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Best Dirt Bike Boots 2021

Best Premium Boots [$400 +]

Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS Best Dirt Bike Boots
Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS Motocross Boots

Best Intermediate [$260 - $360]

Alpinestars Tech 7 Motocross Boots 2021
Alpinestars Tech 7 Motocross Boots

Best Cheap Boots [$130 - $250]

Fly FR5 Budget Dirt Bike Boots 2021
FLY Racing FR5 Motocross Boot

‘Best dirt bike boots’ is one of our most popular articles. In this latest update, we look at the best motocross boots available today. 

If you are on a budget then we always recommend avoiding second-hand MX boots, however good a bargain they seem.  As you will see there are some pretty inexpensive entry-level options available but, more importantly, Motocross boots have a tough life. Although they are built to last even the toughest pro-gear will weaken over time.  

Buy new, and stick with trusted MX industry brands like the ones on our list. With new boots, you always know exactly what you are getting and won’t be risking your own safety and protection on the track.

Best Dirt Bike Boots – Budget 

1. Fox Comp Motocross Boots

Fox Comp Best Budget Dirt Bike Boot_21_Black_1

The Fox Comp is a genuinely impressive entry-level MX boot which offers some of the highest levels of casing and protection in its class.  It has a chunky TPU-plated shin plate, re-designed inner leg heat panels and full heel and toe casing.  The internal steel shank and rubber outsole provide exceptional grip on the footpegs. 

The new inner lacing system is a simple and highly effective design that pulls the boot really snugly around your foot and lower leg giving a great feeling of protection and control. With no need for an inner boot, foot-lift is reduced, and the two upper Activelock straps and lower level Instinct buckle can be adjusted to keep everything secure and comfortable.

These dirt bike boots are ideal for riders with larger calves, as the Fox Comp has a large diameter top that won’t compromise comfort and can also easily accommodate knee braces if used.

These are superbly-designed and affordable Motocross boots that offer superior all-round performance and look awesome.

  • Manufactured in sizes 8-14
  • Colours available: Black, White, Flo Orange, Black/Yellow, Flame Red
  • Incorporates pro-level design features
Safety FeaturesInternal lace system, shin plate buckles, TPU plating on shin, toe cap and calf
Weight8.9 lbs / 4037 g
MaintenanceInstinct style buckles
DurabilityEnhanced outsole traction, high intensity rubber outsole with internal steel shank
Warranty1 year
How do they Compare?The entry level Comp boot by Fox is a sturdy competitor loaded with robust safety features. The internal lacing system and two sets of buckles keep you secure no matter what terrain you’re facing, while the thick rubber outsole and TPU plating offer protection for rugged situations. Knee brace compatible and designed for wide calves, you’ll be pleased with your $209 purchase.


2. FLY Racing Maverik Motocross Boots

Fly Racing Maverik Dirt Bike Boots

These entry-level Motocross boots from FLY Racing offer superior build quality and exceptional performance at an affordable price.

The moulded lightweight rubber outsole looks stylish and provides great durability, while the 3D shin and inner ankle panels are made from tough moulded plastic that will stay comfortable and strong on any MX ride.

The rubber heatshield is designed for grip and durability and the flexible gaiter-tops provide a snug fit and protection from dirt and the elements. The quick-lock buckles are clog-free and simple to operate and are fully adjustable to fit any size and any conditions.  The Maverik also provides excellent flexibility with an innovative one-piece plastic injected fishtail midsole and an articulated rear-ankle.

The FLY Racing Maverik is a great all-round dirt bike boot that delivers outstanding value and superior performance whatever level of adventure riding you are currently at.

  • Manufactured in sizes 7-14
  • Colours available: Black, Grey/Black, Red/Black, Hi-Viz/Black, White/Black
  • New range: Completely revamped design concept
Safety FeaturesArticulated rear ankle, inner & outer ankle protection, rubber heat shield, molded 3D shin for impact resistance
Weight2.7 lbs / 1225 g
MaintenanceQuick-lock buckles
DurabilityFish tail midsole & molded rubber outsole for more grip, more grooves & texture to avoid wear
Warranty1 year
How do they Compare?Ultra affordable at $139, the FLY Racing Maverik boot offers bang for your buck. The molded rubber outsole and rubber heat shield provide tough protection for gnarly conditions, while the molded 3D panels ensure less wear over time. Top it off with an articulated rear ankle for easy break-in and novel fishtail midsole, and you’re sure to stay comfy on every ride.


3. TCX X-Blast Motocross Boots

TCX X-Blast Cheap Dirt Bike Boots 2021

The TCX X-Blast are a terrific entry-level MX and Enduro riding boot from another well-known brand.

The AIR TECH breathable lining and an inner suede heat guard offer superior comfort, and the stretch upper collar ensures a constant and flexible fit while keeping out dirt and debris.  

The X-Blast has a breathable microfiber inner and is reinforced with polyurethane ankle and toe guards, has a comfortable padded front and ankle area and a removable foot-bed.

Just like the more expensive boots in the TCX range, the X-Blast offers optimal traction and maximum durability with a Michelin Hybrid MX rubber outsole with OC compound.

This is a performance-designed, stylish and affordable Motocross boot which offers exceptional value for money to trail, MX or adventure-riding fans who have  a restricted budget.

  • Manufactured in sizes 5-14
  • Colours available: Black, White, Blue/Yellow, Black/Yellow
  • Michelin Hybrid MX rubber outsole
Safety FeaturesAIR TECH interior for breathability, reinforced heel and toe, inner suede heat guard
Weight4.41 lbs / 2000 g
MaintenanceRemovable footbed, ergonomic buckles
DurabilityStretch collar for debris-free ride, padded front & ankle, Michelin Hybrid MX rubber outsole
Warranty1 year
How do they Compare?The entry level TCX X-Blast boot offers high-class durability for an affordable $139 price tag. The Michelin rubber outsole, comfort padding and stretch collar ensure a safe and reliable ride, while the AIR TECH interior and suede heat guard keep you cool even when the heat is on. Wrap it up with a removable footbed for easy cleaning and you’re ready for any challenge that comes your way.


4. FLY Racing FR5 Motocross Boot

Fly FR5 Budget Dirt Bike Boots 2021

The FLY Racing FR5 Motocross boots add a high-performance low-price option to the range.

A four-stage high grip sole design provides comfort, grip and balance on the pegs, and incorporates a perforated plush insole for advanced wicking and comfort on long rides.

The fishbone design mid-sole is both lightweight and strong. A flex-reducing rigid steel shank and moulded traction sole reduce vibration and peg-buzz.

The dual bio-mechanical hinges and aluminium adjustable quick lock buckle system combine ease of operation with maximum flexibility. A deep cushion layer adds to the overall comfort of this exceptional boot.

Heat guards are more than adequate, providing a good level of grip over two-thirds of the inner leg, and the extra flex provided by the dual-hinge has allowed FLY to add a lot more protection to the rear of the heel with no negative effects out on the MX track.

FLY Racing is a leading industry manufacturer, so you can rest assured that the FR5 is one of those motocross boots that delivers on every level.

  • Manufactured sizes 7-14
  • Colours available: Black, Gray/Blue, White, Orange, Hi-Viz, Red/Black/White
  • Padded, breathable lining, big on comfort
Safety Features3D plastic shin for impact resistance & comfort, TPU calf plate, 3D injected heel reinforcement plate, bio-mechanical ankle pivots for stability
Weight6.85 lbs / 3107 g
Maintenance3D molded panel with grooves to avoid early wear, quick-lock buckles
DurabilityInterior foam on ankle and collar, fish tail midsole, molded outsole, microfiber gaiter for comfort & no debris, long lasting heat shield, molded traction sole to reduce vibration, perforated insole
Warranty1 year
How do they Compare?Rounding out the budget category, the FLY FR5 boot is big on performance. Coming in at $249, the FR5s are designed similarly to the Maveriks with a fish tail midsole and 3D plastic molding throughout. Add the microfiber gaiter, bio-mechanical ankle pivots and both sole & insole upgrades and you’ll be ready to go the distance.


Best dirt bike boots – Intermediate Level

1. Alpinestars Tech 7 Motocross Boots

Alpinestars Tech 7 Motocross Boots 2021

With the Tech 7 Motocross boots, Alpinestars has produced a truly innovative anatomically-profiled piece of MX gear that is a real step up in key areas of flexibility, protection and comfort.  

The microfiber construction is abrasion and water-resistant while combining durability and improved weight-saving performance.  The foot shell is a single-piece injected compound incorporating a hard toe protector and built-in steel shank.  

The wide collar adjusts to calf-size or knee-brace, and the slick buckle system includes high-impact aluminium bridge closures with memory settings and quick-release. 

Grip is enhanced by advanced honeycomb rubber inserts in the TPU side panel which offers maximum impact protection.  A lower toe-box and ergonomically profiled forefoot allow greater control when shifting and braking.

  • Manufactured sizes 7-14
  • Colours available|: Black/White, Gray/Black/Pink
  • Innovative use of materials and technology throughout
Safety FeaturesCE Certified, strong sole for durability, TPU hybrid shin plate & medial protection with dual closure, contoured calf plate
Weight8.85 lbs / 4014 g
MaintenanceRemovable EVA/Lycra anatomic footbed for support, replaceable sole & foot peg insert, memory setting buckles
DurabilityLower toe-box for shifting ease, abrasion resistant shell, dual compound sole for performance, flexible microfiber upper reinforced with PU,
WarrantyRefunds within 30 days
How do they Compare?Starting off the intermediate class, the Alpinestars Tech 7 boot offers a step up from entry level at $389. With replaceable foot inserts, lowered toe box and microfiber upper, you’ll be ready to ride comfortably. Combined with the connected shin & medial plates and a contoured calf plate, you’re guaranteed steadfast safety and protection wherever your journey takes you.


2. Fox Racing Comp R Motocross Boot

FOX COMP R Intermediate Motocross Boots 2021

The Comp R is a terrific intermediate-price dirt bike boot from Fox Racing which, as you might expect, incorporates a whole host of MX design innovations.

The inner design and improved lining material provide instant step-in comfort, and a floating cuff provides a secure fit and vital lateral support as well as maximum protection from dirt and debris.

The design allows increased linear movement while locking out to prevent hyperextension. There are also features like full toe coverage, a reinforced heel cap and TPU shin plate and calf guard.  

A durable rubber outsole, internal steel shank, rubber burn and medial guard provide excellent grip and control on any kind of ride. Fox Racing’s ActiveLock closure system adds superior flexibility and secure fit. 

Fox Racing Motocross boots are big on comfort, support and protection, and the Comp R does not disappoint.

  • Manufactured sizes 8-14
  • Colours available: Black, White, Blue/Red
  • Maximum comfort requiring minimal break-in time
Safety FeaturesActiveLock silicone closure on shin plate, TPU shin & cap guards, reinforced heel and toe cap, internal steel shank, floating cuff
Weight6.6 lbs / 2994 g
MaintenanceInstinct style lower buckles
DurabilityRubber outsole, rubber medial & burn guard
Warranty1 year
How do they Compare?The Comp R boot from Fox Racing is another solid intermediate contender. Featuring an improved lining, floating cuff and ample protection wrapping the entire boot, there’s no question that you’ll feel secure. The rubber outsole and medial add to the overall durability, and with a $220 price tag, you can trust the ride even when things don’t go as planned.


3. Sidi Agueda Dirt Bike Boots

Sifi Agueda 2021 Best Dirt Bike Boots

Named after the MX1 track in Portugal, Sidi has followed a more traditional route with the Agueda, making it lighter than your typical motocross boot. The Agueda would suit ATV riders and adventure riders as well as motocross. Sidi’s synthetic leather is durable, lightweight and breathable. 

Agueda buckles are the fully adjustable cam-lock type, and there is TPU protection in all the vulnerable areas. 

All the bolt-on parts are replaceable, making the Agueda range another boot designed with longevity in mind. 

The Agueda provides the perfect halfway house between a full-on motocross boot and a more trials style boot. You will find the Agueda to be one of the lightest boots in this class. A point to note is that Sidi boots tend to fit narrow. If you have a wide foot look elsewhere.

This is an intermediate priced all-round boot for non-competitive riding. 


  • “Technomicro” synthetic leather
  • Triple stitched on, replaceable sole
  • Lightweight construction
  • Elastic gaiter

Colours- Just black, or black and yellow.

Sizes: 40 to 50

Safety FeaturesTPU protection, elastic gaiter, nylon insole, inner heat shield, plastic toe shield, shock resistant heel
Weight3.8 lbs / 1724 g
MaintenanceReplaceable sole & bolt-on parts, memory retention straps
DurabilityTechnomicro synthetic leather, anti-skid rubber sole
Warranty1 year
How do they Compare?The final midrange contender is the non-competitive Sidi Agueda boot, coming in at $219. This boot is super light and affordable, but is not suited for serious competition. Both the sole and bolt on parts are replaceable for easy maintenance, and the synthetic leather combined with the anti-skid rubber sole offer solid yet lightweight protection. Top it off with an elastic gaiter, toe shield and TPU protection and you’re ready for a day out on the ATV with friends.

Best Dirt Bike Boots – Premium Class

1. Fox Instinct Motocross Boots

Fox Instinct 2021 Best Dirt Bike Boots

For 2021 Fox Racing has updated their top-range Instinct dirt bike boots with innovations designed to enhance the rider’s intuitive bike control and to up-scale multiple MX safety and protection features.

The new Instinct has a slim over-all medial design including a slim toe-box in a low-riding chassis which allows closer shift and brake control.  Fox Racing’s exclusive Duratec rubber compound gives superb grip and maximum lasting durability on the outsole and burn guard.

The improved inner design means instant step-in comfort and support with no break-in required, and the hinge lock-out provides lateral support and prevents any risk of hyperextension from the ankle.

These are the kind of motocross boots that can give any rider a real advantage on the track.  The design team’s attention to detail and innovations in areas of weight saving, comfort and safety make the Fox Instinct well worth considering at pro-level.

  • Manufactured sizes 8-14
  • Colours available: White/Silver, Flo Yellow, Black/White/Orange
  • Premium dirt bike performance with enhanced control
Safety FeaturesHinge lockout, slim medial & toe-box, low-ride chassis
Weight16 lbs / 7257 g
MaintenanceReplaceable sole
DurabilityDuratec rubber outsole & burn guard
Warranty1 year
How do they Compare?Starting off the premium class, the Fox Instinct boot is ideal for wear and tear with an affordable $459 price tag. The replaceable sole will keep you comfy and fresh, while the signature Duratec rubber outsole and burn guard offer protection in rugged environments. Avoid hyperextension with the hinge lockout mechanism so you can keep riding all day long.


2. Gaerne SG12 Motocross Boots

Gaerne SG-12 Best Motocross Boots 2021

One of the most established industry names in design and production, Gaerne motocross boots are premium quality, Italian crafted pro-level boots packed with exciting features.   

A slim toe box uses a lightweight compound construction allowing more shift control without compromising protection. Gaerne very wisely sticks with the Dual Composite anti-shock rubber and memory cell foam lining that has given their dirt bike boots that trademark comfort.

The SG12 incorporates a brand new Dual-Stage pivot system for ankle protection. The Gaerne design uses a glide-plate for lateral support, natural feel on the pegs and enough to travel to avoid bottoming out on heavy landings. 

Four lightweight alloy buckles and an adjustable opening can accommodate a larger leg or knee brace, and the new front plate/shin guards are constructed with lightweight, shaped thermoplastic for advanced strength and protection.

The Gaerne SG12 is one of the best Motocross boots on the market.

  • Manufactured sizes 7-14
  • Colours available: 15 options from Black or Red/White through to Limited Edition Aqua
  • Ground-breaking MX innovation with superb Italian craftsmanship
Safety FeaturesSlim toe box, memory cell foam lining, dual-stage pivot system, glide plate, shaped thermoplastic shin guards
Weight4 lbs / 1814 g
MaintenanceLightweight alloy buckles & adjustable opening
DurabilityDual composite anti-shock rubber
How do they Compare?The Gaerne SG12 boot is a high-quality selection that will keep you protected at any cost. A new dual-stage pivot system combined with a glide plate, shaped shin guards and slim toe box, yields one of the sturdiest boots in production today. Their signature anti-shock rubber and overall lightweight feel makes the SG12 a safe bet with a $494 price tag.


3. Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS Best Dirt Bike Boots

Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS Best Dirt Bike Boots

The new improved Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS are top-of-the-range dirt bike boots packed with technology and design for maximum protection and performance.

Anti-abrasion Cambrelle, Teflon mesh and breathable nylon are combined to give a truly formidable level of MX or adventure riding comfort and protection.

The leg of the boot is stitch-free and screw-assembled making it fully replaceable. this modular design extends to the nylon inner guard/kick-starter.  The sole sits deeper in a cupped design which creates a firmer and more responsive grip and makes the top of the boot very durable.

The newly-designed ankle pivot system prevents hyperextension and a Dual Flex system upper can fit any size of leg or knee brace. The cam-lock buckle system adjusts independently as you change positions.

The Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS are premium choice MX and Enduro boots. We love them. 

  • Manufactured sizes 7-12.5
  • Colours available: 11 options from Black/Ash or White through to White/Blue/Flo Red
  • Dual-purpose use for Motocross and trail/Adventure riding.
Safety FeaturesReinforced toe with SRS compatibility, patented flex system that blocks hyperextension, cam-lock buckle adjusts to position changes
Weight8.8 lbs / 3992 g
MaintenanceReplaceable boot leg, shin plate & inserts, wide calf adjustable, replaceable buckle system
DurabilityCupped sole for firmer grip
Warranty1 year
How do they Compare?The Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS boot is ideal for a rider that’s ready to upgrade. At $574, much of this boot is replaceable and ultra-durable and will hold up longer than other premium boots. The cupped sole, reinforced toe, patented flex system and adjusting cam-lock buckle are sure to keep you protected even in the hairiest situations.


Whatever boots you end up with, make sure you wear them in around the house before you go for your first ride. Have fun out there!

Martin and TeamMA

Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS


Boots quality








Value for money



  • Highly flexible
  • Durable
  • Protective
  • Light
  • Comfortable


  • Expensive
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