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Best Dirt Bike Stand 2022

If you have a motocross bike, then you will have already used a dirt bike stand. The lack of side stand on a dirt bike is, of course, deliberate. On a motocross bike, you will be pulling some extreme manoeuvres, landing jumps, and negotiating some tricky terrain. Getting tangled up in a side stand is not required!

For any newbies, the lack of stand poses an unusual situation. What do you do with your bike once you have finished riding it, or while you are in the pits? In fact, what do you do when you need to service or maintain your bike?

There are many different types of dirt bike stand. For our ultimate guide, we will look into the stands that you will use in the pits, in your garage, and when parked up between rides. We will divide out top dirt bike stands guide into three distinct categories:

Portable or collapsible Engine Stands

A portable, or collapsible stand will fold flat for ease of travelling. These stands assemble quickly into a standard dirt bike stand.

Portable or collapsible Engine dirt bike Stands

Standard Dirt Bike Stand

A standard engine stand is a box-like design on which you rest the sump of your engine. In doing so, you balance your dirt bike with its wheels clear of the ground. There are no hydraulic or moving parts. A standard design is not compactable in any way, so they do take up a little more room in your van or garage. With some models, you will have to lift the bike onto the stand.

Best Regular Dirt Bike Stand

Hydraulic and scissor stands

A hydraulic stand will utilize a foot pedal or similar mechanism, to raise your dirt bike off of the ground. This type of stand represents the premium level of product, and you will find them in professional workshops all over the world. The mechanical design will make lifting your bike more comfortable. All of the hydraulic stands we suggest will be portable.

There are budget “A” frame stands available; however, we are purely reviewing those that will leave your dirt bike wheels clear of the ground.

Hydraulic and Scissor lift Design Dirt Bike Stands

Best Portable, or collapsible dirt bike stand 2022

1. Acerbis Yoga Stand – Best Dirt Bike Stand

Acerbis Yoga Dirt Bike standThe Acerbis yoga stand is a practical and straightforward design. Dirt bikes are very manageable. Lifting your bike onto a stand should not provide too many issues. The Yoga is a folding A-Frame which you can extend, and lock open.

Why we chose the Acerbis Yoga, Folding Dirt Bike Stand

The Yoga is a very light stand, weighing just 1.5KG. It folds flat for when space is at a premium. The rollers are rubberized, and overall construction is sturdy.

Acerbis Yoga Folding Stand Specifications:

  • Comes with rubberized contact surfaces, for maximum grip and frame protection
  • Max Weight 150 Kg
  • Bike Stand dimensions: height 42 cm; open width 38 cm, closed width 15 cm; depth 35 cm;
  • Contact surface 24×15 cm.




2. Polisport Folding Dirt Bike Stand

Polisport Foldable Motorcycle StandThe Polisport is a step up in price from the Acerbis Yoga. The increase in the budget will get you one of the most popular styles of dirt bike stand.

Why we chose the Polisport Folding stand

Polisport’s ingenious design will extend from flat, to ready to use with just one hard shake. The sturdy poly-carbonate material, coupled with a smart dovetail design makes for a solid structure.

The Polisport comes in a full range of colours, with motocross manufacturers in mind. Need Kawasaki green? Not a problem. The stands also have spaces for rider names, numbers and sponsor stickers.


Polisport Folding Stand Specifications:

  • 250kgs / 551 lbs load bearing
  • max-height 90cm / min-height 42cm
  • Rubber Polypropylene Contact Pad
  • Weight: 4.3kg




3. Scar 404 Dirt Bike Stand

OK, this technically isn’t a folding stand. However, it disassembles and reassembles easily. The Meccano like approach does make the Scar 404 a little more awkward to use at the track. That said, the Scar 404 is sturdy aluminium construction.

Why we chose the Scar 404

If you want a rugged, metal box design, with the ability to pack away as required, then the Scar 440 does that for you. We love the rugged contact plate too! There is a drain hole, and a handy oil drip tray fitted as standard.

Scar 404 Dirt Bike Stand Specifications

  • Machined Aluminium
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • De-constructable
  • Drip tray
  • for 50cc to 600cc Dirt bikes


Best Standard Dirt Bike Stand

1. Acerbis 711 Best Dirt Bike Stand

Acerbis 711 dirt bike standFor the first of our standard dirt bike stands, we return to manufacturer Acerbis. The 711 looks very similar to the Polisport folding stand. Constructed from poly-carbonate, and with steel reinforcement rods, the 711 is a robust design.

Why we chose the Acerbis 711

There are several neat design features that we like on the 711. The heavy-duty channeled contact plate for drainage, plus a large centre hole to allow oil changes. There is a bike stabilising mount, and the knurled feet will ensure stability, even in muddy conditions.

Acerbis 711 Dirt Bike Stand Specifications:

  • Constructed of high-resistance techno-polymer and upper steel tubes
  • Center hole for draining oil
  • Top covered with anti-slip mat; bottom has stable, wide feet
  • Removable mount
  • Maximum load bearing of 280KG




2. Pit Posse Panel Best Dirt Bike Stand

Pit Posse MX StandThe Pit Posse is another straight forward design. A sturdy, rubberized contact plate bridges aluminium tubing, with paneled sides for a sponsor or rider number.

Why we chose the Pit Posse Panel stand

We like the tubular legs on this design. The tube is less likely to sink into the soft ground than angle plate. We also like the removable tool plate for when you are tweaking your dirt bike.

Pit Posse Dirt Bike Stand Specifications:

  • Drain hole for oil changes
  • Sponsors and rider number side plates
  • Lightweight aluminium
  • 17 inches/43 CM high
  • 250KG load bearing
  • Oil & gas resistant rubber pad
  • Removable tool tray included




3. Risk Racing Adjustable Top, Magnetic Dirt Bike Stand – Model 00381

Risk motocross bike standSometimes a manufacturer comes along and nails a product. All of the little niggles that you have got used to are solved. That is what the team at Risk Racing have achieved with their adjustable top dirt bike stand.

With robust steel, aluminium locking mechanisms and oversize rubber contact plate, the Risk Racing stands look super aggressive in the garage. Oil drainage clearance is plentiful. Everything about this stands screams high quality.

Why we chose the adjustable top dirt bike stand

There are two killer design features on this stand that set it apart from the rest. First up is the adjustable top. How many times have you put your bike on a stand, only to find that either the front or back wheel are nearly touching the floor? This bias happens because not all dirt bike manufacturers have the same rake angle for their engines.

Risk Racing has solved this issue by designing an adjustable rake angle top. So simple. Now your dirt bike will always be 100% horizontal, whatever manufacturer you ride.

Not content with solving that problem, Risk Racing has added two magnetic panels to the sides. Now, instead of dropping screws, parts and small tools into the mud, you can stick them to the stand! Genius.

Risk Racing Adjustable Top dirt bike stand specifications:

  • Magnetic Bolt Panel (2 sides)
  • Steel Construction
  • Anodised aluminium turnbuckles
  • Size: 16.75″ x 16″ x 17″
  • Weight: 13.5 lbs




Best Hydraulic and Scissor lift Design Dirt Bike Stands

1. Motorsports Products P12 Best Dirt Bike Stand

Motorsport Products P12 dirt bike liftThe P12 stand is a well designed, simple motocross stand. The box aluminium construction provides a light and durable dirt bike lift. The contact plate is heavily rubberized, and operation is so light, even junior riders will be able to lift their bikes.

Why we chose the Motocross Products P12

Although this is a hydraulic lift, it is still very portable. With this in mind, the manufacturers have designed the splayed feet to deal with uneven ground.

The P12 has a variable lift height to suit junior and adult dirt bikes. Weight-bearing capability is over 180KG. For a hydraulic lift stand the P12 is fantastic value for money, coming in at under $150.00


Motocross P12 Dirt Bike Stand, specifications:

  • Variable configuration to suit a range of different dirt bike, and adventure bikes
  • Adjustable between 9 1/2in-14 1/2in in 11 stages
  • Designed for dirt bikes from 50cc to 650cc
  • Simple foot lever operation
  • Suitable for youth riders




2. Pit Posse Hydraulic Scissor Dirt Bike Lift

Pit Posse Scissor Dirt Bike LiftStepping up a gear in complexity, the Pit Posse (PP2551) is the first serious workshop lift on our list. This lift is heavy duty and will comfortably handle dirt bikes of all sizes. This beast will even lift adventure and dual-sport bikes to 140 KG in weight.

Why we chose the Pit Posse Hydraulic Dirt Bike Lift

The Pit Posse is perfect for the dedicated motocross rider. If you need to work on your bike for extended periods, this stand will lift the bike to comfortable working height with ease.

There is a safety feature fitted to stop the dirt bike lift collapsing without warning. Stability is taken care of by four robust outriggers.

Oil changes are also possible, as the ample rubberized contact plate has a large aperture.

The only point to note is that you will not want to be using this dirt bike lift at the track. If you buy this lift for your garage, then grab yourself a portable or folding lift too!


Pit Posse Hydraulic Dirt Bike Lift Specifications

  • Simple to use foot pedal design
  • Adjustable from 13 inches to 36 inches
  • Oversize 13- 3/4 x 16 inches rubberized contact plate
  • Outriggers to provide stability
  • Safety pin system to prevent sudden lowering
  • Heavy-duty steel frame construction
  • Large oil drain hole
  • Oil & gas resistant rubber top
  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Locking caster wheels for easy manoeuvrability




3. Risk Racing RR1 Ride on Best Dirt Bike Stand

Risk Racing RR1 Ride on Motocross Bike LiftFor the second time in this ultimate guide to dirt bike stands, Risk Racing have a product that changes the game. Like it , or loathe it, the Risk Racing RR1 takes a new approach to the issue of getting your motocross bike off the ground.

Most stands require the rider to lift the bike up onto the contact plate. Even hydraulic stands stop shy of wheels touching the ground, to prevent your dirt bike falling over when lowering. Risk has got around this issue by designing a stand that you ride on to.

You can see the RR1 in action here

Why we chose the Risk Racing RR1

Innovation has to be celebrated. All dirt bike stands have had to tackle the issue of lifting your bike into place. This design is so simple that you wonder why it hasn’t been thought of before.

The stand is light and flat, making it perfect for home and track use. Simply ride your dirt bike onto the stand and push your foot down on the pedal. Job done.

Risk Ride on stand

Risk Racing RR1 Dirt Bike Stand Specifications:

  • Ride off the track and directly onto your lift
  • Lockable in either the up or down position
  • Lightweight-only 17 lbs.
  • Works with mx-specific bikes 125cc-450cc
  • Oil change aperture
  • Heavy duty rubberized contact plate




Our collection of dirt bike stands will provide you with stands for all levels of riding and performance. Whether you are a weekend rider who likes to do basic maintenance, or a full on petrol head, you can chose the right stand for you. If you are also looking for best advice how to load your dirt bike onto a van, check out this guide to the best dirt bike loading ramps.

If you are looking for some more motocross advice, make sure you read our new guide about the best dirt bike tires available in 2022.


Have fun out there!


Risk Racing RR1 Ride on Stand




Value for money




Easy to use





  • Ride off the track and directly onto your lift
  • Lockable in either the up or down position
  • Lightweight-only 17 lbs.
  • Oil change aperture
  • Heavy duty rubberized contact plate


  • Works with mx-specific bikes only 125cc-450cc
  • Is big, takes room