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Best Dirt Bike Gear Brands in 2021 [The Ultimate Motocross Gear Guide]

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Fox Racing Flexair Howk 2020 Dirt Bike Gear Set
FOX Flexair Dirt Bike Gear Set 2020

Premium Pick

Fox Racing Legion Dirt Bike Gear Set 2020
FOX Legion dirt Bike Gear Set 2020

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Fox Racing 180 Dirt Bike Gear Set 2020
FOX 180 Dirt Bike Gear Set 2020

After many months of deliberation, reading numerous articles and going on test rides, you have chosen your bike. Box ticked. The excitement is building. Now you need to think about your dirt bike gear. You will need safety gear; helmets, boots and armour. You will need protective over-clothing; jerseys, trousers and gloves. All off-road riding requires clothing that will protect you from the elements, breathe well when you are working hard, and most of all; will give you the all-important world champion look.

Many companies are producing multiple ranges of motocross and dirt bike gear. Each offers clothing at various price points, using similar materials and with the same kind of features. At first look, it can seem confusing. Don’t worry. Motocross Advice has done a lot of the hard work for you. We have written the ultimate dirt bike gear guide for 2020.

Throughout this article, you can find information on the various ranges of motocross gear from some of the top companies in the MX market right now. Whether you are looking for dirt bike helmets, clothing or boots, we have sourced the perfect longlist for you. Each item has a brief description and price check links. Some of the products are reviewed in greater detail elsewhere on Motocross Advice, and you will find links to those reviews too. This is your ultimate guide to the best off-road and motocross gear available in 2020.


Fox Racing Dirt Bike Gear

Fox Motocross Helmets 2021

For 2021 Fox offers a comprehensive range of dirt bike helmets. Fox helmets start under $200, rising all the way through to their top of the range $600+ model. Fox sizing ranges from junior Y.S./Y.M./Y.L. to adult sizes S, M, L, XL. This sizing policy extends across all their varieties, providing seven choices for each model.

Fox, (aside from making extremely high-quality products) have some of the best design products on the market. No matter your style, you will find an exciting, vibrant design or colour scheme to match your bike and personality.

We have shortlisted some of our favourite Fox helmets for you. they include:


FOX V3 Dirt bike helmet

FOX Racing 2021 V3 Dirt Bike Helmet with mips wiredYou can read about the V3 in greater detail in our best dirt bike helmets article. Whenever we are talking best helmet, the V3 always comes up. Utilising up to the minute technology, the V3 is a class leader for both comfort and safety. Professional racers and weekend riders all feel at home in this industry-leading motocross helmet.


Winning features include:

MVRS visor system which uses magnets in place of the conventional 3 screws to secure the peak in place. The 2021 model has been updated to make it even more resilient to roost and wind. In the event of a fall, the visor will detach from the helmet, reducing the chance of severe whiplash. In all but the most serious of crashes, you should be able to pop the visor back into place and carry on riding.

The ventilation on the V3 is also nothing short of superb. In total there are 14 intake vents and 4 exhaust vents which will help keep you comfortable during even the hottest of race days. Fox Racing has included their popular MIPS system in their V3 motocross helmet. MIPS is a patented technology that stands for multi-directional impact protection system. It has been engineered with a low friction layer that goes between the riders head and the outer shell. This layer allows a degree of rotational movement within the helmet. It works to absorb energy that is transferred to the head via angled impacts, thus reducing severe concussions.

The V3 is one of the safest helmets that Fox produces, rivalling any top helmet out there for safety. Add the V3 to your shortlist.




FOX V2 Motocross helmet

Fox Racing 2021 V2 Dirt Bike Helmet
The Fox V2 is a mid-range helmet. It features a lightweight and well-ventilated design that competes well against its class and even outperforms more expensive products. It is the perfect choice for both everyday riders and entry-level racers.

The V2 exceeds ECE 22.05 and D.O.T. certifications. The V2 features a fibreglass shell and dual-density EPS foam liner to protect your head in the event of an impact.

The 2021 V2 has 10 intake vents in total, as well as the 4 exhaust vents. Cool colour schemes and motif designs, coupled with aggressive styling, make the V2 from Fox a firm favourite for any self-respecting dirt bikers shortlist.




FOX V1 Dirt Bike Helmet

Fox Racing 2021 V1 Dirt Bike HelmetFox’s 2021 V1 helmet is designed for riders who are new to the world of off-road and adventure riding. The value price point is a winner. Combining comfortable fit, with entry-level safety features makes the V1 a popular choice among new riders. Fox’s own advanced ventilation system will keep your head from getting hot and uncomfortable, unlike most budget models. Nine intake vents and four exhaust vents are built into a quality thermoplastic and A.B.S. shell which ticks the box if you are looking for an “entry-level” helmet. The 2020 Fox V1 surpasses both D.O.T. and ECE 22.05 certifications.




Fox Dirt Bike Gear Sets

Moving on to clothing, Fox maintains its reputation for quality materials, peak performance and superb design choice. Jerseys and trousers may seem low on your priority list. In fact, off-road riding demands materials have a lot of flexibility, breathability and a high level of protection.


Legion gear set 2021

The legion gear sets are pitched at dirt bike riders who are heading for the trails. Adventure and enduro riders will love this range too. Legion sets can be used for motocross also; however, they have specific design features that are perfect for long days in the saddle.

The first of these features is the extreme durability coupled with over the boot pant design. This is what places the Legion product firmly in the enduro or trail riding camp. Fox Legion gear will keep you comfortable for hours of demanding trail riding over all manner of surfaces.

Fox Legion 2021 Combo - Jersey, Pants, Gloves

Fox Legion Jersey:

The Legion jersey features durable ripstop fabric. This patented material resists against tearing caused by bushes, branches and obstacles that you will come across out on the trail. Stretchy fabric side panels enable natural movement while riding. Ample vents help wick away moisture. On a long-distance ride, the smallest of irritations can cause rider fatigue and sore contact points. Fox has designed the Legion range with no seams under the arms which is a problem that plagues inferior products.




Fox Legion Pants:

2020 Legion pants are made from extremely durable materials including Fox’s TrueMotion 4-way stretch fabric. This is a winning combination when out facing all sorts of different trails. Two large zippered vents can be opened or closed depending on how hot you are while riding. Another nice feature of the legion pants is the zippered pocket that is big enough for your phone or a couple of small tools. Available in either the over-boot option or the classic in boot style, the 2020 Fox legion pant is genuinely versatile.




Fox Legion Gloves:

Fox’s Legion gloves are perfect for cold weather days. Designed for long adventure rides, and long days in the saddle, they are not the lightweight gloves. Instead, they are durable and comfortable, offering a high degree of protection to your knuckles and fingers with injected T.R.P.

The FOX Legion gloves will last you for ride after ride, in a wide range of conditions.




Flexair gear set 2021

Fox Racing Flexair Howk 2020 Dirt Bike Gear SetFlexair offers ultimate protection, combined with ultra-light and resilient materials which do not interfere with your movement or riding style. This is a product for the most discerning rider who is looking for gear that feels like a feather and breathes well whatever the conditions.




Flexair Jersey:

2020 Fox Racing Flexair Howk Motocross JerseyThe FLEXAIR jersey holds true to what the line seeks to achieve, a feeling of freedom combined with sturdy materials. Fast drying and unbelievably lightweight, comfort is enhanced by taped seams and bonded cuffs. Overall, this jersey is for people who don’t want anything weighing them down while out on the track.




Fox Flexair Pants:

2020 Fox Racing Flexair Howk Motocross PantsThe pants range continues in the same theme as the jerseys. The TruMotion stretch fabric doesn’t restrict riding movements. There is no liner, so the pants stay cool. Laser perforation in crucial areas adds extra breathability. These pants are minimalistic in design, with no additional material shape. The result is a breathable and non-restrictive trouser that will protect without interfering with your riding style.




Fox Flexair Gloves:

Fox Racing 2020 Flexair Dirt Bike GlovesFox’s FLEXAIR gloves are for those who want to feel the ultimate connection to their bike. Holding the handlebars with the FLEXAIR gloves on gives you that no glove feeling. Flexair gloves are incredibly lightweight and fully breathable. The stretchy fabric is comfortable, and the cuff is a slip-on to avoid circulation issues to the hands. The index fingers and thumbs are even compatible with touch screens. If you want gloves that feel like they aren’t there, the FLEXAIR gloves are the right choice.




Fox 360 dirt bike gear set 2020

FOX 360 DIRT BIKE GEAR SETThe 360 line from Fox is just one step down from their FLEXAIR line. 360 is lightweight and durable clothing that can be raced time and time again without failure or premature wear. You can expect no-compromise performance products.




Fox 360 Jersey:

2020 Fox Racing 360 Linc Dirt Bike JerseyThe 360 Jersey from Fox has been engineered to keep the avid motocross rider comfortable at all times while out on the track. The body is lightweight with mesh panels throughout for breathability. Moisture-wicking fabric will keep you fresh with no sacrifice when it comes to protection from tears or scrapes. This is a race-ready jersey that inspires confidence as soon as you put it on.




Fox 360 Pants:

2020 Fox Racing 360 Linc Dirt Bike PantsThe 2020 pant features the recently re-designed chassis which has is designed with Rider Attack Position. This means that the fit has been crafted for a motocross riding position rather than the regular standing position trail riders use. This combined with TruMotion stretchy fabric throughout makes an extremely comfortable pant to race and ride in. You will find laser perforations in critical areas as well as vented logos to help the pants breathe at all times.




360 Gloves:

2020 Fox Racing 360 Motocross GlovesThe 360 gloves are motocross spec Stretch Cordura ripstop fabric. Fox’s motocross products are designed to last. You can maintain excellent finger dexterity and yet enjoy durability and protection.




180 Dirt Bike Gear Set 2020

Fox’s 180 gear sets are for dirt bike riders and racers who are on a budget. Basic construction and mid-range materials provide the right level of protection for new dirt bike riders. Many budget ranges look the part but fail to perform when it matters. The 180 range is the real deal.

Fox Racing 180 Dirt Bike Gear Set 2020



Fox 180 Jersey:

Fox’s 180 jersey is both durable and well ventilated. Breathable panels allow airflow to wick away sweat and to reduce heat fatigue. Careful use of budget material has kept the 180 jerseys affordable, and yet able to keep up with the rigours of off-road riding.


Fox 180 Pants:

Fox 180 pants tick the necessary entry-level features. These include stretchy material(knees, crotch, and rear yoke), as well as incorporating the Rider Attack Position construction that is used for the higher end 360 pants. Heat and abrasion-resistant knee panels protect you and increase grip.


Fox Racing Boots 2020

Instinct Dirt Bike Boots 2020

Fox Instinct 2020 yellow motocross boots

The Instinct motocross boot is Fox’s top of the range off-road boot. It has been worn by some of the world’s top riders such as Ryan Dungy and Ken Roczen. Extremely comfort and high levels of protection are standard. Safety features include protection against hyperextension, shin impact, and rotational ankle movement.

The buckle system ensures the boot holds tight and offers incredible support while still allowing the wearer to move around comfortably. Fox instinct boots may be the best of 2020. Fox provides the Instinct Off-Road boots as an alternative to the motocross version. These have a different tread pattern, as well as a few other minor changes to make them better suited to enduro and cross country racing.




FOX Comp Dirt Bike Boots 2020

FOX COMP 2020 DIRT BIKE BOOTSFox Comp boots offer outstanding performance for very little money. Overall the boots feel very snug and secure. This secure fit is enhanced by set and forget buckles which remember your setting for every use. Protection features include a lockout to prevent hyperextension, and plastic plates around critical areas including the calf, heel and toe. If you are looking for a set of comfy and protective boots, for a relatively low price, look no further than the Comp boots.




Comp 5 Motocross Boots 2020

The Comp 5 boots are Fox’s entry-level dirt bike boot. They are tailored towards beginners; however, even competitive racers will be able to find comfort in these boots. Comp 5’s provide decent protection and support, with excellent comfort levels. Again, Fox offers an off-road option that features a few fundamental changes to make them better for cross country and enduro riding.




Seven MX Dirt Bike Gear 2020

Seven Helmets (Bell) 2020

Seven’s motocross helmets have been designed in collaboration with Bell helmets who manufacture the popular and race-proven helmets. While the helmet may be the same underneath, styling is unique to Seven MX.


Moto 9 Flex

BELL MOTO 9 FLEX CARBON 2020 DIRT BIKE HELMETThe Moto 9 Flex is a top of the range motocross helmet. It carries D.O.T., E.C.E., and Snell M2015 certifications. The Moto 9 is a high-end helmet and falls into the premium price bracket. The shell is made of a carbon composite which keeps the overall weight down and offers the highest level of protection.

Impact absorption is achieved with one of the highest levels of tech available. Three different layers work together to absorb impacts progressively. This allows the helmet to absorb low, mid, and high energy impacts with greater efficiency than the standard single layer of foam which is used in a lot of helmets. Multiple vents help regulate temperature and keep your head dry.

One more important feature is the Magnefusion Emergency Release System. This is a quick release system that allows for the safe removal of the helmet at the trackside after a significant crash. The Moto 9 Flex remains one of the best helmets on the market.




Seven/Bell MX-9

Bell MX-9 MIPS mx helmet 2020

The Seven MX-9 helmet is based on the classic Bell MX-9 model. Coming in at a lower price point than the Moto 9 you can still expect D.O.T.and E.C.E. certifications. The shell on this lid is made out of a polymer composite that is both durable and lightweight. It is very well vented making use of the trademarked velocity flow ventilation system that is very similar to what you find on the Moto 9. Perfect for beginners and intermediates, the MX9 and will keep you well protected, and comfortable. Consider the MX9 if you are a weekend rider, entry-level track day rider or slow to intermediate trail rider.




Seven Dirt Bike Gear Sets 2020

Zero gear set

Zero is Seven’s premium gear range. This range is for high octane, flat out riding.

Seven Jersey:

Seven Men's Zero Staple Compression Jersey 2020Seven Men's Zero Staple Over Dirt Bike Jersey

Seven’s Zero jerseys come in 2 different options. There is the usual jersey style (one piece). Then there is a two-piece system including a bottom layer compression jersey and an over jersey on top. The compression jersey is designed to hold your muscles tight for more efficient riding.

Two layers also help to keep you fresh. The over jersey is a sleeveless athletic fit that looks good overtop of the compression jersey. It is incredibly lightweight, breathable and ensures 100% freedom of movement. There is even a cold-weather compression shirt for those cooler riding days.




Seven Zero Pants:

The Zero pant features an athletic fit similar to the jersey. It is all about being bulk-free and comfortable. The fabric is a 4-way stretch fabric that allows for complete freedom of movement. There is laser cut vents as well as mesh panels for breathability. This pant is simple, comfortable, and a dream to ride in.




Seven Zero Gloves:

Seven Zero Crossover Dirt Bike Glove

Zero gloves follow the trend of being simple, lightweight and comfortable. They feature media stitches on the thumbs and index fingers for use on touch screens. Ideal for long adventure rides, and trail rides where you may need to use your phone. The breathable 4-way stretch fabric helps create a glove that allows adequate feel while offering excellent protection.




Seven Rival gear set 2020

The Rival dirt bike gear line from Seven is a mid-range budget product. The rival equipment sits nicely in a price point for aspiring competition riders, and those who are upgrading from the entry-level kit.


Seven Rivel Jersey:

Seven Rival Dirt Bike Jersey 2020Unlike most Zero jerseys, all of the Rival jerseys are a one-piece design. They are made with an athletic fit in mind to help prevent bunching and jersey flap. The fabric used for the jersey is a polyester that feels nice on the skin and helps wick moisture away. There are stretch panels added in specific areas throughout the jersey to help with comfort and fit. Lastly, there are laser cut vents for maximum airflow.




Seven Rival Pants:

SEVEN RIVAL DIRT BIKE PANTS 2020The Rival pants have similar design aspects to the Zero range, although constructed from a heavier grade material. Rival pants feature a race cut chassis and fitted styling. These pants are durable thanks to their polyester construction. There are also multiple air intake panels which help the pants to breathe, allowing for better temperature regulation. The Rival pant is a great mid-range product.




Seven Rival Gloves:

Seven Rival Dirt Bike Gloves 2020The Rival gloves feature dual-layered palms which make them ideal for long days riding and more enduro applications. They also feature the same touch screen friendly media stitches on the thumbs and index fingers. There is direct-inject finger protection as well as top hand protection. Evidently, the design is aimed at those who are seeking durability over increased feel.




Annex Motocross gear sets

The Annex line is Seven’s budget dirt bike gear set. That said, Annex is of a much higher quality than many import and non-branded budget products.


Seven Annex Jersey:

Seven Annex Men's motocross jersey 2020

Seven Annex jerseys are athletic fit, made from polyester, are breathable and relatively lightweight for their price point. For those looking for a simple, no-frills entry-level range, Annex provides that.




Seven Annex Pants:

Seven Men's Annex Staple Dirt Bike Pants

A standard motocross pant with a very well proportioned fit. Polyester material provides durability, with a couple of vents to make sure things don’t get too steamy. These pants are a little bulkier than the high-end offerings from Seven.




Seven Annex Gloves:

Seven Annex 7 Dot Motocross Glove

The Annex gloves are lightweight, with more feel than others in their class. Media stitches for use on touch screens are a real bonus at this price point. The cost is kept down with a single-layered palm. This feels nice to ride in but will wear out much quicker than a double-layered palm. Bear that in mind when budgeting.




Troy Lee Designs Dirt Bike Gear 2020

Troy Lee Designs Helmets 2020

TLD SE4 Carbon

TLD SE4 CARBON 2020 DIRT BIKE HELMETThe SE4 helmet from Troy Lee Designs is another premium end product which excels in both performance and design. Constructed from a Carbon composite shell, it is very lightweight at only 1200 grams. The SE4 Carbon comes with a MIPS liner system to help absorb rotational forces.

There is also an emergency release system for the cheek pads to help with safe helmet removal by E.M.S. responders. With an industry-leading twenty-one vents, you are sure to stay comfortable and composed while racing or trail riding your dirt bike. The SE4 has a full complement of safety certifications making it one of the safest motocross helmets ever.




TLD SE4 Composite helmet

TLD SE4 Composite 2020 Motocross HelmetThe SE4 composite is a lower price point lid which is still loaded with safety features. Three different foam densities provide a highly effective EPS liner which allows the SE4 composite to efficiently absorbs energies that occur during a crash. Safety certifications are SNELL and D.O.T. For a mid-range offering, this helmet brings a lot to the party. Designs are something TLD do very well, and you are bound to find a model to suit.




Troy Lee Designs Gear Sets 2020

S.E. Air Gear set

TLD SE AIR Dirt bike gear setS.E. Air is Troy Lee Designs’ super lightweight dirt bike gear set. The breathable and super tech materials are perfect for those looking for ultimate durability and comfort.




S.E. Air Jersey:

TLD SE Air - Metric Motocross JerseyThis jersey is all about being as light and breathable as possible while still remaining as tough as nails. Ventilated polyester front and back panels, with polyester mesh sleeves, deliver the ultimate airy feeling. There are also lightweight foam pads attached to the elbows for extra protection. This jersey may feel super light to wear, but it will hold up to multiple crashes and countless hours of riding.




S.E. Air Pants:

TLD SE Air- Metric Motocross PantsThe S.E. Air pant continues in the light and durable vein. 500 denier polyester mesh is used to keep the pants breathable. These panels are interlaced with 900 denier polyester sections for increased strength. S.E. 4 air pants are regular fit. Multiple stretch panels increase movement while riding. Sturdy and yet comfortable, the S.E. 4 Air products represent some of the best clothing available for dirt bike riders.




S.E. Air Gloves:

TLD S.E Air Motocross GlovesThe Air gloves are often paired with S.E. Air and G.P. Air gear. They are made to be as lightweight and breathable as possible. The synthetic leather palm has two layers for durability. To make sure they stay secure, TLD included a Velcro closure strap.




S.E. Gear sets

TLD S.E. Motocross Gear SetThe S.E. gear from Troy Lee Designs is designed around the same core principles as the S.E. Air gear. The S.E. gear is heavier by design, and also contains leather panelling for increased wear. TLD SE clothing is often is chosen by off-road riders who favour enduro and adventure riding.




TLD S.E. Jersey:

TLD S.E. Beta Motocross JerseyThe S.E. jersey makes use of multiple grades of polyester as well as leather and stretchy materials. Elbow pads and gel print on the jersey tail increase the wear and keep things tucked in on long rides. The S.E. range is an excellent choice for riders who are looking for a heavier weight clothing range for extended periods of riding.




TLD S.E. Pants:

TLD S.E. Beta Motocross PantsThe S.E. pant keeps the concept of durability and heavier grade wear. These dirt bike trousers can take a lot more punishment than the S.E. Air, as they are 900 mesh polyester all over, with leather patching. Check these out for trail riding, enduro and adventure purposes.




TLD S.E. gloves:

TLD S.E. Motocross GlovesThe S.E. glove made of spandex. With a slip-on design, the elasticated cuff has no Velcro. The result is a lightweight, comfortable glove that allows plenty of feel.




TLD G.P. Air gear sets

The G.P. Air dirt bike gear offer the perfect combination of light and breathable material, with outstanding value.


TLD G.P. Air Dirt Bike Jersey:

TLD GP Air MX JerseyThe G.P. air jersey is the most lightweight and breathable jersey that Troy Lee Designs makes. It consists of vented panelling and meshes with heavy grade polyester and rich grain leather.




TLD G.P. Air Dirt Bike Pants:

TLD G.P. Air Dirt Bike PantsThe G.P. air pant is super light and extremely breathable. The same vented panelling and mesh design complement the jersey perfectly. Stretch material panels aid with comfort and fit. The G.P. Air range is a perfect choice for riders who regularly hit the trails, or track in sweltering weather.




TLD G.P. Motocross Gear Sets

The G.P. gear set is TLD’s entry-level set. The aim of the G.P. concept is to provide the kind of protection you would find in higher-end clothing, without the high-end price tag.


TLD G.P. Jersey:

The G.P. jersey is lightweight and relatively breathable for its price point. The materials are sturdy and as comfortable as some gear sets costing a lot more.


TLD G.P. Pants:

Troy Lee Designs’ G.P. pants feature an articulated fit which gives a good movement when riding. This is a feature many entry-level pants fail on. G.P. class clothing holds up to wear remarkably. An excellent choice for a first-timer, or a rider on a budget.


TLD G.P. Gloves:

The G.P. gloves offer some of the best protection any entry-level glove. A thinly padded synthetic leather palm and bio-foam rear are matched with armoured finger sections to protect your hands.


Fly Racing Dirt Bike Gear 2020

Fly Racing Dirt Bike Gear Sets 2020


Evolution DST Gear Set

Evolution DST is Fly Racing’s complete performance motocross racing set. It is a comfortable, premium end product combining extreme performance with some cool designs.


Evolution DST Jersey:

The Evolution DST jersey is a slim fit top with shoulder and neck panels which feature lycra for ultimate comfort. The sides and back use a hi-tech mesh for maximum airflow. The armpit area is made with seamless construction to reduce chafing. Fly Racing has a real winner on their hands with these incredibly high spec tops.


Evolution DST Pants:

The Evolution DST pant features a B.O.A. system similar to what you find on some ski and snowboard boots. This smart design helps to make the pant fit your body perfectly by allowing micro-adjustments. HEX 600D construction and breathable mesh ventilation make these pants extremely comfortable to wear. Kevlar stitching, leather panels, ergonomically pre-shaped knees and a unique locking zip system really elevate the DST pants to the top of the class.


Evolution DST Gloves:

These gloves are made of 4 way stretch Lycra for the ultimate comfort. There is also T.P.R. logos that are used for aesthetic purposes as well as for protection. The palms are made of ventilated dual-layer Clarino. This is a purebred race glove which allows ultimate feedback, grip and durability.


Fly Racing Lite Gear Set

Fly claims that their Lite line was the first real lightweight motocross wear on the market. Lite is another gear set that sets itself apart as a dedicated, warm weather range.


Fly Lite Jersey:

Unlike a lot of lightweight gear, the Lite jersey isn’t entirely meshing. Instead, it features a range of panels with mesh placed in strategic locations such as the shoulders and sides. There are also laser-cut perforations in places to help disperse even more heat. The Lite jersey keeps you fresh, and protected, as well as being a snug athletic fit.


Fly Lite Pants:

The Lite pant is made up of stretch panels for that all-important freedom of movement. The pant is as lightweight and well ventilated as you would expect from a dedicated hot weather product. Fly has included the same B.O.A. system that is used on their Evolution DST pant.


Fly Lite Gloves:

The Lite glove features no padding. It feels much more like a second skin than a glove. Grip and hand dexterity are a breeze with this design. Providing the right amount of protection and grip, while maintaining a super-light feel is a tough balancing act, but Fly has it just right here.


Kinetic K120 Gear Set

Fly’s Kinetic K120 dirt bike gear is the definitive classic dirt bike kit. It has a standard to loose fit, with durability and comfort to suit most riders.


Kinetic K120 Jersey:

The Kinetic K120 jersey is made from multiple panels to ensure comfort. A comfort-stretch collar, elastic stretch cuffs and extended tail help maintain comfort and manoeuvrability.


Kinetic K120 Pants:

The Kinetic pant has a lot to offer. There are a total of seven breathable, stretchy panels for manoeuvrability. 900D fabric is hardwearing and can handle anything you can throw at it. Pre-shaped knees, ratchet waistbands, heat shields and a fully floating gel seat add up to a world-class motocross pant.


Kinetic K120 Gloves:

The Kinetic glove offers a soft to the touch feel thanks to its Lycra panel construction. It has a dual-layer palm and a classic moto glove feel. A sub $30 glove that inspires confidence.


Shift Racing Dirt Bike Gear 2020

Shift Racing Gear Sets 2020


3lue Label Gear Sets

The 3lue Label collection from Shift Racing is their premier gear line. 3lue products are loaded with technical detail and are up there with the best clothing you will find.


3lue Jersey:

The 3lue Label jersey features an athletic fit and is made of 4-way stretch fabric. Perforated sleeves offer excellent airflow, and the wrist openings aren’t cuffed like on most jerseys. Lightweight, well ventilated, and extremely comfortable, 3lue leads the way moisture-wicking.


3lue Pants:

This Shift 3lue pant is the epitome of durability and comfort. It has been built with Cordura Stretch Nylon, and every single seam is taped, which means no rubbing. Lower legs are made from a nylon base product to reduce sweating in your boot, and full-grain leather knees increase durability where it is needed. All of this adds up to a high performing off-road trouser.


3lue Gloves:

Blue Label gloves from Shift Racing are made of the same Cordura Stretch Nylon that is used for the rest of the line. The cuff of the glove is unique in that it has a unique R.A.W. design which can help with maintaining blood flow. Silicone fingertip sections and laser-cut perforations increase rider comfort and ventilation. The choice for the Shift Syndicate, and Geico Honda teams.


3lack Label Gear Set

The 3lack Label Line has been completely reimagined for 2020. It is now lighter and more breathable than ever.


3lack Jersey:

This jersey is ready to attack the track in any conditions. Moisture-wicking fabric works in unison with arm and side vents to help regulate the rider’s temperature. It has an excellent athletic fit and no extra bulk, making it an extremely comfortable and versatile top.


3lack Pants:

The 3lack Label pant from Shift is an outstanding all-round off-road design. It is made from 600D, which means it is a more heavyweight than the Blue Label pant. Stretch fabric in multiple areas such as the knees compensate for the more substantial material. The knees are also vented, which helps to lessen sweat when riding hard, or in hot weather.


3lack Gloves:

3lack Label gloves are another brand new version for 2020. The 3lack glove is loaded with features which will inspire you as a rider. With its second-skin fit, multiple layer palms, moulded armour plates and injected T.R.P. knuckles, the 2020 3lack gloves are a resilient glove, and hard to beat.


Whit3 Label Dirt Bike Gear Set

Whit3 Label gear offers a traditional loose fit design and is excellent value. Moisture-wicking material is cut into a relaxed fit garment, designed for the budget-conscious rider.


Whit3 Jersey:

The jersey is made from a technical polyester to help wick moisture away. The loose cut is a bonus for those who ride technical routes, need to move around a lot, or simply prefer classic loose-fit clothing.


Whit3 Pants:

The Whit3 label pant is another straight forward design. Pitched as a racing pant, it features articulated knees and hip, multiple stretch zones, minimal material usage and hardwearing 600D polyester.


Whit3 Gloves:

This glove by Shift Racing is simple but comfortable. It is made of 4 way stretch Nylon, with a padded single layer palm, and 3d printed grips. A comfortable yet straightforward sub $25 glove.


Recon Gear Set

Recon gear is all about riding for fun. Rather than being a performance product, Recon is the relaxed, casual wear, which you can wear while out on your dirt bike.


Recon Jersey:

The Recon jersey features a very relaxed fit. It is the type of top that you will quickly throw on to go out for a fun ride with your friends. The Recon still has moisture-wicking and classic motocross cut but is at home around the camp-fire as it is on a trail.


Recon Pants:

Shift went all out with durability on the Recon Pant. It is an over the boot pant that is made with 850D fabric for maximum wear and tear. There are multiple pockets, stretch panels where they are needed, and trim inner leg heat panels. This is a trail pant that is ready for any adventure on or off the bike.


Recon Gloves:

The Recon gloves are another product designed with general use in mind. This comes through in the screen compatible fingertips, simplistic and lightweight design. A robust glove that wears well. Chuck them on to ride down to the shops, or head out for a blast across the fields and the Recon glove will perform regardless.


Thor Racing Dirt Bike Gear 2020

Thor Racing Gear Sets 2020


Prime Pro Gear Set

Thor’s Prime Pro kits are their premium range of racing products.


Prime Pro Jersey:

Thor chose to give these jerseys an athletic fit to help minimise jersey flap and drag. They are incredibly comfortable thanks to reduced seams and flat stitched seams. Full ventilation and wicking ensure things stay fresh and the taped collar and cuffs, finish things off neatly.


Prime Pro Pants:

These pants tick all of the usual high-end requirements. What makes them stand out is their uniquely shaped knees. They are pre-curved so that they fit best when riding in an aggressive racing position and while using knee braces. This is a pant for hardcore racers who require a great fit, with ease of movement. Laser-cut holes, mesh panels and leather heat panels are standard. The little extra touches include a removable hip pocket, adjustable hip clinches and a poly-spandex blend to withstand abrasion.


Pulse/Pulse Air Gear Set

Pulse is for everyday riders and racers who like to get serious from time to time. These relaxed fit, classic style ranges are also home to some pretty cool designs.


Pulse/Air Jersey:

The jersey has a slightly looser fit than Thor’s top-end gear. It features a 4-way stretch collar which feels nice on the neck. The fabric is moisture-wicking. A simple budget top for the rider who still appreciates style.


Pulse/Air Pants:

Thor’s Pulse/Air pants offer excellent fit and adjustability thanks to side cinchers as well as the regular adjustable buckle. They feature the same attack position knee shape as the top-end gear. Simple budget gear that will not let you down.


Thor Sector Dirt Bike Gear Set

Sector gear is a standard entry-level motocross gear set. A simple as it gets.


Sector Jersey:

A relaxed-fit moisture-wicking top. The price makes it ideal for beginners.


Sector Pants:

The sector pant only comes in black so that it can be mixed and matched with different jersey colours. Another simple product, designed to get you riding safely and with the minimum of outlay.


Answer Racing Dirt Bike Gear 2020

Answer Racing Gear Sets 2020


Trinity Motocross Gear Set

Trinity dirt bike gear sets consist of top quality materials bound into a package that racers and everyday riders will enjoy in equal measure.


Trinity Jersey:

The Trinity jersey makes use of simple technologies in an excellent package. It is comfortable, light, and there is spandex in crucial places to help movement feel natural. Underarm mesh, and lightweight material comlete a classic cut style jersey.


Trinity Pants:

The Trinity pant is a sturdy set of high-end pants. These pants feel indestructible. They are also incredibly lightweight. Fourteen key design features deliver a high performing product that will fit you well and ensure a comfortable and safe ride in all conditions. The technical design in these pants is second to none. Sonic welding, overlocking and space-age materials like neoprene are used to significant effect.


Elite Dirt Bike Gear Set

Elite gear comes in at a mid-range price point. With Answer Racings attention to detail, these gear sets punch well above their weight when compared to rivals.


Elite Jersey:

A medium-range jersey that continues the theme of a classic is best. Simple cut designs, with moisture-wicking and no-frills design. Thoughtful touches such as lycra cuffs and an extra-long tail show that Answer is thinking about a good all-rounder.


Elite Pants:

The Elite pant has pre-shaped knees for extra comfort. This is an excellent pant for those who like to ride for fun, and that use their kit regularly. Simple, durable and with leather heat guards, and multiple fabrics to deliver outstanding performance.


Syncron/Syncron Air Gear Set

The Syncron and Syncron Air groups offer entry-level gear sets that are both moderately priced, and able to deliver a level of performance suitable for all beginners.


Syncron/Air Jersey:

Available in classic MX and lightweight Air versions.



Despite these pants being entry-level, they offer pre-shaped knees and durable materials just like the more expensive products from Answer.


O’Neal Dirt Bike Gear 2020

O’neal Gear Sets 2020


Hardwear Dirt Bike Gear Set

Hardwear is Oneal’s premium dirt bike gear line. It is well suited for even the most aggressive of riders. Hardware features advanced technologies in terms of the materials used and the heirloom design features refined over 50 years in the business.


Hardwear Jersey:

The Hardwear jersey is a 100% ventilated, lightweight racing jersey. Four-way stretch, ultra-light pro material is cut to an athletic fit. Closed-cell vented panels on the wrists and underarms provide ventilation. This jersey comes in at under 6oz.


Hardwear Pants:

These pants are a robust top of the range option. The knees are ergonomically shaped, and there is even bum padding increased comfort when riding long days. Heavier weight than some motocross pants, these dirt bike trousers will cover a range of uses.


Element Gear Set

Element gear is a basic range, heavier duty off-road kit.


Element Jersey:

Element jerseys are a loose fit and designed to offer a casual alternative to full-on race gear. There are also elbow pads sewn in which adds a bit of abrasion resistance.


Element Pants

Thes off-road pants will suit enduro, adventure and motocross. There is a lot of attention to detail on stitching and panelling for such a budget product. The element pants have a full lining and removable hip protectors which are a nice touch. These are fantastic pants for the money, and look like they will last a long time. Great value all round.


Moose Dirt Bike Gear 2020

Moose Gear Sets 2020

Sahara Motocross Gear Set

Sahara dirt bike gear is priced a little below most competitors’ high-end lines. Less technical than other manufacturers, Sahara still performs very well. A simplistic design and quality materials are the keys to the Moose products.


Sahara Jersey:

The jersey is made from mesh polyester, so it is incredibly airy and cool to ride in. It has a relatively athletic fit. This jersey will suit riders who need to stay cool under load or ride in hot conditions. The name says it all.


Sahara Pants:

The pant is made with polyester just like the jersey. It features a highly adjustable waist which is excellent for those who struggle with finding a suitable fitting pant. It is also quite affordable compared to other high-end offerings.


M1 Gear set

The M1 line is similar to the Sahara line with a few changes to suit motocross riders and a minor price drop.


M1 Jersey:

The M1 jersey is made to fit just like the Sahara jersey. However, the micro-mesh polyester used for this model is only semi-ventilated in the roost area, rather than full meshing. This keeps debris and muck out while maintaining some airflow.


M1 Pants:

This pant fits the same as the Sahara pant. The difference is that the chassis is made with high denier polyester rather than ventilated polyester. These pants have pre-shaped, oversize knees for knee brace use and a reinforced seat. The ideal motocross pants for a mid-range budget.


Qualifier Dirt Bike Gear Set

The qualifier dirt bike gear sets are entry-level. Simple materials and no-frills design.


Qualifier Jersey:

The jersey has a loose fit which is designed to give riders a feeling of freedom. The spandex neck and cuffs are comfortable and an impressive touch at this price.


Qualifier Pants:

The pants weigh a little bit more than their rivals, but that is expected as it is the entry-level line. Good quality stitching and pre-bent knees are an unexpected bonus for such a cheap dirt bike gear.


Quick Motocross Armour Check

Let’s start with the items that are going to protect you the most. When starting out as a dirt bike rider, you need to ensure you have the right protection. Riding off-road is very different from riding on the road, or on a track. Various obstacles, uneven surfaces, and unexpected debris are all part and parcel of a ride out. With the right safety gear, you will be able to ride with confidence and be adequately protected if something does catch you unawares.


What is the best motocross body armour?

As with any dirt bike gear, there is a myriad of manufacturers claiming to be the best. At Motocross Advice, we focus on two things. Performance and value for money. Look for safety certification, brands that sponsor competitive riders, and positive reviews.


What gear do you need to ride a dirt bike?

Certain items can be considered essential. Other things are more specialised and may only be necessary if you are working toward competitive riding, or that involves a lot of jumps. Any rider looking to take up enduro, motocross, trail and adventure riding, and is intending to advance to a reasonable skill level will need to consider the following items:


Motocross Chest protector

This is an exoskeleton that will encase your chest area in a protective layer of plastic or carbon composite. Protects against impacts, flying debris and substantial falls. A chest protector will offer protection to chest, back, collar bones and shoulders. Find out more here.


Motocross Knee Braces

Knee braces are another exoskeleton item. They are highly technical items, offering multiple levels of protection against impact, hyperextension, and compression injuries landing jumps. Find out more here.


Neck Brace for Motocross

A neck brace will help to provide shock absorption when landing jumps, as well as stopping collar bone and sternum injuries from your helmet in the event of a substantial crash. Find out more here.

If you are riding a dirt bike at an elementary level, then the items above can be purchased later when you are riding faster and harder. Whatever level you are riding at, you should be budgeting money for a suitable helmet, boots, gloves, goggles, jerseys and trousers. These elementary items are considered to be the minimum requirement for any casual dirt bike rider. Because of this, there are a bewildering array of products available. Let’s get stuck in and see what is available right now. From our suggestions, you can build a dirt bike gear shortlist for 2020.


Final Thoughts about 2020 Dirt Bike Gear

The most important thing to do when choosing your gear is to think about how you will ride. Make sure that you buy a material weight and functionality that will cope with what you want. If you are riding short, fast races at a track; then buy the lightweight, super technical gear that will only need to keep you protected for short amounts of time. If you are riding all day in the harsh and dusty conditions of the mountains, then go for harder wearing, durable padded ranges.

Most of all, make sure you get the fit right. Ill-fitting clothing will soon make you uncomfortable. Finally, go for the kit that makes you feel safe and confident. You will always ride your best when you feel confident and secure in your equipment.

Happy shopping!

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