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FOX Dirt Bike Gear 2020 Review

If you were asked to draw an animal which best represented the world of motocross, I would bet my bike you would draw a fox. Fox Racing has reigned supreme among the many quality brands that have grown out of dirt bike riding. Since 1974 Fox dirt bike gear has developed and honed a range of protective clothing and safety equipment that is arguably second to none on both value, and performance. 

Don’t just take my word for it. Other advocates of the brand include; three-time world champion Tim Gajser, Ken Roczen, and the legendary Ricky Carmichael who holds 12 motocross titles. 

Let’s have a look at what Fox has to offer for the 2020 season. 


FOX 2020 V3 Dirt Bike Helmet

Fox has an impressive array of dirt bike helmets in its catalogue. From the budget V1 to the World-class V3, there is safety and performance to be found for any size wallet. Having undergone a significant upgrade in 2019, the V3 is undoubtedly one of the best motocross helmets available today. 

Fox V3 Overview 

2020 Fox Racing V3 motocross helmetThe V3 contains the most technologically advanced features Fox has ever produced. Fox produces heirloom products. That means that the new V3 is a refinement and improvement of the original V3 concept. Every version contains the DNA of the previous. The result is a stunning helmet which has a proven track record with the worlds best riders. 

A new ventilation system, exciting advances in safety and impact resistance and the Fox approach to radical design and colour schemes have produced a winning package for champions. 




Main Technologies

The 2020 refresh has married a blistering range of battle weapons, including: 

Fluid Inside ™

Fluid inside has propelled the V3 to the top of the game when it comes to impact resistance technology. Rotational forces have long since been the enemy of the dirt bike rider. Should your head collide with the ground, or an object, rotational forces cause rapid movement. It is this rapid movement, combined with the energy of the impact that can cause serious concussions. Fluid Inside ™ allows the inner lining of your helmet to undergo a controlled slip, which works with the brains natural fluid layer to reduce rotational force. Less rotation = less chance of a concussion. Clever. 


is an additional feature unique to Fox. A magnetic system allows your helmet visor to detach in the event of a significant impact. This stops your helmet from digging in and yanking your head sideways; a common cause of whiplash injuries among riders. 

Varizorb ™

Reducing rotational forces is one aspect of rider safety. Another important job for any crash helmet is to absorb direct impact. Fox, (along with other manufacturers), has realized that there are a variety of forces at play in a crash. Varizorb ™ is a technical feature within the EPS (expanded polystyrene) layer dispersing direct impacts sideways around your head. This means fewer forces sustained by your head. 


Fox is leading the way with a new system. The chin bar section of any helmet is a weak spot. CAGE ™ sets a new standard in chin bar strength, integrating the eye-port and chin bar areas with modern construction techniques. 

X-static ™

Comfort is vital when you are riding on the edge. Fox has a trademarked inner lining which is anti-microbial, removable and fully washable. 

Safety Certification

Meets or exceeds DOT and ECE 22.05

You can find out more about the V3 here


Fox 2020 Dirt Bike Boots

Over at Motocross Advice, we often talk about the three points of contact. Hands, Feet and ass. The magic three keep you connected to your dirt bike and feedback subliminal information about what the bike is doing underneath you. You can also feel the terrain and how power is being delivered. Your feet are doing a lot of work besides gear changes and braking. 

It follows on that your boots need to assist you by allowing grip and feel, as well as protection. 

Fox has a compact range of boots to suit many styles of riding. The Comp and Instinct provide two distinctive styles. Within those two designs, there are variations for motocross or enduro. 


Fox Comp Dirt Bike boot 

FOX R Comp Dirt Bike Boots 2020
The Fox comp has three variations for you to choose from. These employ different design features depending upon which style of riding, and what degree of competition you are aiming at. 

The standard Comp is a fantastic all-round motocross boot, with all the features you would need as a novice or competitive rider. The price point is set to combine performance with incredible value for money.

The Comp-X has expanded sole grip and lugged sections on the outsole (sides of the sole) for increased traction. This places the Comp-X firmly in the trail and Enduro camp. 

The Comp-R has an all-new loop system for the top buckle which increases manoeuvrability in the upper boot area. The addition of a floating heel system also helps you move around more at low speed, as the heel is articulated. This innovative new system includes a lockout system to prevent hyper-extension of the ankle. The Comp-R is one of the best sub $200.00 boots in its class. 




Fox Instinct Boots

FOX INSTINCT 2020 DIRT BIKE BOOTSThe Instinct range is divided into two models, the standard and the X versions. Fox has loaded the Instinct boot with every conceivable feature. High tech materials are married with intelligent design to provide a super lightweight boot which performs at world-class levels.

The Instinct boot is bang up to date with safety features, including hyper-extension protection, integrated protective shells for heel and toes, and superb grip. Fox has designed a boot which feels right out of the box, with little need for breaking in. 

The Instinct X retains all of the critical hallmarks of the motocross version, with the added grip, and durability required for long days in on the trails. 




Fox Dirt Bike Gear Set 2020

Fox Racing Legion Dirt Bike Gear Set 2020Fox has never been shy when it comes to colours and designs. Whatever level you ride at, you must be comfortable when riding. You also need to look the part. The Fox Dirt Bike Gear 2020 sets will not let you down. 

There are several key features which you will appreciate as a rider. These include high tech materials, varying degrees of ventilation and mesh sections for increased comfort, and intelligent seam designs which reduce chaffing. 

Fox Dirt Bike Gear sets offer Jerseys, pants and gloves which enhance performance, comfort and street-cred.




Fox Dirt Bike Goggles

The Fox Goggle range consists of three models. The Vue, Main-2 and Airspace. The Vue sits a the top of the field and is fully loaded with all the features required for the world champion or budding world champion to be. The Main-2 and Airspace are no less impressive, with subtle drops in the spec that do not reduce performance. All models offer best in class peripheral vision with their oversize eye ports. 

Technologies are employed across the ranges to deliver outstanding fit, ventilation, extreme protection, UV shielding and competition tear-offs.

With prices starting at under $50, there is a goggle for every rider. 

The 2020 range from Fox further cements their place at the very top of the motocross tree. Intelligent design, radical styling and rider safety are all delivered by the most exciting ranges of equipment we have seen from Fox yet. 

Which one will you choose?

Martin Varrand

Motocross Advice