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Best Electric Dirt Bikes For Kids 2023 [Review by age group]

Electric dirt bikes for kids is such a fast-growing area that it can be tough to keep up.

TeamMA has been very vocal about our feelings on electric bikes. To get you up to speed; we believe electric bikes will play a vital role in developing the sport. As technology improves and costs fall, there will be more choice.

We have had our concerns about the quality and safety of import bikes available online. Sub $500 appears to be the danger area. We have gone on record as saying that kids electric dirt bikes are best avoided.

Until now that is…

Electric dirt bikes for kids go radical

One problem many parents face when considering electric dirt bikes for kids is that some of them look amazing. If you are outside of the motocross community, it is easy to be lured by what appear to be proper dirt bikes.

It seems that a few manufacturers have spotted this trend. These pioneers have set about building kids dirt bikes that perform well, boast quality components, and look the business. Electric dirt bikes are coming of age. TeamMA has decided it is time to get on board.

Best electric dirt bike for kids 2023 – Which Manufacturers?

If in doubt, keep it simple. While there are dozens of premium-priced models popping up, it is important for you to have dealer support. One of our principle issues with electric dirt bikes is the unreliability of mail order.

We have narrowed our search down to just two manufacturers. Aside from the fact that both build stunning bikes, each also has a reliable dealer network. Motocross is about community. Your junior rider must hang out with other riders and be able to access experienced mechanics. This is especially so if you are not a mechanic yourself.

As a parent, you are spending around $1000 plus, and so you need confidence too. Buy cheap, buy twice is one thing with a $50.00 helmet. Having to scrap your kid’s first bike and buy another is another thing altogether. Always try to purchase expensive products which have local dealer backing, even if you order online.

Electric dirt bikes need servicing too, so it is unlikely local dealers will have an issue helping you set a mail-order bike as long as they are dealers. Your budding MX champion also represents a future sale when you upgrade. Be polite, be prepared to pay, and connect with your local dealer early.

So lets dive in!


OSET started way back in 2004, relocating from the US to the UK in more recent years. The bikes are distributed in 25 companies. The innovative manufacturer even has a racing pedigree, the ‘OSET Cup’ Championships. In the British ‘D’ Class Championship, they have held all of the top places for 3 years running.

Sorry OSET! We appear to have been caught napping! OSET embodies everything TeamMA stands for; community vibe, quality products, and now Motocross excellence. Last we looked, the bikes were entirely trials orientated. Well, it appears all that has changed!

UK dealers here

Worldwide dealers here


If we have one gripe with Kuberg, it is the lack of information on where they have come from. One of the principle reasons quality electric dirt bikes are hidden among masses of poor quality competitors is lack of marketing!

Kuberg, we want to know who you are, where you have come from and what your story is!

That said; the range of bikes looks incredible. Kuberg may be guilty of overcomplicating their range slightly, but we have simplified things by only including the MX bikes.

What Kuberg lacks in marketing skills, it more than makes up for with its gnarly, futuristic dirt bikes.

Check the dealer netwrok here

Electric dirt bikes for kids – How to measure sizes

Okay, here is a weird thing. Does everyone search for electric dirt bikes by their kid’s age? Top tip here; while age is a guideline, always measure kids inside leg measurement and check the seat height.

Your kid will need to get the tip of their toes, or at least a half of one foot on the ground. When they stop in a hurry; getting a foot down quick is critical. Most beginners sustain bruises at very low speeds.

If your kid is tall for their age, make sure age categories do not mislead you. A big four-year-old may be able to ride a bigger bike than you first think. Talk to your dealer for clarification before ordering.

Best electric dirt bikes for kids – the contenders

Because you likely searched by ages to get here, we have grouped the bikes in the manufacturer’s age groups. However, we have listed the ground to seat height with each model.

Best electric dirt bike for kids – 3-year-old to 5-year-old

1. Kuberg ASB Start 003

Kuberg ASB Start 003 - Best Kids Electric Dirt Bike 2023

The Kuberg Start is a super-cool looking, entry-level dirt bike for the Pee Wee classes. It has a simple mono-shock suspension system on the rear, with spring coil suspension at the front end.

A powerful motor promises user-adjustable mapping, with speeds of up to 24KPH. It has a ride time of one hour (manufacturer figures)

As with all Kuberg bikes, the performance can be controlled and restricted via an app. This app also handles firmware updates and other maintenance features. To make the app work, you have to buy the StreamPort (TM) Adaptor, which is an extra. For MX, you will also want the optional seat.

This little beast is the ideal way for the tiny riders to get out in the dirt. As their confidence grows, they will be able to jump, ride over small obstacles and get used to how a dirt bike moves under them.

Warning: If you are buying second hand, bikes that were built before 2016 are not compatible with the app.

Technical specs:

Age 3yo to 5yo

Seat Height: 17″ or 44CM

Gears: None (Clutchless single speed)

Drive: 9T /13T

Handlebar height: 65cm


2. OSET 12.5 Eco/Racing

OSET 12.5 Eco:Racing Electric dirt bikes for kids

The OSET 12.5 has two versions. The ECO version is the perfect way for kids to start riding. ECO may stand for economical. The savings are made in the components, which are lower-spec when compared to the racing model.

Both models have parent operated speed mapping, and a removable on-switch should you need to immobilise the bike. Front brakes are a calliper design, with a drum rear for the ECO.

The Racing version boasts adjustable pre-load suspension and disc brakes. Other Racing upgrades include a padded chin guard, alloy wheels, hubs, bars and peg.

OSET 12.5 Eco:Racing Battery Life for kids electric dirt bike

Both models require the optional seat for MX use.

Age 3yo to 5yo

Seat Height: 15″ or 39CM

Gears: None (Clutchless single speed)

Bike weight: 26KG/58lbs

Handlebar height: 65cm


Best electric dirt bikes for kids 4-year-old to 7-Year-old

3. OSET MX10

OSET MX10 Electric Dirt Bike Kids 2023

Stepping up to the MX10, we really start to see the motocross designs coming into play. The 1400watt/48V motor is impressive and will take the bike to 35KPH plus.

Unlike petrol bikes, which can be snatchy and intimidating for new riders, the MX10 has a 3-position power mapping system. This means you can give your kid more power to play with as they get more confident.

Upside down adjustable forks, adjustable rear mono-shock, power full disc brakes and the genius of an adjustable seat make the MX10 a proper tool for young dirt bike riders.

If you are struggling to find places for your kids to ride their petrol bikes, then the silence of electric MX bikes will no doubt appeal.OSET MX10 Kids electric motocross bike 2022

Age 4yo to 7yo

Adjustable Seat Height: 20.3″ to 21.7CM or 51.5 to 55cm

Gears: None (Clutchless single speed)

Bike weight: 37KG/82lbs

Handlebar height: 31.7 inches to 32.1 inches / 80.5cm to 81.5cm


4. MX10 – Plus (Adult)

MX10 - Plus (Adult) 2023

Take the MX10, stick some beefed suspension and bigger handlebars on it, and what have you got?

For kids of 7yo and over, you have another option for MX – and young teens and adults, a kick-ass pit bike!

Luckily OSET has seen the niche and done the work for you. The MX10+ is the choice for bigger kids of all ages.

 5. Kuberg ASB Cross

Kuberg ASB Cross 002 - Electric kids dirt bike

Finally, we have the Kuberg ASB Cross. We remain well and truly in motocross territory. The 002 has large knobblies, a flat profile seat and a mono-shock that looks like it would eat canyons for breakfast. At a glance, it looks like any quality MX bike.

Being Kuberg, the technical options are a big part of the package. You will need that extra streaming port to keep the data stuff ship shape. A claimed two-hour riding time is OK, as is the 27KPH top speed.

The ASB cross is a little taller than OSET’s MX10, something to bear in mind. (stats below)

The Kruberg Cross is motocross DNA, with a grin factor of 10. We cross our fingers to see if Kruberg will develop a more serious MX bike, with less technology and more racing features.

Technical specs:

Age 6yo to 12yo

Seat Height: 25″ or 63CM

Gears: None (Clutchless single speed)

Drive: 10T /70T

Handlebar height: 32.5 inches/83cm


Electric dirt bikes for kids – What to avoid

Here is our top six tips for buying an electric dirt bike for your kid:

  • Avoid buying mail order from drop shippers. Look for MX community dealers; preferably with a dealer within travelling distance.
  • Don’t spend significantly less than $1000
  • Try to stay clear of any manufacturer who cannot demonstrate a robust parts catalogue and service package. Dirt bikes take a lot of punishment and will need fixing regularly.
  • Avoid spending your entire budget on a bike and forgetting about the safety gear! (link below). Safety is crucial in motocross.
  • Don’t mix up trials bikes with motocross bikes. OSET has optional seats for some of their trials models, which will work as a dirt bike. When racing in competitions, ensure the spec of your kid’s bike is in line with scrutineers suggestions.

To sum up

We feel that Kuberg and OSET represent what the future of MX could look like. While both have development potential, each has a solid range and trustworthy support network. For adults we have just reviewed the best Electric Dirt Bikes for adults in 2023.

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