Best Dirt Bike Exhaust Systems 2019 – TOP 5


A good dirt bike exhaust system fills an important role in the makeup of a high-powered dirt bike. Exchanging your stock dirt bike exhaust for a new aftermarket one is possibly the easiest and fastest thing you can do to make your dirt bike more powerful. A decent dirt bike exhaust system gives your bike a good upper end and bottom end power while at the same time makes your bike quieter.

With that being said, it is not all that easy to find a reliable dirt bike exhaust system worth your money. They are not that cheap, which makes buying one a bit of a risk. I have ridden with many different brands and exhaust systems in my time and I know how different they can be.

In this review I’m going to introduce you to the very best dirt bike exhaust systems of 2019, so that you could make easy and reliable buying decisions, you can be sure you wont end up regretting.

Best Dirt Bike Exhaust Systems 2019:

 Exhaust SystemBrand 
FMF-Titanium_exhaust-systemFMF Factory 4.1 Titanium Slip-On RCTFMFCHECK PRICE >>>
Pro Circuit Ti-6 ProPro CircuitCHECK PRICE >>>
fmf-aluminium-exhaust-systemFMF Aluminum Factory 4.1 Slip-On RCTFMFCHECK PRICE >>>
Akrapovic Evolution TitaniumAkrapovicCHECK PRICE >>>
Yoshimura RS-4 Pro Series TitaniumYoshimuraCHECK PRICE >>>

1. FMF Factory 4.1 Titanium Slip-On RCT With Megabomb Header And Carbon Fiber End Cap

Titanium performance exhaust:

FMF Exhaust-Titanium

This model, the Factory 4.1 RCT FMF is an illustration of what can be achieved with the the best materials and an eye for improving the relevant technology. The main benefit of the new system lies in the manner in how it elevates and refines the exhaust pressure wave for optimal power output. The new model also does great at lowering the sound level, which is a win-win for anyone looking for more power and a quieter bike.  The overall length of the motocross exhaust system is shorter, which makes it less likely to be damaged when the bike crashes. The exhaust is constructed only from aerospace grade materials and is entirely manufactured in an FMF Factory.

Why is it better than stock exhaust?

  • It gives your dirt bike a good deal of extra power. Exchanging your stock exhaust for this model will give you a three 3HP alone!
  • Incorporates the latest in RCT (Resonance Chamber Technology)
  • Makes the bike a lot quieter, giving it a pretty cool sounding low rumble noise.
  • Makes the bike lighter. This exhaust weighs 4 lbs which is 1.3 lbs lighter that stock one.
  • 1 Exhaust in 2011 Supercross Series, 2011 Motocross Series, 2011 Motocross of Nations and 2011 Monster Energy Cup!
  • Makes third gear wheelies out of hairpin corners very easy due to the bottom end torque. Gives you an edge on sand tracks, which is made a lot easier, because of the increased bottom end power, which means that you wont have to precisely calculate all the gear changes and accelerations. To your surprise you might find that going with this sytem will end up giving you a lot of returns in making riding more fun.Great news to those who want to keep their stock header, you can! As its compatible with this system, though it does not contain a spark arrestor.

Megabomb Exhaust header

For starters I need to say that the Megabomb header is one of the biggest engineering breaktroughs that FMF ever had. It can give your bike a boost up to 3HP, while simultaneously decreasing the noise level by 1.5 dB. The Megabomb header is widely used in Factory teams and has gotten a lot of really good feedback from one of the best riders in the world.

Main benefits:

  • It gives your stock engine 3 extra HP – which makes your bike snappy (and angry even) and gives it great performance on any track no matter the surface.
  • It lowers the noise level by 1.5 dB, which is really important because of the different noise level standards in different countries.
  • Improves Low-end and top-end torque, which is actually quite important, if you want to enjoy your riding. And like I said before, it is really easy to ride in sand tracks with great power and also it is really sharp in corners.’


(be sure to choose the right year, make and model from the site)

2. Pro Circuit Ti-6 Pro Complete dirt bike Performance Exhaust

Pro circuitThis motocross exhaust system was created with professionals in mind. It is built on the feedback of pro riders and made in accordance with AMA Motocross and Supercross regulations. This fact alone hints that there must be be something special to this dirtbike exhaust system.

This particular dirtbike exhaust system is made entirely out of titanium (head pipe, canister and mid pipe) with the exception of the head cap, which is made out of carbon fibre. This system presents a clear upgrade in power, compared to the old Ti-5. Its a solid choice if you’re looking for improved durability and overall performance.

In my opinion its also one of the best looking models out there.

Perhaps the biggest downside is that it won’t pass FIM sound requirements, which means that you’re not allowed to ride in Europe under FIM. This unfortunate prohibition has kept some riders out in Europe, aswell as in the States. Nevertheless, when you are riding the AMA amateur series, theres no such issue. A considerable bonus though is its removable USFS spark arrestor, which means that you can quickly switch between off-road and close-course racing spark arrestors!

Here are the main features to notice:

  • Bestows considerable performance to your bike while meeting the AMA amateur noise standards.
  • Fits perfectly for any type of racing. Though best used for motocross and supercross
  • Header, middle pipe and canister all made of titanium.
  • End-cap is made out of carbon, which makes it lighter and gives it some extra durability
  • Also has a RC-4 Resonance Chamber which reduces the sound level
  • Has an aluminum muffler bracket inside which adds strength to the construction


(be sure to choose the right year, make and model from the site)

3. FMF Aluminum Factory 4.1 Slip-On RCT With Powerbomb Header And Carbon Fiber End Cap

Aluminium dirt bike performance exhaust:

fmf dirt bike performance Exhaust -aluminium

Other than the aluminium exhaust, all the information is exactly the same as with the previously mentioned FMF model. The only difference being that the way in which the system is composed the titanium performance exhaust ends up being a tad lighter. 0.4 lbs lighter than the aluminum one to be exact. On the other hand, the titanium exhaust is more easily damageable. So it ends up being entirely your decision to make here – whether its lightness or hardness that matters to you more.

PowerBomb header

As you can see, the MegaBomb and Powerbomb look a little different. If you look at both of the pictures above, you can see that the location of the bomb is slightly different. But let’s be honest, who cares where the bomb is exactly, whats relevant here is the actual difference between the MegaBomb and PowerBomb.

So the key features are:

  • It increases performance and flow through the system.
  • Allows the air to expand, cool and ramp back up at a higher velocity.
  • Helps lower the sound output by providing more sound absorbing surface area to the sound medium.

All in all, its quieter and smoother than the MegaBomb.


(be sure to choose the right year, make and model from the site)

4. Akrapovic Evolution Titanium Full System Exhaust With Spark Arrestor

akrapovic dirt bike performance exhaustJust as could be said of all the other models and their respective companies mentioned here, the Evolution is the biggest achievement in dirt bike exhaust systems for Akrapovic. This means that you can be sure that either the technology, materials or both are of the best possible quality and functionality. The Akrapovic Exhaust Evolution is exactly that, which is backed up by many Motorcross teams who have given it a lot of praise and wouldn’t think of changing it for anything else.

Many make the claim that this is the very best performance exhaust system on the market right now and the price of 1304€ accordingly hints at that. Really, every one of the Akrapovic exhaust systems is unique in its own right, with its own particular standards that make it perform like nothing else of its kind. The value of this model here is that it improves the performance of the engine, while at the same is markedly lighter than many other systems.

Just like most of the motocross exhaust systems built by the other manufacturers, its made entirely out of titanium, which is the lightest and strongest material you can use for that part, while still maintaining a reasonable price.

Gives you improved bottom-end torque

If you exchange your stock exhaust system for this, the first thing you’re going to notice is the extra power you’re going to get from it. On top of that, this system is really easy to install, it took me 25 minutes to do so and it fits perfectly.

It also easily meets both FIM and AMA sound level requirements so the sound level won’t be problem anywhere, though it is slightly louder than with the FMF one.

You should be pretty happy with the weight of this model aswell, as its really very light, weighing only 3kg (6.6 pounds).


(be sure to choose the right year, make and model from the site)

5. Yoshimura RS-4 Pro Series Titanium Full System Exhaust

 yoshimura dirt bike performance exhaustLike with any other piece of gear, every development begins with extensive testing and improving. That’s exactly how this motocross exhaust system came to life. It was tested by Honda Red Bull Racing Team over several years which taught them how do go about manufacturing the trully next level in dirt bike exhaust systems.

The biggest breaktrough is the improved handling thanks due the lower centralized mass coefficient. And of course, this is in addition to the increased power and lightness that this particular model in exhaust systems now has.

The RS-4 muffler features a new front cap design that functions as a polyresonant chamber, this means that the muffer is a lot quieter than before and mid and top power is in fact improved hugely.

With the full system you get:

  • Header and mid-pipe made of titanium
  • Muffer sleeve which is also of titanium
  • Installation hardware.

Here are some points that came out when testing:

  • The biggest difference compared to other systems is that it doesn’t take power away from you at any time. You will gain consistant performance in low, mid and high-ends
  • It is really durable. I have talked to many riders who use this dirt bike exhaust system and their appreciation of it is consistently awesome. Its made out of strong materials and the inside of the system is correspondingly enduring.
  • The sound. I know that this is not the most important feature of any dirt bike exhaust system, as the the main value lies in the power it can give you, but I really do enjoy the sound of this thing. It comes with a 99db sound insert installed in the muffler. And if needed you also have 94db (AMA legal) and 96db sound inserts available separately.


(be sure to choose the right year, make and model from the site). Make sure to also check my fresh review on the best pistons for motocross.

FMF Factory 4.1 Titanium Slip-On RCT With Megabomb Header And Carbon Fiber End Cap


Low-end power


Top-end power


Quality/price range


Low noise level





  • Gives you 3.5 hp power gain
  • lower noise level - 1.5 dp
  • Huge weight saving - 1.3 lbs lighter
  • Can be used with stock header


  • Easily damageable
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