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Best Kids Dirt Bike Helmet 2023

When kids jump on dirt bikes, we can all agree that the choices that we make need to be right for everyone concerned. Buying your child their first kids dirt bike helmet means you’ll most likely be spending anywhere from $200 to $500 depending on the brand and protection included.

In case you’re new to this process, our handy guide on finding the right kids dirt bike helmet will help you get up to speed on the details as far as features, materials, safety systems and proper fit. Some of these youth dirt bike helmet models even have a premium adult version, so you can match your peewee when you go riding!

Dirt bike helmets for kids in this price range are usually suitable for both beginners and youngsters upgrading to a new youth motocross helmet. They have all of the necessary safety accreditation, as well as the required level of features to make sure your child is comfortable, well protected and confident. You’ll want to budget for some kids dirt bike gear too, since motocross is a full body sport.

Let’s face it, kids can be fickle. Today it’s motocross, tomorrow it’s tennis and then who knows what? Motocross Advice set out to find the best youth dirt bike helmets that will meet the needs of first time dirt bike families. The kids motorbike helmet has to be affordable, but also safe. We have reviewed the kids dirt bike helmets below for value, features, and (of course) cool factor. Read more to find out about the best junior motocross and kids dirt bike helmets for 2023!

Table of Contents

1. Safest Youth Dirt Bike Helmet – 6D Youth ATR-2Y

best youth dirt bike helmet - 6D ATR-2Y 2023

The 6D ATR-2Y helmet features all the robust safety technology that an adult dirtbike helmet offers packed into a pint-sized version. The ATR-2Y is one of the only youth MX helmets that’s rebuildable, and the three-year warranty means you won’t have to worry about any issues starting out. The $489 price tag isn’t exactly cheap, but for the best protection on the market, it’s well worth the investment. 

Why we chose the 6D Youth ATR-2Y for kids motocross

6D’s signature Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS) technology is formulated to manage kinetic energy within the kids motorcycle helmet for an ultra-safe motocross experience. Based on data, both angular and linear forces were drastically reduced thanks to this technology, and all levels of impacts showed more force dispersion. While we know these aren’t exactly pleasant risks to consider, it’s better to send your peewee out prepared!

Standard features including emergency release cheek pads, nine intake and six exhaust ports, and shear-away visor screws offer reliable protection outside of the futuristic youth motocross helmet tech. Recent additions include a crushable cervical protection zone and a reinforced brow rib along the eye port for enhanced safety. The washable Dri-Lex liner is a nice touch, and the inner EPS liner is also replaceable for full rebuilding capabilities.

Our juniors that test drove this kids MX helmet reported staying cool on their rides thanks to the air gap ventilation. Much of the safety features weren’t readily apparent, which is exactly how it should be at that age. 

Top Measurements & Features:

  • Minimum head circumference: 49cm
  • Helmet weight: 1250g
  • Most advanced level of brain protection
  • Goggle band integrated shell recess for superior goggle fit
  • Exceeds DOT, ECE, ACU + ASTM standards

6D ATR-2Y Dirt Bike Helmet Cool Factor:

On top of the integrated technology on the ATR-2Y, you won’t have to do much convincing to get your youngster excited about this advanced youth dirt bike helmet. 12 standout color options give them a variety of looks to choose from, and knowing they’re riding with a stylish kids motocross helmet that the pros wear bumps that cool factor sky high.


2. Heaviest Kids Dirt Bike Helmet – Bell Youth Moto-9

best youth motocross helmet - Bell Moto-9 Youth

The Youth Moto-9 kids MX helmet offers tons of potential customization and top-of-the-line safety features that’ll keep your youngster protected on both track and trails. The $259 price tag is reasonable for the included safety features, and since certain colors are available in both youth and adult sizes, you can match your pee-wee on your next day out!

Why we chose the Bell Youth Moto-9 for kids motocross

MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) is one of the most common and thorough protective kids dirt bike helmet systems on the market. MIPS comes standard on the Youth Moto-9, and it helps to manage rotational energy in the event of a crash. The Youth Moto-9 is also Eject compatible, meaning helmet removal isn’t a worry if your youngster takes a mean spill. 

The outer shell of the Youth Moto-9 youth dirt bike helmet is made from a tri-matrix material that features a combination of carbon fiber, fiberglass and aramid for a strong but lightweight frame. Signature velocity flow ventilation offers a total ten vents and three brow ports so your junior stays cool under pressure. The washable X-Static lining is a nice touch, and additional accessories like cheek pads, roost guards, replacement visors and mouth pieces are available as add-ons from the Bell store.

Our peewees that tried out the Youth Moto-9 gave positive feedback for both ventilation and overall fit of the kids motorbike helmet. For those that played with visor placement, it did have some effect on the associated air intakes depending on how it was situated. However, the Youth Moto-9 was also ranked by our youngsters as feeling the heaviest out of our chosen kids MX helmets. While not a dealbreaker, it’s something to keep in mind for smaller riders so they don’t get worn out quickly.

Top Measurements & Features:

  • Minimum head circumference: 49cm
  • Helmet weight: 1695g
  • MIPS protection
  • Eject compatible
  • DOT, SNELL & ECE certified

Bell Youth Moto 9 Kids Dirt Bike Helmet Cool Factor:

Although there may not be as many color choices as other brands, the Bell Youth Moto-9 is still a sleek-looking kids motorcycle helmet that offers aggressive color options for aspiring peewee riders. However, we’ll leave it up to your kiddo on whether or not matching mom or dad increases or decreases the cool factor.


3. Most Customizable Youth Dirt Bike Helmet – Troy Lee Youth SE4

best kids dirt bike helmet - Troy Lee SE4 Youth

The Troy Lee Youth SE4 is yet another exciting and colorful option that offers your youngster heightened protection on the track. A standard 3-year warranty guarantees that any factory issues will be swiftly dealt with, and the included soft helmet bag will help your peewee care for their prized youth dirt bike helmet at all times. The Youth SE4 ranges from $188 to $250, which is a steal for the tech that’s included.

Why we chose the Troy Lee Youth SE4 for kids motocross

Like the Bell Youth Moto-9, the Troy Lee Youth SE4 youth motocross helmet has MIPS included for superior impact protection. In addition, an EPP (expanded polypropylene) chin bar helps protect against facial and neck injuries in the event of a crash. Where most models feature standard cheek pads, the Youth SE4 offers 3D contoured emergency release cheek pads for a more personalized fit.

Three potential shell sizes mean your pee-wee can choose their closest fit, and the insane 16 intake and 12 exhaust ports are unheard of on a kids dirt bike helmet. The lightweight polymer shell helps to keep your kiddo comfortable when they’re serving heat, and extra pads or visors are also available when you order directly from Troy Lee.

Unsurprisingly, our junior riders gave the Youth SE4 kids dirt bike helmet glowing reviews for ventilation and lightweight comfort. The variety of colorways were also appealing to our team, and the 3D cheek pads were rated as being slightly more comfortable than the standard variety. 

Top Measurements & Features:

  • Minimum head circumference: 50cm
  • Helmet weight: 1350g
  • MIPS protection
  • Dual-density EPS  
  • DOT & ECE certified

Troy Lee Youth SE4 Dirt Bike Helmet Cool Factor:

No matter what sort of vibe your peewee is into, the Youth SE4 kids dirt bike helmet’s got a design they’ll love. Whether that’s a solid matte black, a more detailed design or blinding colors, seven different varieties are available to choose from. Plus, if your junior’s got a gnarly nickname, you can pay the extra $150 for customization so they’ll always stand out from their competition.


4. Traditional Kids Dirt Bike Helmet – Fox Racing Youth V2 

Best dirt bike helmets for kids - FOX Youth V2 2023

The Fox brand is a motocross institution. Not only do they make some of the best gear around, they also support multiple world champions, a huge array of designs and some serious features. The $229 price tag on the Youth V2 kids Fox helmet is reasonable for the safety mechanisms that work in concert to keep your peewee safe.

Why we chose the Fox Racing Youth V2 for kids motocross

Despite not having an impact management system, the Youth V2 Fox dirt bike helmet has a few different features that work together to manage impact in a similar way. The Magnetic Visor Release System (MVRS) ensures your kiddo’s visor won’t get stuck in the ground and jostle their head even more, while the injection molded polycarbonate shell helps to disperse energy in the event of a crash.

Inside, the Youth V2 features signature Fluid Inside tech that helps to dissipate both linear and rotational energy from being transferred to the brain. This works alongside a dual-density Varizorb liner to spread impact forces across a wider area. 

Some of our kids had a bit of an issue fitting this Fox motocross helmet since there’s only one shell and one EPS size, so that was a bit of a setback. For our peewees that could give this kids Fox helmet a solid try, the 11 intake and 4 exhaust ports did well to keep them cool on their rides, and the XT2 comfort liner kept everyone comfortable for their time in the saddle.

Top Measurements & Features:

  • Minimum head circumference: 47cm
  • Helmet weight:
  • EPP chin bar
  • DOT & ECE Certified

Fox Racing Youth V2 Dirt Bike Helmet Cool Factor:

Fox offers three brightly contrasted colors to choose from, and from their substantial racing relationship, it won’t be a hard to sell your kiddo on this Fox motocross helmet. Just make sure it fits them well before they head out!


5. Lightest Youth Dirt Bike Helmet – Fly Racing Youth Kinetic

best kids motocross helmet - Fly Racing Kinetic Youth 2023

One of the more inexpensive options on our 2023 kids dirt bike helmet list is the Fly Racing Youth Kinetic helmet. At $129, this youth MX helmet is going to suit a range of riders and keep them cool and protected no matter what. The included fleece helmet bag will help teach your junior rider the basics about taking care of their dirt bike gear early on.

Why we chose the Fly Racing Youth Kinetic for kids motocross

The standard polymer shell and dual-density EPS liner are two of the essential safety pieces in Fly Racing’s kids motorcycle helmet lineup, not to mention the rubber molded trim and nose guard for extra protection. True Functional Ventilation (TFV) on the Youth Kinetic helps to force air all the way through intake vents and channels and out the exhaust ports for an enhanced cooling effect on rides.

As far as rebuildable comfort, the included removable and washable cheek pads and comfort liner ensure easy cleaning after a sweaty day out, and a replaceable mouthpiece can be switched out after too much wear. Fly Racing also offers an optional cold weather breath guard for this youth motocross helmet if your peewee will be riding in colder temperatures. 

Our kiddos were stoked on all the different color options for the Kinetic kids dirt bike helmet, and the TFV helped force air through so our riders stayed cool. We also had good reviews about the comfort of the mouth guard.

Top Measurements & Features:

  • Minimum head circumference: 47cm
  • Helmet weight: 1220g
  • True Functional Ventilation (TFV)
  • DOT certified

Fly Racing Youth Kinetic Dirt Bike Helmet Cool Factor:

As stated, the range of colors in the Youth Kinetic range is only matched by the ATR-2Y. Whether your kiddo is looking for camouflage, color blocking, a pixelated look or neon combos, the Youth Kinetic kids dirt bike helmet will have something they’ll love that won’t break the bank in the process.


6. Most Advanced Youth Dirt Bike Helmet – Alpinestars Supertech S-M10

Best youth motocross helmet 2023 - Alpinestars Supertech S-M10

Although the Supertech S-M10 dirt bike helmet has been formulated with adults in mind, the smallest size will offer substantial protection to some juniors with a larger head circumference. Noted as one of the most advanced dirtbike helmets on the market, the Supertech S-M10 boasts the $619 price tag of an adult MX helmet, but it’s worth it for the protection of your teen’s growing brain. 

Why we chose the Alpinestars Supertech S-M10 dirt bike helmet

Four different sizes of carbon composite shell are available for the choosing when you purchase the Supertech S-M10, and the included liner attaches at three different spots inside the dirtbike helmet. Since MIPS is the standard safety system on the Supertech S-M10, the liner rotates within the shell to reduce forces, and Eject compatibility offers extra protection for unintended crashes. 

The quick release visor design helps to prevent extra tweaking upon impact, and the wider-than-average chin strap gives even more security so your youngster is locked into place for their ride. When they’re done in the saddle, the included storage bag and spare visor are a nice touch to keep their investment extra safe.

Even though this is technically an adult motocross helmet, some of our larger juniors were able to fit it just fine. They were especially excited about the hydration capabilities, as this feature isn’t usually standard on purely kids dirt bike helmets. All the riders we surveyed felt ultra-safe in the Supertech S-M10 with all of its features, and it didn’t hurt that ventilation was highly rated among that list.

Top Measurements & Features:

  • Minimum head circumference: 53cm
  • Helmet weight: 1340g
  • Hydration compatibility
  • MIPS protection
  • Eject compatible
  • DOT & ECE certified

Alpinestars Supertech S-M10 Dirt Bike Helmet Cool Factor:

Kids always want to grow up too fast, and while we wish they’d slow down, the Supertech S-M10 dirt bike helmet gives this grown-up feeling while keeping them protected from the unknown. Plus, five different colorways let your kiddo have their own pro style on the starting line.


7. Cheapest Kids Dirt Bike Helmet – Answer Racing Youth AR1

dirt bike helmet for 6 year old - Answer Youth AR1

Answer Racing is one of the newer brands on the market, but they’re a top contender for most affordable kids dirt bike helmet. Pricing out between $69 and $109 depending on your preferences, the Youth AR1 offers basic safety features that are wallet friendly.

Why we chose the Answer Racing Youth AR1 for kids motocross

First up on the Youth AR1 is the injection-molded polycarbonate and ABS shell for enhanced durability and any rugged occasion your peewee has in mind. The additional sculpted EPS liner offers an extra layer of protection to this youth MX helmet while promoting comfort on a long day in the saddle.

The included liner & cheek pads are both removable and washable so the stink won’t follow your kiddo home, but multiple intake and exhaust ports should help minimize this effect. 

Our kiddos enjoyed their time in the Youth AR1, but noted it didn’t feel quite as sturdy as some of the other kids dirt bike helmets they’ve tried. In addition, some riders found it to be far too snug for their comfort.

Top Measurements & Features:

  • Minimum head circumference: 47cm
  • Helmet weight: 
  • Sculpted EPS liner
  • DOT & ECE certified

Answer Racing Youth AR1 Dirt Bike Helmet Cool Factor:

Esthetically, the Youth AR1 has five bold, four vivid and two solid colors to choose from depending on the style your kiddo has in mind. Even though this isn’t a brand the pros use (yet), the colors set themselves apart depending on what vibe they like. Just be sure to get the right youth MX helmet fit and potentially size up if necessary! 


8. Rookie Youth Dirt Bike Helmet – Just1 J32

dirt bike helmet for 2 year old - Just1 J32 2022

Newcomers Just1 are showing up the market with new & useful details that will hopefully lead to more informed kids dirt bike helmet buying decisions. Is the $129 price tag worth it for the tech you get? We’ll let you be the judge. 

Why we chose the Just1 J32 for kids motocross

The J32 kids motorbike helmet is the only youth dirt bike helmet on our list that outright describes a definite head shape (intermediate oval), and we like that idea in theory. Since every kiddo is different, this helps to ensure that the fit will be more personalized.

The aerodynamic peak is a nice touch, along with the fact that it’s the only kids dirt bike helmet that’s neck brace ready. A super padded inner lining is entirely removable and washable, including emergency removal cheek pads.

Some of our riders really enjoyed the fit of this youth motorcycle helmet, while others felt the padding was a bit much or it didn’t fit their head quite right. Some of this may be due to the single shell and EPS size that’s offered by Just1. However, our kiddos that were able to take this kids MX helmet out for a ride were relatively pleased with the ventilation it offered from the included five intake and four exhaust ports.

Top Measurements & Features:

  • Minimum head circumference: 47cm
  • Helmet weight: 1202g
  • Neck brace ready
  • DOT & ECE certified

Just1 J32 Dirt Bike Helmet Cool Factor:

Even though Just1 isn’t a super well known brand as of 2023, especially for kids gear, there are a variety of neon colorways to choose from that can distract your kiddo from not having a fancy name brand on this youth dirt bike helmet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you size a dirt bike helmet for a child?

Youth motorcycle helmets have a variety of sizing options depending on the brand. That’s why it’s super important to look at the size chart on the website you’re buying from so you can get the correct fit. Our article on helmet sizing also goes into some of these specifics so you’ll know you’re getting the right fit for your peewee. 

Protection is vital at any age, and you want to make sure their chosen kids dirt bike helmet is comfortable. If the fit is too tight, they’ll want to take it off, too loose and it could fly off in a crash. Be sure to measure correctly and keep in mind that cheek pads will break in over time.

What is the smallest kids motocross helmet?

It’s no surprise that size is going to depend on the brand. Brands like Fox & Fly Racing start their youth MX helmets around 47 centimeters (18 ¼ inches) in circumference, as well as newcomers Just1 and Answer Racing. At least for the kids dirt bike helmets featured here, the brands above that start at 47 centimeters seem to offer the smallest youth motocross helmets across the board.

Always make sure your peewee’s kids dirt bike helmet and gear fits them well before they get out on the track. We’ll have more motocross advice coming for you shortly! 

6D Youth ATR-2Y 2022










Value for money



  • Minimum head circumference: 49cm
  • Helmet weight: 1250g
  • Most advanced level of brain protection
  • Goggle band integrated shell recess for superior goggle fit
  • Exceeds DOT, ECE, ACU + ASTM standards

Table of Contents