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Cheap Dirt Bike Gear

cheap dirt bike gear - answer jersey


Best selection of Cheap Dirt Bike Gear on the market


Let’s begin with the simplest of the questions, why is there a need of cheap dirt bike gear when one is equally capable of riding bikes at high velocity and with controlled speed. The fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt cruises at 27.78 mph, his speed would result in serious injury if he happens to fall at some point. Anything going at a speed faster than normal would be risky and may end up giving you problems serious than minor bruises and injuries.

But this is only normal that our bodies are fashioned in a way where our skin and bones won’t be able to withstand an injury at high speed. Admitting to the fact that with high speed on motorbikes, an adrenaline rush takes over us, we can’t deny the possibility of being hurt during that time, so through science, mankind has fashioned the possibility of innocence ride by the use of gear. Put on a helmet, gear, boots and you are good to go and roam about without a worry. Let us see how we can enjoy the benefit of cheap dirt bike gear.

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Cheap Motocross Gear – Pants under 60$

Shift Assault Dirt Bike Pants

Cheap dirt bike gear - Shift Assault pantsThese shift assault pants are a great addition to your wearables since not only they come in 5 different color schemes but they fulfill a function too. They come at a price which is easily affordable to any rider. As mentioned above, dirt bike helmets are like a safety net when you step on the road so make sure your helmet goes well with your jerseys, pants and gloves.

For anyone looking for a combination of these can get a complete setup of “Assault” cheap dirt bike gear. The combination of red gloves along with matt helmet may not correspond so well, but it definitely is a winner when it comes to being casual. One can always use contrasting colors of ATV helmets, gloves and jerseys as far as it suits them and the road environment. The Assault kit is made of 600D with the slightest use of TPR so they are long lasting, and can suffer accidents. This is comfortable to wear and looks equally fit. Moving towards the jersey for that matter, it is classy yet has an open collar design which goes with unrestrictive cuffs. The best feature of the suit is comfortable and easy movement. Let us have a look at some of the distinctive features of this Assault suit.


Main features of this cheap dirt bike gear pants:

  • 600D main body/torso material.
  • Technical, articulated design to fit the need of the customer.
  • Multiple stretch zones that allow free movement
  • Natural, contoured lower leg cuff.


For a person as heighted as 6 feet 7 inches these pants definitely do justice because they fit just as right as the 38 jeans. Adjoining is the hip pad which allows comfortable seating. Although by the first look of it, it seems as if the sweat would contract it but it’s not all true. The airy material allows sweat to cool down and does not let it stick to your legs. To be honest, hopefully nothing goes wrong with these pants if worn with respect and the right timing. There have been instances when the riders have wanted the pants to do them necessary aeration since sweat is a common problem for them. These cheap dirt bike gear pants are perfectly designed for such occasions and times.

Find your true fit: Shift Racing Assault Race Men’s

Oneal Element Shocker Motocross Pants

cheap dirt bike gear - O'neal pantsAnother big hit of the season is Oneal element shocker pants. These are different than the ones we have mentioned earlier because of the fabric they are made of. Race ready graphics is the genre the Element line brings forward for the motorcyclists. Its superior quality, and the material are also quite an eye pleaser and comes in a wide range of sizes and colors. You don’t have to worry for the family now because Oneal Element cheap dirt bike gear has them covered. The key characteristics being roomy, airy, comfy fit and easily movable, render this one the winner. Some of the key distinctions that these shocker pants holds include the following,


Main features of this cheap motocross pants:

  • Heavy duty denier fabrics which credit this one as shocker pant
  • Durable spandex allows for stretching and increased movement in critical areas
  • Adjustable ratchet closure system
  • Protective rubber patches which come handy in a situation of some accident, this too makes it shocker pants


What other riders think about these cheap dirt bike pants?

As far as the reviews are concerned from the users, they have been quite promising and encouraging since most motorcyclists have found these gears to be of immense use. They have liked the padding feature as it allows them to move around freely. Most have opined that the color combinations of the shocker cheap motocross pants and the material are what make them great. Since getting dirty is a crucial part of biking and there is a fair chance of getting caught up in mud, these cheap dirt bike pants just are the finest choice for that. The wash on these cheap motocross pants is super easy. Not only they are easily washable, but the trails are not to be found once they have been cleaned thoroughly.

What people need to look out for is the drying process, because it leaves good quality into a wreck and letting the shocker pants do natural air drying is the ideal drying process. The pants are stiff to a degree which is mild and ideal, not so stiff to hold the person tight and unbreathable but just right to let around freely. However a little heads up for those who buy only one, these are shrinkable to some extent, so you are better off buying bigger ones.

Find your true fit: O’Neal Element Racewear Men’s Pant


Answer Syncron Dirt Bike Pants

cheap dirt bike gear - answer pantsThese are again a material to fancy and love. Be it a national hero or a champion of races, every individual loves these cheap dirt bike gear pairs not just because of how they feel but because how the price is so suitable. The price tags don’t empty your pockets so you are good to go. The modest pricing incorporates the features of slim fit pants, lightweight, and just the right choice for your ride. Being heavy and overburdened is not the most favorite thing so these Answer Syncron cheap dirt bike pants will be enough to bear through the race.

They are durable and very light as if the person feels like almost free to roam about. What goes into the making of these cheap motocross pants is some high quality, durable yet strong nylon and polyester fabric which renders the lightweight feature. People have loved these because of how great these look on them as well. They are dramatically curved around the knee which is a signal for extra protection against the unforeseen accidents and mishaps. Long motor races require such fabric to be worn for good performance and extra durability and protection.

Here are Main features of this cheap dirt bike pants:

  • High strength nylon and polyester fabrics provide long-lasting durability.
  • Stretch panels create freedom of movement.
  • High performance, durable nylon inner knee panels.
  • Pre-shaped knees allow room for all braces.

The customer feedback has been great and most of them have agreed upon the benefit of modest price, along with that, some other highlights of the feedback include,

  • Good at keeping heat from the bike off my legs.
  • These pants are very comfortable.
  • True fit and just an overall good product. Typical Answer Racing product.
  • For the price I paid for they are a great option

Find your true fit: Answer Racing Syncron Men’s MX Motorcycle Pants

Cheap Dirt bike Gear – Jersey, under 35$

Shift Assault Cheap Dirt Bike Jersey

cheap dirt bike gear - shift jersey frontLet us now shift our gears to something which is even under 35 dollars. Shocking isn’t it? But you heard it right. The lightest, most and minimalistic cheap dirt bike gear fabric are now only a knock away from you. These suits and pants are however for the youth who is not only budget conscious but also fashion savvy. For those youngsters and riders who do not appreciate long frills or extra designing, this is just the perfect ensemble.

The mesh jersey flows with it are another compliment to the best wearable. The flow is so serene that it keeps you cool all of the time with the flow of the right amount of air that does not let you perspires like crazy. Same 600D construction is incorporated with no bulk and excessive drama of TRP logos in the making. Some of the features that would attract you as a rider are

  • Technical, moisture wicking polyester and mesh fabrics throughout
  • Four panel construction
  • Technical collar design
  • Relaxed fit with drop tail



Shift Assault cheap dirt bike jersey is surely the thing youngsters and young riders are looking for. The extra light effect and weightlessness feel one gets after wearing it is useful for the rides as you want minimal burden on you for acing the races. Not only the protection is done right, but your ride gets smoother.

Find your perfect fit: Shift Racing Assault Race Men’s

Answer Syncron Cheap Dirt Bike Jersey

cheap dirt bike gear - answer jerseyMoving further, performance conscious individuals are always digging something that is sublime, neat, light and t yet affordable. Quality is one of the key aspects that gears cannot just go by easily. This race kit by Answer Syncron kit is not just tested, but also recommended by the riders because of the experience of the ride they have had after wearing it. The top pro athletes have encouraged these because of the following attractions and distinctions:

  • Sublimated interlock poly fabric construction
  • Comfortable self-fabric V-neck collar design
  • Oversize raglan sleeve pattern for extra comfort
  • Extra-long tail section


It surely is a bonus when one thing meant to serve one purpose, does multiple advantages to you. The additional value proposition in this fabric and pants is the look it gives the rider. Not just your look and appearance is athletic and smart, but your wearable has rendered you safe. Go no further if safety and beauty are what you seek at the same time with minimalistic price combinations of cheap dirt bike gear. The jersey is a hit of the century.

Find your perfect fit: Answer Racing Syncron Men’s


Oneal Element Shocker Motocross Jersey

cheap dirt bike gear - oneal jerseyThe element line is already a hit in providing shocker pants and now it has successfully administered the manufacturing of shocker jerseys as well. The race related concerns are easily handled when one wears gears offered by Oneal Element. These too are race ready graphics which carry superior entry-level materials. They are available in a wide array of colors and sizes to suit the articulated needs of the entire family. The shrinkable feature is not an issue anymore. These jerseys have been fashioned by keeping the concept of roomy, comfy fit and airated werable in mind for the trail and track.

The wow factor in these casual, trendy and practical cheap dirt bike jerseys is summed up by

  • Breathable, moisture-wicking material used to manufacture the jersey
  • Sublimated graphics and prints
  • Extended tail
  • Sewn-in elbow padding, which allows extra weight lifting
  • V-neck collar for fashion conscious youngsters

The jersey is an all time winner in rides and most racing marathons because of the fact that the rider feels like walking in comfy dress rather than being loaded with gears of heavy weight. The jersey is so comfortable and light weight that riders seek only this sort. The ventilation perspective is another temptation for athletics personnels. No matter what weather it is you are good to go. Seasonality is the most important factor which is kept in mind when these were first in the making because often the hot weathers do not accommodate these gears and rides because more of a pain than enjoyment.

Find your perfect fit: Oneal 2017 Element Shocker Mx Jersey

Troy Lee Designs GP Air Cheap dirt bike Jersey

71eel3vss0l-_sl1000_This is an item of awe and inspiration to ride with. The design has been specified for the comfort factor that most riders demand. The GP gear adds the durability phenomenon so that in the event of any injury the jersey does not rip open or rip off. The flexibility of the material and the high quality is additionally valued feature. For riders the fabric or wearable has to be breathable otherwise the fun element is lost in the racing. Customizable feature is quite popular with people who can allow their budget to get a little free.

The initial issue being faced by most riders is the durability, protection and weightlessness factor. Troy Lee has designed these jerseys with the core idea of only these three offerings in their product to attract the motocross lovers. The versatility of design, the ease of carrying what you wear and the fabric type all blend into the ideal wearable for the riders and all racing conditions. No one knows what racing conditions you may encounter so wouldn’t it be great if one is already prepared for that to avoid any surprises?

Some excellent features and notable characteristics include:

  • Ribbed stretch V-neck collar.
  • Large-holed mesh fiber polyester material which is obviously a high quality one
  • Tapered and angled cuff design to attract the younger lot
  • Gel print on tail keeps jersey in place.
  • Drop tail design for added comfort.


The most noticeable feature of this cheap dirt bike jersey is its thickness. So far you must have come across light weight things, but this is one of a kind, not only it is light but the material is thick but different. Thickness has nothing to do with the weight of the jersey in fact it allows it to be more natural and more breathable for the rider. When one looks at it first, they may find it transparent, but that doesn’t mean you have restricted the color choice.

There are most certainly many colors to pick from this cheap dirt bike gear collection. But if you want to experiment with it, try a colorful t-shirt underneath the transparent jersey to give it a kick. On warmer days this again is a fine choice for young riders as the sweat is absorbed and sometimes doesn’t leave your body because of the ventilation. The transparent feature is quite recognizable and loved by the riders. It also aids in long races.

Find your perfect fit: 2016 Troy Lee Designs GP Air Flexion Jersey

FLY Kinetic Crux Cheap motocross Jersey

cheap dirt bike gear - flu jersey frontThe Fly Kinetic line is the standard for exclusivity, quality and exceptionally high wear race material. This is what the riders always want from cheap dirt bike gear since it complements the movements in a way that allow the race to be done smoothly and rapidly. Sometimes riders often complain about the unnecessary distractions from the clothes and jerseys they wear. That is now addressed with the FLY kinetic wearables. They are causal and easy to wear.

Some of the fascinating features of this jersey are

  • Multi-panel construction for maximum performance and comfortable fit
  • Comfort-Stretch collar
  • Shorty cuffs with elastic sleeves reduce unwanted arm pump
  • Mesh ventilation panels integrated into the jersey in key areas to help dissipate heat
  • Tag less printed collar for added comfort
  • Sublimated graphics are the highest quality in powerful detailed graphics
  • Extended tail helps keep jersey tucked in
  • Standard fit – not too loose, not too tight, just the right strategically fit wearable

cheap dirt bike gear - fly jersey back




This cheap motocross jersey is again a winner in jerseys for its countless benefits and customer friendly aura. The value delivery is great towards the end. User feedback suggests that this cheap dirt bike gear jersey is loved in the market for its concept, usage and ventilation most importantly. Try to be a little adventurous and go for interesting pants, some classy shocker pants and fancy gloves. Give yourself not just the joy of riding but also protection.

Find your perfect fit: Fly Racing 2017 Kinetic Crux Mx Jersey

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