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Best Dirt Bike Boots 2021

Best Premium Boots [$400 +]

TCX COMP EVO 2 - Michelin

Best Intermediate [Under $400]

Fox comp R 2020 Boots
FOX Comp R

Best Cheap Boots [Under $200]

TCX Blast
TCX X-Blast

Dirt bike boots are one of the most essential pieces of kit you will buy. In my opinion, you should never ride a dirt bike without wearing proper MX boots or an MX helmet.

As any experienced dirt bike rider will tell you; the importance of wearing a good quality, specialized motocross boots can not be overstated. If you are trying motocross for the first time, your road bike boots, motorcycle touring boots or hiking boots, will not be suitable for the style of riding you are about to do. If you are new to motocross, then your journey is just beginning. I hope you find many useful articles on motocross advice.

Buying a dedicated pair of dirt bike boots is essential to your safety and your riding experience. You will need the protection they will give you as well as the comfort and maneuverability. Motocross boots are designed to protect more of your lower leg than road boots. During your ride, you may come across loose rocks, tree branches and undergrowth. These natural obstacles will come into contact with your lower legs and feet. A specialized motocross boot is designed to take the punishment of regular impacts with these obstacles.

Your feet play an essential role in dirt bike riding. They are one of the three contact points you have with the bike. Your dirt bike boots need to translate what the bike is doing beneath you. With the right boot, you will be able to feel how much grip the tyres have and how well your suspension is working. Your boot will also provide that all-important protection, comfort and maneuverability.

All in all, there is quite a lot going on!

Of course, if you are already an experienced rider, you will have a clear idea of the type of boot which works for you. If you are about to replace a pair of well worn motocross boots, then you will find our suggestions for intermediate and premium level mx boots to be of most use.


With this guide, I will walk you through the best dirt bike boots available in 2020.

We will look at dirt bike boots in the following categories; entry-level, intermediate, premium and Pro level. Each level has been given an approximate price point if you are searching for your next motocross boot with a budget in mind. I will walk you through some of the key features of motocross boots available for the 2020 season. I hope this will make your decision on which boots to buy, a much easier one.

So, let’s get into it!


Motocross Advice – Best Cheap Dirt Bike Boots 2021

Price guide under $200

If you are starting off-road riding, or on a budget, you don’t need to invest too much to get a good pair of dirt bike boots. A budget motocross boot will give you all the features you need to start riding safely. As a new rider, you may not be sure if motocross is for you. Understandably, a new rider will be budget-conscious.

Some may think that second-hand motocross boots make sense in this situation. I would disagree. Motocross boots have a tough life. The materials used, wear, and eventually, the protection they give will become compromised. It does not make sense to risk your safety when entry-level motocross boots are so reasonably priced. You can buy cheap dirt bike boots new off the shelf, and they will do a great job of protecting you. Or you can purchase cheap motocross boots second hand that may not serve you so well.

Ultimately it is your choice, but we think it would be safer to start your search for cheap dirt bike boots with the new, box-fresh examples we have researched for you in this article. Besides, who doesn’t like a nice new pair of boots for motocross?!


1. Fox Comp – Best Cheap Dirt Bike Boots

Fox Comp 2020 Cheap Motocross BootsWe start with a manufacturer synonymous with motocross riding. Fox. The Fox Comp boot takes many of the features engineered into there more expensive ranges, simplifies them, and puts them into a more affordable boot.

An internal lace system achieves a custom-fit around the ankle. Two upper straps and a lower buckle make them easy to use, flexible and give perfect support. Your shin, calf, heel and toe areas are fully protected. The sole of the Fox Comp boot has been redesigned to maximize grip and comfort on the pegs.



  • The Fox Comp utilizes design features from more expensive Instinct model
  • The Fox Comp has an Internal lace system to provide a secure fit
  • The boot provides excellent grip and ‘feel’ on the bike
  • TPU shin plate, toe cap and calf guard gives the rider full lower leg protection


Why we chose the Fox Comp dirt bike boots

The Fox Comp, despite being an entry level product, offers superior protection. The level of casing and protection is impressive. With a chunky shin plate, full heel and toe casing and inner leg heat panels, the Fox Comp has some of the highest protection in its class.

We love the inner lacing system on the Fox Comp. The simple, effective design pulls the boot snugly around your foot and lower leg to increase feel, and ensure a secure fit. This design dispenses with the need for an inner boot, as well as reducing foot lift inside the boot. For 2020 Fox have chosen to replace the old style adaptive strap, with the standard Instinct style buckle and strap. 

If you ride with motocross knee braces and/or have large calves, then you will be grateful for Fox having designed the 2020 boot with a larger diameter top. 

Finally, as with all Fox products, the designers have hit the mark. Whatever level you ride at, a Fox Comp boot will perform well and look incredible. 

Note: If you are riding a more endurance or trials style, look at the Comp-X which is exactly the same boot with a different sole. 




2. Fly Racing Maverik

Fly Racing Maverick 2020 dirt bike bootsFly Racing is another established motocross sports brand. They also have ranges covering other extreme sports. The Fly Racing 2020 Maverik motocross boot has many great features at an affordable price, making them an excellent choice for anyone wanting a budget motocross boot under $200. 

Incorporated into the design is a leather heat shield, a top gator to repel dirt, and an impact-resistant moulded shin plate. The Maverik 2020 utilizes Fly Racings trademark design, easy-action buckles. 

To make gear shifts smooth and effortless Fly have added grooves to the shift panel on top of the foot, which is a 3D moulded design. These neat features prevent premature wear.

Why We Chose the Maverik dirt bike boots

The Fly Racing range has always inspired confidence. At every level, Fly Racing products represent incredible value for money. With the Maverik 2020 we particularly like the 3D molded gear shift panel. No one wants to miss a crucial gear change. This panel also adds to the lifespan of the boot at a point where friction is high. 

Another amazing feature for the price point is the inclusion of an articulated ankle system. The ankle joint needs protecting, and yet also has to be able to move freely. Some mx boots lose their flexibility in favour of impact resistance. With the Maverik you can enjoy both. 

Another favorite feature is the gaitor around the top of the boot that keeps all of that crud and debris out. 

A superb entry level boot. 


  • Leather heat shield
  • Shift panel for smooth shifts
  • Elastic gaiter prevents dirt ingress and increases comfort
  • Quick-lock adjustable buckles with non-clogging function




3. O’neal Element dirt bike boots

ONEAL Element Boots 2020The first thing you will notice about the O’neal Element motocross boot is the inclusion of a stitched sole design, giving them a retro look. O’Neal Element motocross boots benefit from 50 years experience in motocross. The experience translates into proven safety, comfort and durability. 

The O’neal Element boot features injection moulded plates to protect the rider from impacts. There is a metal toe guard that prevents the sole de-laminating, a metal shank insert provides rigid support and ensures the boot maintains its shape. Buckles and straps are replaceable, which will promote longevity. 

Why we chose the O’Neal Element mx boots

The O’Neal Element underwent a makeover in 2019 offering a far greater level of protection due to the increased PU panels. We think the increased protection brings it close to the Fox Comp in safety terms. 

Another of our favorite features is the traditional stitched sole. O’Neal say that this return to a more traditional design offers greater flexibility over their previous design. We think it is a great reason to consider these mx boots if you prefer a more retro style boot. The retro feel is continued with the half leg, leather heat shield and steel toe cap. 

There is a concertina style section in the rear of the leg which adds flexibility, which at the lower price point can sometimes be compromised. 

Our main reason for including the Element in the 2020 guide is that it offers a more traditional alternative to the other dirt bike boots in this price point. We like Oneal’s willingness to revert back to a previous design which creates more rider choice, and increased durability


  • Stitched on sole
  • Metal toe guard
  • Supportive metal shank
  • Replaceable straps and buckles




4. Axo Drone

AXO Drone Motocross Boots 2020Established in 1978, Axo has a long history in many aspects of motorcycling. The Axo Drone motocross boot is an entry-level boot with many of the hallmarks of a more expensive model. 

Using synthetic materials for the main body, the Axo Drone has a strong resistance to wear and a rigidity that gives excellent support. Impact-resistant plastic plates are utilized in varying thicknesses to provide maximum protection in vulnerable areas and flexibility where needed.

A non-slip interior constructed from a stain-resistant mesh lining and durable synthetics means it will feel comfortable even on the most demanding of rides. 

Why we chose the Axo Drone Boot

The Axo Drone is a tried and tested boot. With nearly a decades proven history it has aged well.     We particularly like the steel shank sole for increased rigidity. There is also the raised PU molding on the outer foot of each boot which provides excellent protection to the lower buckle.

If you want proven design with all the features you need for an entry level boot then you would do well to consider the Axo Drone. 


  • Steel shank for comfort and support
  • Floating buckle system gives unrestricted alignment
  • Quality materials for weight reduction and strength
  • Vinyl and foam gaiter to prevent dirt ingress




5. TCX X-blast 

TCX BlastTCX is one of the new kids on the block, comparatively speaking. The company was founded in 1999 and have become innovators in design. TCX have the internationally patented Torsion Control System. Every rider on the podium of the 2011 Dakar Rally was wearing TCX Pro 2.1 mx boots. What better testament to the brand’s reliability and comfort!

The x-blast has many of the features of the 2.1 for much less money. There are touches of quality such as; fully adjustable, aluminium cam lock buckles, stitched sole, metal toe cap, and polyurethane ankle and toe guard. The TCX entry-level dirt bike boots are a stiffer boot, so if you prefer rigidity, these may be for you. 

The X-blast range features the TCX Dual Torsion Control system which prevents your foot from twisting on impact. With a hard tapered rim to seal around you motocross trousers, a steel toe cap to avoid delamination and substantial heat grips on the inner leg, the X-blast is a fierce competitor in the sub $200 category.

Why we chose the TCX X-Blast

The TCX X-Blast has a number of features that we love. First of all the range of movement is great for such a rigid boot. TCX seem to have found the perfect combination of range of movement V rigidity. Admittedly, if you prefer a more flexible boot, you may want to consider one of the other entry level boots on offer. However, if a stiff boot is your preference, and you don’t want to sacrifice your ability to change gear  or move around, TCX offers that. 

If you have a narrower foot, this is another reason to look at the X-Blast. 

X-Blast offers a choice of two soles for the motocross rider and enduro rider. Recessed stitching will mean a longer lasting sole which has less chance of snagging in the way an older stitching design might. 


  • Adjustable upgradeable plastic buckles
  • Replaceable Stitched sole
  • Polyurethane on synthetic leather
  • Antibacterial, moisture-wicking fabric lining




Motocross Advice – Best intermediate Dirt Bike Boots

Price Guide $201 to $399

1. Fox Comp R Motocross Boots

Fox comp R 2020 BootsFor our first intermediate boot, we go back to Fox. The Fox Comp R is the next level on from the Fox Comp. Safety, comfort and flexibility as always, top of the list in Fox design. 

An example of the design-led thinking is the two lower buckles which are designed to pull the heel of the foot into the boot, preventing heel lift. 

A smart floating cuff system gives lateral support as well as increased lateral movement, locking out before you suffer hyperextension of the ankle. The Antilock silicone strap closure system gives extra comfort and flexibility. 

The Tech 5 outsole features durable rubber with an internal steel shank for increased rigidity. These motocross boots look fantastic too, with an aggressive, bold design making for a great look at the start line! 

Why We Chose The Fox Comp R Motocross Boots

When you have a company like Fox Racing manufacturing, they are drawing from years of experience with pro level riders. These guys demand the best when they are riding, and comfort is a big priority for them. It is no surprise that the Fox Comp R is an extremely comfortable boot, right out of the box. They have all the rigidity and protection you will need, but they don’t feel like they need a huge amount of break in time.

Fit is snug, even for a wider foot. The inside of the boot is adequately padded and closure, by way of the silicone strap system used on the comp & instinct mx boots, increases comfort levels no end. The silicone strap is adjustable, and will allow extra flex when moving around on the bike. The toe box is roomy and there seems to be no foot lift (Or heel float, whichever you prefer), when moving around.

Rider safety is taken care of with plenty of armored around around the toe, heel and shin. I like the chunkiness of this boot. It really looks and feels like it will shrug off impact, dirt and debris with ease.

The inner leg has a very large surface are of grip and heat resistant materials. The Fox Comp R has one of the flattest inner leg profiles in it’s class. This means maximum contact with your bike at all times. Again, confidence inspiring, and a real indication of how Fox MX have put all that they have learned into their products.



  • Patented Antilock closure system
  • Zero heel lift
  • Floating cuff system
  • Full shin, calf, heel and toe protection




2. Alpinestars TECH 5 dirt bike boots

Alpinestars 2020 Tech5 Motocross bootAlpinestars identify their range as Tech3, Tech5, Tech7, Tech8 and Tech10. Tech10 being top of the spectrum. The Tech 5 model is one of the most recent additions to the Alpinestar catalogue. 

Consider the Tech 5 as a Tech 7 light – rather than a Tech 3 upgrade.

Alpinestar Tech 5 motocross boots have many design features to provide everything you need in a motocross boot. These include a new design of self-cleaning/adjusting buckle. 

Elasticated bellows run up the entire rear of the boot to give class-leading comfort. There is PU protection on the inner side for heat protection. 

A biomechanical hinge on the inner side provides flexibility, and the soul is a one-piece “mono fused” design. Small design touches like the inverted lower buckle to prevent damage during a low-side, demonstrate the Alpinestar commitment to racing technology. Moisture-wicking, a solid toe box and a high level of water resistance for their class, make the Alpinestar Tech 5 a real value for money choice. 

Why we chose the Alpinestars Tech 5

It is hard to find a more comfortable boot than Alpinestars. The Tech 5 will take a while to break in, but that is not unusual for an off road boot. Once the Tech 5 has broken in, you will find them to be some of the best boots you have ever worn. 

One of our favorite features is the bio-mechanical hinge system which is a great addition at this price point. While we are on the subject of mechanics, the buckle design on the Tech 5 is one of the best on the market. 

Another great thing about the Tech 5 is the high level of water resistance. To be clear, these dirt bike boots are not waterproof. As with many off road boots, waterproofing is not a standard feature. The Tech 5 does keep more of the damp stuff out though, which is a plus for any rider. 


  • New self-cleaning/adjusting buckle system
  • Multi-density construction for comfort and flexibility
  • Bio-mechanical hinge
  • Replaceable sole




3. Fly Racing FR5

Fly Racing FR 2020Fly Racing is back in our sights with the intermediate FR5. 

A four-stage high grip sole design provides comfort, grip and balance on the pegs. 

The first stage is a perforated plush insole for advanced wicking and comfort on long rides. 

The second stage is an injected fishbone design midsole which is lightweight yet very strong. A rigid in-mould flex reducing steel shank further enhances the midsole. 

The third stage is courtesy of the fishbone foam layer engineered to absorb shock and vibration. 

Finally, a fourth, an anti-vibration moulded traction sole nail the grip and reduce peg buzz. 

Other features include dual biomechanical hinges and aluminium adjustable quick lock buckle system.

Why we chose the Fly Racing FR 5 boots

The internals of the Fly FR5 are constructed from a nicely padded, soft lining material. This creates a comfortable environment for the riders foot. There is a deep cushion layer your foot and heel. 

As with the Fox Comp, Fly have opted for a molded sole. The one advantage of a molded sole over the stitched on sole, is that your foot will sit deeper into the boot. Fly have made sure the outer sole is durable and grippy, with a brand new sole design for this model. 

Gear changes are a breeze with the FR5. The molded sole and thinner toe box allow the boot to sit comfortably under the gear shift, reducing botched changes and false neutrals. 

For the safety conscious, you will find a lot more in the way of molded plastic impact zones. As well as the shin and outer boot, Fly have added a deep heel impact zone. With the extra flex provided by the dual hinge, they have been able to add a lot more plastic to the rear of the heel with no negative effects. 

Heat guards are more than adequate, providing a good level of grip over two thirds of the inner leg. 

The aluminum boot buckles on the FR5 are a significant upgrade from the entry level Maverick from Fly Racing. They are more traditional than the Fox offering in this price point, but the boot is a real winner in so many ways. 

In conclusion, Fly Racing have an intimidating product with the FR5. Over specced for it’s price point. This is a boot that could easily be raced, should you be moving up in your skill set. It also provides great comfort and safety for those with longer rides in mind. Superb value for money and available in a wide range of funky color schemes.


  • Four-stage high grip sole design
  • Dual biomechanical hinges
  • Adjustable quick lock buckles
  • Padded microfibre gaiter




4. O’neal RDX 2.2

Oneal RDX 2.2 2020We go back to the O’Neil range for our fourth intermediate boot, the RDX2.2. In the perpetual quest for maximum comfort, flexibility and safety, these boots tick all the boxes. The O’Neil RDX pivot system allows the maximum range of movement for your foot. 

The bike side of the RDX2.2 boot has rubber plates for grip and heat resistance. These motocross boots are an excellent option for taller riders as height adjustment is possible through innovative design. 

Hyperextension protection is all part of the flexible, hinged heel construction. 

The shin plate is adjustable, allowing you to tune the fit around the calf area, and a service kit can be purchased to keep your boots in tip-top condition. In keeping with intermediate level motocross products, the straps, buckles, rubber sole, foot insert and upper body are all replaceable. With such flexibility in fit and so much attention to serviceability, the RDX2.2 is one of the most reliable boots out there. 

Why we chose the O’Neal RDX2.2

O’Neal are another manufacturer that have put time and effort into their boots flexibility. Natural foot movement is not compromised, and lateral rigidity remains at a level where injury from lateral forces is reduced. 

The level of spec is high as a whole, but the buckle designs are also up there with the best. The buckles are aluminum, which is expected at this price point, and feature a double pin lock for extra security on closure. 



  • Full tilt RDX pivot system
  • “Army rubber” sole with steel shank
  • Height adjustment for taller riders
  • Many replaceable parts




5. Sidi Agueda

Sidi Agueda 2020 BlackNamed after the MX1 track in Portugal, Sidi has followed a more traditional route with the Agueda, making it lighter than your typical motocross boot. The Agueda would suit ATV riders and other off-road riders as well as motocross. Sidi’s synthetic leather is durable, lightweight and breathable. 

Agueda buckles are the fully adjustable cam-lock type, and there is TPU protection in all the vulnerable areas. 

All the bolt-on parts are replaceable, making the Agueda range another boot designed with longevity in mind. 

Why we chose the Sidi Agueda

The Agueda made our 2020 line up as it provides the perfect half way house between a full on motocross boot and a more trials style boot. If you need a boot that will work well in a dual sport capacity then the Sidi is a good place to start looking. 

In line with this ethos you will find the Agueda to be one of the lightest boots in this class. A point to note is that Sidi do tend to fit narrow. If you have a wide foot do expect the Agueda to fit narrow, or with a “European” sizing. 

This is not the sort of boot you would race in a full on motocross race. That said,  the weekend rider, adventure rider, ATV or weekend warrior, who wants a high quality boot will find the Agueda to hit the spot. 


  • “Technomicro” synthetic leather
  • Triple stitched on, replaceable sole
  • Lightweight construction
  • Elastic gaiter




6. Gaerne GX1 Dirt Bike Boots

Gaerne GX1 dirt bike boots orangeWhen it comes to the intermediate motocross boot, under $300, then the Gaerne GX1 is a prime example of what to look for. Gaerne have an excellent reputation when it comes to their boots. Italian design flare, coupled with the use of quality leather and synthetics mean that the GX1 has the look and feel of a higher price point. Right out of the box, you can see where the extra money has gone. These dirt bike boots are beautifully constructed. You can tell a quality product when you hold it in your hand. These are a definitely in that class.

When choosing a dirt bike boot in the sub $300 category, we are looking at the same metrics of comfort, safety and protection. The Gaerne GX1 hits the spot in all three categories.

There are a couple of points to remember when considering this boot. First and foremost, the GX1 is not waterproof. This rules it out for all-terrain touring.  Secondly, as it is a price point boot, Gaerne have had to make a saving somewhere. Sensibly, this saving seems to have mainly been in the inside of the boot. I would recommend allowing a little extra for a high quality after market insole. These are minor points for MX riders, but other off-road riders might want to take them on board.

For comfort, many riders feel that leather is hard to beat. As leather gives over time, you end up with a really personalised fit. The GX1 has the same quality leather as their top end boots and so the high end feel is immediately noticeable. Expect these dirt bike boots to break in beautifully.

Gaerne GX1 dirt bike boots yellow

Comfort is enhanced with an elastic gaiter around the top of the boot, which you would expect at this price point. However, an extra feature which I really like, is the large Velcro closure tab. Not only does this mean that the rider can get an exact fit around the leg, but it also allows the boot to fit perfectly regardless of the style of MX trousers you are wearing. As this boot tends to lend itself to other forms of off-road riding as well as motocross, you may find this handy.

Being a stitched sole, the boot will last longer. As and when the sole wears out, you simply take it to a shoe repair shop and have a new one stitched on.

Safety features are present in abundance. Quality moulded plastic sections protect the ankle, toe, shin and achilles. The construction is top notch. Everything is joined together well, not only in terms of construction, but also looks! The GX1 boot is a seriously good looking piece of kit.  Heat protection comes in the form of a suede grip guard. This looks great, with the styling. It may be that it has less grip than other  designs.

Gaerne GX1 dirt bike boots red

The buckle system is robust and easy to use with or without gloves on. A higher level of engineering is evident here, with solid, screw fit replacement buckles. A stitched in sole which offers good flexibility and comfort on and off the bike, completes the design of this beautiful intermediate motocross boot. The GX1 is very light too. Weight is not generally a consideration until we start looking at race boots, however the GX1 comes in at under 4lbs (1.2kg), which is extremely light!

With design featuring so highly in Italian culture, it is no wonder the colour schemes are second to none too. There are five designs to chose from in the 2019 range. KTM motocross riders will be particularly pleased to see the stunning orange and white option.

Really the only factor which may make you think twice here, is the fact that the dirt bike boot isn’t waterproof.  However, this is not unusual when it comes to motocross race boots. Consider your need and if you can live with that, then this is a hard boot to beat.



  • High-quality, durable cowhide with plastic protectors
  • DUAL-TECH ANKLE SYSTEM for more safety and flexibility
  • Adjustable calf width by displacing the top two buckles
  • Shin and knuckle protection
  • highly comfortable fit
  • Shaft height about 36 cm
  • Microfibre lining with ergonomically shaped inner padding
  • 4 wide aluminium buckles, adjustable and easily replaceable
  • Suede grip guard and heat protection
  • Switch reinforcement made of sturdy plastic
  • Anatomically shaped, replaceable insole
  • Replaceable sole with steel core. Oil and gasoline resistant
  • Toe protection is via a replaceable metal toe cap




Best Dirt Bike Boots – Premium Motocross Boots

Price Guide $400 +

Premium dirt bike boots are the choice of advanced riders. I would suggest that this is the starting point for any rider who is regularly racing in competitions. It is also a starting point for Xtreme MX. (Extreme Motocross). These dirt bike boots are specifically designed for sustained punishment and increased rider comfort. All of the main players in motocross, supercross, and other off road disciplines will start here. Premium boots provide the ultimate motocross experience for advanced weekend and competitive riders alike.

Premium dirt bike boots use high quality materials, lightweight components and advanced safety features. These factors become evident when riding your bike hard. The increased comfort, protection, and durability are exactly what the aspiring champion or hardcore leisure rider need.

At this price point you will find all of the features and benefits any motocross rider will ever need. Advanced design and high tech materials are often the result of extensive R&D processes. Each manufacturer will have been through exhaustive tests and these dirt bike boots have most likely been through successive generations of design process. You are paying for the years of experience and development. You cannot really go wrong with a premium motocross boot. Your choice may well come down to brand loyalty and personal preferences.

If you are a rider who would like to spend a bit more for your own comfort and well-being , then you should start in the Premium class. If you are racing every weekend then you should also be shopping in this price range. Lets dive into the best motocross boots available in the premium class, 2019.


1. Fox Instinct dirt bike boots

Fox Instinct 2020 yellow motocross bootsThe new Fox Instinct is a development of the model used extensively by champion motocrossers worldwide. The 2020 Instinct offers superior performance right out the box, as would be expected for a premium product. 

Fox has developed their rubber compound, “Duratec”, for the insole protection and burn guard. 

The biomechanical hinge will lockout preventing hyperextension and thus preventing injury. The sole is designed to allow the foot to sit lower, allowing more natural gear changes and control. 

Aesthetically the boots look very aggressive and ready for action. You can choose from four bright colours. Expect competition level performance from one of the leading off-road boot manufacturers. 

Why We Chose The Fox Instinct dirt bike boots

The Fox Instinct is one of the best motocross boots out there. For the serious rider, who is looking for maximum protection, the Instinct is a benchmark boot. 

The grip levels of both sole and inner leg are incredible, with the slim design making sure you keep in contact with the bike even during your gnarliest rides. 

New for 2020 is the replaceable sole design which only enhances what was already a winning boot.


  • “Duratec” rubber compound for grip and heat resistance
  • Lock-out hinge prevents hyperextension
  • Low ride chassis for comfort and control
  • Replaceable sole




2. Fox Comp R Motocross Boots

Fox_Comp R_KTM ORange and white dirt bike bootsBeautifully designed and with some neat features, you can confidently race this boot with a lower budget than some of it’s direct competitors. I think that this highlights just what value for money Fox MX products are. As you will see, there some sacrifices to make if choosing the Comp R over other dirt bike boots in this class. If you are a rider that wants to race, but you have a tight budget, these boots will deliver the goods. For that reason they make our top 3 premium boot list against what is frankly, some pretty stiff competition.

When you have a company like Fox Racing manufacturing, they are drawing from years of experience with pro level riders. These guys demand the best when they are riding, and comfort is a big priority for them. It is no surprise that the Fox Comp R is an extremely comfortable boot, right out of the box. They have all the rigidity and protection you will need, but they don’t feel like they need a huge amount of break in time.

Fox_Comp R_Red dirt bike boots

Fit is snug, even for a wider foot. The inside of the boot is adequately padded and closure, by way of the silicone strap system used on the comp & instinct boots, increases comfort levels no end. The silicone strap is adjustable, and will allow extra flex when moving around on the bike. The toe box is roomy and there seems to be no foot lift (Or heel float, whichever you prefer), when moving around.

Rider safety is taken care of with plenty of armoured around around the toe, heel and shin. I like the  chunkiness of this boot. It really looks and feels like it will shrug off impact, dirt and debris with ease.

The inner leg has a very large surface are of grip and heat resistant materials. The Fox Comp R has one of the flattest inner leg profiles in it’s class. This means maximum contact with your bike at all times. Again, confidence inspiring, and a real indication of how Fox MX have put all that they have learned into their products.

Fox_Comp R_White dirt bike boots

Soles are a one piece moulded Duratech ™ material. Very grippy and shock absorbent. I guess this is one of the draw backs of this boot, albeit a minor one. I can’t see any way that you can replace the sole, so, once the sole is worn out the boot will need replacing. That said, the sole is a chunky beast, so it may well last a few seasons, depending on your ride style.

Ankle protection and shock absorption are built in using a neat cup system that will protect you from sideways movement and hyperextension. If you watch the tech video on the Fox Comp R, you will see that it has a compression stop built in. This is actually a very simple but effective method to prevent injury.

Fox_Comp R_BLack

All in all, you can expect great performance from the Fox Comp R at a very low price point. If your budget is tight and you want to race without sacrificing key safety and comfort features this is a great boot to choose. It may have a much simpler design, with less complex features, but they perform extremely well. Check them out.




3. Alpinestars Tech 10

Alpinestars 2020 Tech 10 Dirt Bike BootsWe have already talked about the tech 5 model from Alpinestars in a previous category, so this will give you some insight into the differences between an intermediate boot and a top-level boot. 

The Tech 10 has a dual-hinge system for a full range of movement and preventing hyperextension. The inner boot provides class-leading comfort and support. Alpinestars Tech 10 is engineered to give comfort right from the off. One of the main advantages of a premium construction boot is that there is little need to go through the wearing in process. 

Tech 10 is lightweight compared to other brands at this price point, and Alpinestars have used four different densities of TPU to protect vulnerable areas. The TPU on the bike side is rubberized for grip and heat protection, and the two lower buckles are placed across the front of the boot to keep them away from the mud and out of harm’s way.

The Tech 10 is fully maintainable and has many replaceable parts so that it will keep performing.


Why we chose the Alpinestars Tech 10

Alpinestars upgraded the Tech 10 after our 2019 best guide. In doing so they their flagship boot into one of the best motocross boots we have seen. 

First of all Alpinestars have lightened the boot by over 1lb. This considerable drop in weight makes the boot lighter to wear, but also contributes to the overall power to weight ratio. Competitive riders are always looking for weight gains, even in the smallest components. 

The inner leg has undergone a makeover, replacing the large area of suede which appeared on the old model, with a much moor hard wearing rubber section. This not only increases the protective qualities, but in practical terms, makes the boot easier to clean.  

The toe cage is now narrower improving gear shifting and making for more accurate riding. A brand new front flex panel, which connects the lower buckle and second buckle, gives rigidity and shock absorption to the front of the boot. This feature will now see the boot soaking up far more of the impact. 

A well designed inner foot shell keeps your foot firm and secure, while allowing feel to be transmitted from the pegs, to your foot, by way of a hinged section hidden inside the sole of the shell. 

We also love the inclusion of the inner ankle bootie, a feature which carries over from the old design. With the new Tech 10 design, the inner bootie has all of the new flex and shell features mirrored in its design. This si to ensure all of the gains from the outer boot, are not lost with the  bootie.  

When a manufacturer goes to these lengths to improve an already competitive product, then we have to take note. 


  • Dual heel compression sole to absorb impact
  • Dual hinge system for comfort and prevents hyperextension
  • Lightweight design
  • Inner boot for class-leading comfort and support




4. Gaerne SG12 dirt bike boots

Gaerne SG12 bootsNext, we go to Italian manufacturer Gaerne with their SG12 flagship model. Gaerne SG12 pro-level features include Dual Stage Pivot System, heat resistant grip guard, and adjustable shin guard.

One of the things we like about the SG12 is the “easy in – easy out” design incorporating lightweight alloy buckles. There is an impact absorbing heel cup and a breathable gaiter to keep dirt out. The footbed is dual a composite, anti-shock rubber which allows the foot to breathe and provides protection with shock-absorbing materials.

Why we chose the Gaerne SG12

With a Gaerne SG12 you are investing in a boot that will last. Quality of construction and careful use of tech materials has made the SG12 one of the most durable motocross boots you can buy

Expect a wide fit despite being from a European manufacturer. This attention to fit is carried on with an adjustable upper leg system which will allow you to tune the boot into your leg size, so if calf fit has been an issue, you will not experience that with the SG12

Gaerne have designed the SG12 with serious competition on mind. Expect a shock absorbing heel cup with lots of PU all over the boot to protect you from impact.

The winning feature on the Gaerne SG12 has to be the buckle design. Whatever conditions you ride in, these buckles will work. With buckle design being a big bone of contention among riders  at every level, a good buckle design is very important. 


  • A patented dual-stage pivot system
  • Adjustable shin guard
  • Dual composite footbed
  • Easy in – Easy out design




5. Gaerne SG 10 Motocross Boots

Gaerne SG10_Yellow 2019This is the second boot to feature from Italian manufacturers Gaerne. The SG10 is the former flagship boot for the family run European company, who make all of their dirt bike boots in house. As with all Gaerne boots, the finish is stunning.

Constructed from full grain leather and using traditional double stitch methods for the sole of the boot, there is a real classic feel to the SG10. That said, the SG10 is as high tech as other dirt bike boots in this class. The construction does lead to a stiffer boot and it may need some breaking in, such is the nature of the processes used. For some riders this will be a preference. So how does the SG10 stack up?

When it comes to comfort, the leather and stitched sole give a predictably high level of comfort and a very personalised fit over time. A microfibre gaiter with a Velcro closure keep things tidy in the fit department. One of the key comfort features of the SG10 is a memory foam inner lining and ankle pad.

gaerne SG10_Black and white dirt bike boots

As with other memory foam products, you will instantly notice how snug and padded the interior of the boot is. This makes the SG10 one of the most comfortable dirt bike boots to wear. Given the stiffer sole and slightly narrower fitting of the SG10, this does give a very distinctive characteristic to the boot and you you would do well to try some on and make sure it suits your tastes. If it does, you will be a big fan from the moment you put the boot on

Safety features are as you would expect at this level. A one piece bio-mechanical system with ankle hinging gives all of the necessary shock absorption, flex and rigidity, whilst retaining reduced lateral movement to prevent hyper flexion – Gaerne’s razorback system gives a one piece plastic exoskeleton shell which sits separate to the main boot in a floating design.

This means there are less technical components and individual sections to the boot. If you compare the Gaerne to the Alpine Star, it is immediately apparent how much simpler the design is. Whether this is an advantage or disadvantage is not the point. It does give the Gaerne a character of its own, without sacrificing safety or comfort. You can make your own mind up as to which you prefer by trying them on for size.

gaerne SG10_Black

As you would expect, there is a low profile toe box and cover, providing ample grip and topped off with Gaerne’s tried and tested steel toe cap.

Heel impact protection is provided by a tough plastic heel cup with a neat quick shift lip for quicker starts off the line. The ability to change into first gear with your heal whilst lifting your leg from the floor is a neat idea. With practice you can use this feature to get the jump on your fellow riders into turn 1. That can’t be a bad thing!

At the bottom of the boot we see the traditional double stitched one piece sole in use. The SG10 has a dual compound sole. This provides a soft section for the sharp foot peg zone and harder compound sections on the heel and front of the foot.

Finally, the closure comes from aluminium, replaceable buckles. The SG10 is a top quality motocross boot. The traditional features and materials used do give a sense of the old school when it comes to the design, which will speak to a large number of riders. It is beautiful to look at and comfortable to wear if you like the stiffer sole. Don’t forget to check it out if you are looking for a premium dirt bike boot for the 2019 season.




6. TCX Comp Evo

TCX Comp Evo 2020 motocross bootThe TCX Comp Evo boot is our final pro-level offering for 2020 and has every feature of a top-level motocross boot. The Evo takes over from the out-going Comp 2.1. The most significant design change is with the sole which has been replaced by a Michelin sole, giving durability and class-leading grip. 

The boot benefits from TCX’s dual flex control system for maximum comfort, support and a full range of movement while preventing injury with hyperextension lock. 

The two lower buckles have TPU deflector pads to prevent anything from catching the buckles, which are self-cleaning and self-adjusting.

All in all, the TCX Comp Evo is a serious motocross boot for the more advanced rider or the rider with a high budget.

Why we chose the TCX Comp Evo motocross boots

The TCX comp Evo are yet another competition level motocross boot. Comp Evo’s hold their own against the Fox Instinct, Alpinestars and other leading products. 

The Michelin sole provides fantastic grip and TCX Comp Evo is another product that repels water well. 

This is a thoroughbred motocross boot, so you can race with confidence. Protection levels and safety features are world class. 


  • Michelin moulded sole
  • Dual flex control system
  • Micro-adjustable self-cleaning buckles
  • Internal high grip zone heat guard




7. TCX COMP EVO 2 – Michelin

TCX_COMP-EVO-2-MICHELIN_BRIGHT-blackWe have referred to TCX boots earlier in this article as ones to check in a lower price point. In pro level, these boots get a section of their own. The TCX Comp Evo Michelin is a true racing thoroughbred. At this level you will find all of the comfort and safety features required for any dirt bike rider. So lets see what this boot brings to the table.

The TCX Comp Evo Michelin is a synthetic leather boot encased with a generous amount of plastic armour. The plastic armour is effectively, two large wrap around sections, one for the upper leg and one for the ankle and foot area. These two pieces are connected together using TCX Double Flex ™ technology. This design is a big step forward from their old system, providing a much sleeker boot with fewer technical components. This is a big plus when riding hard in race conditions. There are less pieces to break, or get clogged up.

Inside the boot you will find a double density foam cushion, to hold your ankle and foot in place. The slim, simplistic design, coupled with the cushioning, does make this a very light feeling boot. The TCX has a wrap around gaiter, plus a top gaiter to achieve maximum comfort and protection. Being a full on MX boot, don’t expect waterproofing. The two point Velcro closure system, with its breathable liner keep the mud and debris out, whilst allowing your leg to breathe.


Safety features at this price point, are very similar on all boots at this price point. They are all world class. With the TCX Comp Evo Michelin, there area few points that stand out:

One of the first to note is the Michelin sole featuring tire technology. TCX have partnered with Michelin to proved a technical sole which has rain displacement, zones, various grip patterns and dual compounds. This gives the TCX the right amount of grip and durability in each section of the sole. Being a moulded sole, it is a thinner profile and has the right amount of flex.

Moving up, a reinforced steel toe box is wrapped in a generous, low profile plastic moulding containing grippy shifting panels. One of the things I like about the TCX, is that the plastic moulding wraps around the whole of the foot in one section. The armour is a “one piece shoe”, from the toe, all the way around to the heel cup. One of the neat features here is the use of elevated mouldings which keep the lower and 2ndbuckles flush to the boot profile, preventing snagging against other riders and obstacles.


As mentioned before, the whole “lower” is tied to the upper armour via the new, ultra slim double flex ™  control system. This new generation of TCX MX boot offers 18 degrees of forward motion and 15 degrees backward motion, making shifting and moving around a breeze. You can expect great protection against hyperextension/flexion and they allow the right amount of lateral movement.

The top section of plastic armour is fully replaceable. This means that the whole shin guard can be removed and replaced if required. You can also adjust for different calf sizes which is a nice touch for those with bigger calves. A fully replaceable, self cleaning/aligning, aluminium buckle system is used on all 4 straps.


For grip and heat protection 3 rubberised grip sections are strategically places on the inner leg. These are not the biggest grip zones on the market, but they do the job nicely. This may be where rider preference comes into play.

The TCX Comp Evo – Michelin is a pro class boot, that has some neat features over it’s competitors.  TCX are renowned for their funky designs and the 2019 MX boot range is no exception. Check them out.



  • UPPER: high wear resistant microfibre and PU frame
  • LINING: breathable fabric with double density foam around the ankle area
  • Armour: Double Flex Control System; PU adjustable shin plate; polyurethane toe guard, internal HIGH GRIP ZONE heat guard, rear polyurethane heel reinforcement
  • BUCKLES: 4 aluminium adjustable buckles, ergonomic design
  • SOLE: high wear resistant MICHELIN® HYBRID MX sole
  • SIZE RANGE_EU 38-49; US 5-14




8. Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS Best Dirt Bike Boots

Sidi_CrossFire3_SRS_White best dirt bike bootsSidi are another world class motocross boot manufacturer.  Italian design and years of R&D have seen Sidi at the top level of dirt bike riding for many years.  The Crossfire 3 SRS is the new version of their old Crossfire 2 boot. While it has many of the same design features they have made a few key changes.

SRS stands for sole replacement system and this is an indication of what this boot is all about. The Crossfire 3 SRS is a fully serviceable product as every major component can be removed by means of screw systems. At this price point, it is comforting to know that almost every part can be fine tuned and replaced. This does that the boot is constructed from a lot of parts. More on this as we go.

The Crossfire 3 is made from synthetic leather and is non waterproof. The double stitched Italian design follows a more traditional construction method, which is then encased in numerous armoured parts. This is the first point to note. The Crossfire 3 takes more setting up than other pro level dirt bike boots. With so many adjusters, and a relatively complex buckle system, you will find you need to spend some time getting the boot set up to your specific tastes. Once you have it set though, you need only negotiate the 4 buckle system for ongoing use. They are a little fiddly to do up, but this results in great closure and increased comfort.

Sidi_CrossFire3_SRS_Black best dirt bike boots

They are not the lightest boot on the market, weighing in at just under 5lb (2.2kg), but they do feel like a part of you once on. The Crossfire 3 are also one of the wider and stiffer MX boots available in this class. If you are looking for a bombproof, solid boot, then the Sidi Crossfire 3 are probably for you.

Comfort levels are great when riding. The inner boot has a microfibre, hi tech lining with great wicking to draw moisture away from your leg. They use Velcro closure and feature a robust gaiter and wrap around design to keep debris out. Breathability is good, with the outer shell incorporating a number of vent points.

These boots are NOT made for walking. The toe and heel area are constructed from a hard plastic compound which can be a bit slippery when moving around off the bike. On the bike, they do the job. Sidi has probably used this harder compound as the toe and heel are not replaceable on this model. A 4 point screw replacement sole is designed for DIY servicing. This is a significant improvement on the old boot which had 17 screws! The sole has a full length internal plate to add to the Sidi stiffness.

Safety is not an issue with the Crossfire 3. This is what these dirt bike boots do best. They are solid! Every part of the exoskeleton is replaceable. With multiple kick plates, and all the expected plastic guards, you will feel well protected. They will require a short break in period.

Sidi_CrossFire3_SRS_BlackRedWhite best dirt bike boots

The robust nature of the boot continues with the ankle and heel protection. Using a more traditional looking dual hinge system, hyperextension and reflexion are taken care of.  A chunky heel cup is married to a multi layer front section which includes raised mouldings to encase the lower two buckles. This is another improvement over the old model. This raised profile is extended around the inner kick plate. For a technical boot, made up of so many parts, the Crossfire 3 has a surprisingly smooth outer profile.

Finally, new grip patterns on the shift plate cover a wide toe box. This boot is not as narrow as you might expect from an Italian manufacturer, so riders requiring a wider fit will appreciate their design.

In conclusion. this is a very robust boot. It is stiffer and wider than others in this class and really favours the rider looking for that bombproof feel, without sacrificing mobility. It has numerous replaceable parts and can be fine tuned in multiple ways. If you like more hands on adjustment and DIY repair when choosing your dirt bike boot, then the Sidi could well tick all the boxes for you. The Sidi Crossfire has a huge range of designs and colours.


  • Replaceable shin plate
  • Micro adjustable and replaceable buckle system
  • Exclusive and patented FLEX SYSTEM with hyper extension block
  • Wider calf upper (+ 3 CM) – adjustable
  • Replaceable metatarsus block
  • Plastic reinforced toe cup
  • Rigid, shock resistant, Anatomically shaped heel cup
  • Nylon inner sole with removable inner sole arch pad




So there we have our ultimate guide to some of the leading motocross boots on the market for 2020. Whatever your budget, and whatever level you ride at, we are confident that you will find the right boot for you somewhere in this list. Take some time to think about where you are in your development as a rider. Try to buy as high up the ranges as you can afford in order to avoid having to upgrade too soon.

If you have enjoyed this article and found it useful, please share. It costs nothing to share and it makes a big difference to us, helping us to keep providing information and opinion on a wide range of motocross subjects.

All the best with your season


Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS


Boots quality








Value for money



  • Highly flexible
  • Durable
  • Protective
  • Light
  • Comfortable


  • Expensive
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