Best Dirt Bike Tires 2019 – The Ultimate Guide

Before I started writing this post about dirt bike tires, I looked through different sites that offer dirt bike tires. For my surprise, there is not much information or guidance, how to choose a right tire or I didn’t find any dirt bike tire reviews. Furthermore, new tire is something that you as a rider need often and I know the satisfaction, when you find the right one for years. I am bringing you The Ultimate Guide of Best Dirt Bike Tires 2019 so you can make better buying decisions.

Best Dirt Bike Tires 2019

Best Hard Terrain Dirt Bike Tires 2019:

Lets start of with a hard terrain dirt bike tires. I think you are familiar with the fact that there are two types of riders, the ones who like hard terrain and the ones who enjoy riding on sand. I have to say that I am most definitely a hard terrain type of rider and thats why I really enjoy this topic. I have used all of these tires that are on my guide and hard terrain ones are no different.

Michelin-rear-tireMichelin Starcross MH3 – Hard Terrain Dirt Bike Tire
(Editor's choice)
- Intermediate/hard
- Excellent grip at lean angles
- Durable
- Good value for money
Check price
Bridgestone M22 hard terraind dirt bike tireBridgestone M22 – Hard Terrain MX Tire- Really durable
- Amazing grip
Check price
Pirelli scorpion hard terrain tirePirelli Scorpion MX32 – Pro Hard Terrain Motocross Tire
(Rider's choice)
- High quality
- Expensive
- Great with wet conditions
- Great traction
- Stability gains
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1. Michelin Starcross MH3 – Hard Terrain Dirt Bike Tire

Michelin-dirt bike tiresMichelin Starcross MH3 is intermediate-hard terrain tire. This tire is one of the best choices if you need a tire that works both well in intermediate and hard tracks.

Michelin Starcross tires are widely used in the States and many professional riders trust their products. Michelin Starcross series have dirt bike tires to all the terrains: hard, medium and soft. Actually in many cases the soft tire is better. It has better traction in even on the hard terrain tracks. There is one thing though, soft tire wears off quite easily on hard track, but i assume that this is no news to anybody. When the track is really hard packed, then the hard tire is better choice in traction wise also.

Here are some reasons:

  • It resists tearing and chunking even if the start is from the concrete
  • Well designed side knobs provide excellent grip at extreme lean angles
  • Works great from loam to blue groove
  • It even holds up when climbing rocky hills




2. Bridgestone M22 – Hard Terrain MX Tire

Bridgestone M22 hard terraind dirt bike tireBridgestone M22 dirt bike tire is designed for hard terrain motocross tracks. What this means is that the dirt bike tire is designed to add more grip on the firm ground which is not an easy task at all. Also a good hard terrain tire has to be durable which is proved by the M22 or Bridgestone Battlecross X40 series.

I still own Bridgestone M22 tire on my hard terrain wheels and it’s a nice thing if you do not have to change tire sets too often. They designed their knobs with the shape and spacing specially to last and to provide grip. As I told earlier, I am a true hard terrain fan and that’s why this topic is especially important to me. I can run one set of M22 easily for 2 GP-s (two heat races and one main event) and after that it is good for a training tire.

Would I buy this hard terrain dirt bike tire?

Yes, I already own one and will buy again. Ofcourse I test different dirt bike tires and thats how I was capable of putting this list together, but this M22 tire most certainly belongs to this list. I have to say that this is not the cheapest kind of tire to look for, but honestly you get what you pay for!




3. Pirelli Scorpion MX32 – Pro Hard Terrain Motocross Tire

Pirelli scorpion hard terrain tireThis hard terrain dirt bike tire here is one of the newest inventions on my list. I have read about Pirelli’s development of Scorpion MX32 and even asked information from some of the test riders. This tire here is designed specially for hard terrain tracks and Pirelli guys have done excellent job with it.

This tire is put together to support your riding on a variety of conditions, whether the track is try or wet. The main thing is behind the knobs which are extremely big and they provide a bigger contact area with the track surface. Also bigger knobs provide more durablility which is extremely important on a hard terrain tracks. Larger knobs add more stability and traction on corners, therefore your riding is much more stable and the risk of sliding it off is much smaller.

For now on, many AMA professional Motocross and Supercross riders are using this tire to support their fast racing. As you may know, most of the Supercross tracks are hard terrain and therefore it is highly important to have a stability and tracktion in every corner.




Would I buy this hard terrain motocross tire?

Yes, but I have to say that this tire is very pricey. It costs a bit over 100$, which is not cheap for a dirt bike tire. But if you want qualilty piece and you ride with a higher pace and a higher risk then this tire is absolutely MUST for you!

Best Intermediate Terrain Dirt Bike Tires 2019:

Intermediate dirt bike tires are something that are made for a wide variety of tracks. These are usually best for off-road and adventure riders, because the surface is constantly changing and you need traction everywhere. If you are a motocross rider then you should understand when you need an intermediate terrain tire. If you are looking something between a hard terrain and sand or muddy track, then just go with that.

bridgestone-m404-motocross-rear-tire Bridgestone M404 – Intermediate Dirt Bike Tires- Fairly cheap
- Fits for a Wide range of soils
- Extra side traction
- Short tread life on harder terrain
Check price
Maxxis-rear-tire Maxxis M7312 Maxxcross SI – Intermediate MX Tire- Great value for money
- Anti-flex knobs
- Adds stability
- Great tread life
Check price
Bridgestone M204 intermediate dirt bike tire Bridgestone M204 – Intermediate Terrain Tire
(Editor's choice)
- Very good price
- Good tarction
- Durable
- Great value for money
Check price
Dunlop geomax MX52 intermediate dirt bike tiresDunlop Geomax MX52 – Intermediate Terrain Dirt Bike Tires
(Rider's choice)
- AMA riders tested
- Unique knob pattern
- Amazing traction on corners
- Mindblowing stability on corners
Check price
Michelin Starcross MS3 intermediate dirt bike tiresMichelin Starcross MS3 – Intermediate Terrain Motocross Tire- Best for muddy/wet tracks
- Self cleaning pattern
- Great value for money
- Reversible pattern
Check price

1. Bridgestone M404 – Intermediate Dirt Bike Tires (Cheap)

bridgestone-m404-dirt-bike-tiresThis tire is one of the best from this price range. The tire is designed for intermediate terrain so it fits for a wide range of soils. The rubber compound is designed for Mx and Sx tracks and also fits perfectly for off-road riding.

The M404 tire has extra traction and side control when accelerating out of corners. So you have extra control of your bike and you can be bolder in corners, so in other words, it makes you faster. I can say for sure that this is one of the best universal tires in the market for this price.

I’ve ridden with Bridgestone M404 myself for a long time and the only downside is that the tire has quite short tread life on hard terrain. If you need a tire for hard terrain, then I would recommend Michelin MH3 dirt bike tires (see review below). My new favourite is Bridgestone Battlecross X30 intermediate tire.




2. Maxxis M7312 Maxxcross SI  – Intermediate MX Tire

Maxxis-dirt bike tiresThis tire is a bit more expensive than M404 dirt bike tire, but I know that it is worth the money. This tire has also excellent traction on intermediate tracks and it is especially good on softer tracks. Nevertheless, if you need something for a deep sand, then I would recommend you Michelin Starcross 5 Sand Terrain Rear Tire, which is one of the best choices for deep sand tracks.

Anti-flex knob bridges on the sides are preventing you to skid and also they provide stability on a straight line. This tire is excellent if you are looking for a proper off-road tire, where the terrain is varied with soft and hard ground.

Also a great thing with Maxxis Maxxcross SI tire is the tread life. This tire lasts longer, even on hard terrain.




3. Bridgestone M204 – Intermediate Terrain Tire (Cheap Dirt Bike Tire)

Bridgestone M204 intermediate dirt bike tireBridgestone M204 is one of the most popular tire among motocross riders. It has all the qualitys you are looking from a tire: good traction, durability and fairly priced. This tire is designed with an extra wide block spacing and the reason is better slide control on a firm ground and ofcourse better performance.

This intermediate tire has quite tall tread blocks and that is strictly because they wanted to add stability and durability on variety of soils. As I told this is one of the most popular tires among riders, I believe that I have owned about 7 sets of these Bridgestone M204 dirt bike tires and happy to buy them again.

What I love about this tire even more is the price level. This truly is very good tire with very good price. When you are able to buy three sets of Bridgestone M204 rear tires for the money of one Pirelli Scorpion MX32, then it makes you happy to be to push your dirt bike out of the garage and hit the track. I would definitely buy this tire and I recommend this to my friends and readers of this guide!




4. Dunlop Geomax MX52 – Intermediate Terrain Dirt Bike Tires

Dunlop geomax MX52 intermediate dirt bike tiresAgain, Dunlop Geomax MX52 is a tire made for top class riders. Many AMA Supercross and Motocross riders use this tire and I can see the reason easily. For starters they have developed a unique block-within-a-block side knob pattern which is Dunlop-patented. What this basically means is that they have developed a tire which adds so much traction in corners and the stability of the bike is so nice.

Also they managed to come up with the tire mixture that is both durable and excellent on wide variety of tracks. This is not a easy task and I have experienced very low quality tires, which makes me more demanding. Dunlop Geomax MX52 is made for a more demanding rider who is able to pay a higher price. I am saying that this is a bit more expencive choice than Bridgestone M204.

But is it better? I think it really is, but only traction and stability wise on corners. Their patent for the knob system is not just a nice thing to have, this is truly their wild card and you can feel this. The stability and traction in corners is mindblowing and if I have a more important GP ahead of me, then I am definitely choosing this one here. I recommend you the same thing!




5. Michelin Starcross MS3 – Intermediate Terrain Motocross Tire  (Best for wet/muddy tracks)

Michelin Starcross MS3 intermediate dirt bike tires First thing I want to say about this Michelin Starcross MS3 is that this tire is my ABSOLUTELY first choice when I have to choose something for a muddy track. This dirt bike tire kills all the competitors when it comes to riding on loose dirt.

These dirt bike tires have excellent traction on loose and muddy tracks. So it is more of a intermediate-soft side of tire and it truly has it’s own place on my list. I have tried many different dirt bike tires for loose, wet tracks and so far I have been disappointed. Until I found this.

So what makes it so special? This tire is so good for muddy tracks mainly because is has widely spaced knobs for a perfect mud evacuation. What’s more, this tire is reversible, which means that it is equally good in both directions. Basically what you do is that you change it other way around when it starts to wear off, and you have good traction again with the same tire.

The durability part of this tire is amazing. Reinforced knobs resist wear even on the harder tracks so you can ride with this in many conditions. If you ask me if I would buy this tire, then the answer is yes. If I need something for a muddy track with a loose dirt, then this tire is irreplaceable. The price is very good for that kind of durability so it pays off really quick and that is the most important thing!




Best Soft Terrain Dirt Bike Tires 2019:

This category is for you, if you are looking for a proper tire for a sand track or you are heading to a muddy race track. Soft terrain dirt bike tires are made to be self-cleaning and tire pattern is more narrow so the knob can force itself into the ground which is resulting in a better traction and stability on a loose tracks.

Bridgestone M102 soft terrain dirt bike tires Bridgestone M102 – Soft Terrain Dirt Bike Tires
(Rider's choice)
- Good for deep, bottomless sand
- Adds extra control and traction
- Better traction in mud
Check price
Dunlop MX11 soft terrain dirt bike tiresDunlop MX11 – Soft Terraind Motocross Tire- Best in deep sand/mud
- Wider, narrow knobs
- Self cleaning
- Soft compound
Check price
Michelin starcross 5 soft terrain dirt bike tiresMichelin Starcross 5 – Soft Terrain MX Tire
(Editor's choice)
- High-performance tire
- For demanding rider
- Wide knobs
- Very durable
- Amazingly stable
Check price
Bridgestone M40 soft terrain cheap dirt bike tiresBridgestone M40 – Soft Terrain Dirt Bike Tires (Cheap)- Cheap
- Good traction
- Good stability
- Not very durable
Check price

1. Bridgestone M102 – Soft Terrain Dirt Bike Tires

Bridgestone M102 soft terrain dirt bike tiresBridgestone M102 soft terrain tire proves again that Bridgestone is on the money. They are figuring in every category of this guide and for the reason! This soft terrain tire is made especially for deep, bottomless sand or mud and the pattern is supporting it in any way possible. From my own experience as I don’t like sandy conditions that much, the tire is highly important in those kinds of conditions. Your tire has to provide control and traction otherwise it is huge pain in the ass to stay on the line.

As I said this is very good for a sand tracks, it also provides excellent traction in muddy races. As you may know, the biggest problem you have in muddy races is that the track is slippery and it is extremely easy to slide off in corners. The tire pattern is designed to provide better traction if braking also so you don’t have to worry that much when braking also.

The knobs are quite long, and narrow which allow the tire to force into the ground. One thing I recommend is to run higher tire pressure with this so you will avoid pinch flats. As it is on my list, this soft terrain dirt bike tire is one of the best market could offer. The price level is high though. If you are looking for something cheap, then read the next one.




2. Dunlop MX11 – Soft Terraind Motocross Tire (Sand/Mud)

Dunlop MX11 soft terrain dirt bike tiresDunlop MX11 is specially made for sand tracks. If the Bridgestone M102 had wider knobs, then Dunlop narrowed their knobs to make it more sand track appropriate. The tread blocks of this tire are creating a turbine effect which is basically good for your traction and it helps the tire to clean itself.

This tire is perfectly durable and provides massive stability and traction on sand tracks. I really like the way my bike feels in the sand with this tire altough I feel uncomfortable on the sand in general. The more difficult part is to find the perfect harmony on pressure wise. You should add more pressure using air compressor to it as it is soft compound, but the more pressure you add, the less traction you will have. A good soft terrain tire is with great traction and safe from pinch flats.

The price level of this tire is high. This tire costs a bit over 100$ which is again a lot for a dirt bike tire. Having said that, this is definitley your choice for a sand tracks. The stability and traction it offers is amazing and this is really important when riding in sand.




3. Michelin Starcross 5 – Soft Terrain MX Tire

Michelin starcross 5 soft terrain dirt bike tiresMichelin Starcross 5 is the high-performance dirt bike tire which is purely designed for a more demanding racer, me for example. Over the years I have been racing, it is clear to me that a tire is not the thing to save money at. Having said that, this tire is not cheap. It is also a bit over 100$ and there is a reason for that.

This is more of a soft terrain tire, but not best for a bottomless sand. For bottomless sand I would recommend Dunlop MX11 above. Having said that, this is one of the best tires for soft terrain tracks. It has outstanding durability and yet it is amazingly stable on the soft terrain. Agressive tread patterns offer maximum level of grip for a great traction even in the difficult conditions like muddy, loose tracks.




4. Bridgestone M40 – Soft Terrain Dirt Bike Tires (Cheap)

Bridgestone M40 soft terrain cheap dirt bike tiresAs the ones above are all fairly expencive, then this tire is from the cheaper category. It is designed for loose, soft and muddy dirt and it provides you the traction you need in these kinds of conditions. The biggest difference between the expencive ones and this is durability. This tire is not that durable. Having said that, this tire does what it is made to be doing, it provides you stability and traction in difficult conditions.

I can’t tell you which is cheaper: to buy several these or one high quality and more expencive tire. Truth is that this tire wears off quicer that the others, but is it cheaper to buy these in the end? Lets find out shall we?



Tubliss dirt bike tire keeps you on the track

Dirt bike tires tube tublissActually I do not recommend you a tube. I recommend you to ride without tube. With Tubliss to be specific. So what is tubliss? Tubliss is actually a high pressure rim lock and seal. The main idea is to protect the entire tire bead all the way to rim itself. With Tubliss you can totally forget all about the conventional tubes and start enjoying the benefits of riding tubeless.

What Tubliss does is that it lets you ride a low tire pressure (as low as 10 PSI). With low tire pressure you gain an amazing extra traction which is very important on the hard terrain tracks. Also Tubliss is a huge relief to all the Enduro guys out there. As I said, there is no inner tube, which ends all the pinched tubes and flat tires. If you damage your tire somehow, the bead of the tire stays correctly to the rim.

So what is the main benefit of this tube? It will make you faster with providing more traction and control of your bike. You do not have to quit the race because of the tire puncture anymore. You can easily end the race and your tire stays on the rim as it has to.

So what are the main features of tubliss dirt bike tires ?

Practically impossible to get it flat

When you use your Tubliss with tire sealant, it is practically flat proof. TUbliss also helps to keep your dirt bike tire seated on the rim and the sidewalls are more stable. Your tire kind of absorbs rocks. You get less deflection. It is really hard or even impossible to tell that you have tire puncture, when riding.

tubliss tube for dirt bike tires

You get better traction with tubliss dirt bike tire

You can run less pressure and you get more traction with having a bike stable also on straight lines. Riders know that traction is king. Your tire kind of absorbs rocks. You get less deflection. Manufactures have struggled to invent a inner tube, that is unbreakable. It is clear that having a lower air pressure, you have huge traction gain. But with tube, you cant let the air pressure too low, because otherwise it breaks.

You will save weight

With TUbliss you save weight up to 3 pounds per wheel. The main thing is that you get less rotating weight which will increase acceleration. So when the weight does not unsprung that much, it will improve your suspension performance significantly. Experts have told that a pound less unsprung weight will equal to a 5 pounds of static weight. So you can imagine how much easier it is for your suspensions to have a 15 pounds less weight (3 pounds unsprung weight = 15 pounds static weight). Also when having less weight and friction, tire temperature decreases. With having low tire temperature, your tire pressure will not increase that much during a race.

Your rim is protected with tubliss dirt bike tire

TUbliss holds dirt bike tires firmly, it makes the sidewalls stay upright and absorbs all the sharp edges you may have impact with. This will protect your rim from dents and wont curve it.

You can get the Front & Rear Combo here for 179.90€

Buy here:

Tubliss Nuetech TU19/TU21 Tubeless Tire System Gen 2 21″ + 19″ Combo Wheel MX Offroad Dirtbike 21 19 Front & Rear

How to correctly install Tubliss Dirt bike tire

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Bridgestone M404






Tread life





  • Value
  • Traction


  • Tread Life on hard terrain
  • right Installation is really important!



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