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Best Motocross Gear Bag 2022 [TOP 10 Tested & Reviewed]

Dirt bike riding and motocross are fun, but also serious business. To keep everything race-ready you need to back up your kit with some seriously professional accessories, and that starts with your motocross gear bag. It might seem a small detail, but choosing the right motocross gear bag from the vast number of options available on the market can be an essential part of getting the most from your riding and racing experience. At the very least, it will help you keep your kit organized, and it could make a significant difference to the condition of your dirt bike gear over time. 

There are tangible benefits from using a proper kit bag too. The routine of packing a kit bag helps you to get in the frame of mind to ride. For us, it is part of the pre-ride routine. Making sure everything is in place, clean, serviceable and ready to ride, transporting expensive gear with confidence, and knowing where everything is when you need it, is an excellent mindset for racing, or trail riding. 

You know how much Dirt Bike kit you have. When buying a kit bag, you have to know whether the bag is going to be big enough for your needs and if it will have separate compartments for wet and dry clothes. Does it load easily in and out of the back of a van and does it need wheels? Will it keep your kit fresh? What about security for valuables, and does it match the rest of your gear? 

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to motocross, looking to upgrade or improve your kit or simply looking for something new which is practical and eye-catching, our top ten Dirt Bike gear bags guide will look at all the options, and help you make the right choice.


1. Fox Podium 180 Motocross Gear Bag

best motocross gear bag - FOX Racing 180 duffle

A classic holdall-style Dirt Bike gear bag from one of the industry’s leading clothing and accessories manufacturers. Fox Racing offers a basic holdall-style kit bag at a value for money price point. The Fox Podium 180 comes with one large main compartment and separate boot and helmet compartments at each end as well as one sizeable fully-zippered side pocket. 

It has a comfortable padded detachable shoulder strap and a robust 600D polyester constructed main shell. The Podium 180 is more than big enough to carry a full basic set of Dirt Bike gear and is available in Black or Camo each bearing a distinctive Fox Racing graphic. This bag offers a practical and straightforward choice for transporting your motocross gear at a fair price.

  • Approximate measurements L/W/H (cm): 89 x 38 x 41
  • Detachable padded shoulder strap
  • Available in Black or Camo




2. Fly Racing Tour Roller – Motocross Gear Bag With Wheels

motocross gear bag with wheels - Fly Racing 22 Roller Grande

The Fly Racing Tour Roller is another simple Dirt Bike gear bag, with the addition of wheels. The practical case-style design is constructed with durable PVC-backed nylon and has a telescopic handle and smooth-rolling rollerblade style wheels that are hard-wearing and built to last. Multiple vent grommets in the top allow your wet gear to breathe and dry, and the fitted mud mat is accessible from the side of the bag. 

The four top pockets are fleece-lined and fully zippered to protect your accessories, and the top also houses a transparent exterior business card or I.D. sleeve. 

The interior has two dedicated compartments to keep your dirt bike helmet or boots separate, and the whole piece of kit is backed up with an adjustable shoulder strap so give you varied carrying options. This is a versatile Dirt Bike gear bag from a pro-quality brand with one of the best reputations in the industry and is available at an entry-level price.

  • Approximate measurements L/W/H (cm): 83 x 41 x 43
  • Wheels and telescopic handle plus shoulder strap
  • Available in Black Heather




3. Thor Circuit Gear Bag

dirt bike gear bag - Thor Circuit 2022

This high-quality holdall-style Dirt Bike gear bag from Thor comes in only slightly above the entry-level price of some other recommendations on this list. That said, the Circuit still represents terrific value for money and has a host of features that make it stand out in this price range. 

The large main compartment has TPR ventilation on both sides to aid freshness and drying capability and also has large mesh pockets along each side. There are multiple zippered storage options, including microfleece-lined pockets for helmet and goggles and separate compartments for helmet and boots. The boot compartment is PU-backed for extra durability and easy cleaning, and the end pocket holds a roll-out changing mat, which is a great idea. 

The exterior is a 1200D Ballistic polyester shell construction with an extra-durable base, and the interior has a 210D polyester lining. For comfort and practicality during transport, there is an adjustable padded shoulder strap and double reinforced carry handles.

  • Approximate measurements L/W/H (cm): 83 x 38 x 42
  • Reinforced handles and shoulder strap
  • Available in Black/Mint




4. AlpineStars Komodo

Best Motocross Gear Bag 2022 - Alpinestars KOMODO Black:white

This is a terrific piece of kit from AlpineStars, a durable and versatile Dirt Bike gear bag with huge storage capacity and multiple carry options. It’s certainly not the cheapest of our recommendations, but you get what you pay for, and with the Komodo, you get an absolute feast of refinements at a seriously pro-level spec.

There are multiple ventilated compartments for separate pieces of kit, the boot compartment is lined with a waterproof removable bag which is simple to take out and clean. The internal compartment walls are zippered into place so can be removed and reconfigured to suit your own equipment sizes. 

The shell is constructed from waterproof tarpaulin and reinforced polyester panels to keep the contents dry, there is a waterproof removable change mat, and the base is protected with hard corner bumpers. 

Smooth outdoor rolling wheels with a telescopic double-post handle allow case-style transport. There are multiple heavy-duty haul handles and a carry strap for holdall-style use. The main compartment and pockets all have lockable YKK zippers for total security, and there are numerous internal mesh pockets plus a flat top pocket to access documents while travelling. A premium product from Alpinestars, as you would expect. 

  • Approximate measurements L/W/H (cm): 94 x 45 x 40
  • Multiple carry-handles or wheeled transportation
  • Available in Black/White, Black/Yellow, Black/Blue/Red/Yellow




5. Klim Kodiak Motocross Gear Bag

best dirt bike gear bag - KLIM Kodiak 2022

The Klim Kodiak is a cavernous case-style Motocross gear bag with a rigid structure, weight distributing design and super-robust skeleton construction. The storage options comprise independent boot, helmet and goggle compartments, a substantial main cargo bay and multiple smaller stash pockets. YKK heavy-duty zippered pockets, one of which is fleece-lined are a neat touch. 

The separate boot compartment has a removable semi-rigid liner bag for ease of loading and cleaning. The 90mm wheels are oversized for improved ground-clearance in transit, and the exterior bash and drop zones are fitted with high-impact plastic armour to keep everything protected. 

The main extruded pull handle is lightweight and sturdy, and there is a molded foot grab-handle, and three heavy-duty webbing handles to give maximum carrying versatility. This is a no-nonsense, pro-level Dirt Bike gear bag with superior construction durability.

  • Approximate measurements L/W/H (cm): 92 x 46 x 46
  • Case-style oversized wheels with telescopic pull handle and additional grab-handles
  • Available in classic Black with yellow graphics




6. Shift Roller MX Gear Bag

best motocross gear bags 2022 - Shift Roller MX Gear Bag

The Shift Roller is a versatile heavy-duty canvas Dirt Bike gear bag that looks like a holdall but rolls like a case. The large main compartment has plenty of room for all your kit and is designed to store boots standing upright to maximize use of the space. 

An external zippered compartment keeps smaller essentials ready in a moment, and the heavy webbing internal attachment system allows you to customize your storage options as you see fit. The bag comes complete with an interior cooler to keep hydration options fresh and ready to quench your thirst. This is a thoughtful and unique feature.

The Roller has reinforced heavy-duty carry handles, oversized durable roller wheels and removable shoulder strap. This is a simply-designed and affordable Dirt Bike gear bag that lets you choose your own internal storage options.

  • Approximate measurements L/W/H (cm): 85 x 37 x 59
  • Holdall style with oversized wheels and grab handles.
  • Available in classic Black or Fatigue Green




7. Fly Racing OGIO 9800

best mx gear bag Fly Racing OGIO 9800

This high-end case-style Dirt Bike gear bag from Fly Racing has a large main compartment with wide-mouth lid opening and multiple external and internal zippered mesh pockets. 

The Structural Load Equalization Deck (SLED) wheeled chassis system is designed to carry a heavy load, and the oversized heavy duty roller wheels provide extra ground clearance. The main compartment has adjustable dividers so you can lay it out to suit your own kit requirements, and the internal shell has an integrated foam panel construction throughout for added kit protection. 

With an ambidextrous retractable handle, the OGIO 9800 is a super-strong Dirt Bike gear bag that is both versatile and reliable.

  • Approximate measurements L/W/H (cm): 92 x 43 x 41
  • Large wheels and retractable handle
  • Available in Black/White




8. Troy Lee Transfer Motocross Gear Bag

best motocross gear bag 2022 - Troy Lee Transfer Motocross Gear Bag

As you ould expect from the design-led brand, the Transfer is a great-looking and affordable Dirt Bike gear bag from Troy Lee. The overall construction is water-resistant and sturdy but lightweight, and it has the added advantage of being airline carry-on regulation size. 

The holdall style also has straps that can easily convert to a backpack for maximum convenience; there are multiple zippered stash pockets with mesh interiors and a padded sunglasses pocket. The separate shoe compartment is vented for breathability. This is a well priced Dirt Bike gear bag with a sleek design and cool graphics, that is absolutely ideal for hands-free transportation.

  • Approximate measurements L/W/H (cm): 61 x 31 x 33
  • 2-way carry holdall or backpack
  • Available in Solid Black




9. Pro Circuit Monster Recon Gear Bag

Pro Circuit Monster Recon Gear Bag 2020A colourful and versatile mid-range Dirt Bike gear bag, the Monster Recon from Pro Circuit is a case-style bag that looks great and has a sturdy construction. 

The external shell is a heavy-duty 900D fabric with eco-friendly PVC backing, and the sturdy ABS molded tub withstands abuse and keeps your kit safe from the elements. 

The main compartment can be used to separate wet and dry gear, or the divider can zip away to open up the storage option. The entire interior has an easy-clean eco-friendly PVC liner. There’s a waterproof changing mat, and a good selection of internal mesh and external zippered organization pockets, two fabric slip pockets and an EVA molded goggle pocket. Transportation is by a reinforced, replaceable wheelset and two-stage trolley handle with external grab handles for easy stowing and lifting. Pro Circuit’s Monster Recon looks fantastic and is built for lasting protection and durability.

  • Approximate measurements L/W/H (cm): 76 x 45 x 42
  • Replaceable wheels and extending handle
  • Available in Black/Yellow/Green




10. OGIO Big Mouth

Ogio Big Mouth Dirt Bike Gear BagWith its unique and eye-catching design, the Big Mouth from OGIO is a mid-range Dirt Bike gear bag that is big on style and features. The zippered opening offers extra-large access to the main holdall-style compartment and the large top pocket functions as a wet/dry divider.

There are multiple internal mesh and external pockets plus an outer boot compartment for quick access to all your gear. The Big Mouth’s SKID system includes a two-stage trolley handle, large-diameter wheels and broader than usual axles along with large skid guards for heightened abrasion resistance and all-round protection. This is a very stylish Dirt Bike gear bag with a heavy-duty transportation system and a host of convenient storage options.

  • Approximate measurements L/W/H (cm): 80 x 41 x 46
  • Trolley handle with broad-base wheels and skid protection 
  • Available in Black/Stealth




Our top ten selection of Dirt Bike gear bags covers a wide range of prices and preferences, and all the manufacturers we feature are tried and tested industry names, each with an excellent reputation for both design and construction. As with everything, beware of cheap alternatives and imports from unknown brands and suppliers who may offer a cheap price but can’t deliver on construction quality, safety or innovation. 

To ride like a pro, you need to stick with the pro equipment, and that means working through recommendations like the ones on our top ten list and taking the time to make the right choice. 

Stay safe and look great on and off your bike. We will be back with more Motocross Advice soon. 

Have fun out there!