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Best Dirt Bike Track 2022 (TOP 36 USA Tracks)

Part of the excitement of riding comes in the form of exploring new & different dirt bike tracks. While riding at your local dirt bike race track is always convenient, challenging yourself with more advanced tracks is part of the fun! Whether you’re riding indoors or outdoors, exploring awesome dirt bike tracks give any rider a chance to up their game and practice on different sorts of terrain. Even if you’re not training for a competition, new opportunities to practice will always make you a better rider for your personal jaunts.

The United States specifically is full of both outdoor and indoor dirt bike tracks that offer new thrills for any rider willing to travel. Take a peek below to find a new place to ride in fifteen different states!

Best Dirt Bike Tracks by State

No matter where you find yourself in the US, there’s probably a dirt bike track that’s nearby and worth visiting. Whether you’re checking out a new state with your dirt bike, moving to a different state or looking for a fun adventure nearby, TeamMA’s got you covered on the best and most exciting dirt bike tracks to explore on your journey.

California Dirt Bike Tracks

Florida Dirt Bike Tracks

Michigan Dirt Bike Tracks

North Carolina Dirt Bika Tracks

Georgia Dirt Bike Tracks

Texas Dirt Bike Tracks

Arizona Dirt Bike Tracks

Colorado Dirt Bike Tracks

Ohio Dirt Bike Tracks

Pennsylvania Dirt Bike Tracks

Idaho Dirt Bike Tracks

Nebraska Dirt Bike Tracks

New York Dirt Bike Tracks

Tennessee Dirt Bike Tracks

California Dirt Bike Tracks

California ranks as the third largest state in the US, and it’s home to a plethora of outdoor activities, so it’s no wonder dirt bike tracks are prevalent in this coastal haven! Some of the tracks below have seen stars be born on their very courses, so it’s worth checking them out if you’re ever out west with your dirt bike.

Perris Raceway 

Perris Raceway Dirt Bike Track In California, USA

Perris, CA 

Named for the location, the Perris dirt bike track is one of the oldest motorcycle parks in California. Perris Raceway was established in 1958, and it offers three major tracks to choose from. The amateur track features tons of turns, off-cambers and jumps for those still getting acquainted with their riding skills, and the kids dirt bike track is great for beginners and small riders. The main track of Perris is where stars have been born, and it’s reserved for pee-wee and junior riders on Tuesday nights so that they can hone their skills! The combination of tracks, plus the chance to night ride on this course, shows why it’s often called the best in SoCal. Events and hours vary, and $30 gets you through the door and on the track. Not bad for an MX institution!

More info: https://www.perrismx.com/ 

Lake Elsinore Motocross Park 

Lake Elsinore Motocross Park, USA, California

Lake Elsinore, CA

Located in its namesake, this Lake Elsinore dirt bike track features a whopping 15 dirt bike courses, each of which is catered for all riders! Pee-wee and vet tracks, as well as a mini bike track, supercross tracks and the main track are all open Thursday thru Monday for riders looking to test their skills. The price you pay depends on the track you want to ride, so it’s worth heading to their website or calling ahead to check out your options. The Lake Elsinore Motocross Park sees over 10,000 riders per month, and it’s no doubt worth your time if you’re close by! 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lake-Elsinore-Motorsports-Park-104247691683693/ 

Club Moto Motocross Track 

Club Moto Motocross Track, California, USA

Livermore, CA 

Club Moto is one of the most popular off-road locations in California, and this Livermore dirt bike track features all the bells and whistles. Both natural outdoor terrain and a thorough obstacle motocross track are open to seasoned riders, while a beginner and pee-wee track are available for riders that are just starting out. All tracks are groomed and watered each day that Club Moto is open, and the easier tracks are kept smoother to allow for smaller dirt bikes. The setup of the main track is changed often, and generous commercial lighting is standard so your ride doesn’t have to end when it gets dark. Riders looking to sample a bit of everything won’t be disappointed with Club Moto!

More info: http://www.clubmoto.com/ 

Cal City MX Park

Cal City MX Park, USA, California

California City, CA 

Cal City MX offers two dirt bike tracks, one main and one pee-wee. Practices are held most of the year except for summer, so it’s worth verifying open days ahead of your visit. The main track features jumps both large and small, rhythm sections, doubles and swooping berms. Natural terrain is used as an advantage and there are plenty of off-camber spots. Basic camping is available outside the track, while concessions and a parts shop are available on-site. This is a nice spot for plenty of practice and camping, if the season is right!

More info: https://www.calcitymx.com/ 

Barona Oaks Motocross Park 

a Oaks Motocross Park, USA, Claifornia

Lakeside, CA 

Barona Oaks has been open for over 35 years and offers a handful of dirt bike tracks to choose from. The main track features both large and small doubles, 90-foot tables, as well as railing berms and whoops. Practice time is available most weekends as long as weather allows. Showers, toilets and bleachers are all standard at Barona Oaks, and nearby campsites offer lots of shade. This park is the perfect place to get in some practice runs and relax under the trees.

More info: https://barona-mx.com/ 

Cycleland Speedway 

Cycleland Speedway Dirt Bike Track, California, USA

Oroville, CA 

Opened in 1963, Cycleland Speedway features one main track outlined with trees, and one small clay oval dirt bike track. Cycleland offers practice on Sundays for all dirt bikes, and on Wednesday evenings for large bikes only. Races are common in the spring and fall, so it’s worth checking if you’re visiting in those seasons. No annual fee or membership is required, but $30 per rider is required to practice. An on-site snack bar will help keep you going between races. 

More info: https://www.cyclelandspeedway.com/ 

Florida Dirt Bike Tracks

Florida is another massive state that’s chock full of places to ride. While many outdoor parks are available on state or federal lands, the dirt bike tracks below offer more structured track options that aren’t just for off-roading.

Hardrock Cycle Park

Hardrock Cycle Park Dirt Bike Track

Ocala, FL

Four dirt bike tracks comprise the main part of Hardrock Cycle Park’s setup, but there are plenty of added attractions like a rock garden, harescramble course and oval track to elevate the experience. The two-mile main track offers berms, elevation changes, step-ups and whoops to keep you on your toes, and it’s maintained every Friday for the coming weekend. Both RV and basic camping are available on-site depending on your needs, as well as bathrooms, showers, storage and a parts shop. Events are held relatively often, and a pop-up concession stand is available when races occur. Bonus: relax at the nearby lake when you’ve had your fill of riding!

More info: https://www.ocalamarion.com/directory/hard-rock-cycle-park/

Miami Motocross Park

Hialeah, FL

Traveling and didn’t bring your dirt bike? You’re in luck! Miami Motocross Park is the one of the only parks in Florida that rents dirt bikes for all skill levels. Private lessons are also offered if you’re looking to try your hand for the first time. The main dirt bike track is about half a mile long, and there’s a standard pee-wee track as well for junior riders still honing their skills. Both tracks are well maintained and events are held often. You’ll also have access to spray wash, grassy parking, portable toilets, and a concessions stand on weekends. ATVs are allowed in addition to dirt bikes and motorcycles.

More info: https://miamimxpark.com/ 

Pax Trax Motocross Park

Daytona Beach, FL

Plenty of options await riders at Pax Trax Motocross Park. Both the pee-wee and main dirt bike tracks are fully lighted for fun-filled rides as evening approaches. There’s also an intermediate track that boasts small jumps and elevation changes for riders that are in-between skill levels. The main track offers a ton of different obstacles while still maintaining a feeling of safety for all riders. Pax Trax is super family oriented and offers other perks like restrooms, showers, a bike wash station, a parts shop, snack shop and camping on premises. Even if the electric hookups are full, the adjacent RV campground is ready to accommodate your stay.

More info: https://www.paxtraxmx.com/ 

Gatorback Cycle Park

Alachua, FL

This scenic Florida facility has tons to offer both MX and SX riders. Boasting an outdoor supercross dirt bike track, as well as vet and harescramble courses, you won’t be bored at Gatorback. Amenities like a bike wash station, bleachers, toilets and concessions come standard, and RV hookups are available in limited supply. Be sure to reserve your spot and call before you haul since Gatorback is only open on select dates.

More info: https://unlimitedsportsmx.com/ 

Michigan Dirt Bike Tracks

Battle Creek Motorcycle Club 

Battle Creek, MI 

Established in 1928, Battle Creek is one of the oldest motorcycle clubs in the country, and it’s run completely by its 70+ dedicated members. This dirt bike course features one 1.3-mile motocross track, one half mile kids dirt bike track and an 8-mile harescramble course. ATVs are allowed in addition to motorcycles and dirt bikes to cater to other off-road enthusiasts. Treebound & shady Battle Creek is ideal for families on their first outdoor jaunt or hobbyists looking for a place to meet up and ride. Bathrooms are available on-site, and a concessions stand is there on race days. 

More info: https://www.battlecreekmotorcycleclub.com/ 

Baja Acres 

Millington, MI 

Featuring 80 acres to play around with, Baja Acres is made up of mostly rocky hills and mountains. The 1.5-mile main dirt bike track is a difficult ride and is currently only recommended for experienced riders. The additional junior track ensures 50 to 65cc riders are free to learn at their own pace. Additional amenities like a power wash station, playground and swimming pond are available on-site, and camping is available for no additional fee. This all-angles retreat is perfect for getaways with family or friends alike! Be sure to check their website beforehand for any weather closures.

More info: https://bajaacres.com/ 

North Carolina Dirt Bike Tracks

Busco Beach & ATV Park 

Goldsboro, NC 

Lush, sandy beach views surround Bosco Beach & ATV Park on its outer perimeter, and a variety of off-road vehicles are accommodated. Five miles of various terrain is open daily for all skill levels, and both pee-wee and designated motocross dirt bike tracks are available to ride on. Deep wood trails, deep-water crossings, sand pits and hill climbs will keep you guessing in this outdoor paradise. Basic camping near the water and RV hookups are available, as well as hot showers, ATV rentals and a snack shop. Fishing and jet skis are permitted on the water as well. Frequent events and concerts are common at Busco Beach, and it’s the perfect place for a beachy weekend getaway! 

More info: http://www.buscobeach.com/ 

Brushy Mountain Motorsports Park 

Taylorsville, NC 

Brushy Mountain offers stiff competition with their robust 1700 acres, and over 100 miles of one-way dirt bike tracks. These trails are well-maintained and vary from easy to expert for riders of all experience levels. Weave thru wooded areas on your jaunt of choice, and bring your ATV, UTV or sport quad friends! Brushy Mountain is open Friday thru Sunday, and Wednesdays and Thursdays are available by appointment as well. Hot showers, restrooms and basic camping are accessible on-site. Check their website for fees and membership information!

More info: https://bmmspark.com/ 

Dirt Bike Tracks in Georgia

Millsaps Training Facility

Cairo, GA 

Not for the faint of heart, Millsaps Training Facility was designed for riders to improve their riding skills. Moto mom Colleen Millsaps owns and runs the entire facility and trains her team on her proven methods. Four tracks including an AMA supercross dirt bike track are featured onsite, as well as wifi, bunkhouses, a fitness center and a mechanic shop. Different programs are available depending on your experience level, and these range from one week to full-time training for those who want an immersive riding experience.

More info: https://mtfmx.com/ 

Alma MX Park

Alma, GA

Nestled in the Georgia wilderness, Alma MX is an easy ride compared to Millsaps. This facility features a single 1-mile clay track with 16 dirt bike jumps as well as doubles, step-ups, rolling whoops and tables. This dirt bike track is most ideal for junior and intermediate riders looking for a fun day out. Bike wash and limited RV hookups are standard on-site. Relax in the lush, shady meadows in your free time, and hone your skills on the track!

More info: https://www.almamxpark.com/ 

Dirt Bike Tracks in Texas

Three Palms Extreme Sports Park

Conroe, TX 

Located just north of Houston, Three Palms is packed with fun rides. Two kids dirt bike tracks, four full-sized tracks, one woods track and four extra miles of woods trails for trail dirt bikes await any riders who make the trip. Learn to ride with Three Palms’ first-time rider program or private lessons, or rent a dirt bike for the day and get going! Relax on one of two lakes after riding, or get in some time on a jet ski before retreating back to your campsite or RV. Three Palms is open year-round and annual memberships are $25, but be sure to call before you haul.

More info: https://www.threepalmsesp.com/ 

Cycle Ranch Motocross Park & Events Center 

Floresville, TX 

Looking to marry your motocross soul mate? Cycle Ranch may be your ideal destination! This park features over 100 acres complete with pee-wee, vet and main dirt bike tracks, as well as miles of trails. Many of these tracks are considered tame and most ideal for amateur riders. Bathrooms, showers, as well as concessions and a pro shop are all featured on-site for easy access, and event rental is available. Contact Cycle Ranch to make required RV and camping reservations since space is limited.

Lone Star MX

Belton, TX

Located just outside of Kileen, Lone Star MX is an ideal weekend getaway for riders of all kinds. Two main dirt bike tracks, as well as pee-wee and vet tracks, are available no matter what your experience level may be. A handful of surrounding trails also give you the chance to blow off steam when you’re not feeling the track. Bathrooms, showers and concessions are standard on-site, and Lone Star MX is usually open on weekends. Be sure to call before you haul on your next day out!

More info: https://getyourruton.com/ 

Emma Long Metropolitan Park

Austin, TX 

Nestled in the outskirts of Austin, nine miles of winding, single track trails await you at Emma Long Metropolitan Park. Unbanked turns and rock-step climbs are prevalent along these paths that are quite tame once you’ve acclimated to them. There’s plenty of parking to be had, as well as restrooms and picnic areas for a quick break. Nearby Lake Austin offers swimming, hiking, boating and camping for an extended stay. Emma Long Metropolitan Park is open from 7am to 10pm daily, and pay stations are located at the entrance.

More info: https://www.austintexas.gov/department/emma-long-metropolitan-park 

MX Tracks in Arizona

Motoland MX Park

Casa Grande, AZ

Opened in 2007, Motoland MX Park is a great place for families to hone their riding skills of all levels. Motoland’s new owners are dedicated to bettering this facility as a whole, and it certainly shows. Five dirt bike tracks, including main, vet and pee-wee tracks, are accessible on the weekends. Bathrooms and a playground are standard, and an on-site store offers gear, parts and snacks. Be sure to call or check social media for any updates on weather or closures! 

More info: https://www.facebook.com/motoland.mxpark/ 

Canyon Motocross 

Peoria, AZ

After a brief closure, Canyon Offroad Park has reopened as Canyon Motocross. Canyon MX features four separate tracks including a kids dirt bike track, vet track, mini track (for 65 & 85cc dirt bikes) and a main track. Quads are allowed in addition to dirt bikes, and night practice is offered on select days. Hours are seasonal depending on the time of year, so be sure to call before you head down to confirm you’ll have access!

More info: https://canyonmx.com/ 

Motocross Tracks in Colorado

Jewell Motocross Track 

Watkins, CO 

Formerly known as Watkins Motocross Track, Jewell Motocross has reopened with a new name and management. Located east of Denver, Jewell features four dirt bike tracks consisting of pee-wee, beginner, intermediate and pro levels. Dirt bikes and motorcycles, as well as ATVs, are permitted to ride Friday through Monday as long as the weather cooperates. $20 admission with an existing membership gets you through the door and on the track. Be sure to call ahead or check the website for any scheduled events before heading down. 

More info: https://jewellmotocross.com/ 

Aztec Family Raceway 

Colorado Springs, CO 

Built on 60 acres, Aztec Family Raceway features three tracks in total. The kids dirt bike track (for 50cc – 65cc kids dirt bikes) is perfect for young riders still learning their skills, while the two full-sized tracks are best for established riders. All tracks are watered and well maintained, and the full-sized tracks are changed often to keep riders on their toes. Restrooms and an air compressor are on-site amenities, and camping is allowed on weekends. Either a daily or family membership is required to ride, but prices are reasonable. Call ahead or check Facebook for more information! 

More info: https://aztecraceway.com/az/ 

Dirt Bike Tracks in Ohio

Route 62 MX 

Utica, OH 

Known by some as Bighorn MX, Route 62 has four total dirt bike race tracks to choose from. The outdoor main track measures 1.3 miles long, with additional pee-wee and supercross tracks depending on your experience level. Quads are allowed in addition to dirt bikes and motorcycles. A bonus indoor dirt bike track for the winter months is super convenient, and it features a viewing area as well as heated pits. Route 62 MX is only open on certain weekends, so be sure to call before you head down.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/Rt62mx/ 

TV Land MX 

Pierpont, OH 

Trevor Vines gave TV Land MX to the world, and we are thankful! Built on 52 acres, this sprawling area features a full three miles of maintained & marked trails. Three loose, muddy tracks with jumps are the main feature at TV Land, as well as a small loop through the woods. Events are quite common, so it’s best to call or check the website for fees, dates and times before you head out. Neighboring Pymatuning State Park is perfect for an off-site camp or swim after your big day out! 

More info: http://www.trevorvines.com/ 

MX Tracks in Pennsylvania

Irish Valley Motocross Park

Paxinos, PA 

Built with three separate tracks including a kids dirt bike track, main track and hare scramble course, Irish Valley is a great getaway with shade included. Located just north of Harrisburg, this spot is a perfect weekend getaway that features bathrooms, showers, a spray wash station, concessions and a sandbox for the kids. Irish Valley is open daily, and basic camping is allowed on-site.

More info: http://www.irishvalleymx.com/ 

Switchback MX Park 

Butler, PA 

This 72-acre park features outdoor motocross and pee-wee tracks for more standard rides, as well as harescramble trails to boot. However, the shining star of Switchback MX is their indoor dirt bike track that’s open year-round! Classes and events are relatively common at Switchback, so be sure to check the website first for more information on hours and events. 

More info: https://switchbackmx.com/ 

Dirt Bike Tracks in Idaho

Skyline MX Park & Events Center

Owyhee, ID 

Known previously as Pleasant Valley Raceway, Skyline MX is freshly reopened with a variety of awesome dirt bike tracks to choose from. The 1-mile main track features hero jumps and off-camber corners, as well as deep ruts and elevation changes. A vet track, jack track, ATV track, as well as two pee-wee tracks and enduro cross track, offer plenty of other options to play around with on your visit. Ramadas, bathrooms, concessions and plenty of shade ensure you’ll get the most out of your off-road experience!

More info: https://www.skylineparkidaho.com/pricing-and-info/ 

Pocatello TMX 

Pocatello, ID 

Formerly Pocatello MX Park, Pocatello TMX is now rebuilt with new owners. Four separate dirt bike tracks are available at this park, including pee-wee, side by side, 110 and main tracks. All tracks are well maintained before riding, and open practice takes place on Tuesdays and Saturdays with different hours for each day. Yearly riding school is also offered at Pocatello TMX for anyone that wants to learn or brush up on their skills! Races are held on Saturdays, so call ahead to make sure daily practice is still on.

More info: https://www.pocatellotmx.com/ 

Motocross Tracks in Nebraska

Lincoln Sports Foundation MX Track

Lincoln, NE 

Located conveniently near Nebraska’s capital, Lincoln Sports Foundation MX is the place to be for a fun time. This location features a 1.5-mile main track, as well as a UTV track, arenacross track, oval flat track and a kids dirt bike track. Dirt bikes and motorcycles are always permitted, with ATVs allowed on Sundays and Mondays. An on-site clubhouse is perfect for watching riders zoom around the track, just be sure to check the calendar for any races or last-minute changes!

More info: https://www.lsfmxtrack.com/ 

Abbott Motocross Track 

Lincoln, NE 

Centered near Lincoln, Abbott Motocross features two dirt bike tracks to choose from. A mini track, meant for 50cc dirt bikes, 65cc dirt bikes and ages 9 and under, is available for junior riders still getting a feel for racing. The main track is 1.5 miles in length and 30 feet wide, with tabletops, doubles, rhythm sections, off-camber corners and rollers. Experienced riders will have their work cut out for them on this serious course.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/Abbott-Motocross-Park-185025018216428/ 

Dirt Bike Tracks in New York

Area 51 Motocross

Batavia, NY

Located just outside of Buffalo, Area 51 is one of the premier moto destinations on the east coast. Take your pick from three awesome dirt bike tracks, including a massive main track, vet track and a challenging pee-wee track for young riders ready to test their skills. Additional woods trails are open to riders during harescramble events throughout the year. Area 51 also offers lessons for that friend or family member who’s never tried their hand at off-roading. For repeat visitors, membership may be desirable for exclusive practice time and cheaper fees. Since events are common at Area 51, be sure to call ahead for the current schedule!

More info: https://www.area51motocross.com/ 

Frozen Ocean MX

Auburn, NY 

Carved out by the Denman family in 1987, Frozen Ocean MX has much to offer. The full 66 acres include a demanding kids dirt bike track, an off-road ATV track, a go-kart track, practice track and main motocross track. Along with bathrooms, concessions and a pavilion, RV camping is available on-site for the full outdoor experience. Be sure to check their website or Facebook for upcoming events!

More info: https://www.frozen-ocean.com/ 

Motocross Tracks in Tennessee

I-81 Motorsports MX Park 

Greeneville, TN 

Offering 400 acres of all-terrain fun, I-81 Motorsports Park is a southern off-road destination. This location features lighted pro and pee-wee dirt bike tracks, with the ability to rent the facility as needed. In addition, a short track, oval dirt track and miles of hare scramble trails are available when you need a change of pace. Bathrooms and showers are readily available, as well as a concession stand during races. ATVs and UTVs are welcome as well, and camping is available for an additional fee. I-81 is open most of the week, and admission is not required for spectators.

More info: http://www.i81motorsportspark.com/ 

Wheelin in the Country Inc. Off-Road Park

Summertown, TN 

With over 700 acres of privately owned land, Wheelin in the Country offers a plethora of options for your next off-road getaway. Try your skill at deep mud pits, ravines, steep hill climbs, rock gardens and an off-road dirt bike track. Night riding is allowed on weekends, and most all-terrain vehicles are permitted. On-site bathrooms, showers, concessions, and a repair shop are accessible to the public, as well as bunkhouses, cabins and RV hookups for extra fees. Since Wheelin in the Country is only open select weekends, call before heading out to ensure you’ll have access!

More info: https://www.facebook.com/WHEELIN-IN-THE-COUNTRY-238281990040/

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best dirt bike tracks?

This largely depends on where exactly you’re located or visiting in the United States, and your goals for your dirt bike track. Especially in areas with snow, there are some dirt bike tracks that feature indoor riding for all seasons, and this is a definite perk during winter months.

The western half of the US boasts track heavyweights like Perris, Lake Elsinore and Club Moto, and these are no doubt some of the greats. On the other hand, Area 51 and Frozen Ocean are as good as it gets on the east coast. Considering the distance between many of these parks, it’s really going to depend on what’s closest to you.  

What’s the difference between SX and MX?

It’s easy to see why there’s some confusion between motocross and supercross, but TeamMA’s ready to sort out any confusion with the details below.

Motocross, or MX, is a summer sport that requires riding longer, outdoor dirt bike tracks over rough terrain. These tracks can either be natural or simulated depending on where they’re located. More straightaways in MX lead to longer jumps, and bad weather can make the course infinitely more challenging when it occurs. Unpredictable conditions mean MX riders must retain even more of a varied skill set to ensure they’re prepared for their oftentimes grueling races. 

In contrast, supercross (SX) races are held in stadiums and the dirt bike tracks are far more condensed than an outdoor MX track. There are still just as many obstacles like hairpin turns and high jumps, but they’re jam packed into a smaller area. This challenges SX riders to be technical and ultra-quick on the draw with their maneuvers and decisions. SX is a springtime sport that more often mirrors a monster truck rally than an outdoor, spread-out event like MX, since concessions, seating and audience theatrics are much more of a part of the experience.

No matter where you’re visiting or where you choose to ride, we hope you have fun exploring these new options. Have fun out there!