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Best 50cc Dirt Bike 2023

Motocross is an unforgettable experience for anyone, and kids are no exception. The thrill of going fast, learning a new skill set and finding a beloved hobby at a young age are all exciting opportunities. The chance to bond and share that experience can make riding even more special. However, there are numerous choices when it comes to buying a 50cc dirt bike, and it’s safe to say that you should feel confident in your purchase.

Before taking off on a new 50 cc dirt bike, it’s important to consider all of the options available to you and your junior rider. Kids 50cc dirtbikes are produced by many different companies, and reliability and safety are top priorities for a young rider. Electric dirt bikes for kids have become popular as well for their eco-friendly fuel and quiet engines.

Ultimately, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with each dirt bike so you can make the best decision as a parent. Just like adult riders, junior riders have their own preferences and needs that should be accounted for. One major feature of all the bikes on TeamMA’s list is that every model comes standard with an automatic clutch for easy learning.

50cc Automatic Clutch

Best 50cc Dirt Bike 2022

While some smaller bikes may insist on a standard clutch, the 50cc dirt bikes below have automatic clutches to keep things simple. Taking the frustration out of learning can help your young rider enjoy the process as they adjust to the basics of motocross. Many of these bikes have a single-speed transmission to further take the focus off of shifting before the time is right.

Below you’ll find a list of TeamMA’s contenders for the best 50cc dirt bike of 2023. Junior 50cc dirt bikes are built to a rigorous standard much like their larger counterparts, and choosing a dependable dirt bike can last your junior rider for years to come. 

Top 50cc Dirt Bikes for 2023

1. KTM 50 SX

KTM 50SX 2023 best 50cc dirt bike for kids
Seat Height26.2 inches / 665 mm
Base price$4699 + $350 shipping

KTM Racing was founded in Austria in 1954. Their “ready to race” slogan has given them a highly competitive reputation in the world of motocross. With over 200 championship titles, KTM has a versatile and reliable line of dirt bikes regardless of rider size or experience. 

2023 bring updates to the graphics to be inline with the bigger capacity bikes, frame has been reworked to reduce seat height and engine modifications, especially to the cylinder head, improves pick up and torque.

The KTM 50 SX is no exception to this rule. KTM uses the same top-quality components on the 50 SX as they do on their top-of-the-line models. A lightweight steel frame helps with precise cornering & easy handling, and the single speed transmission keeps things simple. With flashy orange graphics, black anodized rims and a kick start like the pros, your junior rider is sure to feel confident riding the 50 SX.

KTM 50SX kids 50cc dirt bike engine comparison

The 50 SX dirt bike comes with a 2-stroke engine and tops out at 45 mph. Safety-wise, the engine power can be reduced for less experienced riders with a PowerParts kit directly from KTM. A reliable liquid engine cooling system ensures consistent speed and power throughout the ride, and robust front & rear disc brakes will guarantee steady handling when things get hairy. The KTM 50 SX is a top-tier choice for your junior rider that they’re sure to enjoy for a long time.

Why we like KTM 50cc dirt bike?

KTM 50cc best 50cc dirt bike for kids in 2023

Much like the Husqvarna TC 50, the 50 SX is on the high end of 50cc dirt bike purchases. These two bikes are almost identical in their specifications, aside from the seat height and tire sizes. The larger front tire on the 50 SX helps with more precise steering for a junior rider that’s still learning, while the seat height is ideal for taller riders. This feature, combined with the overall quality and reputation of KTM, make the KTM 50 SX an easy top five choice for TeamMA.

While the Honda or Yamaha models may be ideal for shift awareness, the 50 SX is best for overall speed and engine performance. This rugged potential is exactly why it’s a feature on TeamMA’s list. This dirt bike is ideal for young, experienced riders in need of an upgrade. Kickstarting the KTM 50 SX feels like starting a big bike, and what junior rider doesn’t love that?

KTM 50 SX Specs:

Dry weight91.5 lbs / 41.5 kg
Power5.5 hp
Top speed45 mph
Foot brakeYES
Tank capacity0.61 gal / 2.3 L
Engine type2-stroke
Transmissionsingle speed automatic
Wheel size12 in (front) / 10 in (rear)

2. Honda CRF50F

Honda CRF50F 2023 50 dirt bike
Seat height21.6 inches / 548 mm
Base price$1699 + $200 shipping

Honda launched their first dirt bike in the 1970s, and they’ve been the first of many Japanese manufacturers to dominate the sport. Still the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Japan, Honda’s entire line is reliable, affordable and gives other kids dirt bikes a run for their money.

2023 CRF50F has some graphic updates a new pink version but not much else.

How Honda CRF50F compares to other bikes?

Honda CRF50F 2023 50 dirt bike pink graphics
Honda CRF50F 2023 50 dirt bike pink graphics

The CRF50F comes standard with an air-cooled 4-stroke engine and a 3-speed transmission. A throttle limiter is included on the CRF50F, so the top speed of 40mph can be adjusted by simply turning a screw before riding. Husqvarna and KTM both also have optional limiters, but both of these models require an additional kit to do so. The CRF50F is both the most affordable and customizable choice in this regard.

With almost a gallon tank capacity total, the CRF50F is reliable for long jaunts and any adventures your junior rider is ready for. Although none of the bikes on TeamMA’s list require shifting, the presence of a 3-speed transmission allows a young rider to familiarize themselves with how a dirt bike shifts during a ride. This awareness is a solid step before the actual learning period comes. 

A standard key ignition starter means there will be no riding unless you approve first! Key & push-button ignition types are potentially less intimidating as well for a junior rider still building their confidence. Ideal for smaller riders, the CRF50F has the lowest seat height of all the TeamMA recommended models while still packing a punch.

Why we like Honda 50 dirt bike?

Honda CRF50F 20223- best beginner 50cc for kids

This dirt bike was chosen by TeamMA because of the ease of use by both parents and junior riders. Adjusting to a bike for the first time can be difficult, but the Honda CRF50F provides everything necessary for a smooth transition and dependable ride. Plus, with a robust steel frame and red graphics, your junior rider will be serving heat to the competition in no time.


Curb weight111 lbs / 50.3 kg
Power3.1 hp
Top speed40 mph
StarterKey ignition
Foot brakeYES
Tank capacity0.7 gal + 0.2 gal reserve / 2.7 L + 0.76 L reserve
Engine type4-stroke
Transmission3-speed automatic
Wheel size10 in / 254 mm

3. Yamaha TTR-50

Yamaha TT-R50E 2023 kids dirt bike
Seat height21.9 inches / 556 mm
Base price$1749 + $230 shipping

Yamaha hit the mass-produced market in 1968 with their 2-stroke DT1 model, and they’ve been cranking out solid dirt bikes ever since. The TTR-50 is a sound 50cc dirt bike that provides an excellent introduction to the sport for junior riders. 

2023 has some graphic updates and minor modifications.

How Yamaha TTR-50 compares to other bikes?

Yamaha TTR-50 dirt bike engine comparsion

Much like the Honda CRF50F, the TTR-50 is affordable and generally built for smaller riders with a low seat height. Don’t let the small stature fool you: the TTR-50 still packs a punch with a 4-stroke engine & 3-speed automatic transmission. 

The TTR-50 and CRF50F may have similar build specs, but there are some massive differences. For example, the exhaust system on the TTR-50 boasts a USFS spark arrestor to keep things easy and avoid issues mid-ride. This is especially beneficial if your junior rider plans on taking their dirt bike through areas with a ton of dried plant debris.

The switch from key ignition to electric push-button on the 2023 TTR-50 is a new feature that makes accessibility easy for riders with less previous experience. With a top speed of 32 mph, your junior rider will be able to take things as they come without any worries of losing control.

Why we like Yamaha 50cc dirt bike?

Yamaha TTR 50 dirt bike is good for a shorter kids

TeamMA chose the TTR-50 mainly for its beginner functionality. This dirt bike is a great introductory model for riders that are just starting their motocross journey. The vibrant blue colorway matches the classic Yamaha logo all while delivering a solid, dependable ride every time.

Yamaha TTR-50 Specs:

Wet weight128 lbs / 58.1 kg
Top speed32mph
StarterElectric push-button
Foot brakeYES
Tank capacity0.8 gal / 3 L
Engine type4-stroke
Transmission3-speed automatic
Wheel size10 in / 254 mm

4. Husqvarna TC 50

Husqvarna TC 50 professional kids dirt bike 2023
Seat height26.2 inches / 665 mm
Base price$4799 + $385 shipping

Husqvarna has come quite a long way from manufacturing their first motorcycle in 1903. Their post-war 2-stroke motorcycles were first modified to race in early 1950s off-road sports, and everything else is history.

2023 updates include new color scheme, larger rear disc and brake components with also new clutch assembly.

Husqvarna 50cc VS other bikes

Husqvarna 50cc dirt bike is best for advance kid riders

Built to the same standard as full-size models, the TC 50 is a rugged addition to the 50cc group. The TC 50 comes standard with a 2-stroke engine, single speed transmission and liquid cooling system, much like the KTM 50 SX. Both brands also carry optional power reduction kits to reduce the horsepower. If power isn’t your junior rider’s forte yet, the Honda CRF50F has a similar feature that’s built in for easy tuning. 

To add to the similarities, both the KTM 50 SX and Husqvarna TC 50 are made in the same factory. Notably, Husqvarna accessory features like brakes and handlebars differ from the KTM models, as well as the TC 50 seat height. A lower seat means experienced riders of all sizes can easily manage this model. Unlike the 50 SX, both of the wheels are the same size on the TC 50. An additional pressure-controlled exhaust valve enhances performance and guarantees a smooth, consistent ride for your junior rider.

Why we chose Husqvarna 50cc?

Husqvarna TC 50cc 2023 dirt bike compared to others stands out

Ideal for larger, more experienced riders, the TC 50 kicks to start and boasts a top speed of 45 mph. The high-quality build and overall engine performance make the TC 50 a top contender on TeamMA’s list. The classic yellow accents and black anodized rims with rugged tires will leave any junior rider roaring to go. We consider Husqvarna TC 50 for the best dirt bike for 8-year-old kids in 2023.

Husqvarna TC 50 Specs:

Dry weight91.5 lbs / 41.5 kg
Power5.5 hp
Top speed45 mph
Foot brakeYES
Tank capacity0.61 gal / 2.3 L
Engine type2-stroke
TransmissionSingle speed automatic
Wheel size10 in / 254 mm


cobra cx50jr 2023 USA kids dirt bike

Made in the USA and founded in 1993, Cobra has defined their place in the motocross industry with over 300 national titles. It’s no wonder these dirt bikes made it on TeamMA’s list and remain contenders for the best of 2023.

Cobra currently features two 50cc dirt bike models on their website: the CX50JR and the CS50SRX KING. Both bikes have similar specifications, but the CX50JR is more geared towards beginners of all ages with a mid-range seat. The CS50SRX KING is more for the dedicated race rider, although slightly heavier, with a higher seat height, it has a racier engine with fully adjustable suspension.

While both models boast most of the same power-packed features, there are a few considerable differences. The CS50SRX model is slightly more expensive at $4,815 USD plus shipping, and it’s a smidge heavier at 89 pounds. The seat height on the CS50SRX is higher by almost two inches, making it not great for a smaller rider with serious experience. 

Two valuable upgrades are present in the 2023 models: a reshaped airbox opening and lighter wheels. The reshaped airbox opening allows easier installation of the air filter than previous models and provides more airflow. The new anodized wheels, made from aircraft-grade aluminum, are both lighter & stronger to improve overall handling during a ride.

As always, Cobra 50cc dirt bikes have both the largest airbox and filter in their class, meaning power will always be ready when your junior rider needs it. Micro handlebars ensure more confidence when navigating and less aches and pains for your young rider. 

How Cobra compares to other bikes?

Cobra 50cc dirt bikes compare to other TOP 50cc dirt bikes

The CX50JR is a top contender compared to the KTM 50 SX and Husqvarna TC 50. The combination of the 2-stroke engine, single speed transmission and liquid cooling system means more bang for your buck with the CX50JR. This dirt bike is an excellent choice for a smaller rider that already feels comfortable on a standard dirt bike.

All in all, both Cobra 50cc dirt bikes are reliable and provide steady competition no matter what the occasion. All that’s left is to choose the option that’s best for your junior rider!


Seat height23.9 inches / 607mm
Base price$4599 + shipping
Dry weight81 lbs / 36 kg
Foot brakeYES
Tank capacity0.7 gal / 2.6 L
Engine type2-stroke
TransmissionSingle speed automatic
Wheel size10 in / 254 mm


Seat height26.8 inches / 680 mm
Base price$4815 + shipping
Dry weight89 lbs / 40 kg
Foot brakeYES
Tank capacity0.75 gal / 2.8 L
Engine type2-stroke
TransmissionSingle speed automatic
Wheel size10 in / 254 mm

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best 50cc dirt bike to buy?

The answer to this question will largely depend on three factors: budget, height and riding experience. Riders with less dirt bike experience will want to go with an option that allows for power reduction, at least initially. The Honda CRF50F has a pre-installed throttle limiter, while the Husqvarna TC 50 and KTM 50 SX have power limiters available as add-ons with your purchase.

For smaller riders who may be new to dirt bikes, both the Honda CRF50F and Yamaha TTR-50 boast the lowest seat heights of the bunch. These 50cc dirt bikes are designed to last at least ten years with proper care, so your choice will last them until they’re ready to upgrade. Both of these models stand at a similar price point. All that’s left is to determine what other features are most important to your junior rider!

For larger or more experienced riders, models like the Husqvarna TC 50, KTM 50 SX and CX50SRX KING are more ideal. All of these dirt bikes possess high-level features like liquid cooling systems and massive airboxes. These models are ideal for a junior rider who has spent some considerable time on a dirt bike and is ready for a step up. That’s not to say that a new rider could not adjust, but control is important while learning and it’s good to keep this in mind as a parent.

It’s important to factor safety gear into your overall cost as well. Much of the dangers that face motocross riders can be avoided with good judgment, but it’s better to be prepared for anything. Motocross is a full-body sport that requires serious coordination, so having the relevant protection can’t be understated. A sturdy kids helmet, gear set and boots will help keep your junior rider protected for whatever comes their way. Besides, it’s a rite of passage to get excited and wear your gear around the house because you’re excited to race! Your junior rider will take pride in not only looking good, but also pining for their next ride. 

What age group is a 50cc dirt bike best for?

As a general guideline, 50cc dirtbikes are intended for the 4 to 8 age group. However, this recommendation is also dependent on the height and experience of the young rider. Higher seats and more powerful models are intended for an older, seasoned rider, while shorter seats & smaller models are perfect for beginners. If your kid is older, read our review about the dirt bikes for 10 year-olds.

What is the fastest 50cc dirt bike?

Among the above models, the fastest 50cc dirt bike is either the KTM SX 50 or the Husqvarna TC 50. Both bikes top out at 45 mph with a 2-stroke engine, single speed transmission and a liquid cooling system to guarantee solid temperature control and a reliable ride.

Many of these 50cc dirt bikes can be modified to go faster with aftermarket parts, but this requires careful attention to installation and repair experience. Make sure you are familiar with the process if you plan on modifying the dirt bike for your junior rider. Their safety is in your hands!

How much does a 50cc dirt bike cost?

Price will ultimately depend on what sort of 50cc dirt bike you have in mind, but the range is variable. At the lower end, $1699 – $1799 models from Honda & Yamaha will guarantee a dirt bike that holds up for smaller riders new to the sport. 

For larger or more experienced riders that can handle more power, the remaining Cobra’s CX50JR, Husqvarna TC 50 and KTM SX 50 are considered the top end models at around $4799. 

It’s important to weigh out what exactly is appropriate for your junior rider to make an informed decision. Less experience usually means less power, and vice versa. However, the top end models offer optional power reduction kits if you want your junior rider to grow into their bike. 

How much maintenance does a 50cc dirt bike require?

Unlike larger dirt bikes that require frequent maintenance, 50cc dirt bikes are relatively easy to care for. Regular oil changes and air filter cleaning will help extend the life of most 50cc dirt bikes for up to 15 years. 

The dirt bikes on this list are made to be dependable and, with steady care, will offer excellent protection for your junior rider. Part of this process involves being attentive to how the dirt bike performs during rides. If something sounds off, or your rider complains about an issue, take the dirt bike to a mechanic to be sure there are no lingering problems. 

Safety is crucial while learning so that your junior rider develops trust in their ability. Staying on top of potential issues will help your junior rider feel secure and confident in their newfound hobby, not to mention provide you some comfort and security as well!

Motocross is all about having fun and mastering a new hobby. The above 50cc dirt bikes are reliable and offer a seamless transition into an exciting new adventure for your junior rider.