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Best ATV Helmets 2023 [TOP5 Guide; Under $250; Youth]

Why you need a proper ATV helmet? When you are riding off road, it is very easy to get carried away and ride beyond your skill level. This is true of all motor sports. The balance and skill required to keep a dirt bike upright does have an advantage though. With a two wheel dirt bike, riders, tend to be more cautious, and build their skill level slowly. You can tumble off a two wheel dirt bike at really low speeds, so there is a natural respect for the machine. When looking at the best ATV helmets available in 2023, there is always room for a budget helmet list.

Why is Riding an ATV at speed more risky than a dirt bike?

With an ATV there is a tendency for new riders to feel over confident. Because an ATV is much more stable, a rider can tend to push the speed up higher, more quickly than they would on a dirt bike. This can lead to cornering too fast, hitting unexpected hazards at higher speed and getting way too much air over a jump. If you plan on riding ATV you would do well to take your time over increasing your pace. There are lots of ATV centres and riding schools that can help.

Another reason ATV riding can be more risky, is that a rider is often thrown clear of a two wheel machine in a tumble. When an ATV rider is involved in an incident, they often remain attached to the vehicle, or even end up underneath it as they try to hang on.

ATV riding can be a great fun. It can also be a very safe past time when you approach it with the right attitude and control. Many off-road activities for the aspiring ATV rider do not demand aggressive or unduly fast riding. Whatever vehicle you decide to ride off-road, self discipline is one of the biggest safety factors of all.

Choosing the right ATV helmet

All off-road activities demand a minimum level of safety equipment. Because ATV riders will invariably end up on a wider range of terrains, adopting a wider range of riding styles, they need more then best motocross or dirt bike helmet.

With an ATV, you could be riding on a dirt trail one minute, and then find yourself blasting down a section of tarmac highway the next. It is not uncommon for ATV riders to take their machines on to more challenging surfaces. Sand, snow, rock, shale and thick mud are surfaces that a  two wheel rider may avoid. Because the ATV is far more stable, you could easily find yourself switching between these terrains. Given the increased stability of an ATV, you are also likely to be riding in more changeable weather conditions.

With so many variables, putting on your trusty motocross helmet may not always be the best solution. To help you choose the right helmet for your intended purpose, I have put together 3 handy guides for you to consider:

  1. Top 5 ATV Helmets Ultimate Guide – For those who want the best helmets money can buy.
  2. Top 5 ATV Helmets Under  $250.00 – For those who need to keep the budget under control.
  3. Top 5 ATV Helmets For Youth – For the younger off-road/ATV rider rider.

Each list will consider the best ATV helmets on offer, introduce the manufacturer and consider key technologies used. There will also be a short review of each product. So, if you are looking for a new ATV, Quad bike, all terrain helmet, get comfy and lets dive in!

Top 5 ATV Helmets Ultimate Guide

1. Best ATV Helmets: Arai XD4

Arai XD4 Best ATV Helmet 2023

In the 1970’s, Mitch Arai decided that he wanted Arai to be something more than the average. Not only did he want to “make Arai better”, but  he set his goal to “be the number one helmet in the world”. For Mitch, this meant that his helmets had to offer the best protection that they could, and that they were as well constructed as they could be. This was not a box shifting exercise. The intention was to build a legendary brand. History shows that this was achieved. Arai stand as one of the most popular helmet manufacturers in the world.

What makes Arai helmets stand out?

Arai ATV helmets have been designed with passion. Mitch Arai spent many months developing a method of manufacturing that would give a more consistent shell thickness. Once this was achieved, he turned his attention to the interior, developing EPS materials and multi layered liners to increase absorption and spread impact forces. Arai were one of the leading manufacturers of these technologies, paving the way for the huge range of modern helmets that we see today.  This dedication and passion has continued, and today Arai MX helmets continue to dominate, both on and off road. They remain true to their mission statement, “Function over style, Performance over profit”


Arai’s key technologies for the Tour X4 include:

  • The emergency cheek pad release system
  • Intermediate and long oval shell design to cater for individual head shapes
  • Superior, Dry-Cool interior lining
  • Micro Fit Cheek pads with tearaway layers for personalisation
  • Pull down Air Spoiler
  • Special Glass Fibre Laminate
  • Rigorous Safety Check standards

Arai Tour X4 Adult ATV Helmet Review

One of the main reasons for choosing the Tour X4 as a Top 5 ATV helmet, is  it’s sheer versatility. This helmet is loaded with premium helmet features and can be used for a variety of purposes. One of the neat features is an off-road style peak, which can be removed for on road riding if required. As an ATV rider, you can ride with the peak on or off as required.

There is a huge aperture on this helmet, which means great all round vision through the full face style visor. This is particularly good for off-road sessions when you need clear site of obstructions and objects around you.  The Tour X4 has a pin lock visor system to avoid fogging. If you want to go full motocross, you can even remove the visor all together and use goggles.

Airflow is superb. Arai are one of the manufacturers who have really got this right. A complex air flow system offers you multiple settings for airflow, via various vents and grills. All are easily operated with high quality motocross gloves on and regardless of whether you are tearing through sand dunes in the baking heat, or sweeping through tarmac bends in the pouring rain, you will be able to find a comfortable setting. You can also change the airflow direction, having the it into your face, or channelled up the inside of the visor to keep it clear and so on. There are lots of combinations to try.

At 1600gms the Tour X4 is not a feather light race helmet, however, it is extremely comfortable and  this shouldn’t be an issue for general ATV riding.  The interior is fully removable and replaceable to enhance comfort and lifespan.

All in all, this has to be one of the most versatile helmets on the market today. The Tour X4 is equally at home in full off road mode, or chomping up the miles on the tarmac and everything in-between.

Arai Tour X4 Features

  • Five Year Arai Warranty
  • Super Fibre Construction
  • Triple density inner shell
  • Two TDF3 front ducts
  • TX4 rear diffusers
  • Side exhaust vents
  • New controlled chin ventilation
  • Flatter neck roll to minimise turbulence
  • Patented visor brow ventilation ducts
  • Wear with or without peak
  • Wear with or without visor
  • Facial Contour System
  • Removable 5mm temple pads on the head liner
  • Fully washable and removable Dry Cool interior
  • Emergency release tab cheek pads
  • Double D retention system
  • Pinlock ™ visor insert included


2. Best ATV Helmets: Shoei Hornet X2

Shoei Hornet X2 Best Adult ATV Helmet

Like Arai, Shoei helmets are lovingly built in Japan. You will find many motorcyclists fit into either the “Arai” camp, or the “Shoei” camp, each being fiercely defended as the pinnacle in helmet design.  Often, of course, this comes down to the fit or rider taste. Whatever your choice, Shoei ATV helmets for adults come from the same commitment to safety, value and performance as their rivals.

Born out of the high demands of the racing community, Shoei helmets have over 60 years of research and development behind them. Every helmet is hand made in their world class factory in Japan.


What makes Shoei helmets stand out?

Combining hand-laid interwoven layers of fibreglass with organic fibres and resin, Shoei’s shells are both incredibly strong, and light.  They come in an industry-leading number of shell sizes to ensure a great fit, no matter your head shape or size.

Ventilation is well engineered, featuring multiple intake vents and exhaust ports which gulp in the air and feed it around your head as you ride. Each vent or port can be adjusted, using Shoei’s ™ venting systems, in order to give you the most comfortable of rides.

Visor technology is also industry leading, with pinlock ™ and visor locking systems to keep things clear, and safe at high speeds.

Multi layer EPS ensures impacts are dealt with efficiently and effectively. The EPS liners are designed to make up part of the airflow system with custom channels built in.

Shoei are another manufacturer that have gone to great lengths to ensure their helmets are comfortable. The design applied to the interior lining system gives a superb fit, with fully removable, washable and replaceable interior padding and components.

Shoei Hornet X2 Review

The Hornet X2 is the development of Shoei’s older Hornet design, with a far more aggressive styling, the introduction of new interior design features and redesigned venting systems.  All in all, this leads to a much more refined helmet, with better balance and reduced road noise, and superior airflow over the older model.

Riders who are looking for a helmet for low speed use may find the Shoei a little heavy at 1750gms, but if you are planning on extended riding at 40mph plus, or need a premium helmet that will work across your ATV and road bike, this will be less of a worry. The design of the Shoei does mean that weight is offset as you ride faster.  The air flow under the peak lifts the helmet very slightly, making it appear lighter.

As you would expect with an adventure helmet, field of vision is great, with a wide aperture.  The Hornet has really embraced the off-road helmet design in both shape and fit. If you are coming from motocross it will not feel to much different from the type of helmet you may have worn. With this in mind, Shoei have designed the helmet so that you can use the helmet with goggles on and then pull the visor down if required. This is very much a design feature from the VX Pro featured elsewhere on motocrossadvice.com

As with most premium ATV helmets for adults, the venting system is highly capable for the variety of riding ATV riders will be doing. Air comes in through the front vents,. The Chin vent has a simple open/closed option. It is then fed through the variety of channels and ports within the helmet through to the rear exhaust ports. Cold dry air in, damp warm air out. Simple and highly effective.  Brow vents bring air in through the top of the helmet.

The off-road style peak has a clever gill system, which will keep things tidy as you increase speeds for tarmac riding, and is designed to be completely replaceable should the worst happen. The visor has the handy addition of Shoei’s ratchet system found on their race and road ranges. This will allow you to secure the visor open at various settings, increasing airflow further. The peak and visor are completely separate, allowing you to change the visor on the road. The peak is also removable with quarter turns of the lock in screws, and one push on the central button.

The interior of the Hornet is fully removable with Shoei’s own version of an emergency cheek pad system. You will be able to  regularly replace key components and wash the bits that are in close contact with your head.

Shoei have really nailed the latest version of the Hornet. If you are an ATV rider, wanting a versatile, adventure/off-road/touring helmet, you would do well to check this one out.

Hornet X2 Features

  • AIM+ (Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Multi Fibre) shell construction
  • Dual-layer multi-density EPS liner
  • CNS-2 visor system for distortion-free vision
  • QR-N base plate system, quick and efficient peak removal without having to remove the visor
  • Max-Dry System II liner material quickly absorbs and dissipates sweat and moisture
  • Removable ear pads
  • E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick-Release System)
  • Includes removable breath guard and chin curtain


3. ATV Helmet With Visor: Bell MX-9 Adventure DLX

Bell MX-9 Adventure DLX ATV Helmet with visor
Bell helmets are another brand that have been setting the pace with helmet technologies and design for over 60 years.  Bell was Founded in California by race car builder Roy Richter, as a response to the ever increasing dangers of hot rod and drag racing. He approached the task of building ATV helmets with the same dedication and commitment that he put into race cars. The brand has always stood for outstanding performance, and function over design. That said, Bell helmets are no slouches in the looks department either.


What makes Bell helmets stand out?

The Bell helmet range features the same kind of detailed approach to design as their Japanese counterparts. With the Adventure MX-9 DLX MIPS, you will find some of the cooler features from their road models, added to the DNA of their motocross helmet. This places the helmet right up there with other adventure/dirt riding/ATV helmets. It is this niche design which makes the Bell MX-9 Adventure DLX MIPS, one of my top 5 picks for ATV riders.

Bell MX-9 Adventure DLX MIPS Review

The slightly convoluted name is actually easy to understand once you break it down. Take the basics of the Bell MX-9 dirt bike helmet, add the “Adventure” combination of visor and peak. Upgrade the visor to the  DLX (deluxe) Transitions ™  UV & Photochromic system, and finally a sprinkling of safety with the MIPS – Multi-directional Impact Protection System… See, easy!

The Bell MX 9 is a world class off road helmet. This variation really delivers the perfect option for the ATV rider/Adventure Rider. The polycarbonate construction weighs in at just 1530 grammes and so is one of the lighter models in our top 5 ATV helmets for adults guide. This will really appeal to you if you are weight conscious with your kit.

The peak has two positions, using a simple coin screw. The peak does use the same hinges as the visor, so this will make visor changes a bit more tricky. That is less of a worry with the DLX version we are featuring here, as you wont have to change the visor at night like you would with a regular tinted visor.

The DLX visor is a really cool piece of kit. As soon as you hit UV and bright sun, the trademarked visor system, (which is the same as used for transition sunglasses), will tint within 40 seconds or so. No more reaching for sunglasses, and if you want to ride in conjunction with goggles, the visor will take care of bright sunlight for you. All of this is delivered with minimal optical distortion.

MIPS ™  is a Bell safety feature designed to minimise sideways impact. Bell have fitted a slipper plate between the EPS absorption layer and the comfort liner. It is this slipper plate which allows lateral movement in the event of impact, reducing lateral forces on the neck and head.

Venting is adequate. Maybe not quite as capable as the Arai and Shoei, but you have an open close vent on the front, feeding a series of vents and exhaust port on the side and rear.

The MX-9 Adventure DLX MIPS is yet another solid offering from Bell and holds its own against its more expensive rivals. The reduced weight is a big factor and really could make all the difference for some riders.

Bell MX-9 Adventure DLX MIPS Features

  • Lightweight Polycarbonate/ABS Shell Construction
  • MIPS Energy Management System
  • Velocity Flow Ventilation™ system for maximum cooling
  • Exclusive Magnefusion™ Emergency Removal System
  • Fully adjustable Flying Bridge Visor™ with air intake vents
  • Photochromic Visor/shield
  • Industry-leading Five-year warranty


4. Lightweight ATV Helmet: Fly Racing Formula Carbon

Fly Racing Formula Carbon Lightweight ATV Helmet 2023
Fly racing have a long standing pedigree when it comes to providing the ultimate in dirt bike gear. They set out to design the safest and most up to date technologies when building their helmets. This is very important for a brand who use the word “racing” in their name. They need to know that the equipment can stand all of the rigours of modern competitive riding.  This singular commitment to the world of competitive equipment has led to an impressive stable of world class riders endorsing their products.  The brand is synonymous with the Rockstar brand, a popular off road sponsor.

If you are looking for a competition standard ATV helmet, which will rival any off-road product out there, then the Fly Racing range is a must see.


What makes Fly Formula Racing helmets stand out?

One of the key features of the Fly Formula Helmet range, is the huge investment in impact design. Off-Road riding can lead to some fairly gnarly crashes. Fly are one manufacturer that have gone that extra step in the search to find solutions to the age old problem of concussion and head impact. To do this, they have designed a totally unique, layered system for their flagship helmets.  This system works on the theory that linear and rotational impacts will cause different stresses and strains on the head.

Fly have designed a material that reacts differently, according to the amount and direction of the force applied to it. Clever! This 7 component “Conhead ™” system is linked to expanded volume EPS to absorb shock.  This multiple component layer is then coated in a high quality 12k Carbon shell.

To complement this impressive safety design, the Formula Racing range have a cleverly designed venting system which keeps cold dry air flowing in to the lid, quickly drying and cooling unwanted moisture under race conditions.

Fly Racing Formula Carbon Review

As soon as you pick up the Fly Racing Carbon Formula, you understand where the money has gone.  This is a quality piece of equipment. It feels super light, coming in at a little over 1200gms. The overall finish is incredibly high. This helmet is the culmination of many years of research and design, and it shows.

The whole point of this helmet is the incredibly advanced impact system which has multiple components working together to reduce the damage caused by the various forces at work. The amount of parts layered into the helmet is incredible. Each part plays its own role on taming lateral and direct impact forces, at various speeds. It has to be one of the safest Off Road Helmets on the market.

The 12k Carbon fibre results in a super strong composite, which is ridiculously light, so it is not just  safe, it is extremely comfortable.

The venting system is as capable and complex in its design as any road or race helmet. Again, Fly are leading the way here.

The peak is a traditional motocross style, with break away design. It is important to note that this helmet does not have a visor (shield) and so it is really for those ATV riders who want a more Off Road styled product. If you are planning on minimal tarmac use, and don’t mind having goggles as your only option, then the Formula Carbon is the helmet to beat.

Fly Racing Formula Carbon Features 

  • 12K carbon fibre shell
  • Impact Energy Cells – Made by RHEON
  • Conhead® EPS Technology
  • Expanded volume EPS
  • EPP chin bar
  • Clavicle shell relief zone
  • Custom moulded rubber trim with integrated nose guard
  • Lightweight Custom visor screws
  • Titanium alloy D-rings
  • Comfort liner and quick release Cheek pads
  • True Functional Ventilation (TFV)


5. Best ATV Helmets: AGV AX9

AGV AX9 ATV Helmet
To complete our ultimate, top 5 guide for the best ATV helmets available in 2023, we are going to look at the Italian manufacturer AGV. The brand are yet another industry leading manufacturer. Formed in the late 1940’s, AGV became the choice of some of the worlds leading motorcycle racers. The brand added Formula one to their repertoire in the 1970’s.

With sleek Italian design, coupled with the high demands of the racing community, AGV have carved out a solid following from riders around the world. The popular brand was purchased in 2007 by the Dainese group and subsequently absorbed by the Investment Group of Bahrain. With huge investment, their products continue to shine through. AGV have even launched their own safety initiative with the “Extreme Standards” helmet rang, which was 5 years in development.


What makes  AGV helmets stand out?

As with many  Italian products, the AGV helmet is a beautiful design. The AGV-AX9, is the first helmet in our ultimate guard that favours the tarmac side of ATV riding. Technology is really focussed on the fibreglass shell laminate, a capable venting system with removable filters and impressive safety design.

AGV AX9 Review

As the replacement for the 10 year old AX8 variants, the AX9 hits some key improvements. The venting system has been improved to allow much more air flow through the chin vent which now includes a washable filter. This is great if you are planning on hitting dustier environments. The AX8 was much more of an off road beast, however, the ATV rider may well be hitting a variation of surfaces, and so for the ultimate guide we need to look at ATV helmets that do both on and off road well. With the Fly Formula Carbon ticking the Off Road ATV rider box, The AX9 hits the spot for the ATV rider wanting more tarmac and trail riding.

The visor/shield now has handy lips either side of the face so that you can lift the visor with either hand. This is a small point, but one that many manufacturers ignore. Of course the throttle hand is, more often than not, nailing the throttle. It is nice to have the choice though, especially if you are left handed.

AGV have extended the front of the peak to give better protection against glare, and the profile does a great job of keeping the air flow clean. reducing the air pressure at speed. This means that you wont really notice the peak when riding faster on tarmac. Another nice upgrade here, is the screw covers, which make the surface of the helmet a lot more aerodynamic, as well as adding to that Italian flare. Remove the four screws and the peak is removable.

One thing to note here. The AGV is not as accommodating when it comes to wearing goggles. The aperture is a lot narrower than some of the competitors and so you may want to factor this in when building your shortlist. If oversize goggles aren’t on your must have list, then no problem.

Finally, the interior lining and padding has been upgraded and makes use of a water repelling skirt around the bottom of the helmet which keeps the wet out, rather than sucking it up like some linings do. The lining is fully removable and replaceable.

This is definitely one for the ATV rider who will favour higher speed tarmac/trail riding, with some off road.

AGV AX9 Features

  • Carbon/fibreglass outer shell
  • Four density internal EPS lining
  • Panoramic viewport offers 190° horizontal and 110° vertical vision
  • Anti-scratch visor with 100% Max Vision Pinlock ™  anti-fog insert included
  • Ritmo fabric antibacterial cheek pads with moisture wicking
  • Antibacterial crown pad with moisture wicking
  • Water resistant neck roll
  • Removable and washable interiors
  • Adjustable chin vent with directional air flow
  • Brow vents with rear exhausts
  • Around 1500gms


Best Cheap ATV Helmets 2023 – Under $250

Whether you are just starting out as an ATV rider, or are looking to add an ATV to your off-road garage, there are a whole range of quality budget helmets to suit. In this guide we are looking helmets that give you great functionality, but wont break the bank. We will look at products for the ATV rider who mainly wants to ride off road, products for the rider looking at Adventure/tarmac riding and of course those who want a helmet for dual sport riding

1. Fox Racing – V2

FOX V2 TOP Atv Helmets 2023
Fox has been producing quality motocross gear since 1974. They have over 40 years of experience in designing premium off-road products. Fox dirt bike helmets look as incredible as they perform. Emphasis is on the off-Road ATV rider, who requires a high level of safety and good all round vision in the dirt.

What makes (manufacturer) helmets stand out?

One of the main features of the Fox Racing brand is their MIPS system. This is a scientifically developed safety feature. Think of it as a kind of shock absorber designed to counteract sideways force. It does this by absorbing rotational energy. With sideways force soaked up, there is less head movement. This equates to less disruption of the fluid surrounding the brain and reduced chances of concussion.

The V2 helmet has exceptional ventilation to prevent overheating on warm days. Ten intake and four exhaust vents allow fresh air in and allow moist warm air to escape. Ideal for long days in the saddle.

Fox V2 Review

The V2 is a lightweight, fibreglass helmet with a dual density EPS liner makes for a comfortable wear on long days out. The venting system is superb, and keeps cool air flowing through the helmet at all times, keeping you comfortable and dry on those hot sweaty rides.

Weight is low, at just 1300gms, but there is no Visor/shield system. This is an out and out off-roader and you will be able to wear this helmet for motocross as well as ATV applications.

Eye protection will be taken care of by dirt bike goggles which are not included so be prepared to do some research and don’t forget to budget for them!

Styling is typically aggressive and with the lightweight and superior venting, the foxV2 really gives you premium features at a budget price.

Fox V2 Features

  • Lightweight fibreglass shell construction
  • 3 shell and 4 EPS sizes for a precise fit
  • Dual-density EPS protection liner
  • 10 Intake and 4 exhaust vents for optimum airflow
  • Removable & washable liner and cheek pads


2. HJC CS MX 2

HJC CS MX 2 Cheap ATV Helmet

HJC have become a major player in the helmet marketplace. In comparison to some of the brands we have looked at in this article, HJC are relative newcomers. The company started building helmets in the early 1970’s and have invested heavily in R&D and design. Nowadays you will find HJC products being worn by professional and leisure riders all over the world.

What makes HJC helmets stand out?

HJC are a brand that have really pushed the boat on when it comes to the designs and colour schemes. You will find no shortage of variations with their range, and that includes the off-road catalogue.

HJC build strong and lightweight ATV helmets, in part due to the technical materials they have developed as part of their laminate process.

HJC CS MX 2 Review

This model is a great place for the entry level ATV rider to start. A more off-road focussed product, you will find the CS MK 2 to tick the basic requirements for your riding. Expect to budget extra for goggles, like the Fox V2 as this helmet has no Visor/shield.

A lightweight polycarbonate shell comes in at just over 1500gms, aggressive styling and the traditional motocross style peak.

HJC used to do the DX version of this shell, which was a more adventure style. I am not sure what happened to it, but maybe there is a gap here for HJC to revisit. For now though, the CS MX 2 gives the entry level ATV rider a great starting point.

Interior padding is comfortable, removable, washable,  and there is advanced channelling with HJC’s own system. This includes an internal filter.

Safety is taken care of with a good quality EPS liner under the Poly carbonate shell.

A good option for the budget ATV helmet market.

HJC CS MK2 Features

  • Polycarbonate Composite Shell: Lightweight, superior fit and comfort
  • Large Eye Port: For maximum visibility and superior goggle fit.
  • “ACS” Advanced Channelling Ventilation System
  • Plush, Nylex® Interior: Comfortable, removable and washable.


3. Airoh – S5

Airoh – S5 Cheap ATV Helmet with visor

Airoh built their core business as an industry consultant and development service for other brands. Starting out life in the mid 80’s, by the late 90’s they had decided to strike out on their own, and the brand was born. Using their technical and design expertise, which helped them establish their consultancy services, Airoh has quickly developed into a competitive product.

Airoh S5 Review

The S5 is a few years old now. In fact, the model represents the older version of the Airoh Commander ON / OFF polycarbonate helmet. As the Commander is too expensive for this guide, I did some research and there are still a lot of S5 helmets available at very cheap prices. These are fantastic value for money for the ATV rider looking for a budget helmet.

Being an Adventure/Dual Sport helmet the S5 can be used in three different configurations: with peak and visor for use ” All Terrain ” with peak and no visor, as you would with a MX helmet, or without peak and using just the visor for Road use.

The anatomically designed interior has a moisture repellent and antibacterial lining that is removable and washable , which helps keep the helmet fresher for longer.

Air ventilation is pretty standard for a budget helmet, with reasonable venting.

This is a budget helmet, and there are a lot to choose from around the price point that this model was aimed at. However, with the clearance prices that you can pick up an S5, it makes a great value purchase for the ATV rider who needs a dual sport product. A great first time purchase. Did you know that Airoh also made one of the best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet called Airoh Commander?

Weight: 1500 g

4. Fly Racing Kinetic Pro Rockstar ATV Helmets

Fly Racing Kinetic Pro Rockstar Best ATV Helmet
Fly racing are a huge name in motocross. Synonymous with quality products and brand ambassadors for Rockstar Motocross, they have built an enviable reputation with dirt bike riders all over the world. motocrossadvice.com is no stranger to the Fly Racing catalogue and so it is no surprise to find one of their helmets in our top best cheap ATV helmets.

What makes Fly Racing helmets stand out?

Dedication and passion to the motocross scene is one of the key drivers that have put Fly Racing on the map. As regulars on the racing circuit, Fly have direct feedback from some of the worlds leading exponents of the Motocross, Super cross, and Enduro scenes.

If you are looking for a well made, robust ATV helmet which is easily affordable then look no further.

Fly Kinetic Pro Rockstar Review

The fly Kinetic Rockstar continues our theme of dirt bike feel, budget helmets. The Kinetic has a lightweight poly shell, well designed EPS liners, venting and a comfortable, washable interior padding system. The Rockstar branding gives it all of the aggressive styling and credibility you will need when hitting the dirt on your ATV.

The aperture is wide and allows a good field of vision all round, working well with oversize goggles. You will struggle to find a better helmet for the money.

Fly Kinetic Pro Rockstar Features

  • Meets or exceeds all the toughest safety standards on the market. ECE and DOT approved
  • Poly Carbonate shell is crafted from a combination of high strength materials
  • Dual density EPS liner has two layers of EPS
  • Quick snap removable liner & cheek pads
  • Aluminium peak hardware
  • 10 vent system channel a large volume of air through the helmet  to keep you cool
  • Hi-air flow mouthpiece


5. O’neal Sierra 2 Dual Sport/ adventure

Oneal Sierra 2 ATV Helmet 2023

O’neal products came into being in the heat of California during the late sixties.  As off-road riding became more popular, the burgeoning race scene was the ideal place for Jim Oneal to start researching and designing racing products.

What makes (manufacturer) helmets stand out?

The racing DNA runs deep in the companies history and Oneal has been a big part of the Off Road scene. Continual development and a passion for competitive riding have driven their products forward.

Technical development, and safety continue to be a focus for the brand as their riders push themselves to the limit.

Oneal Sierra 2 Review

What better way to finish our top 5 Cheap ATV helmets guide, than with a dual sport hybrid from the legendary Oneal brand. At this price point the Oneal represents amazing value for money, featuring as it does, the years of experience Oneal have put into developing their products.

A lightweight Thermoplastic shell covers a well designed EPS lining system for absorption. The peak is an improvement over the old mark 1 version, with reinforcement and good aerodynamic design. There is always going to be some compromise at this price, and for me, it is the design of the peak. The visor/shield and peak share a hinge system, so it wont be the quickest or easiest to change. Road riding may benefit from this as this does mean extra rigidity. That is what dual sport is about.

There is internal drop down sun visor. A bit gimmicky, but you may well find it a bonus when riding ATV for long periods. It wills ave having to put sunglasses on and off.

Airflow is very good, with deep channels within the EPS liner, fed by ample vents. This helmet should keep you cool and dry regardless of what is going on with the weather. Interior padding is of a higher design spec than others in this class, and is fully removable/washable.

Oneal Sierra 2  Features

  • Shell is constructed with ABS
  • Moisture-wicking, removable/washable air channelled comfort liner
  • Vent holes for optimal ventilation
  • Integrated face shield with UV protection
  • Height adjustable helmet shield
  • Padded Chin Strap with Double-D safety lock
  • Meets DOT and ECE 22.05 safety standards
  • Designed for Street, Enduro and Adventure Bikes
  • Replacement parts available
  • Weight: 1590g (±50g)


Best Youth ATV Helmets 2023

One of the fastest growing demographics in the ATV market place is the youth market. Many manufacturers design specific models for the youth market, some provide youth versions of their existing adult ranges.

We couldn’t provide an ultimate ATV riders guide to helmets without giving you a few ideas for what to buy the young riders in your paddock!

Perhaps it is the stability of the ATV that appeals. Maybe you have access to beautiful countryside or live in a very agricultural area. Whatever your situation, if you are looking for the best ATV helmets to keep your family safe and sound, then these tips should help you.

1. Fox Racing V1 Youth 2023

FOX V1 Best Youth ATV Helmet 2022
Fox Racing have already appeared in our Top 5 ATV helmets under $250 witht eh V2 Adult helmet. Racing pedigree and a whole host of world class riders wearing their gear, demonstrate just how good the Fox Racing brand is.

Fox Racing V1 Youth Review

The all-new V1 Youth Przm helmet has been redesigned from the ground up. It now features the same Magnetic Visor Release System (MVRS) as the adult version of the helmet.  This system is designed to manage rotational forces in the event of a crash. Although the peak will come off easily, should the helmet come into contact with the floor or an object at speed, it will remain firmly in place during normal riding.

The V1 offers far more airflow than its predecessors for improved comfort and moisture management in warm riding conditions. Complete with a removable and washable liner and cheek pads for comfort after repeated uses, the V1 is also easy to maintain. Colors and graphics are up to the same standards as the adult range, with some great new designs for the youth market.

The V1 Werd is also a nice lightweight construction. This is particularly important important for the younger rider, whose neck muscles and bone development may still be rapidly changing.

Airflow follows the same design standards as the very capable adult version, with exceptional venting.

Extremely good value for money, at under $130.00, you can get your kids out on their ATV with confidence. Don’t forget to budget for goggles!

Fox Racing V1 Youth Features

  • MVRS – Magnetic Visor Release System releases in the event of a crash
  • Lightweight Injection moulded polycarbonate & ABS shell construction
  • 4 shell and 4 EPS sizes for a precise fit
  • Removable and washable comfort liner and cheek pads
  • 9 intake and 4 exhaust vents for optimum airflow


2. Thor Sector Bomber ATV Helmets

Thor Sector Bomber ATV Helmet
Thor specialise in budget motocross gear for both youth and adult markets. With a comprehensive range of products available, they sit comfortably in the entry level product sector. Thor have neat design features and are generally well made products.

Thor Sector Bomber Youth review

I like the fact that safety features such as the MIPS system are carried through form the adult versions. There can be a tendency with some manufacturers to skimp on the safety features to hit a price point. Many online brands are guilty of building low quality ATV helmets which look great, but fail deliver where it matters.

The Thor Sector is a smart looking helmet, with traditional motocross design. The peak is removable, aperture wide enough to  provide good, all round vision with goggles on, and airflow is taken care of with a good venting system.

Buy with confidence. Thor make a great product, and this is a perfect ATV helmet/motocross helmet for the young riders in your family.

Thor Sector Bomber Features

  • DOT and ECE 22.05 approved
  • Rear shell shape easily repositions the goggle strap
  • Hi-flow mouth vent with a filter for air intake
  • A flexible rubber nose piece
  • Removable/washable moisture wicking liner
  • Fully adjustable visor is vented to reduce lift
  • Injection moulded polycarbonate/ABS shell
  • Dual density EPS liner features extensive venting
  • Brain Protection System (BPS) absorbs and redirects rotational energies
  • MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System®)


3. Answer Ar1

Answer Ar1 Youth Full Face ATV Helmet

Answer Racing started in 1976 with the goal to provide hardcore motocross enthusiasts with products they can trust. Fast forward to today and Answer Racing has not lost sight of that original vision. With 40 years of experience, they pour their expertise into every product.

Answer AR1 Review

The Answer Racing AR-1 helmet is a great value product. Built like they mean it, the AR1 passes two of the toughest safety standards by exceeding D.O.T. and ECE .

Safety is not neglected. A dual-density EPS liner helps to absorb both large and small impacts while a highly developed ventilation system consisting of two large intake ports and four large exhaust ports help keep things cool.

Answer AR1 Youth Helmet Features

  • Meets or exceeds both ECE 22-05 and D.O.T. FMVSS 218 safety standards
  • Shell made of injection moulded ABS
  • Sculptured, dual-density, EPS impact absorbing liner
  • Removable/washable liner is made with moisture wicking fabrics
  • Flexible rubber nosepiece helps deflect roost
  • Two large front air intakes and four rear exhaust vents
  • Weighs 3.15 lbs / 1428 grams


4. Fly Racing Kinetic Junior Youth ATV Helmets

Fly Racing 2023 Kinetic Youth ATV Helmet
Fly racing are another key motocross/Off-Road manufacturer that have designed a youth range, derived from their successfully raced adult products. With strong connections to competitive racing, you can be sure that these products will withstand the rigours of off road riding, without compromise.

Fly Kinetic Junior Youth model Review

Quite simply, a very competent budget helmet. Event though this helmet is considerably under the $100 mark, it is very difficult to find fault with it. The big concern with budget helmets for youth is that they are not up to the specification. There are so many cheap products out there, that you need peace of mind when it comes to the crunch! Just because a helmet looks the part, it doesn’t mean that it will perform the way it is supposed to should a young rider fall.

Fly racing are a known manufacturer and the kinetic range is proven. This might be a first helmet. You will still get lightweight design, removable padding, venting and a level of EPS absorption.

It is not going to be the most technical helmet on the market, but if it sustains an impact, it will do its job.

Fly Kinetic Junior Features

  • Lightweight Polymer Shell
  • Integrated Nose Guard
  • Dual-Density EPS Liner
  • ACU Gold Approved
  • DOT Approved


5. Airoh Aviator J ATV Helmets

Airoh AVJ14 Aviator J Best ATV Helmets

The Airoh helmet range  has two youth or Junior models. As part of their commitment to building a robust and reliable brand, they have chosen to hit a higher price point with their youth helmets. This is an interesting approach, given that younger riders may grow out of their helmets quickly.  The Airoha range is impressive, and the junior models are very much pointed at young ATV riders, and motocross riders.

Airoha Aviator J Review

One the top performing off road helmets for very young riders.

Its technical features are identical to those of the adult model Aviator 2.2. It ranks first in the off-road line for quality, weight and comfort. Aviator J. is made in High-Performance Composite (HPC) fibre and is equipped with a removable peak, a breath guard, a dust filter and an emergency cheek pad release system (A.E.F.R. – Airoh Emergency Fast Remove).

Completing the helmet setup are a double D-ring retention system, wide vents to optimise the airflow (with fresh air let in and wet air released) and a last-generation removable and washable lining.

The helmet is supplied with a kit of accessories including vent covers, a peak extension, a kit of screws and tools for riders to autonomously perform all required adjustments for the best possible performance.

I think Airoh are right to try out a fully specced helmet, which doesn’t compromise in any way over its, adult counterpart. The spec is extremely high, and this will no doubt appeal to those who have no budgetary constraints,  Whether the market can stand a Junior helmet at this price point remains to be seen.

Conclusion on Best ATV Helmets 2023

There we have it.  My Best ATV guides for helmets across three different product specifications. There are a whole host of ATV helmets out there. When riding ATV, and with the flexibility that ATV riding demands, it is nice to see that there is something for all pockets and age groups.

I hope that you have found a short list of potential helmets for your shopping cart! Motocross advice is a dedicated platform for off road riding, I have enjoyed bringing you something a little different with ATV. Look out for more new articles soon.

We always appreciate a share or a like. Until next time…


Arai XD4










Value for money



  • The emergency cheek pad release system
  • Intermediate and long oval shell design to cater for individual head shapes
  • Superior, Dry-Cool interior lining
  • Micro Fit Cheek pads with tearaway layers for personalisation
  • Pull down Air Spoiler