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Best Dirt Bike For 8 Year Old Kids

Riding a dirt bike at any age is an exhilarating feeling. The wind rushing by, getting lost on a random trail, or serving serious heat to your competition reminds us of our more carefree days. This is especially true for our youngsters who are trying everything for the first time. It’s no wonder our 8-year-olds are now curious about this fast-paced & adventurous hobby. That’s why we are listing here the best dirt bike for 8 year old kids.

Like most parents or guardians, you might be asking yourself if buying your kid a dirt bike is a safe idea. While there’s risk of injury in any sport, motocross teaches basic skills like patience and control that can benefit any youngster in various areas of their life. As long as your 8-year-old wears the correct helmet & protective gear to help them stay safe, the rest is up to their best judgment.

If your 8-year old is a complete beginner, start on a flat piece of dirt, making sure they feel comfortable with the controls and what they do. Before even starting the dirt bike, ensure they have the right posture, standing up on the bike while you hold it steady. You could put some training wheels on the dirt bike, although not all models support this and not recommended for anything too bumpy or challenging as can destabilise going around a corner.

The first section below details the dirt bikes that are perfect for 8-year-olds beginning their motocross journey, while the second goes into the upgrade paths available to more advanced junior riders. Whether your child is just starting out, or they need a bump up to the next class, you’ll find all the details here at TeamMA!

Best Dirt Bikes for Inexperienced 8-Year-Olds

For inexperienced, complete beginners where the parents are also not so experienced to properly mentor or guide. Your 8-year old wants to get into dirt bikes, you want to encourage them as builds confidence, stamina, responsibility (they will need to maintain the dirt bike) and a sense of being part of something. It’s also really really fun! There are 2 main dirt bikes would recommend as being a little gentler to begin and a great entry point to gain the confidence to do more.

Some of the features to make you feel more comfortable are:

Adjustable throttle limiter – turning a screw will determine the top speed. This makes it possible to tailor the power output of the to the rider’s skill level and prevents inexperienced riders from going too fast, too quickly.

Automatic clutch – because there’s no clutch lever to master, new riders don’t have to worry about stalling. That makes these dirt bikes the perfect tool for learning to shift. In addition, the smooth transmission offers three gear ratios.

Keyed ignition – younger riders can’t ride without an adult’s supervision thanks to a removable key. finished their homework early? Let’s take a ride!

Honda CRF50R

Honda CRF50F 2023 50 dirt bike

Less intimidating than the competition while still being a competent and good dirt bike, the Honda CRF50R is a difficult one to beat.

It’s good to learn how to use the kick starter, but having the option of both can make the start of their journey to becoming more confident easier. The CRF50 has them both, which is a nice addition.

You can read a more in-depth review of the Honda CRF50R here.

Yamaha TTR-50E

Yamaha TT-R50E 2023 kids dirt bike

The TTR-50E is another great dirt bike for beginners, there is little to differentiate between this and the Honda CRF50 and either of them will be great bikes. However, the TTR-50E only has electric start but has a very low seat height of only 21.9 inches.

Read our more in-depth review of the Yamaha TTR-50E here.

Starter Dirt Bikes for 8-Year-Olds

50cc dirt bikes are the minimum power available from most major dirt bike brands. While mini motorcycles aren’t exactly cheap, they retain their value very well and can easily be sold or traded when your 8-year-old has inevitably outgrown their dirt bike. Cheap brands are often unreliable and aren’t guaranteed to stand up to the heat of competition or heavy riding. It’s for this reason that TeamMA recommends one of the reliable 50cc dirt bikes below for juniors new to the sport.

Husqvarna TC 50

Husqvarna TC 50 professional kids dirt bike 2023

Seat height: 665 mm

Scandinavian moto makers Husqvarna know how to produce a quality, scaled-down version of their larger dirt bikes. The TC 50 offers a rugged ride for any junior racer wanting both speed and satisfaction right off the line.

Featuring a single speed transmission and 2-stroke engine, the top speed on the TC 50 is 72 kph (45 mph) and this can be a bit intimidating for new riders. Much like KTM and GASGAS, Husqvarna dirt bikes offer an optional power reduction kit for youngsters still adjusting to high speeds and competitive racing. This kit is easy to install and modify, and it offers some peace of mind for new racers that are still getting their bearings. This option can always be adjusted or removed later when your junior is ready to take on more power.

The lower seat height on the TC 50 is perfect for peewees that aren’t to be messed with despite a shorter stature. Husqvarna does not skimp on excellence, and the TC 50 will retain much of its value even after your youngster has outgrown their kids dirt bike. 

The TC 65 (featured below) is the next step in Husqvarna’s upgrade path for kids that want more. While this may not seem like a huge selling point, some dirt bike brands leave pivotal power sections unoccupied. This oversight can be a major inconvenience when you love how a certain brand rides. Thankfully, Husqvarna’s got 85cc and 125cc covered, so your junior can stick with them the whole way through. 

KTM 50 SX For 8 Year Olds

KTM SX 50 dirt bike for 8 year kids

Seat height: 686 mm

Known for their “ready to race” mantra, KTM’s 50 SX packs it all into a youth dirt bike. While this dirt bike may be meant for junior riders, it shouldn’t be underestimated as just a kids dirt bike. KTM uses the same high-quality parts as they do on their top end dirt bikes, so the 50 SX is just a scaled down version of that same power.

Equipped with a 2-stroke engine & single speed transmission, your 8-year-old will learn how to use power wisely on the 50 SX. This model tops out at 72 kph (45 mph), and sometimes that isn’t quite ideal for a new rider. For this reason, KTM offers their specialized PowerParts kit for purchase to reduce the engine power on your 50 SX. Ensuring control & performance is standard for KTM, and it should be no different on a kids motorcycle.

The 50 SX is built for a slightly larger rider compared to the Husqvarna TC 50, with a minimally taller seat height of 686 mm. Both of these kids dirt bikes are seen as the top of the line as far as quality, and their rugged potential will last them a long time even when resold. KTM is known worldwide for their durable and competitive builds, so your 50 SX won’t wait around for long.

KTM has a solid upgrade path for riders looking to excel through the ranks and stick with the brand itself. Highlighted in the next section, the KTM 65 SX is the next step in that direction with even more power for your peewee to take on. Past that, 85cc and 125cc models ensure your junior will always have their eyes on the next prize.

Cobra CX50SRX King & FWE

Cobra CX50SR King FWE Kids dirt bike for 8-year-olds

Seat height: 680 mm

American competitors Cobra began manufacturing their “King Cobra” dirt bike in 1994. This model has gone through obvious changes to keep up with industry standards, but it’s the same standout quality that you’d expect from an internationally ranked kids dirt bike.

The 50cc 2-stroke engine and single speed automatic transmission are standard for both the King and FWE models. Unlike almost every other 50cc counterpart, Cobra does not offer any sort of power reduction kit to turn down the heat for new riders. This may be negligible for an 8-year-old that has more experience on the dirt bike track, but new riders may need to take this into consideration when making a decision. There’s a reason these bikes are race ready!

Size wise, the seat height of both CX50SRX models hits right in the middle of the 50cc dirt bike range. This halfway height makes it perfect for an average-sized rider that isn’t scared to mess around with substantial power. 

Since both models of the CX50SRX are American made with reliable parts, resale won’t be a problem when your rider ultimately outgrows their first dirt bike. Take care of it as with any other dirt bike and you will reap the rewards.

Unlike many major moto brands, Cobra has a limited lineup of kids dirt bikes to offer. Many of Cobra’s dirt bikes are geared towards youth riders that are ready to take on the speed they desire, so there are no dirt bikes on offer above 65cc. They also offer an electric mountain bike that serves a similar role for kids breaking into that sport. While this isn’t a deterrent, your peewee may want to stick with a brand they can follow through to the high end if brand loyalty is important.


GASGAS MC50 8-year-old kids mx bike

Seat height: 665 mm

Spanish dirt bike experts GASGAS provide serious fun and style with their MC 50 kids dirt bike. Built like a pro dirt bike, GASGAS doesn’t skimp on quality materials for their mini motorcycles. Even the aggressive red decals are custom fitted for a pint-sized rider!

Like most other 50cc dirt bikes, the MC 50 features a single speed automatic transmission and a 2-stroke engine with plenty of swift power. GASGAS also offers an optional power reduction kit to ensure your 8-year-old doesn’t get overloaded with too much force when they’re starting out.

The MC 50 shares the same seat height as the Husqvarna TC 50, meaning these youth dirt bikes are perfect for smaller riders who want to get comfortable riding in the setting of their choice. Whether that’s on the track or on a laid-back trail, the MC 50 is sure to deliver a top-quality ride. 

Since GASGAS dirt bikes may not be as common depending on your region, buying new may be your only option. However, these dirt bikes retain their value especially since they aren’t as easy to find.

In addition to cost, upgrade path within the brand is equally as important to consider. GASGAS features 65cc, 85cc and 125cc options to take your junior’s motocross journey even further. 

Upgrade Path: 65cc Dirt Bikes

When your 8-year-old has successfully mastered their 50cc dirt bike, it’s time for a step up to the next level. The following 65cc dirt bikes are suitable upgrades for a boost in power and speed for your junior rider. 

Husqvarna TC 65 Dirt Bike for 8 Year Old

Husqvarna TC 65 dirt bike upgrade for 8 year olds

Seat height: 750 mm

The Husky TC 65 presents itself as the best of both worlds for a rider looking for an upgrade. This dirt bike still comes standard with a 2-stroke engine, but it’s no longer a single speed cruiser. Now that your junior is comfortable with the basics of riding, learning the manual way is the next step. The 6-gear transmission will teach your 8-year-old the essentials of shifting while still controlling even more potency. 

It’s a big step for your junior rider to practice the dedication and talent for their sport to get to this level, and Husqvarna is a great brand to depend on. Since Husky and KTM share a factory, many of the same quality parts are used for both brands. This includes using larger Maxxis tires for serious durability and strength so your junior rider is ready for whatever comes. Comfort is a selling point on the TC 65, both with ergonomics and padded handlebars for ideal control and maneuvering.

It’s vital that the size of the kids dirt bike match your 8-year-old’s height, since the TC 65 is equipped with contact points for young riders. The 750 mm seat height should be just high enough so they can comfortably lean, but not so high that their feet are dangling. 

Plenty of options exist for a further upgrade path, including two different 85cc variations and a jump up to 125cc when your rider is ready. It’s easy to see why Husky has some of the most diehard loyalists in the motocross game! 


KTM 65 SX 8-year old kids dirt bike

Seat height: 750 mm

Next in the line of the best and brightest comes the KTM 65 SX. Shifting is the major difference between the 50 SX and 65 SX, since this model features six gears and a clutch to play around with. Commanding the power of a 2-stroke engine this way takes more responsibility, and this requires dedicated learning time. If your 8-year-old is ready for a step up to a more competitive racing spirit, the 65 SX may be right for them.

65cc dirt bikes are generally your rider’s first foray into a more aggressive riding style, and they present a greater challenge before bumping up into the 100cc class. Before dealing with that much power, your junior will want to master shifting a 65cc dirt bike first. KTM’s insistence on quality materials means you don’t have to make any upgrades for this monster to be track ready.

Featuring 14-inch front and 12-inch rear tires, the 65 SX gets a boost from the more compact 50 SX. Larger wheels allow your young rider to breeze over ruts and holes in the track without feeling it. Light and lean at a wet weight of 122 pounds, the 65 SX is easy to handle for riders of any age throughout the learning curve.

KTM offers two potential upgrade options from this point. The 85 SX allows more breathing room and gradual adjustment for a rider that’s still getting their bearings on a kids dirt bike. Two 125cc models, on the other hand, offer your junior rider some flexibility on their path to motocross stardom. The choice is yours to make, but you’ll always have a solid ride with KTM.

Cobra CX 65

Cobra CX65 Dirt Bike 2023

Seat height: 762 mm

A slight upgrade from the King Cobra, the CX 65 was all new for 2022 with updates in 2023 which build on a great start. Updates in 2023 include graphics, suspension, tires and brakes. With the same quality racers have come to depend on, plus standout aggressive yellow & black decals, your 8-year-old is sure to stand out on the starting line. 

Boasting a new flatter seat allows a wide range of riders to be able to saddle this mini speed demon. Ergonomic hand holds have been incorporated for easy handling while your junior rider gets prepared for their race. Even the weight distribution has been rethought, with a longer wheelbase and shorter swingarm.

As with many 65cc dirt bikes, the CX 65 features a 6-speed transmission so that your peewee can get comfortable with shifting gears. That’s not to distract from the powerful 2-stroke engine that can still rip off the line at a moment’s notice.

The CX 65 features the highest seat height out of all the 65cc models we’ve featured, and this is great for larger kiddos that are ready for more sustained power. The larger wheels don’t hurt the ease of control on the CX 65, with 14-inch front and 12-inch rear tires.

Since the CX 65 is an American-made beast, resale value is strong. This mini motorcycle has launched early riders into serious motocross careers, so it’s no wonder robust Cobra dirt bikes are still high in demand.

Upgrade-wise, the CX 65 is unfortunately the highest power that Cobra has to offer from their range. Cobra is a great brand to start out riding with because of their sturdy and powerful mini moto builds, but your junior will have to continue with another brand’s upgrade path if they’re serious about the sport.

Kawasaki KX 65 dirt bike for 8 year old

Kawasaki KX 65 dirt bike for 8 year old kids 2023

Seat height: 759 mm

Japanese moto experts Kawasaki have been in the dirt bike game since 1963, and they’ve made their mark repeatedly with consistent and affordable dirt bikes for all ages. The KX 65 only echoes this trend, and it’s perfect for 8-year-olds that are still exploring their brand preferences.

As is the norm for most 65cc dirt bikes, the KX 65 features a 2-stroke engine with a 6-speed transmission to manage this power upgrade. Your young rider has already gotten comfortable with the 50cc twist-and-go style, and learning to control their power is the necessary next step. 

The KX 65 features a mid-range seat height for a variable selection of rider sizes. The standard 14/12 tire upgrade and aggressive Kawasaki lime green details go a long way to ensuring confidence and security when managing messy conditions.

Kawasaki takes pride in their machinery being well-made, so the KX 65 will retain value whenever your peewee inevitably outgrows it in height or experience. It’s also one of the most affordable dirt bikes out of the bunch, so you won’t need to make a big dent in your wallet.

Since Kawasaki no longer manufactures a 50cc dirt bike model, the KX 65 is their introductory dirt bike for getting into the world of motocross. Beyond the KX 65, there is a robust upgrade path of 85cc, 100cc & 112cc, so your junior rider can get acclimated to even more power over time. The jump up to 250cc may feel a little intimidating, but we trust that your junior rider will be ready to take the heat by then. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good starter dirt bike for an 8-year-old?

This is going to depend largely on your junior rider. If they’re just starting out on their motocross journey, one of the 50cc dirt bikes above is great to get them going. 50cc models are the best to start on since they’re easier to control and maneuver.

On the other hand, if your peewee is already accustomed to their 50cc dirt bike, an upgrade to a 65cc dirt bike may be in order. This is usually the case with avid riders after some training, and it allows the rider to grow with their bike and experience level. Plus, you don’t want your junior getting too cramped on a small dirt bike.

How much is a dirt bike for an 8-year-old?

While there are plenty of low-quality mini motorcycles available on the internet, cheap dirt bikes are not the way to go. A new kids dirt bike is going to set you back anywhere between $2000 and $6000 depending on the engine power your peewee requires. 50cc dirt bikes will be slightly more affordable, while 65cc dirt bikes will be towards the higher end.

One way to get around this cost is by buying a used kids dirt bike. There are plenty of options available depending on your location, and our handy guide to buying a used dirt bike will help you figure out in person whether you’re getting a bust or a bargain. Many of these dirt bikes can be bought at a more affordable price than their new counterparts since they have encountered some wear & tear over time. As long as it’s a reasonable price for the wear, this is a safe bet.

How do I choose a dirt bike for my child?

This choice will depend on a few different factors. Height and experience are two of the most important things to consider when purchasing a dirt bike for your junior rider. You’ll want to make sure the seat is at a comfortable height for your rider. Verify that it’s not too short so their legs are squished, but not so high that their feet can’t touch the ground. 

Experience is the other factor that will help make your decision. If this is your child’s first-time riding, they won’t know how to use a powerful dirt bike properly. Instead, they’ll need the low-end power that a 50cc dirt bike can provide before anything else. Find a bike that reasonably fits your junior’s height and experience and they’ll be all set! For older kids read our review about gas dirt bikes for 10 year olds.

Can an 8-year-old ride a dirt bike?

Absolutely! It’s normal for kids as young as three or four to start their motocross journey. Starting young ensures that your peewee will be acclimated and begin learning the basics of motocross early on. The 50cc range above is ideal for youngsters new to the sport. As long as they feel comfortable with the seat height and wearing protective gear, they are set to learn.

We’ll be back with more relevant articles on different dirt bikes and age groups. Until then, ride safe and have fun!