extra level of confidence to commit to each section of road. As a dirt bike rider, you cannot underestimate the importance of feeling confident in your dirt bike gear. The Bomber glove is all about confidence-inspiring protection. While it has the DNA of a motocross glove, the extra protection afforded from the oversize knuckle and finger armour helps you feel safe.

There may be a small amount of reduction in feel with all of that extra layering, but when you face tree branches, rocks, and debris, coming at you from an ever-changing terrain you need to feel sure you can keep that throttle nailed. Knowing your hands are protected is a big part of that confidence.

The overall feeling of security continues with the neoprene, hook and close cuff. The Fox Bomber has a real goat skin body and extra-durable faux suede palm.

If you need full protection while maintaining feel, the Bomber combines all of these elements beautifully.




So far, we have looked at dirt bike gloves that favour specific tastes. They are either an out and Motocross glove, a more general dirt bike glove, a hot weather glove and so on.

For our final three suggestions, we wanted to look at an off-road glove that could potentially cover all bases.

8. Alpinestar Techstar

Alpinestars 2020 Techstar glovesAlpinestar is a favourite manufacturer of ours here at Motocross Advice. They have a wide range of products in their glove section. The Techstar is one of those dirt bike gloves that is a great all-rounder. Although at the same price point as the Alpinestar Aviator, the Techstarcovers the broader range of off-road disciplines without compromise.

Why we chose the Techstar Dirt Bike Glove

The Techstar sits at an affordable price point while covering a more extensive range of needs. It is a light and comfortable product, with plenty of feel when riding.

We like the combination of breathable mesh, with overlocked faux suede palm and neoprene padding over the fingers. To keep flexibility, Alpinestars has split the finger padding into two sections and increased protection with the addition of TPR. Silicone grip panels on lever fingers aid braking and gear changes in all conditions.

The Techstar has one of the coolest features we have seen on any glove. The material between your thumb and forefinger can often bunch, or lack flex, causing a pulling sensation in that space. The tight feeling can get particularly irritating when on a longer ride, and can often add to rider fatigue. What Alpinestars has done, is add a section of stretchier material in that section of the glove. The smart design decouples your thumb from your index finger.

If you are looking for a great all-rounder, then Alpinestars Techstar is both affordable and capable.




9. Troy Lee Adventure Lite Motocross Gloves

Troy Lee Designs Adventure Light Dirt Bike GlovesTroy Lee Designs have produced another perfect all-round glove. Offering a durable and more substantial weight option to their Air glove, the Adventure Lite sits nicely in that in-between space.

Why we chose the Troy lee Adventure Lite

With this model of dirt bike glove, we see the increased protection and enhanced panelling that an excellent all-round glove requires. Although breathable and still maintaining the feel of a motocross glove, the adventure lite features chunkier TPR sections over the back of the hand to deal with the demands of trail riding.

The dual-layer faux suede palm benefits from plenty of perforations to deliver maximum airflow and wicking.




10. Klim Dakar Pro Adventure Riding Glove

Klim Dakar Pro Men's Off-Road Motorcycle GlovesDon’t be confused by the name. The Dakar Pro is not a heavyweight adventure glove. The Dakar Pro is still a motocross-style glove.

The palm of the Dakar Pro is full-grain leather. The stretch lycra rear, coated by impact-absorbing foam, retains flexibility.

The Dakar Pro is a top-end glove, providing outstanding protection.

Why we chose the Dakar Pro Dirt Bike Gloves?

Aside from its outstanding performance as a motocross glove, the Dakar pro sits at the top of the tree when it comes to high-end materials and ultimate protection. We like the rear of the hand closure, and for the dual-sport riders who are using a full face, the Dakar Pro has a built-in visor cleaner in the index finger.

If budget is not a concern, and you want an all-round glove with little compromise, then check out the Dakar Pro today.




This is it – the 10 best motocross gloves in 2021. I hope you enjoyed and found your favorite pair for your exact needs! If by any case you are looking also the best advice about 2021 motocross helmets or guidance about dirt bike boots, then feel free to browse around Motocross Advice. I am sure you’ll find everything you need!

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