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Best 2-Stroke And 4-Stroke Dirt Bike Oil 2023

As with any high-performance machine, dirt bikes need regular mechanical attention for them to run at their full potential. Service checkpoints included using the right oil for the right components. When buying dirt bike oil, the majority of people get overwhelmed with the different varieties available on the market. It is essential to know what you are looking for when deciding which oil to buy. The wrong oil could potentially be catastrophic to the longevity of your motocross bike.

To make thigs simpler, we have categorised oil by types and function so that you can easily find the correct product.

Always consult the manual of your bike for specifics when it comes to oil types. There are different weight oils for 4-strokes and pre-mix or injector safe oils for two strokes. Below are four of the top oils for each category. Check your manual for the specifications you require, and read on for the smoothest running dirt bike you have ever had.

Best 2-stroke dirt bike Oil 2023

2-stroke motorcycle oil is entirely different too 4-stroke oil, as it does not come in different weights and are either pre-mix or injector safe. Most two-stroke motocross bikes take pre-mix oil. Pre-mix means that you mix the oil with your fuel before putting it into your fuel tank. There is a wide variety of mixing ratios, so consult your bike’s manual for the best performance from your dirt bike. Remember: always use a measuring jug when measuring oil to ensure an accurate oil to gas ratio.

If your engine is considered an auto-lube application then look specifically for that type of dirt bike oil. Not all pre-mix two-stroke oils suit auto-lube systems.

To help you pick the best dirt bike 2-stroke oil for your motocross, we have reviewed 4 below:

1. Pro Honda Hp2 2 Stroke Dirt Bike Oil

Pro Honda HP2 Racing 2-Stroke Dirt Bike Oil

Many people consider this the best 2-stroke oil for dirt bikes that money can buy.

Honda’s oil is 100% synthetic and specially designed for racing or hard riding. Of course, it is still a fantastic product to use daily. You can run a 32:1 (32 parts fuel, 1 part oil) in your dirt bike without any issues. Since the formula is designed to be clean-burning, carbon deposits throughout your exhaust system are less compared to lower quality dirt bike oil.

The unique formula has specific additives designed to minimize friction throughout the moving parts of your engine. As a result, your motor runs at a much lower temperature, even when riding aggressively. A cooler running engine will, of course, result in torque and horsepower gains, as well as giving better throttle response.

Honda’s HP2 oil is available mail order in most parts of the world. UK riders can shop around for a mail-order supplier


  • Clean burning
  • Capable of a 32:1 gas to oil mixing ration
  • Increase overall power and throttle response due to a cooler-running engine


2. Maxima Castor 927 2-Stroke Dirt Bike Oil

Best 2-stroke mx engine oil 2023 - maxima castor

Maxima Castor 927 is another dirt bike oil that many consider being the best 2-stroke oil out there, and with all of the features it offers, it is no surprise.

Maxima oil contains a unique blend of highly refined ingredients. Maxima have created an effective additive system to increase the life of your dirt bike engine and drive system.  Deposits of carbon throughout your system reduce, as do instances of gum formation.

Maxima also does a considerable job of preventing rust or other corrosion that can occur over time. One of the unique features of this dirt bike oil is the power valve additive which keeps valves functioning efficiently, and improving reliability through valve cleaning.

The environmentally conscious can shop with a clear conscience, knowing that Caster 927 is also biodegradable. Leaks and spills are far less damaging to the environment.

Maxima is also highly praised for creating one of the most long-lasting lubricating oils available. Where some oils evaporate, the Caster 927 keeps on lubricating. Keep your cylinder walls, bearing journals, and other, extremely high-temperature areas working with low friction, with Maxima.

Similar to Honda’s HP2 oil, Casor 927 will have to be sourced outside of the UK for UK riders.


  • High-quality additives to prevent build-ups
  • Very high vaporizing temperature
  • Maintains a cool-running engine for maximum performance


3. Bel-Ray SL2 Semi-Synthetic 2-Stroke Dirt Bike Oil

Best 2-stroke oil 2023 - bel ray SL2

Bel-Ray has been making power sports oils since the 1970s, and other oils much before that. They have a solid track record in performance. The SL2 semi-synthetic oil is no exception to Bel-Ray’s high-quality line of oils.

This semi-synthetic blend has been created to work in all two-stroke varieties. That includes both auto lube and pre-mix applications. SL2 provides outstanding performance throughout hard and light use. You can ride your machine to the safe limit without worrying about your engine getting too hot.

SL2 contains additives to reduce carbon build-ups and reduce exhaust emissions due to clean burn properties. The SL2 semi-synthetic also supports gas to oil mixtures of 50 parts gas to 1 part oil, which means, you may use less compared to other oils (depending on your MX bike setup of course). SL2 is easily another contender for the best two-stroke dirt bike oil.

Great news for UK riders, as this oil can be mail ordered easily. 


  • Bel-Ray is a long-established company, and have vast experience in this field
  • Can be used for both autolube and pre-mix applications
  • Reduces exhaust emissions
  • Supports mixing ratios up to 50:1


4. Lucas Oil Semi-Synthetic 2-Cycle Dirt Bike Oil

best 2-stroke dirt bike oil 2023 - lucas oil

If you know of Bel-Ray, then chances are you have heard of Lucas Oil as well. Lucas Oil is a company founded with only the best quality oil products in mind. In other words, if it’s Lucas Oil, then it is going to perform.

Lucas is an American company which is another reason for its massive success throughout the USA (and Canada). Lucas Oil’s semi-synthetic 2-cycle oil is the final oil on our top two-stroke list. Have we saved the best for last? Perhaps, that is for you to decide.

Two-stroke oils for dirt bikes must have certain qualities. The semi-synthetic dirt bike oil that Lucas Oil manufactures has all of them. Lucas Oil is renowned for its smokeless burn, which is possible thanks to its mineral oil synthetic blend.

Smokeless formula results in minimal carbon deposits and corrosion, providing all the moving parts of your machine’s engine with the potential for extended life. It also contains detergents that result in a full, thorough burn. The equation is simple. The more thorough the burn, the fewer emissions you have. Of course, this translates to more power. Lucas Oil is suitable for air-cooled engines and contains very little ash.

Also available in the UK


  • Smokeless burn
  • Ensures engine longevity
  • No filter clogging.
  • Full burn means more power and lowers fuel consumption


Best 4-stroke dirt bike oil 2023

Unlike 2-stroke oil. 4-stroke oil is not pre-mixed with fuel. It is more similar to the type of oil that you would put into your car. Choosing the best 4 stroke oil can be daunting as  four stroke comes in a variety of different weights. Consult your bike’s manual and find what weight of oil your bike should use. Your 4-stroke dirt bike will likely use 10w-40 oil as that is one of the most common options.

To help you find the best 4-stroke oil, we have reviewed our top 4. You will find them listed below:

1. Yamalube All Purpose 4 Four Stroke Dirt Bike Oil

best 4-stroke dirt bike oil 2023 - Yamalube

If you ride a Yamaha or own any Yamaha power equipment, then chances are that you have been recommended Yamalube by someone. Is this recommendation justified? Absolutely.

Whether or not you ride a Yamaha motocross bike, Yamalube is an oil that will exceed your expectations. It is a performance blended mineral oil designed to give your engine long life. It is perfect for use in MX bikes but will also work well in other engines such as ATVs, go-carts and side by sides.

Clutch performance is critical in motorcross, and the Yamalube all-purpose dirt bike oil is certified to exceed the requirements of JASO MA. This assurance standard translates to wet clutch performance that is second to none. 

Clean additives are included in the makeup of Yamalue oil,  meaning your dirt bike’s engine components to stay corrosion and dirt free. If you do ride a Yamaha and are unsure of other oils use Yamalube. It will give you peace of mind purely because it is designed specifically for your dirt bike. 

Available in the UK.


  • OE Yamaha oil
  • Lasts long
  • Clean additives
  • Well priced


2. Motul E-Tech 100 Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil

4-stroke dirt bike oil 2023 - motul

Motul E-Tech 100 Synthetic Oil is perfect for people who have dirt bikes that can also be used on the road. The blend of esters and polyalpaolifine into a synthetic base stock creates an oil that is unmatched in its ability to protect in both high performance, and stop and go urban situations.

Like any good 4-stroke oil, this blend proves itself with internal components including wet clutches and gearboxes. A 100% synthetic oil, Motul creates an electrochemical bond to moving parts of the engine. This means that you do not have to worry about dry components. All moving parts will be thoroughly lubricated, creating a low friction environment for those moving parts. Motul E-Tech has been known to keep engines working for a long time and is trusted by many industry professionals.

Available in the UK.


  • Electrochemical bonding for amazing coverage
  • Great for urban and off-road use
  • Trusted name


3. Maxima Premium 4 Motorcycle Engine Oil

Maxima Maxum4 Premium 4-stroke oil

Maxima made our 2-stroke list, therefore no surprise to see the brand back on our 4-stroke oil list. The premium 4 oil by Maxima is precisely the oil you would expect it to be and more.

This dirt bike oil is made up of a highly researched and advanced formula. The blend is exclusive to petroleum base stocks with next-generation anti-wear and anti-shear additives. This simply means that it will keep your engine internals in top-notch shape. It is one of the most stable oils in terms of viscosity, which is imperative for consistency when riding your dirt bike.

Maxima designed this oil to be suitable for both air and water-cooled engines, so if you are a 4-stroke rider lost in a sea of choice and unknown specifications, it may be a good option for you. Anti scuff additive helps the oil perform well, even when your engine is being pushed to the limit. This includes times of extreme performance such as a hot motocross race where engine temperatures are at their peak.

Wet clutches operate exceedingly well with the use of this dirt bike oil, likely because of the oil’s great cooling ability. If you have been using cheaper oil, then you may notice that your motocross bike starts easier when hot while using this oil. Again that would be because of its stable viscosity and superb cooling properties. This oil is also turbo certified.

Available in the UK.


  • Turbo certified
  • Advanced additives
  • Maintains stable viscosity
  • Superb cooling


4. Castrol Power 1 Synthetic 4T Dirt Bike Oil

best 4-stroke dirt bike oil - castrol

Castrol dirt bike oil is one of the most prominent and trusted oil brands out there today. Castrol have been building their brand name since 1899 when the company was founded for train and heavy machinery lubricants. Needless to say, Castrol knows lubricants. Using oil designed by a company with such experience and knowledge is like putting all that experience and knowledge straight into your engine. It can only be a good thing. The Power 1 motorcycle oil is a perfect example of how commitment and dedication create a great product.

The Power 1 oil by Castrol is a synthetic oil that is derived from racing. Motocross racers and hard riders, read on. This formula features Trizone technology.  Trizone caters for3 critical zones of a motorcycle; the engine, gearbox, and clutch. The technology will keep all three areas running cool and with little friction in even the highest demanding situations. Castrol claims that the oil will even help increase acceleration. Although this is hard to measure, it is still worthy of consideration. 

Castrol dirt bike oil works well with both air-cooled and water-cooled engines. Similar to Maxima’s performance 4 oil, Power 1 also has great viscosity stability. 

Available in the UK.


  • Trizone technology
  • From a company with a long history in oil
  • Race derived
  • Highly stable


Why all the oils we chose are synthetic

Composition and Additives

Synthetic oil is a chemically engineered product with a more uniform molecular structure, created using synthesized compounds. In contrast, normal oil, also known as conventional or mineral oil, is refined from crude oil, a naturally occurring substance.

Both synthetic and normal oils contain additives to enhance their performance, such as detergents, dispersants, and viscosity modifiers. However, synthetic oils typically boast a more advanced additive package, which contributes to their superior engine protection and performance.

Performance and Cost

When comparing performance, synthetic oil generally outshines conventional oil due to its stable molecular structure, offering improved viscosity, thermal stability, and oxidation resistance. This translates to reduced engine wear, extended oil change intervals, and better fuel efficiency. While conventional oil provides adequate lubrication and protection, it may not perform as well as synthetic oil under extreme conditions or in high-performance engines.

Synthetic oil tends to be more expensive than conventional oil, primarily because of its production process and advanced additives. However, the enhanced performance and longer oil change intervals may offset the higher initial cost over time.


If you are searching for oils, it is important to know the different varieties that exist. There are different oils for different applications and putting the wrong one in the wrong place can lead to mechanical failures and poor running motorcycles. Don’t forget to check our Best Air Filter oil and Best Gearbox Oil articles here.

Hopefully, this article will have given you some useful information regarding the different aspects of  dirt bike oils and will help you choose the right oil for your bike. Remember to stick to what works. Buying oil at a low price point is rarely a good decision. Using high-performance fluids in your dirt bike will ensure that it lasts for a long time and runs exceptionally well. 

Remember to also consult your manual for what is recommended by the manufacturer. They built the bike, so they will know what works for it. Purchase any of the oils on this list and you cannot go wrong.

With great oil you need great pistons, find the best selection of 2023 pistons here!

Maxima Castor 927 2-Stroke




Value for money


Environmentally friendly



  • High quality additives to prevent build ups
  • Very high vaporizing temperature
  • Maintains a cool running engine for maximum performance