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Best Dirt Bike Boots 2023

TeamMA’s process of rating the best motocross boots has gotten plenty of feedback over the years, and that’s made the growth process even easier. In this latest update, we look at the best dirt bike riding boots available for 2023 and rank them based on tier, quality and performance on a rough ride. 

We always recommend buying your dirt bike boots new even if you’re on a budget. You can never be sure what second-hand MX boots have gone through, and it’s not wise to trust your safety to the unknown. Even the best dirt bike boots have a tough challenge to stand up to, but that doesn’t mean they have to be expensive. All of your dirt bike gear will need to be decent quality to withstand the riding you’ll put it through. Plenty of entry-level dirt bike boots are reasonably priced and built to last, and even the toughest pro-gear will weaken over time. 

Remember to buy new and stick with the best mx boots from industry brands like the ones on our list. With the best motocross boots like the ones below, you always know exactly what you are getting and you won’t be risking your own safety and protection on the track.

Best Dirtbike Boots – Budget

1. Fox Comp Motocross Boots

best budget mx boots - FOX Comp 2023

The Fox Comp MX boot draws inspiration from the premium Instinct dirt bike boot, so the budget equivalent has a lot to offer. This best MX boot offers the highest levels of protection in its class with a chunky TPU shin plate, re-designed inner leg heat panels and full heel and toe casing. The more minute details don’t disappoint either, with an internal steel shank and rubber outsole that provides exceptional grip on the footpegs.

The new inner lacing system is a simple and highly effective design that pulls the dirt bike boot snugly around your foot and lower leg. This contoured design offers a great feeling of protection and control, not to mention minimizing foot-lift as a bonus. The two upper Activelock straps and lower level Instinct buckle are adjustable to keep you secure and comfortable.

The Fox Comp boot is one of the most comfortable motocross boots for riders with larger calves, highlighted with a large top that won’t compromise comfort and can easily accommodate knee braces if necessary.

One noticeable feature upon testing these budget MX boots is that there’s virtually no break-in time required. The Fox Comp dirt bike boot was comfortable when we popped them on and stayed that way for the full course of our rides. To our surprise, the Fox Comp motocross boot held up remarkably well even in wet and muddy conditions on our day out. The low buckle closure took some fiddling with, but the fit was super secure on our feet once it was tightened to our liking. 

After a solid day out, we can say these are some of the best motocross boots that offer superior all-round performance and look awesome to boot!

Size Range8 to 14
Color Choices6
Safety FeaturesInternal lace system, shin plate buckles, TPU plating on shin, toe cap and calf
Weight8.9 lbs / 4037 g
MaintenanceInstinct style buckles
DurabilityEnhanced outsole traction, high intensity rubber outsole with internal steel shank
Warranty1 year
ComparisonThe entry level Comp boot by Fox is a sturdy competitor loaded with robust safety features. Three sets of buckles keep you secure no matter what terrain you’re facing, while the thick rubber outsole and TPU plating offer protection for rugged situations. Knee brace compatible and designed for wide calves, you’ll be pleased with your $160 purchase.


2. Alpinestars Tech 3

best budget motocross boots - Alpinestars Tech 3 2023

Alpinestars offers some of the most stylish dirt bike boots on the market, so it comes as no surprise that the budget Tech 3 motocross boot is equally as chic. Even with its standout aesthetics, the Tech 3 is CE certified and ready for a hard day on the track. 

Much of the Tech 3 dirt bike boot features TPU construction for a comfortable yet protective fit. TPU calf construction, as well as a TPU injected shin plate and reinforced foot shell ensure your foot will reliably stay in its place throughout your ride. The included gaiter is made from a synthetic material to reduce debris entry into the MX boot, and the standard microfiber upper resists the standard wear and tear that frequent rides often bring.

The Tech 3 dirt bike boot fit our riders with wide feet particularly well, and the foam injected ankle came in handy both for comfort and protection from a few missteps that couldn’t be avoided. The synthetic toe box stood up to some abuse and we were still mostly able to feel our controls, which is a necessity especially for new riders. The shin plate Velcro closures were a simple alternative to zippers, and the ability to size the calf larger or smaller for different riders was a huge plus. Even the outer buckles offered easy memory and quick release capabilities so we could snap our MX boots back on and get going quickly.

Replaceable parts are becoming more standard on dirt bike boots, and it’s no different on the Tech 3. All the buckles are replaceable, as well as the standard EVA footbed when it inevitably gets worn out. The Tech 3 is one of the best budget motocross boots, and they’re a solid investment for riders who need basic protection.

Size Range5 to 16
Color Choices8
Safety FeaturesCE certified, TPU construction, reinforced foot shell
Weight8.7 lbs / 3946 g
MaintenanceReplaceable buckles & footbed
DurabilityMicrofiber upper & synthetic gaiter
WarrantyRefunds within 30 days
ComparisonThe Alpinestars Tech 3 $209 pricetag offers a CE certified guarantee, a reinforced foot shell and a stylish look to boot. TPU features, as well as a foam injected ankle, offer great protection for riders of all calf sizes. The replaceable buckles and footbed ensure it’s no sweat making your Tech 3’s look and feel new again.


3. TCX X-Blast Motocross Boots

Best Enduro Boots budget 2023 - TCX X-Blast

The TCX X-Blast is a terrific entry-level dirt bike boot built for both MX and enduro riding that offers more rugged protection than some other comparable models.

An elasticized upper collar on the X-Blast helps keep debris out of the dirt bike boot while riding, and the built-in mesh lining, suede heat guard and internal padding give your leg and foot a soft place to land without compromising support. This solid inner construction is only bolstered by a PU toe cap, shin and inner cuff. 

Unlike past years, TCX has gone with Goodyear rubber outsole construction for this version of the X-Blast. This is an attempt to match the cross use that both MX and enduro demand from only the best dirt bike boots. The X-Blast also comes standard with a steel toe for an added layer of protection on particularly intense rides.

The high traction component was obvious when we tested the X-Blast dirt bike boots on a day out, and we never felt like we were sliding around even when the terrain was wet or muddy. It wasn’t hard to notice the all-around capability of these motocross boots for a variety of uses, not to mention how great they looked at the beginning of the day. The anatomically designed (and removable) sole had us comfy all through our rides, and the X-Blast stood up to a fair amount of abuse that isn’t always standard.

Designed for performance with an affordable price tag, the X-Blast offers some of the best dirtbike boots for budget riders of all kinds.

Size Range5 to 14
Color Choices3
Safety FeaturesMesh interior for breathability, reinforced heel and toe, inner suede heat guard
Weight4.41 lbs / 2000 g
MaintenanceRemovable footbed, ergonomic buckles
DurabilityStretch collar for debris-free ride, padded front & ankle, Michelin Hybrid MX rubber outsole
Warranty1 year
ComparisonThe entry level TCX X-Blast boot offers high-class durability for an affordable $135 price tag. The Goodyear rubber outsole, comfort padding and stretch collar ensure a safe and reliable ride, while the breathable interior and suede heat guard keep you cool even when the heat is on. Wrap it up with a removable footbed for easy cleaning and you’re ready for any challenge that comes your way.


4. O’Neal Rider MX

Best Dirt Bike Boots - O'Neal Rider MX 2023

O’Neal offers a new look at style with their Rider MX boot. Although their color options aren’t exactly vast, this dirt bike boot is also offered in peewee and women’s sizes for a curated fit for the whole family.

Like the X-Blast, the Rider motocross boot also features a Goodyear sole that’s balanced to reduce rocking, and the combination of a cushioned insole with generous heel support offers superior comfort. The air mesh interior helps keep things cool and light, while a grippy sole ensures your foot will stay put on rough rides. A standard synthetic leather heat shield offers some of the most comfortable motocross boots around for a reasonable price.

The Rider dirt bike boot features multiple metal shank reinforcements and injection molded protective plates to keep your foot and leg secure. The four-buckle closure that keeps you steady is both adjustable and replaceable, so a little damage won’t mean throwing away your investment. 

Our day out with the Rider MX boots was met with decent results, though they did take some time to break in compared to other models. Our riders with larger calves and wider feet were glad to find a generous fit for their needs, and the rear pull tab helped make the adjustment process super easy. The metal toe guard was a bit bulky, but we were willing to sacrifice a little bit of feeling for the protection aspect.

O’Neal is a brand that hasn’t made a huge dent in the moto market yet, but we’re excited by the Rider dirt bike boot and the potential it offers. It’s a secure, well-made budget dirt bike boot that will stand up to significant wear and tear.

Size Range7 to 15
Color Choices2
Safety FeaturesGenerous heel support, leather heat shield, metal shank reinforcements, injection-molded protective plates
Weight8.1 lbs / 3674 g
MaintenanceReplaceable buckles
DurabilityBalanced Goodyear sole, metal toe guard
Warranty1 year
ComparisonAlthough O’Neal has only started with their moto line, their affordable $130 Rider boots offer options for the whole family. The balanced Goodyear sole reduces rocking, while a grippy sole helps you stay steady. Although break-in time isn’t exactly short, the rear pull tab and varied fit make the Rider all worthwhile.


Best Motocross Boots – Intermediate Level

1. Alpinestars Tech 7 Motocross Boots

best motocross boots - Alpinestars Tech 7 2023

Alpinestars has produced a truly innovative product with the Tech 7 motocross boot. This anatomically-profiled piece of MX gear is a real step up in key areas of flexibility, protection and comfort, making it one of the best motocross boots in our intermediate tier.

The CE certified Tech 7 was built with rider feel and control in mind while still incorporating all the safety features that are so important in a dirt bike boot. Foam on the ankle and collar goes a long way for comfort, as well as the microfiber upper that’s abrasion and water resistant. As far as ankle protection, the Tech 7 features a biomechanical pivot for reliable stability when it’s important. The foot shell is a single-piece injected compound incorporating a hard toe protector and built-in steel shank. 

The wide collar adjusts to calf-size or knee-brace, and the upper is reinforced with polyurethane for both durability and lightweight wear. Grip is enhanced by advanced honeycomb rubber inserts in the TPU side panel which offer maximum impact protection for the most comfortable MX boots around.

Our ride with the Tech 7 led to some insights. We liked the slick buckle system with its memory settings and quick release, though the dirt bike boots were comfy enough that there wasn’t a huge need to take them off. Since women’s motocross gear isn’t exactly very common, we were glad to hear positive feedback specific to their needs about the Tech 7. The extended microfiber gaiter helped keep debris out of our MX boots on our rides, but despite being lauded as water resistant, the Tech 7 didn’t hold up in this area as well as some other best enduro boots. However, the lower toe-box allowed for easier shifting and braking, and we were happy about that.

The consistent fit of the Tech 7 dirt bike boot, coupled with the removable anatomic footbed and buckles, make it a solid investment for standard track riding. However, you may want to consider other options if waterproofing is an important feature for your environment.

Size Range5 to 16
Color Choices9
Safety FeaturesCE Certified, strong sole for durability, TPU hybrid shin plate & medial protection with dual closure, contoured calf plate
Weight8.85 lbs / 4014 g
MaintenanceRemovable EVA/Lycra anatomic footbed for support, replaceable sole & foot peg insert, memory setting buckles
DurabilityLower toe-box for shifting ease, abrasion resistant shell, dual compound sole for performance, flexible microfiber upper reinforced with PU,
WarrantyRefunds within 30 days
ComparisonStarting off the intermediate class, the Alpinestars Tech 7 boot offers a step up from entry level at $349 (old colors). With replaceable foot inserts, lowered toe box and microfiber upper, you’ll be ready to ride comfortably. Combined with the connected shin & medial plates and a contoured calf plate, you’re guaranteed steadfast safety and protection wherever your journey takes you.


2. Leatt 5.5 Dirt Bike Boots

most comfortable motocross boots - Leatt 5.5 FlexLock 2023

Three years of development inevitably led to the Leatt 5.5 MX boot, and various new features had us excited to get out there and test them out.

The inner of the Leatt 5.5 is grippy and flat, with 3D shaped impact foam and a heel-grip ankle that makes it easy to ride on your toes. The (also 3D) mesh liner features anti-slip reinforcement to further reduce heel lift during your rides, and the low profile toe box makes shifting and braking vivid and easy to handle. Reinforced by a steel shank, you can feel assured that you’re protected in these intermediate dirt bike boots.

The Leatt 5.5 is CE certified and features Leatt’s LockOut technology to reduce lower motocross boot flex in the event of a crash. LockOut has concrete numbers to back this up, with up to 37% ankle force reduction and 35% knee force reduction to prevent nasty over-flexing injuries. The SlideLock one way closure is another intuitive design that conveniently seals off the top of the MX boot to avoid debris entry.

One selling point we noticed on our day out with the Leatt 5.5 dirt bike boot was how incredibly comfortable they were right off the bat. Normally even the best motocross boots that offer innovative safety features can feel a bit stiff at first, but this was not the case with the 5.5s. However, we noted that they are definitely heavier than some comparable dirt bike boots and may be better suited to riders with wider feet. 

For all of their safety features and added weight, we’d recommend the Leatt 5.5 dirt bike boots predominantly for enduro riding. While they can be used for track racing, riders should be prepared for their added weight beforehand.

Size Range7 to 13
Color Choices7
Safety FeaturesHeel-grip ankle, steel shank reinforcement, LockOut technology
Weight10 lbs / 4536 g
DurabilitySlideLock top seal, 3D mesh liner
Warranty1 year
ComparisonLeatt’s 5.5 boots were in development for three years pre-release, and it positively shows. The low toe box, combined with the heel-grip ankle and anti-slip technology yields a satisfying and easy ride. CE certification and data from Leatt’s LockOut construction leaves little to be desired for an intermediate boot priced at a reasonable $399.


3. Sidi Crossfire 2 Dirt Bike Boots

best dirt bike boots - Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS

The Crossfire 2 MX boot is Sidi’s intermediate offering that still boasts some of the big features of their Crossfire 3 SRS model.

For starters, the Crossfire 2 is compatible with the SRS (sole replacement system) on other Sidi models. Specifically, this means that E1 (enduro) soles and SMS (Supermoto) soles are interchangeable on this model, making it a best dirt bike boot for any type of riding. The Crossfire 2 is lined with a combination of air Teflon mesh and Cambrelle for an ultra-dry and comfortable ride, while the motocross boot leg is replaceable and stitch free. The standard arch support is also removable for a truly personalized fit.

The fully adjustable calf is complemented by a replaceable shin plate and buckles, making this dirt bike boot ideal for anyone hoping to keep their best motocross boots around for a long time. A rugged, rubber sole ensures you have enough grip to conquer your day, while the solid ankle joint and Dual-Flex system offer superior protection from injury.

Upon testing out the Crossfire 2 MX boot, we found that the anatomically shaped heel was superb in holding our feet in place on rough rides. The toe defender made the dirt bike boot a bit bulkier, but we thankfully still had feeling to control our ride. We also noticed that the Crossfire 2 definitely has more of a narrow fit than some other models, meaning that riders with wide feet may want to weigh their options or size up so their enduro boots aren’t too tight.

For all of the technology and replaceable parts on the Crossfire 2, it’s one of the best dirtbike boots for the intermediate tier.

Size Range7 to 12.5
Color Choices1
Safety FeaturesDual-Flex system, toe defender, shaped heel
Weight8.8 lbs / 3992 g
MaintenanceReplaceable sole, shin & buckles, adjustable calf, removable arch support
DurabilityAir Teflon mesh & Cambrelle inner, rubber sole
Warranty2 years
ComparisonThe replaceable components on the Crossfire 2 make it an ideal investment for serious riders. The rubber sole, solid ankle joint and reliable Dual-Flex system offer serious protection and a comfy, but narrow, fit. The $499 price tag isn’t bad for how far these boots can take you.


4. Gaerne GX1 Dirt Bike Boots

best mx boot - Gaerne GX-1

Gaerne has made a name for themselves with their high quality moto designs, and the Gaerne GX1 motocross boot is no exception. Made in Italy with only the best craftsmanship, these dirt bike boots will hold up to significant abuse on the track.

The lightweight design of the GX1 makes it a solid MX boot for all-around use, but it doesn’t offer quite as much ankle protection as its SG12 big brother. Despite this, features like a stitched on sole, four-strap closure and a sleek new buckle system thoroughly cement it as an intermediate model.

Upon further investigation, our riders found the GX1 to be extremely soft and comfortable. While this is a selling point for the most comfortable MX boots, all that padding plus a lack of tread makes it not as viable of an option for enduro riding. That said, the quick break-in period makes it preferable when you need a pair of new dirt bike boots in a pinch.

Riders with larger calves found the GX1 motocross boots easy to put on, and they performed well over knee braces as well. The wide toe box was a little inconvenient at first, but we got used to it over our time in the saddle. Some of our riders found themselves sizing down, while some others found the GX1 boots to be consistent with their normal size. One additional drawback is that the GX1 dirt bike boots are quite squeaky, but that doesn’t matter much when you’re screaming along.

The GX1 MX boots are probably better suited to riding motocross, but they’ve got some solid selling points that keep their base loyal. 

Size Range5 to 14
Color Choices5
Safety FeaturesSliding blade system
Weight8.8 lbs / 3992 g
MaintenanceReplaceable buckles & sole
DurabilityHigh grip rubber, stamped suede upper
Warranty1 year
ComparisonThe GX1 features hearty Italian construction and reliable buckles that happen to also be replaceable. The comfort the GX1 offers wasn’t easily matched for an intermediate boot, and for around $250, it’s a surefire match especially for those who need a wider fit.


Best Dirt Bike Boots – Premium Class

1. Alpinestars Tech 10 Motocross Boots

best mx boots 2023 - Alpinestars Tech 10

Often seen as the best dirt bike boots, Alpinestars’ CE certified Tech 10 MX boots are packed with a variety of features that’ll keep you safe throughout your ride and overall moto career.

The frontal flex frame prevents hyperextension from the foot shell to the shin plate, and it does this by floating freely between the lower and upper MX boot areas to distribute leftover force. This is furthered by the outer shell ankle control system that offers superior impact protection, while a standard TPU rear blade also helps to stop hyperextension and controls flex. Although it’s not outright noticeable, the heel area is filled with collapsible foam to absorb high impacts as well. The defining feature of the Tech 10 dirt bike boots is the patented inner ankle brace that boasts all-way damping of torsional forces with a low profile design to reduce weight and bulk.

The Tech 10 comes standard with suede in the heel area for extra grip, and the redesigned sole furthers this mission with a sculpted shape to handle muddy and wet environments easily. The replaceable EVA anatomic footbed helps center your foot in the MX boot for even weight distribution.

Compared to our premium Sidi and Gaerne boots, the Tech 10 dirt bike boots rank alongside them for a few reasons. Although the Tech 10s took some breaking in like any best dirt bike boots, we had a solid feel of the pegs and shifter throughout the whole ride, and they were less bulky than some of us remember other iterations being. The ankle area felt very strong, and too much flex was never an issue. However, some of them suffered more damage than others, which brings durability into question on more intense rides. The Tech 10s also tended to run hotter than some other models, so this is worth considering if you’ll be riding in mostly hot climates.

Although you can only get replacement parts for the footbed and composite memory buckles, the Alpinestars Tech 10 is considered one of the best motocross boots that offers a ton of technology to keep you protected.

Size Range7 to 14
Color Choices11
Safety FeaturesFrontal flex frame, outer shell ankle control system, collapsible heel, inner ankle brace, suede heel
Weight9 lbs / 4082 g
MaintenanceReplaceable EVA footbed and buckles
DurabilityStreamlined outsole, dual-closure system, foot shell
WarrantyRefunds within 30 days
ComparisonThe Tech 10 is loaded with safety features to prevent hyperextension and redistribute force. The heel suede, redesigned sole and solid peg feel only add to the list of pros. If you’re not scared off by a little heat and the $639 price tag, the Tech 10s might be just what you’re looking for.


2. Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS Best Dirt Bike Boots

most comfortable mx boots - Sidi Crossfire SRS 3

As a noticeable improvement from the previous model, Sidi’s Crossfire 3 SRS is a top tier dirt bike boot packed with innovative technology for substantial protection and performance. 

Anti-abrasion Cambrelle, Teflon mesh and breathable nylon are combined on the inner shell to give a high level of comfort and protection on these dirt bike boots. Setting the Dual-Flex straps is a breeze with standard strap memory for easy on and off. The CamLock buckles and straps on the Crossfire 3 SRS are the only features carried over from the earlier Crossfire 2 SRS, and it’s because they were so stable and functional.

We were huge fans of the sole “boat” that Sidi uses to deeply cradle the heel for enhanced protection, plus the Dual-Flex ankle that keeps your joint locked in and prevents injury-causing motion. The adjustable inner was also useful for larger calves as well as knee braces, and the lack of lining on the dirt bike boots helped keep us cool the whole time. For being so rigid, the Crossfire 3 SRS is super plush and comfy for those of us with previous leg, ankle and feet injuries to protect. The removable arch support is a nice touch to support different foot shapes.

The leg of the dirt bike boot is stitch-free and screw-assembled, making it fully replaceable. In fact, the Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS is lauded as being one of the most serviceable enduro boots on the market since almost every part of its construction is replaceable.

The Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS offers both the premium protection necessary for unexpected off-road jaunts as well as more predictable MX races, and they’ll last for a long time with so many replacement parts. We love them.

Size Range7 to 12.5
Color Choices9
Safety FeaturesReinforced toe with SRS compatibility, patented flex system that blocks hyperextension, cam-lock buckle adjusts to position changes
Weight8.8 lbs / 3992 g
MaintenanceReplaceable boot leg, shin plate, inserts & buckle system
DurabilityCupped sole for firmer grip
Warranty2 year
ComparisonThe Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS boot is ideal for a rider that’s ready to upgrade. At $599, much of this boot is replaceable and ultra-durable and will hold up longer than other premium boots. The cupped sole, reinforced toe, patented flex system and adjusting cam-lock buckle are sure to keep you protected even in the hairiest situations.


3. Gaerne SG12 Motocross Boots

best motorcross boots - Gaerne SG-12

One of the most established industry names in design and production, Gaerne SG12 motocross boots are premium quality, Italian crafted pro-level dirt bike boots packed with exciting features.

Gaerne is all about making the best enduro boots, and it shows in the SG12’s patented dual-stage pivot system. This design uses a glide plate to enhance natural support, peg feeling and travel for jumps, while a pivot on the razorback helps with rigidity and support during your ride. The slim toe box allows more shift control without compromising protection, while the reinforced toe cap still leaves you feeling safe while riding.

Similar to Sidi, Gaerne uses a heel cup design to absorb any compression that may occur while you’re riding. This feature is a strong selling point for TeamMA, since you never know what you’re going to encounter when you’re out. Comfort is a huge selling point on the SG12 dirt bike boots, and the screw removal option to fit for larger legs and knee braces was right on the money. The SG12 MX boots did run a little big in our opinion, so sizing down might be best for you unless you also have wider feet. Even after laying the bike down, the SG12 offered superior protection and helped one of our riders avoid what may have been a messy situation otherwise. 

Four lightweight alloy buckles make wear super easy, and the thoughtful gaiter made from patented Swiss fabric is both stretchy and shaped to keep out debris. The inner side of this reliable dirt bike boot serves as both a grip and heat guard and does its job very well.

With all of the high quality craftsmanship and thoughtful protection metrics, the Gaerne SG12 is one of the best motocross boots on the market.

Size Range7 to 14
Color Choices8
Safety FeaturesSlim toe box, memory cell foam lining, dual-stage pivot system, glide plate, shaped thermoplastic shin guards
Weight4 lbs / 1814 g
MaintenanceLightweight alloy buckles & adjustable opening
DurabilityDual composite anti-shock rubber
Warranty1 year
ComparisonThe Gaerne SG12 boot is a high-quality selection that will keep you protected at any cost. A new dual-stage pivot system combined with a glide plate, shaped shin guards and slim toe box, yields one of the sturdiest boots in production today. Their signature anti-shock rubber and overall lightweight feel makes the SG12 a safe bet with a $494 price tag.


4. Fox Instinct Motocross Boots

best dirtbike boots 2022 - FOX Instinct

Fox has updated their top-range Instinct dirt bike boots with innovations designed to enhance the rider’s intuitive bike control and to up-scale multiple MX safety and protection features.

The improved inner design means instant step-in comfort and support with no break-in required, and the hinge lock-out provides lateral support and prevents any risk of hyperextension from the ankle. These are the kind of motocross boots that can give any rider a real advantage on the track. The design team’s attention to detail and innovations in areas of weight saving, comfort and safety make the Fox Instinct well worth considering at a pro-level.

We found the fit of the Fox Instinct dirt bike boots to be more narrow than normal, so sizing up for wider feet is definitely suggested. Fox’s exclusive Duratac rubber compound gave us superb grip and lasting durability both on the outsole and burn guard during our rides, and the buckle system allowed for virtually no heel lift on our time out riding. The slim toe box was helpful for shifting and feeling in control the whole time.

Even though the sole is about the only replaceable part on the Fox Instinct motocross boot, the technology and features make this one of the best MX boots for any rider that needs a step up in protection for harder rides. 

Whatever dirt bike boots you end up with, make sure you break them in around the house before you go for your first ride. Have fun out there!

Size Range8 to 14
Color Choices4
Safety FeaturesHinge lockout, slim medial & toe-box, low-ride chassis
Weight16 lbs / 7257 g
MaintenanceReplaceable sole
DurabilityDuratec rubber outsole & burn guard
Warranty1 year
ComparisonStarting off the premium class, the Fox Instinct boot is ideal for wear and tear with an affordable $459 price tag. The replaceable sole will keep you comfy and fresh, while the signature Duratec rubber outsole and burn guard offer protection in rugged environments. Avoid hyperextension with the hinge lockout mechanism so you can keep riding all day long.


Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS


Boots quality








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  • Highly flexible
  • Durable
  • Protective
  • Light
  • Comfortable


  • Expensive