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Best Pit Bike for sale under 1300$ – The Ultimate Guide of 2019

apollo agb-36 pit bike

From here you can find the best pit bike for sale under 1300$.

Apollo AGB-36 250cc  | 1279$


apollo agb-36 pit bike for saleThe Apollo pit bike for sale is a unique ride that is exclusively designed to offer a great experience to riders as they take the track. Taking from its name, this pit bike is not only light in weight, but also comes with a long-lasting engine so riders can enjoy their time without any worries at the back of their mind. You will feel like you are flying when you are riding this fine pit bike equipped with quality engine and suspension.


Inside the Technical Aspects of Adventurous Apollo Pit Bike for sale:

This new model of pit bike by Apollo called AGB-26 features many distinguish characteristics which ensure its durability and venturesome at the same time. The most exciting thing is that it consists of a single-cylinder 4-stroke engine which gives you a smooth ride in return. Another praiseworthy feature is the fact that it uses an air – cooling system along with a displacement of 229.20 which adds to the efficiency of this pit bike for sale.

The maximum horsepower rating you can get on this bike is 11.5KW/ 15.64 HP as well along with a torque that goes as far as 17/5 / 5500 NM (r/min). You will also be amazed to know the bore, stroke of new Apollo pit bike for sale is at 67 MM*65 MM which uses a CDI ignition and a kick and electric start for your convenience.

In order to sport front hand and rear-foot operated brakes it also comes with a Jinke carburetor. Apollo’s 5-speed pit bike for sale comes with capacity for up to 8L fuel. This mini bike for sale is also light-weight with only 272.8 pounds for a pit bike and can take the weight of up to 440 lbs. These are the most important and anticipated technical aspects of Apollo ABG-36 the 250cc pit bike.


Pros and Cons of Apollo ABG-35 Pit Bike for sale:


  • It is affordable keeping in mind all the aspects that make it stand out.
  • It has more capacity for fuel than usual pit bikes allow.
  • Apollo pit-bike’s engine is more durable and powerful.
  • The wheels are larger making the ride even smoother.
  • Suspension is durable as well, thus making your adventure convenient.
  • Since it is light-weight you can handle it easily.


  • There might be some difficulty dealing with the chain as it is a bit tacky when it comes to stretching.
  • The rear might feel a little stiff after using it for a while.
  • Light weight

How is Apollo ABG-36 Pit Bike Different than Others?

First of all, Apollo ABG-36 250 cc is cheaper than most pit bikes being sold at the moment, despite of all the unique characteristics it has to offer. One can see that it also excels in size with a wheelbase of 55.9. The heigh of this pit bike is also 36.6. Adults and experienced teenagers will probably be able to say that size of Apollo’s ABG-36 singles it out and make it much more attractive and thrilling. In order to ride bike, this one must have control and experience so they can drive it efficiently avoiding any mishaps.

You might have some Itsy Bitsy issues with assembly manual or even the chain as mentioned in the cons, but you can easily handle them on your own as well. These are the things that you can easily get fixed or changed later on so all in all, if you want to buy a pit bike that is inexpensive, but offers efficiency and a thrilling look, Apollo’s ABG-36 is not a disappointing one. You will also appreciate its engine which is of great quality.


Can One Trust the Power of this Mini Bike?

Considering the fact that it costs only $1,279, this bike still gives you an experience that one expects of a good pit bike for sale. You can ride it as fast as an Apollo if you are experienced with riding bikes. Apollo ABG-36 is also designed to support maximum weight so even if you weigh more than 220 lbs, it will not be difficult to have a smooth ride. However, it might feel a bit bumpy to a heavier person, but light-weight people will not feel that issue at all. Other features like electric start make such small issues hardly noticeable which means that this pit bike can be an investment piece even if you have to get some parts changed later on. At such an affordable price, Apollo ABG-36 is really offering more than you would expect.

But this pit bike here:  Apollo Agb-36 250cc Pit Bike

Tao Tao 125cc Mini bike DB17  | 948$

TAO TAO pit bike for saleWhen buying a minibike, one is naturally concerned with a height appropriate for adults and with Tao Tao 125cc you don’t have to worry about that. This pit bike does not only have a higher seat, but also consists of taller tires for the convenience of adults and grown teenagers.

A bike’s height also adds to ground clearance, which means that DB17 will give you a safe ride for the most part. The rear tire of Tao Tao 125cc is 14” whereas front tire is 17” with an air-cooling engine. With such engine, there is maximum convenience for riders. All the distinctive features like dual disc brakes and powerful engine of Tao Tao DB17 come together to offer a high-end performance for your adventurous rides. You will feel the competence of this mini-bike as you ride.

Tao Tao DB17 is also cheaper, but offers more than one anticipates in this price limit. You can easily assemble all its parts before you set out for your rides. One thing that you might want to know before buying Tao Tao’s new model is that its carburetor cannot be adjusted which might cause you some trouble later on as it causes issues in starting up. However, the carburetor is still replaceable which will fix this issue without having to spend a fortune. In short, Tao Tao DB17 is a quality pit bike for sale that comes with other distinctive qualities.

Buy this Pit Bike here: 125cc TAO TAO Pit Bike

Apollo AGB 37 125cc Pit bike  | 875$

Apollo AGB 37 mini bike for saleThis is another Apollo pit bike which makes for a great price yet again in quite an affordable price. Apollo ABG-37CRF-2 comes with 125cc and a single-cylinder 4-stroke engine that will make your ride as easy-going as possible. Apollo ABG-37CRF-2 consists of a manual transmission and offers 10.0km/9500r/min maximum which is another admirable feature.

It also comes with kick start with 760mm front suspension and 320mm rear suspension. However, Apollo’s AGB 37’s suspensions are not adjustable and use hydraulic brakes that might put some people off. The wheelbase of this pit bike for sale is 49.6” whereas the fuel tank can contain up to 4L for rider’s convenience. All in all, Apollo AGB 37 is not only great in appearance, but also efficient, which is a quite hard to find in pit bikes at affordable prices.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Apollo ABG 37 mini bike:


  • You will not find it difficult to assemble this pit bike at all.
  • You can also expect a smooth and buoyant ride.
  • The brakes are also reliable and authentic.
  • Keeping in mind its specs, it is still quite affordable for a pit bike.
  • The engine is long-lasting and will go a long way.


  • The suspensions are a little stiff which might cause a problem for some people.

 Let’s take a closer look to this pit bike for sale

If you are looking for an inexpensive bike under $1000 you will definitely want to purchase Apollo ABG 37 as it costs only $960. This pit bike is a great choice for those who are only getting started on the journey of riding. Whether it is teens or fresh adults who want to drive off-road for a little thrill, Apollo ABG 37 will suit such preferences.

This pit bike can take up to 180lbs and still give you a smooth ride therefore you can rest assured that you will be getting worth the price you are paying. Even with that much weight, one can expect it to ride as fast as 50s (mph). One can also say that it is not as tall as many pit bikes which will be quite convenient for people with average height, however it still might be difficult to handle well for people with shorter heights. If you take care of maintenance, this bike will probably long you for a long period and make for a good investment all in all.


Why You Should Pick Apollo ABG 37 Pit Bike

Apollo’s ABG 37 is quite efficient for the price as low as $960. You can get another cheap pit bike in the market, but you will not find a bike as well-put as this one. It is not only easy to handle, but you can also get some parts replaced here and there if you feel like you need some changes afterwards. Even the spare parts you might want to replace will not cost you much. Anyone who is getting started with bike riding will see that the engine will last longer than many pit bikes. In short, this bike is greater than the sum of its parts as you might end up using it for a long time if you keep up with maintenance.

Buy this pit bike here: Apollo Precision Tools AGB 37 125cc Big Size Pit Bike


Tao Tao Pit bike Viper 150cc  | 1299$

TAO TAO Viper Pit Bike for saleIt is safe to say that Tao Tao Viper is a long lasting pit bike that comes with an affordable price as well. Once can use it for smaller trips and one-time adventures any time they feel like it. The Tao Tao Viper comes in 150cc and tail wheels which are good for riding off-road as you can easily cruise across bumpy grounds without facing any inconvenience.

Behind the Scenes of Tao Tao Viper Pit Bike for sale:

I was not expecting much when I bought my Tao Tao Viper at first as it didn’t look very promising. However, to my surprise, I really enjoyed riding it as it gave me a comfortable ride. One thing that I should point out is that the engine put me off a little, but I am still convinced this is a good bike for starters. If you purchase this one, be cautious of jumping and stiff suspension which might be quite difficult to handle. Riding freshmen and teenagers will still find it exciting for their beginning lessons.

Pros and Cons of Tao Tao Viper mini bike:


  • The overall frame as well as wheels is quite large which is suitable for adults and grown teenagers.
  • It gives you maximum speed which is quite thrilling as well.
  • It looks very attractive too.


  • The suspension might be less problematic for beginners especially.

Tao Tao Viper Pit Bike Offers Maximum Speed

While I was riding this pit bike for sale, I took it up to 52mph only and I can assure you that it can go faster than that. This means that for beginners this is not a bad bike as you can ride it around for a bit of fun every now and then. Another thing you should know is that it might look different in person than it does in pictures, but it still looks well-built. You can definitely buy this if you are looking for harmless fun without jumping much.


Buy this Pit Bike here:  Tao Tao Pit bike Viper 150cc

Tao Tao DB14 Pit bike  | 780$

TAO TAO DB14 Mini bike for saleWhat Makes Tao Tao DB14 Pit Bike Stand Out?

The first thing worth mentioning about the Tao Tao’s latest model is its higher seat and taller wheels that are preferred by riders especially teenagers and young adults. You can easily cruise off-road without bumping with Tao Tao DB14 pit bike for sale. You will also be able to easily maintain it as it comes with air-cooling, 4-stroke engine. Beginners who are only learning to ride will be satisfied with its performance as it offers a smooth ride along with being lightweight making it easier to handle. It consists of dual-disc brakes and all-terrain tires so that you have maximum control of your ride.


Why to Purchase Tao Tao DB14 mini bike

If you want to ride smoothly off-road Tao Tao USA will offer you exactly what you are looking for. Because of its appropriate size it is even easier to handle for average riders. It also comes with 110c engine and good suspension so that you can make the most of your cruising trips. It is also light-weight which is another characteristic that beginners will appreciate and comes with smooth-shift four-speed for a better ride.

What to say about Tao Tao Pit bike brand?

Tao Tao is a trustworthy company that is devoted to manufacture affordable pit bikes that offer good off-road cruising. They have quite a collection of various models that you can pick from based on your preferences whether you are a beginner or a pro. The best thing about Tao Tao pit bikes is that they are quite competitive with higher priced pit bikes without costing you a fortune.


Pros and Cons of Tao Tao DB14 Pit bike for sale


  • You get worth the price that you are paying for.
  • It features a higher seat along with taller wheels.
  • The engine is long-lasting and durable.


  • It is most suitable for children or teenagers, but not adults.

Buy this Pit Bike here: Tao Tao Pit bike DB14

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Apollo ABG-35










Value for money



  • It is affordable keeping in mind all the aspects that make it stand out.
  • It has more capacity for fuel than usual dirt bikes allow.
  • Apollo pit-bike’s engine is more durable and powerful.
  • The wheels are larger making the ride even smoother.
  • Since it is light-weight you can handle it easily.


  • There might be some difficulty dealing with the chain as it is a bit tacky when it comes to stretching.
  • The rear might feel a little stiff after using it for a while.
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