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Best Dirt Bike Pistons 2019

There are many motocross riders, who prefer to buy their dirt bike pistons and piston kits online. Buying piston kits is not that easy and unless you know your motorcycle very well, you need a little guidance. In this review of the Best Dirt Bike Pistons 2019, I compare several different pistons and figure out, which is the best piston kit for your dirt bike.

I have been loyal to the Kawasaki brand for the most of my life and truth is that the same piston can have a slightly different result in different brands, so this review is based on my experience with my Kawasaki. But I should say that this difference does not have to be a big one and you won’t even notice anything unless you are really experienced. Truth is that these dirt bike pistons I am writing about in this article are much better than the stock ones. So where is the difference? Let’s find that out!

 Best Dirt Bike Pistons 2019

Pro-Circuit-High-Compression-dirt bike Pistons

1. Pro Circuit High Compression Dirt Bike Pistons

The main benefit with Pro Circuit High Compression Dirt Bike Pistons is the power. These pistons are designed to gain both low-end torque and top-end power. This means that your engine gains excellent power and you don’t need to have modified engine. High compression dirt bike piston makes your stock engine much more powerful.

Pro Circuit dirt bike pistons are easy and cheap way to make your engine more powerful. They work with Premium pump gas (91-93 octane) as well and maintain the power. But you will get more power when mixing premium pump gas with racing fuel – 50/50 is a safe medium (93 and 110 mixed).

When changing your piston, make sure you also change gasket kit! If you need gasket kit also, then best way is to buy Piston kit – Pro Circuit High Compression Piston Kit

Depending on the lifetime of your engine, it would be a good idea to replace the bottom end at the same time. That’s because the high compression piston is harder on your crankshaft than a stock piston.

This piston’s compression ratio is 13:1

This piston includes a high compression piston, rings, wrist pin, and circlips.

Would I buy this piston?

To save your time, then the answer is yes. I have used Pro Circuit Dirt Bike Piston along with my Pro Circuit Ti-6 Performace exhaust for quite many rounds by now and I am happy. Ofcourse I have my own reasons for that. For starters, it is major importance for me that the dirt bike piston will add good amount of low-end torque for my bike, because that’s one key for getting the holeshots.

The second thing I like about the Piston is that it goes so well with Premium pump gas which I use. The result is an excellent power. No matter if you have a stock engine and other parts, you will instantly feel that extra power which puts a smile on your face. That’s pretty much how I ride with.

I am not recommending this dirt bike piston for you, if your goal is not so much gaining power, but getting something durable. You should know that high compression pistons do not last as much as stock ones do. Get your goals straight and when you are ready to add some power for your dirt bike, I would recommend you starting with a high compression dirt bike piston. Good value for the money!

Impotant! Pay attention to the fitment

2. Wiseco Pro-Lite 4-Stroke Dirt Bike Pistons

Wiseco Pro-lite piston kit

Wiseco Pro-lite dirt bike pistons are made to add power and to last. I have used this Wiseco piston on my kawasaki many times and it is hard to be dissapoinnted. Some say that it is easier to install Wiseco pistons than Pro Circuit ones and I think I am going to agree. But, that does not mean that as an amateur you shouldn’t bother to read the manuals, yes you should!

Wiseco produces the top quality forged pistons in U.S.A. They produce all the dirt bike pistons in their own factory, with their own tools. This allows Wiseco to control all the manufacturing process and keep the quality as high as required.

Wiseco’s pistons are much stronger than stock ones. That’s mainly because of the high quality materials used, that give the piston long lifetime and high performance. Wiseco’s pistons are excellent for riders who are looking durability and constancy from their pistons.

This piston is designed to stand the tough racing conditions that stock pistons may struggle with. It is also easy to install. As it is with Pro Circuit piston, you also need new gasket kit with this one.

This piston’s compression ratio is 13.5:1

They come with the piston, ring(s), circlips and depending on what model it’s for, they usually come with the wrist pin.

Would I buy this dirt bike piston?

Yes, and again it depends on your goal. This piston has more durability than Pro Circuit one, but some riders may disagree with me. At this level it really depends on your riding style. Of course this adds good amount of extra power to your bike, but I am riding with my Pro Circuit today, because I feel kind of more from it. On the other hand Wiseco has more durability which is highly important also.

This piston kit comes with everything you need. If you use internet to buy this then I have bought all my equipment from amazon and I am happy with the service. The shipping is free and you get your delivery within the few days. For me it has saved a lot of time and money.

Need only Replacement Piston Ring Set? WISECO PISTON RING SET WISECO 2126XE

Impotant! Pay attention to the fitment

 Proper Circlip installation

3. Athena Big Bore Piston Kit


Athena has focused on the off-road and ATV market. Athena’s aftermarket Pistons are good with their price and quality range. They are reliable and also more powerful than stock pistons. Athena Big Bore piston gives you an extra low-end power.

This piston comes with complete with rings, wrist pins and circlips, which are very easy to replace. Like the pistons above, also with this one you need to but gasket kit separately. Find Athenas big bore gasket kit Athena Gasket Kit for Big Bore Cylinder Kit

 The compression ratio is slightly higher than stock piston’s.

 Would I buy this dirt bike piston kit?

As the other two dirt bike pistons, I have owned this one too and also with a simile on my face. Athena has a different focus than the ones above, but there has to be something for everyone, am I right? I think that Athena dirt bike pistons are perfect for offroad and adventure riders. They add decent power and they are durable.

Athena pistons add both bottom-end and top-end torque which adds constant and steady power to your dirt bike. Athena pistons are cheaper also than the other two and this is a huge importance to many riders I know. I agree with you 100% that the dirt bike piston should be both high quality and fairly priced which this Athena dirt bike piston is. I am happy to recommend this one for you. Also like the other two, this piston comes with free shipping and fast delivery from amazon.

 Impotant! Pay attention to the fitment

How do I know, which way to install my new Wiseco dirt bike piston?

Wiseco dirt bike pistons are marked on the top, showing the right direction. In most cases, pistons have an arrow on top that point towards the exhaust side of the engine. Here is important to remember that it doesn’t always have to mean the front side of the bike.

How Do I know which direction to install the flat rings of my new piston kit?

Find the ring end gap from your ring, there should be a mark, which is easily identifiable. When you have found the mark, then this should be on the top. That means that this ring should be installed with the mark facing up. The basic rule is that if there is no mark, then the ring can be installed with any side facing up.

Will Wiseco rings fit my OEM piston?

The short answer is no! Wiseco piston and rings are designed to work together and their design is different from stock pistons.

My engine bore is in millimeters, but Wiseco ring end gaps are listed in inches. Why?

Here is the only way to convert your metric bore diameter to inches. Take your calculator and divide your millimeter bore by 25.4. This result will be inches. Now multiply the result with 004 (or 005 depending on your application). This number now will be the minimum ring end gap.

Wiseco 4-cycle piston kit has three rings, how do I know which ring goes where?

Most of the 4-cycle pistons use three rings and it is highly important that you know, which ring goes where. It is really common, that top compression rings are steel alloy and they will be bright and shiny. Sometimes they will have a coating or treatment to the face of the ring. The material of the coating could be moly filled (looks dark grey), industrial chrome (dull silver), gas nitride (bright silver) or titanium nitride (gold). Generally top rings have a top side marking, which has to be faced upward when you install it.

Second rings are cast iron material or they can be steel also. The colour of the second ring is usually dark and the face of the ring will be tapered. This ring will have top side marking also. As for the top ring, the marking side has to be facing upward when installing.

Wiseco oil ring assemblies are three piece type. They contain two oil rail rings and a center oil separator. These oil ring assemblies are quite delicate and this could be quite complex to install them in the right order.

In order to have your engine running safe and powerful use quality 2 stroke dirt bike oil or 4 stroke dirt bike oil!

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Pro Circuit High Compression Piston


Low-end power


Top-end power


Quality/price range


Ease of installation





  • Very good power - both low and top-end
  • Work also with Premium pump gas
  • Works equally well with stock engine
  • Easy to install


  • Can't use stock rings
  • Higher price