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Best Dual Sport Motorcycles 2023

Choosing an enduro dirt bike takes serious consideration since there are so many options to choose from. Luckily, TeamMA has compiled a list of the best dual sport motorcycles to help you on your purchasing journey. Whether you’re looking for a versatile ride that can cruise both interstates and designated trails, or an enduro bike that’s strictly setup to compete, there’s an option to fit your needs. 

Similarities Among Dual Sport Motorcycles

While there are plenty of differences between the adventure bikes below, all of them share at least a few similarities. To start, wheel size is standard throughout with 21-inch front wheels and 18-inch rear wheels. Since a larger front wheel means easier precision steering, it’s no wonder that these sizes do not vary.

All of the dirt bikes below boast a 6-speed transmission to accommodate the performance that is standard for dual sport motorcycles. When I first tried the dual sports bikes, 6 gears felt weird, but I quickly got used to it. Each bike is equipped with an electric starter for ease of use, however KTM, Beta and Husqvarna feature an optional kick starter kit as an add-on purchase.

Which is your best dual sport motorcycle

It’s important to weigh out exactly what you’ll need from your enduro dirt bike before making your purchase. While 2-stroke options offer light and fast use, their handling and control is not always as reliable. On the other hand, 4-stroke engines offer more stability and reliability for trails or all-purpose jaunts. Make your list of deal-breakers and see which of the best adventure motorcycles below is right for you.

Best 2-Stroke Dual Sport Motorcycles for Enduro 2023

1. KTM 300 EXC TPI Enduro Dirt Bike

KTM 300 EXC TPI Dual Sport Motorcycle 2023

The KTM 300 EXC TPI is a power-packed adventure bike that offers serious speed for a rider that possesses steady control. Onboard liquid cooling keeps the engine capable and ready for anything. The 9-liter gas tank is made from a transparent plastic, so you’ll always know when you’re running low on fuel. Adjustable NEKEN tapered handlebars accommodate any comfortable hand positioning, while no-dirt foot pegs prevent clogging issues. To top it off, the balancer shaft reduces vibration so that your feet and hands don’t go numb at important moments. This enduro bike is ideal for a self-assured rider with serious mastery. 

Little changes for their 2023 dual sport bike

A brand-new graphic design and color scheme in the shades of white, purple, and orange are introduced for 2023. The designers chose this color palette expressly to pay respect to the early 1990s enduro models and to distinguish the 2023 KTM Enduro line from other off-road vehicles.

A race-inspired orange-coated Chromoly steel frame is used to highlight the appearance. This not only mimics the design of complete factory race machines, it also serves as the ideal foundation for the 2023 graphics pack.

KTM 300 EXC TPI 2023 dual sport motorcycles engine comparison

2-stroke vs 4-stroke dual sport bikes

The 4-stroke KTM 350 EXC-F shares some common features like seat height and aluminium subframe. The 300 EXC TPI is the most affordable of the two models and undoubtedly gives more bang for your buck. However, the EXC-F provides more of a steady & reliable ride, and this choice is entirely up to your individual enduro bike needs.  

While the 300 EXC TPI is competitive and boasts a ton of power, some other 2-stroke bikes offer stiff competition. The carbon fiber subframe and map select switch on the Husqvarna TE 300i make it a contender for the best at only $100 more, and the lighter overall weight and power of the Sherco 300 SE may have you thinking twice. 

KTM 300 EXC TPI 2023 dual sport bikes in action

KTM 300 EXC TPI Specs:

2. Husqvarna TE 300i Enduro Motorcycle

Husqvarna TE 300i Enduro Dirt Bike 2021

The 2-stroke Husqvarna TE 300i is a force to be reckoned with both on and off the trail. A slightly heavier bike means potentially more control and anchoring for all the power that awaits you. Liquid cooling combined with electronic fuel injection means your engine stays cool and adaptable. The carbon fiber subframe is super lightweight while providing a durable and robust framework, while the balancer shaft reduces vibration and renders numb hands and feet obsolete. The included map select switch offers two standard modes: standard (full power) for your nitty gritty runs, and delayed ignition (soft power) for when you want to take it easy. The TE 300i is ideal for experienced riders that desire a bit more control.

2023 dual sport bike brings some updates

2023: All-new colors, trim and distinctive dark blue graphics with electric yellow accents contribute to a unique look and stylishly adorn the Swedish inspired design, complementing the new metallic blue of the frame

Husqvarna TE 300i 2021 enduro motorcycle in action

When compared to its 4-stroke equivalent, features like seat height, traction control and tank capacity are the same. Certain attributes of the TE 300i stick out, like affordability and power. While the FE 350 may provide more reliable power, the TE 300i may be slightly more ideal for competitive settings. But I was looking for something for beginners, I would pick the FE 350 off road bike, because it is a great beginner bike with low maintenance.

In comparison to other 2-stroke competition, the TE 300i has all the bells and whistles ideal for adaptability on the trail. While other models may have larger tanks or weigh less, the Husky model’s got it where it counts with fuel injection, liquid cooling and a solid balancer shaft.

Husqvarna TE 300i 2021 best dual sport motorcycle Engine Look

Husqvarna TE 300i Specs and Comparison:

3. Beta RR 300 Best Enduro Dirt Bike for Short Riders

Beta RR 300 Enduro Dirt Bike 2023

Beta’s RR 300 enduro bike is a serious contender for best adventure motorcycle. The light frame gives this bike the chance to be even more maneuverable than some other comparable 2-stroke bikes. The 9.7 L tank allows you to go on long jaunts without looking back. Like some other models, the RR 300 comes equipped with a counter balancer to reduce friction on hands and feet, as well as liquid cooling to ensure rapid power. The affordable price and midrange seat make the RR 300 ideal for experienced riders looking for a power upgrade. Also reliable dual sport motorcycles like Beta RR 300 make riding off road so much fun!

2023 brings plenty of updates for this dual sport bike

For 2023: Graphics: now feature a new all-red color scheme. The style of the graphics is more minimalist than before, with bold, clearly defined forms and purer, more modern lines which emphasize the muscular shape of the bike and link the new shrouds seamlessly to the other components. Changes go further than skin deep with tweaks to the crankshaft, engine mapping, exhaust chamber optimizations and suspension upgrades, all make the 2023 model even better.

Beta RR 300 off road

2-stroke vs 4-stroke dual sports bike

In comparison to its 4-stroke counterpart, seat height, weight, and price are all lower. However, you’re trading these features for more control on the RR-S 350. Raw power and minimalism are the name of the game with the RR 300!

Likening the RR 300 to its 2-stroke competitors reveals some clear advantages. With a large tank and counter balancer, you’ll be ready for a full day on the trail. The RR 300 packs a ton of power at a low price point for anyone ready to try their luck!

Beta RR 300 Engine look and comparsion

Beta RR 300 Specs:

4. Sherco 300 SE Dual Sport Motorcycle

Sherco 300 SE Dual Sport Motorcycle

Australian manufacturer Sherco’s take on the 2-stroke motorcycle is quite robust. With a massive tank just short of three gallons, the 2022 model is somehow even lighter than the previous model by 2.5 kg, making it the lightest 2-stroke model on TeamMA’s list. The 300 SE also boasts a liquid cooling system with forced circulation, as well as a counter balancer to reduce engine vibration. The Sherco 300 SE is ideal for an experienced rider that’s ready to finesse the power of the lightest 2-stroke bike in the game. 

2023 dual sport bike does not come with many updates

The 2023 model has updated graphics, but apart from that is virtually unchanged from 2022.

Sherco 300 SE in action

Like it’s 4-stoke counterpart, the 300 SE features aggressive neon blue & green graphics that make it pop. The reduced weight of the 4-stroke 300 SEF comes at the cost of a smaller tank, so the choice depends on whether you want raw power and more fuel, or more controlled power with slightly less fuel.

Compared to its 2-stroke competitors, the 300 SE provides stiff competition because of its light weight and high-power output. The counter balancer and liquid cooling make it a top contender to challenge long-term rivals like KTM and Husqvarna. Get ready to serve some heat if the Sherco 300 SE is in your future!

Sherco 300 SE Specs:

5. GASGAS 300 EC

GASGAS 300 EC right view

From humble beginnings in 1984, Spanish dirt bike company GASGAS has paved the way for steady success. The GASGAS 300 EC offers an affordable mid-range alternative without sacrificing performance. Featuring a lightweight aluminum subframe and laser-cut steel frame, you’ll be ready for any gnarly terrain you encounter. The dependable combination of reduced vibration & fuel injection means you’ll have everything you need for serious joy riding. To top it off, the 300 EC features a high grip seat cover that keeps you steady. The GASGAS 300 EC is ideal for experienced riders who desire an affordable upgrade that doesn’t sacrifice the good stuff.

I would have expected more updates for 2023 dual sport bike

For 2023, no major mechanical changes but you might have noticed the brighter more vibrant red coloring throughout the new machines layout.

GASGAS 300 EC Enduro test

While there is no 4-stroke GASGAS equivalent, there is still plenty of competition above. Like the high-end KTM 300 EXC TPI, the 300 EC features both a transparent gas tank and NEKEN handlebars. However, the 300 EC is more lightweight at the cost of a slightly smaller tank. 

GASGAS 300 EC 2023 engine look

GASGAS 300 EC Specs:

Best 4-Stroke Enduro and Adventure Motorcycles for 2023

1. KTM 350 EXC-F Best Dual Sport Motorcycle

KTM 350 EXC-F Dual Sport Motorcycle 2023

The combination of features on the KTM 350 EXC-F make it a contender for the best adventure motorcycle on TeamMA’s list. This model brings the power of a 450cc dirt bike in a 250cc package. These features come at a price however, making the 350 EXC-F the most expensive enduro motorcycle on our list. In addition to high performance, this bike also boasts the second lowest weight of the featured 4-stroke bikes. The 350 EXC-F comes with the same features you’ve come to know and love from KTM, including NEKEN handlebars, no-dirt foot pegs, and a transparent gas tank. And since the included balancer shaft reduces oscillating forces and controls the water pump, you’ll be riding steady the whole way. The KTM 350 EXC-F is most ideal for a rider who wants smooth, steady power that’s easy to control.

2023 dual sport bike mostly comes with graphical updates

A brand-new graphic design and color scheme in the shades of white, purple, and orange are introduced for 2023. The designers chose this color palette expressly to pay respect to the early 1990s enduro models and to distinguish the 2023 KTM Enduro line from other off-road machines.

KTM 350 EXC-F 2023 Testing in action

The 350 EXC-F is arguably the big brother version of it’s 2-stroke counterpart. Although the 300 EXC TPI boasts insane power, light weight and the same KTM standards, the 350 EXC-F promises controlled handling that can’t be matched.

When compared to other 4-stroke adventure bikes, the 350 EXC-F still comes out near the top. Although it shares certain attributes with other competitors, it remains one of the lightest and well equipped enduro motorcycles on the market.

KTM 350 EXC-F Dual Sport Motorcycle Engine Look

KTM 350 EXC-F Specs:

2. Husqvarna FE 350 Adventure Bike

Husqvarna FE 350 Adventure Bike 2023

At a slightly lower price point, the Husqvarna FE 350 is hard to beat for the power it offers. A robust liquid cooling system ensures power is always effortless and reliable. The standard carbon fiber subframe keeps things light but sturdy, while the included map switch & traction control ensures your safety. The FE 350 is ideal for a seasoned rider that’s ready for a long off-road jaunt. 

KTM group did not do much updates for their dual sport bike

2023 brings all-new colors, trim and distinctive dark blue graphics with electric yellow accents contribute to a unique look and stylishly adorn the Swedish inspired design, complementing the new metallic blue of the frame

Husqvarna FE 350 2023 Dual Sport Motorcycles in action

The FE 350 and the TE 300i share many of the same attributes: carbon fiber subframe, liquid cooling, seat height and map select & traction control. However, the FE 350 boasts a larger tank, heavier overall weight, while lacking a balancer shaft and fuel injection. 

Similar to the KTM 350 EXC-F, the FE 350 performs like a 450cc dirt bike while remaining closer to a 250cc weight range. While the FE 350 is the only 4-stroke model with on-board traction control, fuel injection and a balancer shaft do not come standard. This lack of features may not be an issue for some, but if you’re hitting rugged trails or desire quick speed, you may need to consider a different model. 

Husqvarna FE 350 Specs:

3. Beta RR-S 350 Enduro Motorcycle

Beta RR-S 350 2023 Enduro Motorcycle

The twin fuel injector system immediately sets the Beta RR-S 350 apart from the competition. Boasting the lowest seat height of the 4-stroke models, this adventure bike is ideal for smaller riders that don’t want to compromise power. Beta’s trail tech voyager GPS comes standard on the RR-S 350, so getting lost is never an option. Folding mirrors are featured so you can ride trails without considering the competition. 

GASGAS comes with little updates for their 2023 dual sport bike

Graphics now use a new, all-red color palette for 2023. The graphics have a more minimalistic look than previously, with strong, clearly defined forms and cleaner, more contemporary lines that draw attention to the bike’s muscular structure and eloquently connect the new shrouds to the other parts. The 2023 model is improved by changes to the crankshaft, engine programming, exhaust chamber optimization, and suspension. These changes go beyond superficial cosmetic changes.

Beta RR-S 350 2023 Best Dual Sport Motorcycle in action

2-stroke vs 4-stroke Beta dual sport bike

Compared to its 2-stroke counterpart, the RR-S 350 features a higher seat height while the heavier weight serves to give you more control. The smaller gas tank and higher price point aren’t exactly deal breakers when twin fuel injection comes standard.

Against other 4-stroke models, the RR-S 350 provides top notch competition at a slightly lower price tag. Steady fuel injected power combined with secure steering and moderate size bring you a reliable ride that packs a punch. 

Beta RR-S 350 2023 Dual Sport Motorcycles Engine Look

Beta RR-S 350 Specs:

4. Sherco 300 SEF Dual Sport Bikes

Sherco 300 SEF Dual Sport Motorcycles 2023

The Australian-made Sherco 300 SEF is looking as aggressive as ever. Boasting the lowest weight of the featured 4-stroke adventure bikes means easy maneuvering even in hairy situations. That’s despite also having the largest tank of the bunch as well. The featured two-way map switch allows the choice between boosted power and casual cruising for any situation at hand. This dual sport bike is ideal for riders who want to maintain serious power without sacrificing maneuverability.

We expect bigger updates for 2024 dual sport bikes

The 2023 Sherco 300 SE Factory edition is virtually unchanged from the 2022 model with updated graphics completing the list of changes. But that is not a bad thing, as it is a proven platform. 

Sherco 300 SEF 2023 Best Dual Sport Motorcycle in action

Much like its 2-stroke counterpart, the 300 SEF features flashy neon green and blue accents and comfy hand grips for an easy ride. Both models feature the same seat height and price, but the 300 SEF is a bit lighter in part because of the smaller tank.

However, the 300 SEF is equipped with both the largest tank and lightest build out of the 4-stroke models featured on TeamMA’s list. With a mid-range price point compared to the high-end KTM 350 EXC-F, this adventure bike is a safe bet both for power and reliability. 

Sherco 300 SEF 2023 skid plate

Sherco 300 SEF Specs:

5. Honda CRF450RL Best Enduro Dirt Bike for Beginners

Honda CRF450RL Adventure Bike 2021

The Honda CRF450RL is the only enduro dirt bike on TeamMA’s list that is labeled as being fully street legal. Plus, being the most affordable 4-stroke model with the given features is impressive in itself. The new 2023 model features updated color-matched & vented handguards, as well as new red graphics and fuel injection settings. The 2-gallon titanium tank may be smaller than some, but the adaptability of riding on both roads and trails can’t be beat. This adventure bike is ideal for a seasoned rider who loves exploring both the open road and new trails.

Honda CRF450RL dual sport motorcycles

Best dual sport motorcycle for stability

Compared to other 4-stroke models, the CRF450RL is on the heavier side, but that doesn’t curb the power and speed it provides. Unlike the Husqvarna FE 350, the CRF450RL boasts both fuel injection and a counterbalancer to keep you both steady and speedy. This adventure bike is ideal for anyone who wants to skip hauling a trailer around!

Honda CRF450RL Engine look

Honda CRF450 RL Specs:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an enduro dirt bike?

An enduro motorcycle is primarily built for competition on designated trails. Most enduro dirt bikes lack features like brake lights or license plates and thus are not usually street legal. Similarities have developed over time because dual sport motorcycles evolved from enduro bikes, and it is easier to find or modify an adventure bike to be street legal.

What’s the difference between a normal dirt bike and an enduro dirt bike?

Enduro dirt bikes are often designed for racing more than any other purpose. Suspension and power are primary concerns on enduro motorcycles. They also tend to have larger gas tanks for traveling long distances. Normal motocross dirt bikes, on the other hand, are designed to be fast and lightweight, while trail dirt bikes are made with more strength for climbing. 

Are enduro motorcycles street legal?

It depends. While one of the enduro dirt bikes on this list is identified as being street legal, that’s not usually the case. Many enduro motorcycles are commonly designed to be competition bikes and are normally not street legal. However, you can make most enduro bikes street legal with some research and elbow grease.

Should I buy a dual sport bike which is already street legal?

Questions like these highlight the importance of desired features. If you intend to take your dirt bike on highways or city streets, it may be best to put your money towards a bike that is already street legal. Otherwise, things can get complicated if your build is not complete by your travel date. Before hitting the streets with your dirt bike, make sure to follow your local dirt bike laws.

What is the difference between dual sport bike and enduro?

Dual sport bikes actually evolved out of enduro motorcycles, but they lean more towards the motocross side of the spectrum. Enduro bikes are usually designed for competition and are not guaranteed to be street legal, though they may be adjusted to fit these specifications. While enduro bikes are designed to be ridden in designated trail areas, dual sport motorcycles are ideal for general off-road riding. Dual sport bikes have also become more adapted over time to accommodate street riding.

Are dual sport motorcycles good for beginners?

Dual sport bikes are excellent bikes to learn on since they are so versatile. They’re more likely to be street legal, so you’ll be able to run errands around town, hit the trails on your day off and conquer any terrain in between. Dual sport motorcycles are also lightweight and easy to handle, and that’s a huge bonus when you’re getting used to riding! TeamMA recommends these dirt bikes for beginners!

2023’s got a solid lineup of adventure bikes to choose from. All that’s left is to decide what facets are important to you and get riding!

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    Listing weight is important. You list some wet ( who knows your definition) some dry. Bad practice.
    It is important to know weight, seat high, tank size,h.p.,street legal,

    • Martin Varrand

      Thank you for your comment!
      For very few bikes there is “wet” weight which means motorcycle weight with all the fluids needed to drive this.
      Respectively “dry” weight means that the motorcycle is weighted without any fluids.
      Seat height, tank size, power and other metrics are all included with all the bikes.

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