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Buying a Dirt Bike Helmet from home

Why it is best to Buy Dirt Bike Helmets from Home

People often ask the question “where should I get a dirt bike helmet?”. The answer to that is usually irrelevant, because with the knowledge of this article you can find suitable dirt bike helmets near me. The most important thing is to buy a high quality helmet that is intended for what you use it for, and that will fit properly. If the helmet is safe, and comfortable, you are usually on the right track. This being said, it just makes sense to buy from the comfort of your own home. Below are a few reasons as to why buying a helmet online is best.


Dirt Bike Helmets near Me:

If you want to purchase something nearby, you can’t get much closer than where you are right now. The ability to buy a helmet online means that you don’t even have to move away from where you are reading this article. All you have to do is choose the right helmet and place an order. Just make sure you read the rest of this article so you understand how to choose the right one.



Fast and Easy Delivery:

Perhaps this is the best part about ordering online, you can have it delivered quickly, right to your doorstep. Depending on your budget (which we cover below) you can purchase different shipping options to have your helmet arrive sooner (sometimes as quick as the next day). The helmet will show up at your door without you even having to leave your home. This is great, especially for people that live far from any good motocross dealerships. The money you save on gas could be put towards a better helmet!

Huge Variety:

Buying a helmet online (especially through Amazon) gives you a huge selection of helmets to choose from. You will find different brands, models, and colors. You will also have the best chance at finding the size you want in a color that you want as brick and mortar locations can’t always stock as much as an online retailer can.


How to Choose a Dirt Bike Helmet Near me (from home)

Now you know a few of the main benefits of buying a new dirt bike helmet online, it’s time to let you know how to do it so that you get exactly what you want.

Pick the right brand:

First of all, if you are not sure what brand you want, it is time to do a bit of research. There are a ton of different brands out there and all of them have different benefits and drawbacks. 6D for example is known as one of the safest helmets out there.

The company makes use of ODS (omni-directional suspension) which protects your head against rotational and direct forces that occur during crashes. It may seem complex, but now a days most things are. Your choice of helmet brand might be based on weight, shape, looks, safety factors, price, or even how much you ride.

Our top favorite brands are 6D, Fox, Bell helmets, Shoei, Arai and TLD.  Start by browsing them on Amazon, if you see others you like, put in some time to find out if they are also a good quality, and safe helmet. If you want the best, then read my blog about the best dirt bike helmets 2017.

Measure your head:

Sizing is the main reason that people prefer to go into a store to buy a helmet rather than just ordering one online. The ability to try on a helmet in a dealership is something that an online purchase does lack. However, if you size your head correctly, you will not have to worry. Using the dirt bike helmet sizing charts described below will ensure your online purchase will fit great! If a helmet is too big it will move around when you ride which would be extremely uncomfortable and annoying.

If you crash in a helmet like that, it will not protect your head as well because your head will move around inside the shell. That extra movement will almost certainly cause additional damage. On the other hand, you might purchase a helmet that is too small.

You may not be able to get it on your head. Even if you can, too small of a helmet will often result in uncomfortable pressure points. The best way to be sure you order the right size online is to measure your head. The article linked here How to buy a dirt bike helmet in 2017   has a good sizing chart that you can use. Some manufacturers differ in sizing so check their websites as well for the appropriate chart.



Establish a budget:

One of the biggest factors in any purchase is of course the budget. The amount of money that you have to spend will determine the quality and brand of helmet that you are able to buy. Helmets such as 6D’s ATR-1 cost upwards of $600.

The price may seem steep, but for the protection it offers, it is definitely worth it. However that being said, a Fox V3 helmet can be found for just under $300, which is less than half the price of the 6D. It is not quite as protective, but it is still a very good helmet. Choose a price range that you are comfortable with and look around, there are many good ATV helmets out there. Just be sure not to set your budget too low! A helmet is a worthy investment, you only have on brain so protect it.

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Read dirt bike helmet buyer’s guides:

Dirt bike helmet buyers guides such as “How to buy a dirt bike helmet“, will give you great, unbiased information on helmets that are available for purchase online. The guides usually showcase high quality helmets that have been extensively tested in one way or another. You can find information on fit, weight, price and technology for a ton of different helmets! There is no need to visit every manufacturer’s website to read their sales pitches. Buyer’s guides will talk about their favorite helmets and why one of those might be the right one or you.



Final Thoughts

After this article, you should think “there are always good dirt bike helmets near me to buy”, because a great helmet purchase can be made online. Save another unnecessary trip. Read some reviews, and online order the best dirt bike helmet for you.

If you have decided what to buy, then read how to clean and maintain your dirt bike helmet