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Best Dirt Bike Gear Brands 2022

Motocross gear encompasses many different items that you’ll need for riding. Protection like helmets, boots, goggles and braces define one end, while pants, jerseys and gloves provide more bodily protection. Once you’ve picked out your new ride, you’ve gotta look the part too. Let’s look into some of the best dirt bike gear brands in 2022.

With that said, there are enough motocross gear brands out there to make your head spin. That’s why we’ve curated this list of the best dirt bike gear brands for 2022 to make your choice a little easier. It’s up to you to choose exactly which products you want, but we can at least supply a look at our favorite motocross gear brands and rate them based on important features to help you on your way. We’ve also linked to other articles and sites where necessary to make your choices as easy as possible.

Whether you’re looking for more of a budget setup or want to go top of the line, this guide’s got products for you to get excited about.

Best Motocross Riding Gear 2022

Some types of dirt bike gear are built better for track riding compared to exploring the outdoors. Below we highlight the best dirt bike brands for competitive motocross.

Fox Racing Dirt Bike Gear

Geoff Fox founded Fox Racing in 1974, and they’ve been all about family & life on two wheels ever since. Fox is a truly inclusive dirt bike gear brand that invites everyone & honors diversity, and that’s something everyone can love.

Fox has gear all over the map as far as price, and we think that’s great for a rider that’s getting a feel for what they want. Youth, as well as adult sizes, are available for the whole family if they’re inclined to learn! Design, aesthetics and protection are top priorities for Fox, not to mention offering a flexible and breathable ride whether you’re off-roading or racing.

Fox has dominated 2022 with a wide ranging product line for anyone that wants to ride. While some more exclusive motocross gear brands only focus on men’s gear, Fox dirt bike gear is available for both women and kiddos so everyone can get in on the fun. We’re not just talking a handful of items either. Kits, boots, chest guards and even visors are in the lineup for ladies, and even more new additions like goggles and helmets are in the 2022 kid’s lineup.

The Skarz’ limited edition gear kit is one popular addition for the longtime Flexair men’s line, while a special edition Cntro line offers gear for both men and kids. Aside from typical outerwear, Fox is a one stop shop for almost any gear you can imagine. Everything from the necessities like helmets, gloves, goggles and boots, all the way down to kits, outerwear and socks are offered with new styles for every season.

Some of Fox’s highest rated items show their preference among riders with different needs. Their Instinct boot is consistently praised as one of the best you can get for motocross with a virtually non-existent break-in period, plus the added support of Duratec on the outsole and a slim design. As far as gloves, the 180 Peril, Dirtpaw and Bomber variations offer different levels of protection depending on where you’ll be riding on your next jaunt. The MIPS equipped Rampage helmet is popular with riders for the protection and sizing it offers at an affordable price, while the Proframe helmet is a bit pricier and more ideal for enduro riding. Main Peril Mirrored goggles and Airspace Peril Mirrored goggles offer every rider some choice in their selections depending on their specific needs. 

Technology & Innovation: 6/10

Durability: 7.5/10

Cool Factor: 7/10

Cost: $$$

Top Riders: Ken Roczen, Adam Cianciarulo, Tim Gajser


Thor MX Dirt Bike Gear

Industry dirt bike gear brand Thor Racing was founded by motocross legend Torsten Hallman in 1968. After becoming a dealer in Sweden, Torsten started selling select motocross clothing out of his trunk at races. This included goatskin pants and gloves that were previously unavailable in the American market. His products became a hit and he named his company after this endeavor – Torsten Hallman Original Racewear. Thor was eventually sold to LeMans in the late 1990s, and even after their buyout, they stayed true to their innovative roots and continue to make some of the best motocross gear around.

For their spring collection, Thor has added new motocross clothing to both their men’s Prime and Pulse lines, as well as their women’s Sector line. Thor has truly thought of everything, since many of these kits have goggles, helmets and gloves alike that perfectly match the color scheme of the new kits. 

For the Pulse motocross gear lineup, a limited edition graphic is featured in three different color schemes on their latest In-Motion fabric with stitched on mask logos. The mesh paneling and laser-cut venting help keep you cool on any ride. In contrast, Prime dirt bike outfits offer an upgrade on style and quality with custom tail print to keep your jersey in place. This is complimented by minimal flat-stitched seams and taped details, as well as reliable venting and airflow. While you may not get the throwback look that the Pulse dirt bike gear offers, you’ll trade it for a more tailored fit and a futuristic vibe.

As far as variety, Thor’s Blitz XP and Radial MX boots offer two solid options for dirt bike gear depending on your price point and style choices. If you’re looking for comfortable body armor, the Guardian Roost Protector is top rated and features both breathability and innovative molding for superior fit. Thor’s Sector knee guards have also achieved high marks, as well as their basic Sector Fader helmet, though you might do better to choose a helmet with a more robust protection system like the Supertech M10 if you’re not taking it easy. Finally, Thor’s Sniper Pro and standard Sniper goggles provide both aesthetic options as well as price options depending on your budget and preferences.

Technology & Innovation: 5/10

Durability: 8/10

Cool Factor: 7/10

Cost: $$$

Top Riders: Cooper Webb, Colt Nichols, Justin Cooper, Dylan Ferrandis, Jeremy McGrath, Ryan Villopoto


Alpinestars Motocross Riding Gear

Founded by Sante Mazzarolo in 1963, the label Alpinestars was coined for its floral namesake. Revolutionary for their time, Alpinestars began producing boots that were a benchmark of quality for riders worldwide. By 1970, they had their first world motocross championship accolade, and by the 1990s, they were specializing in road-racing leather suits.

2022’s best motocross gear from Alpinestars features a new kit for the ladies and a decent kid’s section that offers boots, kits and socks. For the overall adult category, the 2022 dirt bike outfit options are colorful and exciting, harkening back to standout neon color blocking of the 80s & 90s. In addition to the standard boots and kits offered, helmets, gloves and body armor are new and improved in both tech and aesthetics so that you’ll stay effortlessly safe and stylish. 

Though it’s unclear when it will be released, Alpinestars’ Tech Air 10 features a built-in airbag system for superior protection in case of gnarly accidents. Lauded as the most thorough protection you can buy; this innovative suit of armor offers complete coverage for almost any spill you might take. This is in contrast to the upper-body-only Tech Air 5 that’s mostly ideal for touring or commuting. Making dirt bike gear like this is a feat in itself, and we applaud Alpinestars for putting their best foot forward into the future.

As far as other wearable motocross gear, the state-of-the-art Tech 10 Supervented boot features ventilation channels through the inner ankle brace and underfoot for an unmatched chill ride by 34% more according to lab tests. Side vents and mesh intakes ensure superior airflow throughout the whole of the boot. The standard Tech 10 boot saw a complete redesign in 2019, and it’s a suitable comparison if you’re not quite ready for the new price.

Alpinestars is known for their commitment to both safety and quality in their dirt bike gear, and this is represented well in the variety of Supertech M10 helmets that are available now. Whether you’re looking for carbon, alloy, or dyno variations, or even just the standard version, you’ll have MIPS protection and emergency release on your side. Alpinestars also released an exclusive Supertech M8 Echo helmet for 2022 with super slick graphics and many of the same safety features for an investment that’s a little easier to swallow.

Technology & Innovation: 10/10

Durability: 9/10

Cool Factor: 9.5/10

Cost: $$$$

Top Riders: Jett Lawerence, Eli Tomac, Chase Sexton, Jason Anderson


Best Enduro Riding Gear 2022

Dirt bike gear built for enduro has got to be robust from the abuse it takes along the trail. We can recommend the gear below for its longevity and stress under pressure.

Troy Lee Designs 

When signs were no longer interesting to paint, designer Troy Lee quickly graduated to painting helmets for some of his favorite hobbies. 1986 saw Troy Lee put painting aside temporarily to formulate better visors and enhanced airflow in helmets for his next challenge. The 2000s saw him focus on durable and functional dirt bike gear development while adding aesthetic to the mix. Troy Lee Design’s race team formed in 2003, and nothing’s been the same since.

TLD’s latest additions to their 2022 line include gloves, helmets, chest protectors and kits. Women have also received some new kits in fun colors, while kid’s dirt bike gear has gotten a huge upgrade. This includes new helmet colorways, flashy kits and a line of colorful and horror-inspired Air gloves (both for adults and kids) that will be available sometime in May. 

TLD’s SE helmet was born in 2004 & it was Troy Lee’s first in-house designed helmet. The SE4 is one of their standout products that offers enhanced protection and shows off the best of TLD’s dirt bike gear design skills. Now, the new-for-2022 SE5 helmet is an exciting update that integrates some of the most forward-thinking safety mechanisms on the market today. The inner workings that made the SE4 a masterpiece are largely still present, with the addition of MIPS Integra, chin venting gills and carbon fiber or composite construction. Replaceable visors are also available should you ever need to change out your motocross gear after a spill. 

If you’re not quite willing to fork over the extra dough for the upgrade, the SE4 saw some stylish new upgrades as well, and you’ll pay about half the price. Along with the horror gloves, new motocross jerseys and pants will also be available this summer if you’re willing to be patient on your quest for new dirt bike gear.

Technology & Innovation: 9/10

Durability: 8/10

Cool Factor: 9/10

Cost: $$$

Top Riders: Cole Seely, Justin Barcia, Jago Geerts


Fly Racing Enduro Gear

Fly Racing started in 1998 with the production of handlebars and helmets, but parts, accessories and dirt bike outfits weren’t far behind. Even though Fly isn’t in our budget category, they’re historically affordable and proud of it. It comes as no surprise that Fly offers new riders a chance to get more into motocross without breaking the bank, and that’s always good news. Their dirt bike gear, especially their motocross clothing, is now their shining star. 

Fly’s 2022 line consists of four new women’s kits, as well as a generous collection of kits, body armor, gloves, goggles, boots and helmets for kids. Their motocross gear for adults is vast, with over 40 different kits to choose from and a variety of helmets, gloves, goggles, boots and protective wear for anything the trail throws at you. Base layers, as well as knee brace socks, hydro packs and windproof jerseys are mainstays for when bad weather won’t quit. There’s no denying from our perspective that Fly’s 2022 dirt bike gear lineup is all encompassing and covers almost anything you’d need for a day in the wild outdoors.

Fly’s classic Formula helmet got a huge update for 2022, and the latest version is the Formula Carbon Prime Helmet that comes in four sleek new colors. Featuring a 12K carbon shell, Rheon energy cells to cushion impacts and two different EPS layers for extra protection, there’s no doubt you’ll be safe and comfy in your new dirt bike gear. If the Formula Carbon Prime isn’t quite in your budget, the Formula CC Driver or Formula CP Rush helmets are solid backup options to consider.

Along with helmets, Fly’s Zone Pro goggles have gotten an upgrade as well. This new update is complete with outriggers, improved thermofoam, tear off posts and a sturdy 45 millimeter adjustable strap. As far as apparel, Fly’s Lite kit has once again defined performance dirt bike gear with new 4 way stretch fabric and a front-side BOA system for functionality. For enhanced protection, the Evolution DST line provides a stretchy fit and heightened ventilation even with slightly thicker fabric.

Technology & Innovation: 6.5/10

Durability: 8/10

Cool Factor: 7/10

Cost: $$

Top Riders: Connor Fields, Justin Brayton, Zach Osborne, Blake Baggett 


FXR Racing Dirt Bike Gear

Milt Reimer started FXR in the basement of his house, and by 2005, he had expanded production enough to move it offshore. Milt knows that sizing & venting are super important from his time on the track, and FXR’s product line is constantly growing to offer different dirt bike gear styles for men, women & kiddos.

Plenty of upgrades are present in the 2022 motocross gear lineup, with some notably vibrant kits featuring gradients that will no doubt get you noticed on the starting line. Not only that, FXR has partnered with 6D helmets to produce their version of the ATR-2, called the ATR-2 Race Div. This is one of the best helmets on the market for both safety and performance, so it comes as no surprise that it’s one of the most expensive helmets on the market as well. A child’s version, the ATR-2Y, is also available for youth riders looking to break into the sport. In case you’re not quite ready for that investment, the Helium Carbon and Blade Carbon helmets are light & super protective alternatives.

As far as new & exciting tech goes, FXR is at the front of the pack with their Maverick Cordless Electric Goggles. Though you’ll pay a pretty penny for this piece of dirt bike gear, the heated lens and battery pack will make sure you don’t get caught with foggy lenses in cold or snowy temps. In contrast, the basic version of this series is the Maverick Roll-Off goggle, which is more practical for track and all-weather usage. FXR’s other standout goggle series, the Pilot, has polarized, LE MX, and standard Pilot MX variations if roll-offs seem like too much for your off-road needs.

Technology & Innovation: 10/10

Durability: 9/10

Cool Factor: 9/10

Cost: $$$$

Top Riders: Alex Martin, Garrett Marchbanks, Broc Tickle, 


Best Budget Riding Gear 2022

While we don’t recommend skimping on a good helmet, sometimes other motocross gear can take a backseat when money’s tight. The motocross gear brands below offer quality at a lower price than some of their competitors.

O’Neal Budget Motocross Gear

Jim O’Neal discovered his passion for racing in his teenage years, and soon figured out that his dirt bike gear could use some serious upgrades. This led him to found O’Neal around 1970, and he began selling fenders and dirt bike jerseys out of a modified van. Now a staple in motocross, BMX and mountain biking, O’Neal has stood the test of time in the global marketplace. They continue to innovate, incorporating rider feedback along the way to improve their products. 

With the constant development of new fabrics to fit the needs of today’s competitors, it’s no surprise that O’Neal has four separate kit lines to embrace the dirt bike outfit needs of every rider. Color options aren’t lacking either, with each line boasting at least six separate colorways for extra personality. O’Neal is yet another inclusive motocross gear brand that offers one of the best 2022 catalogs jam-packed with the latest helmets, protection, gloves, and boots, along with a fun youth line. Even if your friends or family aren’t into the racing scene, swag like duffels, stickers, tees and hats will still have them looking the part. O’Neal also sells affordable MX grips in a variety of colors and textures for some additional customization on your dirt bike.

The selection that O’Neal offers for its dirt bike gear lineup is pretty astounding. Updated for 2022, the 10 SRS Prodigy helmet boasts a full carbon fiber shell, goggle traction pad and plenty of venting to keep you extra cool. Get most of the same features for a lower price point with the Elite or Compact versions, which are both ¾ of the price. 

Some of O’Neal’s five glove designs have been upgraded as well with new colorways. While the Butch or Element gloves are more ideal for off-roading, O’Neal’s other options are best for cruising or racing. Though their MX boots are relatively similar, O’Neal has gone the extra mile to innovate with the Rider Shorty boot. Featuring metal shanks, injection-molded plastic, a Goodyear sole and metal toe guard, this boot’s got all the standard perks in a smaller package. We’re curious to see whether this new take will pay off, since they aren’t for sale yet. In the meantime, O’Neal’s selection of standard MX boots and motocross gear is more than reliable enough to set them apart.

Technology & Innovation: 9/10

Durability: 8/10

Cool Factor: 7/10

Cost: $$$

Top Riders: Davi Millsaps, Adolf Silva, Alex Ray, Dean Wilson, Justin Hill, Jace Kessler


Shift Racing Cheap Dirt Bike Gear

Relatively new to the moto game, Shift MX began making their mark on the moto world in 1997. Shift offers a fresh & unique approach to motocross gear style, but they’ve stuck to using premium materials for some of the best product quality money can buy. Moto royalty Greg & Pete Fox formed Shift as a mostly motocross clothing brand of self-expression to see what styles would stick. This allowed them to not have the pressure of the traditional Fox dirt bike gear brand looming over their creations. Their rebrand in 2011 yielded a new look for an upcoming generation, and both amateurs and pros alike are fans of Shift for both their quality and alternative style.

Since Shift is no stranger to standing out, their limited dirt bike gear lines are some of their shining stars. Whether you’re looking for blindingly loud colorways or printed perfection, Shift’s got some outlandish designs that’ll satisfy as long as you get in quick to grab them. Even their non-limited line has some solid colorways, and matching youth dirt bike outfit options are perfect for the parent-kiddo pair that wants to flex their style. Helmets, boots, goggles and guards aren’t quite as well supplied as kits and riding apparel, but that’s mostly expected from a motocross gear brand that’s going more for style over substance.

While some of Shift’s helmets are visually appealing, we can’t help but notice that none of them are equipped with MIPS or an equally safe protection system. For that reason, we’d recommend going with a higher quality helmet like Alpinestars SM10 or ATR-2’s 6D especially if you’ll be doing more than cruising with friends. 

Compared to their variety of helmets, Shift only offers one boot that seems like a decent investment for the basic protection it provides. Match your White Label boots with their White Label goggles, which offer standard protection without all the bells and whistles, and accent them with motocross gear like a roll off system or tear offs if you feel so inclined. While most of Shift’s gloves wouldn’t be ideal for off-road conditions, we’ve got to give them some style points for maintaining a solid design and aesthetically pleasing Invisible gloves.

Technology & Innovation: 6/10

Durability: 7/10

Cool Factor: 9/10

Cost: $$$

Top Riders: Jeff Emig, Josh Hansen, Jimmy Hill


Answer Racing Riding Gear

Since 1976, Answer racing has aimed to give dedicated riders exactly what they need to be competitive on the track. Initially a parts company, Answer eventually branched into motocross gear in the late 1980s. Though their neon streak ended in the 1990s, Answer still features plenty of flashy kits and aggressive styles to keep opponents on their toes. Their Elite line is stuff of legend, and they’ve continued to evolve with the times over their 40 plus year run. 

Answer has certainly delivered with their 2022 Elite Revolution line of dirt bike gear. Answer’s two other lines, Arkon and Syncron, have also gotten exciting new colorways for spring. While no pre-packaged kits are put together, this allows you to make your own dirt bike outfit if you want to mix and match. 

We can comfortably recommend the AR3 Phantom helmet most notably because it features MIPS protection, but also because of the comfort and ventilation aspects. The three-layer foam and expanded field of view that comes standard on the Apex 3 goggle makes it a perfect complement, and it’s super affordable to boot. The Apex 1 is a solid goggle as well, but we recommend the Apex 3 just because the extra few bucks buys you an included second lens.

Technology & Innovation: 7/10

Durability: 8/10

Cool Factor: 7/5/10

Cost: $$$

Top Riders: Tyler Bowers, Alex Martin, Freddie Noren, Jimmy Decotis 

Whether or not you’ve picked your best dirt bike gear brand, we hope the above info helped you to (at least) be more informed on where you stand. Until next time, have fun out there!