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Buy Dirt Bike Helmet – 2019 Buying Guide & TOP Deals

How To Buy a Dirt Bike Helmet?

When asking how to buy a dirt bike helmet in 2019, there are many things that must be taken into account. This article has been written to provide you with everything that you need to know in order to make an informed purchase. We will also cover where, and how to buy dirt bike helmet.

Best Dirt Bike Helmet Brands

There is a vast ocean of choice out there when it comes to selecting the right motocross helmet. Here is a quick dirt bike helmet comparison of the best brands available. Be sure to also always read mx helmet reviews to see what suits you best.

best dirt bike helmet brands

6D- 6D is a relatively new helmet brand that was formed with the goal to create the world’s safest mx helmet. Their helmets are designed around 6D’s patented ODS (omni-directional suspension) which is basically as suspension system for your head. Elastomeric dampers between two layers of EPS foam help lesson rotational, and impact forces that are placed on your head in the event of a crash. All and all, this helmet is about as safe as they come.

Fox– Fox makes many different helmets, however, their best mx helmet is definitely the V3. Its main feature is the MIPS system (multi directional impact system). This system is designed specifically to lesson rotational forces that cause head trauma. This provides similar protection to 6D’s ODS system.

Bell- Bell is a well-known helmet maker that has been around for a long time. Their helmets have always been top notch and the Moto-9 Flex is no exception. This helmet will withstand multiple hits of low and high speed impacts making it perfect for a beginner or pro rider. It also offers some of the best neck support as far as helmets go.

Shoei- Shoei is a well-known brand that has spent mass amounts of time designing and manufacturing helmets for ATV’s, motorcycles and dirt bikes. Their VFX-W Helmet is made with premium materials that create a stellar look and comfortable fit, while resulting in a highly protective piece of equipment. It also features an emergency quick release system that allows for the lining/pads of the helmet to be easily removed in the event of a severe injury (instead of having the yank the helmet off of the persons head).

Troy Lee Designs- TLD is a company that is known for their athletically pleasing designs and attention to detail. Their all new SE4 Factory Carbon Helmet is a testament to this. It makes use of the same MIPS system that the Fox V3 uses, and the same emergency quick release system as the Shoei. The outer shell of the SE4 is made of a Carbon Kevlar combination that makes this an extremely light weight option.

Main Features of a Good Dirt Bike Helmet

Good dirt bike helmets have certain qualities that set them apart from the rest. Here are a few of the most important.

Main features of a dirt bike helmet

1. High Quality Shell- The helmet’s shell is the outside layer and the first part of the helmet to make contact with the ground during a crash. A high quality shell made of carbon and other similar materials is what makes a dirt bike helmet light and durable.

2. Impact Absorption- A quality mx helmet will have a special system to absorb impact and rotational forces. It may consist of layers of foam, or a system such as 6D’s ODS. This is why you wear a helmet in the first place. Pick something that will protect your head in even the worst circumstances.

3. Lightweight- Good dirt bike helmets should be light weight. When riding, or racing, a heavy helmet increases strain on the body making you work harder and sweat more. Putting on a light helmet makes riding noticeably more comfortable and enjoyable.

4. Ventilation- Motocross racing, and riding dirt bikes in general is a very physical sport. As such, you will sweat a lot when riding. Well ventilated helmets will keep your head more dry, and stop sweat from fogging up your goggles. It will also be much cooler, allowing for better focus and a more athletic performance.    

5. Aesthetics- Quality dirt bike helmets will look good. Although it has nothing to do with safety or performance, buy a helmet that you like the looks of. This will encourage you to ride more and give you something to be proud of.  

6. Fit- Good helmets will have a superior fit to lessor models. However, the fit people prefer varies so read some mx helmet reviews to see what people are saying about fit, and choose what sounds the best to you. 

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Helmet sizing

How much do Dirt Bike Helmets Cost?

First off, it is important to realize that a helmet is your most important investment. You cannot ride without a brain (or do anything else for that matter) so protect it! A dirt bike helmet’s price can sometimes deter people however there well priced helmets out there.

People often ask “how much is a dirt bike helmet?”, or “how much does a dirt bike helmet cost?”, which can go hand in hand with “how much does a dirt bike helmet weigh?”. The truth is that price changes quite a bit, and you can find a light weight helmet for a good price. Below are the prices of the 5 helmets we discussed above. All of which are of a relatively light weight.

Fox V3 helmet – $289.95

Bell Moto – 9 Carbon $357.47

Shoei VFX-W – $654.99

Troy Lee SE4 Factory Carbon – $520.00

6D ATR-1 – $633.00

Ofcourse there are cheaper dirt bike helmets under 200$, which can be also good fit for you (depending how serious rider are you?).

Where to Buy Dirt Bike Helmets?

Dirt bike helmets can be bought in many different places. There are often dirt bike helmet reviews that contain links to buy. These often take you to Amazon or the manufacturer’s website (which are both good places to buy from).

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