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Best Women’s Dirt Bike Helmets 2022

Women’s motocross has never been more popular. There is a thriving online community which extends across all of the leading social media channels. #womensmotocross is growing on Instagram, and with a quick search on Facebook, you will find several well-supported pages. When it comes to women’s motocross gear & women’s dirt bike helmets, there is a lot more choice nowadays too. In this article, we are going to look at the leading helmet manufacturers and precisely what they offer to women who ride dirt bikes.


1. Fox 2022 V3 Women’s Dirt Bike Helmets

FOX V3 Womens Dirt Bike Helmets 2022
Fox has really hit the sweet spot with this dirt bike helmet. The V3 is one of our favourite models at Motocross Advice. It has competition standard safety features, all-new ventilation, and a wide range of designs. Let’s look at what makes this helmet so special


Fox V3 Women’s Dirt Bike Helmets Safety features

Fluid inside ™ technology:

Fluid inside is an all-new feature for Fox. With the addition of this technology, the V3 helmet allows a degree of controlled lateral movement within the helmet. This reduces forces that would otherwise be transferred to your head. With this product, the risk of concussion is drastically reduced.


Magnetic Visor Release System:

A visor that will release itself from the helmet in the event of a crash, without breaking screws, is a smart addition too. Fox has strengthened the magnets also. Now, heavy roost and high speeds will not dislodge the visor.


Cage ™:

This is a patent-pending feature. Fox has re-visited how it constructs the chin bar of your helmet. Cage ™ strengthens the points that are hit hardest when a helmet comes into contact with the ground at speed.


Dual-density EPS liner:

The Varizorb ™ liner Completes the list of crucial safety features and spreads direct impact around the helmet.



  • Exceeds ECE 22.05
  • Exceeds DOT


Ventilation system:

The airflow through the V3 is up with the best in its class. Warm air and moisture are driven backwards through an intricate venting system. This leaves you cool and dry, even when you are riding hard in hot conditions.

The inner liner is fully removable, washable, and antimicrobial, wicking moisture and odour away from the rider.



The new V3 is a beautiful looking helmet, with a wide range of designs and colour schemes.

Material: Poly-Carbon composite

Weight: 1160 Grams

Smallest size: S (55-56 cm)


Pros: Safe/lightweight/comfortable

Cons: We would like to see an extra small (54 to 55) as the youth V3 is not as highly specced




2. Fly Racing Formula Vector Women’s Dirt Bike Helmets

Fly Racing Formula Vector 2022 Women's dirt bike helmet
Fly Racing has risen through the ranks in recent years. Their no-nonsense approach to dirt bike clothing and competitive motocross gear is well known.

Fly Racing has a motocross helmet that is ideal for any rider who is looking for maximum protection and increased comfort when performing at their peak. The Formula Vector is a full carbon shell with all of the safety features required.


Fly Racing Formula Vector Safety features:

Rheon ™

Impact cells for Linear force absorption provide a patented MIPS system.


Conehead EPS ™

A multi-point liner which allows limited and controlled lateral movement to reduce concussion.


Multiple, zone-specific impact points:

Fly has designed a helmet that protects you in different ways, dependant on where force is delivered, and which part of the head or neck come into contact with the shell. There are even zones for your clavicle areas. This attention to areas beyond the head alone puts the Formula Vector in front of many of its competitors.


Quick-release cheek pads:

The Vector system includes a quick-release cheek pad design for safe trackside removal.



  • Exceeds ECE 22.05
  • Exceeds DOT



A linear ram system forces fresh air through the Vectors plentiful air channels. Any rider will feel fresh and dry when riding at their maximum level.



The Formula Vector has an aggressive, contemporary design, with the graphics version coming in five schemes, plus solid white or black.

Material: 12K Carbon Fibre

Weight: 1155 Grams

Smallest size: XS (53-54 cm)


Pros: Safe/lightweight/comfortable/comes in extra small

Cons: The price is at the high end 




3. 6D ATR1 Women’s Dirt Bike Helmets

6D womens dirt bike helmets atr-1 2022
6D is a Californian design house who specialise in performance helmets. They have two off-road helmets, the ATR2 helmets which you can review here and the ATR1 which has made our list for best woman’s dirt bike helmets.

6D may be relatively new to the game, but they are no slouches when it comes to peak performance. The ATR1 is a premium class helmet and will hold its own in any situation.


6D ATR1 Safety Features


This is 6D’s propriety MIPS. (Multi-Impact Protection System). ODS is a floating inner liner with variable points that absorb and distribute rotational forces, reducing the severity or chance of concussion.

Sheer Away Visor Screws:

6D deal with visor snagging by fitting shear screws. If you fall off or catch an obstacle, the visor will tear off. This will stop whiplash injuries but will mean a trip to your dealer for new screws.

Sternum Pad:

6D has seen the need to fit a zone within the front of the ATR1 that protects your sternum. With this type of impact the chin bar of a helmet can hit you in the chest. This places the ATR1 ahead of the Fly Racing helmet for advanced safety features.

Emergency release Cheek pads:

We would like to see all premium performance helmets adopt an emergency cheek pad system. 6D go to the top of the class with Fly racing again with their version of this safety feature.

Clavicle cutaway: 

As well as sternum protection, 6D has cut away the sides of the ATR1 to allow clearance for shoulder braces. Smart move!


  • Exceeds ECE 22.05
  • Exceeds DOT
  • Exceeds ASTM,
  • Exceeds AU
  • Exceeds AC



The 6D ventilation, while not as complex as others in this category, is more than adequate.



ATR1 has a sleek, less aggressive contemporary design, with the 9 graphics versions plus solid white or black.

Material: Composite Carbon Fibre, Kevlar and Fibreglass

Weight: 1500 Grams

Smallest size: XS (53-54 cm) although you can buy the XL youth (52-53) with no loss of specification


Pros: Safest in class/comfortable/comes in extra small and Youth

Cons: The price is high-end, and the weight is a little over competitors




4. Alpinestars Supertech M8 Women’s Dirt Bike Helmets

Alpinestars Supertech M8 women motocross helmet 2022
Alpinestars continue to put out quality motocross products. When it comes to women’s dirt bike helmets, there is a clear winner within their range.

Alpinestars designed the Supertech M8 with a simple brief; build the safest high-performance helmet possible. The secondary criteria were excellent ventilation, extreme comfort and reduced weight.

Supertech M8 Safety features:

Carbon composite shell is ergonomically shaped:

The M8 is the only helmet in our list that has designed force reduction into the shape of the shell and then added MIPS as an extra.


Multi-density EPS:

A high tech foam layer takes care of energy dispersion at varying levels of impact.


Adjustable height:

Alpinestars has also designed a fine-tuning inner layer which allows you to set the helmet higher on your head. This of extra interest to riders with a smaller head, as it reduced the chance of the helmet slipping forward over your eyes. We believe that this is an industry first and totally unique to Alpinestars.


Eject ™ 

This trackside emergency feature allows removal of the helmet shell without putting stress on the riders neck.


Removable Cheek pads:

Another emergency release system for trackside treatment which allows the helmet to be adjusted without removal.


Multi-Point ergonomic design

The Supertech M8 has multiple soft zones and cutaways to allow freedom of movement, and significantly reduce impact at points around the body.



  • Exceeds ECE 22.05
  • Exceeds DOT
  • Exceeds DOT 218 (Canada)



Advanced design features include:

  • Hydration system compatible
  • +5mm oversize cheek pads
  • TPE outer coating to protect the exterior finish
  • Fully removable wicking material, antimicrobial inner lining
  • Superior airflow design visor to increase ventilation

The Supertech M8 comes in multiple designs and colour schemes.

Material: Carbon Fibre and composite

Weight: 1155 Grams

Smallest size: XS (53-54 cm)

Pros: Safest in class/lightweight/comfortable/comes in XS/unique safety features/fine-tuning features for smaller heads/superb value for money

Cons: None




What are the differences when it comes to dirt bike helmets for men and women?

This is an interesting question. Analytics show a clear distinction in the way men and women search for helmets. In truth though, no manufacturer makes a dedicated women’s dirt bike helmet. All of the major manufacturer’s websites have helmets that are labelled as women’s dirt bike helmets. In every case, they are precisely the same product as the men’s.

From a purely anatomical standpoint, it makes sense that women may need a smaller version of the helmet, and that is shown in our results above. 

Manufacturers like Fox, that stop at size small, and have youth ranges that drop in the specification are hit hardest. Alpinestars is a clear leader with its Supertech M8 as it is not only the safest in class but has an XS size and fine-tuning for smaller heads. This is why we feel it is the best premium dirt bike helmet for women.

When it comes to overall performance, there is no need for any specific gender features in a helmet for women.

Are you a female motocross/dirt bike rider? Please get in touch if you think we have missed an essential feature for women’s helmets. We would also love to hear from you if you would like to write regular review articles on women’s motocross gear, as we feel a woman’s section should be written by a woman motocross enthusiast. 

Before buying a new dirt bike helmet, do not forget to size your head with a dirt bike helmet size chart.

Get in touch: martin@motocrossadvice.com

We will be back soon with more Motocross Advice.

Until then; have fun!


Alpinestars Supertech M8










Value for money



  • Safest in class
  • fine-tuning features for smaller heads
  • lightweight
  • unique safety features
  • Comes in XS
This Article Has 2 Comments
  1. a. miller Reply

    thank you kindly for the article. i wish this was written by a woman, but i get it – there just aren’t that many of us out there. yet 🙂

    the struggle for women gaining entry to this sport is real. finding entry level gear in the correct size is very difficult – so we are left with a choice, try to squeeze into subpar kids gear, or go full bobblehead in xs adult gear with a shell that’s going to be at least one size too large, or spend $800 on a premium lid. no wonder there aren’t a ton of women riders…

    i’ve also observed that many brands have a gap in sizing, between kids L/XL and adult XS/S. it really is frustrating, i wish there was better coverage in general for folks with smaller heads!

    • Martin Varrand

      Thank you so much for your comment and valid points!
      I am also with a very small head and can feel the struggle of finding the right helmet that fits.

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