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Neck Brace for Motocross – Why You Need It | 2020 Buyer’s Guide

Motocross Neck braces have become quite popular with motocross racers and riders over the last 10 years. Although there seems to be on and off phases, there is no denying that neck brace for motocross has become an essential piece of kit for a lot of riders.

As time has went on, these motocross neck protectors have evolved quite a bit from the original neck doughnut days. They are becoming lighter, more durable, and much more comfortable to ride with. So even if you tried a neck brace in the past, it might be time to give one of the modern ergonomic designs a try.
Below we have covered some of the most asked questions about motocross neck braces


What is neck brace for motocross designed to do?

A motocross neck protector, or neck brace, is designed to perform two very important tasks. Firstly, it is supposed to direct harsh forces placed on the neck during a crash, away from the neck and disperse them safely across the body. Secondly, a motocross neck protector is designed to limit the back and forth, and side to side movement of the head. This prevents hyperextension and hyperflexion during a crash. Hyperextension occurs when the neck is bent too far backwards. Hyperflexion is the opposite meaning it occurs when the neck is bent too far forwards.


Which level of riders need neck brace for motocross?

The decision to wear or not wear a neck brace for motocross does not usually depend on the rider’s skill level. It is instead personal or parental preference. For instance, you see many very young riders wearing neck braces. Despite the fact that they are not riding at professional speeds, their parents still believe that a neck brace is a worthy investment for their little ones. On the other hand, you will see that many professional riders do not sport neck braces. This is likely because they want 100% freedom of movement and anything that gets in the way of that is not worth it to them.

So there is no real answer as to what level of rider should wear a neck brace. It is more so, how worth wearing a brace is to you. For those young riders, nothing is on the line that would make wearing a neck brace too incontinent or in the way. Where a pro rider racing for money may find that they ride a split second faster without one. I personally believe that neck braces are worth it in every way, and having fun on the track is not at all hindered by wearing one.


How motocross neck brace works?

The concept of how a motocross neck brace works is actually quite simple. It sits on your upper chest, and back, and limits the movement of your head during a crash. This is done to prevent spinal cord injury. The human vertebra is actually quite strong, however the spinal cord is not. The spinal cord is where you find nerves and spinal fluid. This is what a neck brace for motocross aims to protect. Since hyperextension and hyperflexion both can cause spinal cord contusion, braces have been designed to prevent this injury.

You will notice that every different neck brace company has a different design and way of directing force from a crash. Each of those designs is the company’s own take on what they believe will work best while still remaining comfortable to ride with. It is impossible to say if one brace works better than another, however, it is easy to see that any proper motocross brace is better than no brace.

High quality braces have thoracic struts that have been engineered to break after a certain pressure is applied to them. This is done so that during a crash, your neck brace will not dig into your back and cause injury. There are many myths about neck braces breaking collar bones. Although there is no real evidence that the braces caused the breaks, neck brace companies are no longer building braces that will put excessive pressure on your collar bones during a crash. Instead the energy is dispersed over a larger area that is safer for the body.

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How to choose motocross neck brace from different price levels? Expensive or cheap?

Any trust worthy neck brace company will offer braces that place safety as their number one priority. You will usually see entry level, and top of the range models from the same company offering the same basic shape and design. That being said in the motocross neck brace world, you really do get what you pay for as far as comfort goes. You may be able to buy a safe neck brace quite cheaply, but it is almost guaranteed that the more expensive one will be much lighter, and offer more adjustment to raise comfort levels.

So here is where you have to make another decision for yourself. Personally, I will always choose the higher end model neck brace. This is for a few reasons, but put simply, if I’m not comfortable, I won’t want to wear it. Where if I can adjust the brace to fit right and it isn’t too heavy, then I really have no reason not to wear it.
The most important thing you can do is put some time in to research the braces that most appeal to you. Whether it is looks you are after, or comfort. You will be able to find a neck brace for motocross that you are happy with if you put the time in.

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To Conclude

Motocross neck braces have come a long way in the comfort and safety department. They are at the stage now where the right brace is hardly even noticeable when out on your dirt bike. The important thing is that we all have the choice to wear a neck brace, and unless you are a top pro racing for your paycheck, is the risk of not wearing one worth it?