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Best Dirt Bike Games 2021 [PC, PS and XBox games review]

Dirt bike games are most definitely a good way to lose an afternoon. If you are anything like us, you will have found yourself addicted to a computer game at some point in your life. The question is; which dirt bike games are worth the time and money? Also, do they offer any practical value for training and development?


Best Dirt Bike Games 2021

Ok, before we review anything, let’s all get on the same page. These are just games. Nothing can replace riding a dirt bike, although playing computer games is know to provide dopamine rushes, so expect to get immersed!

The following games are our favourites. Each has a short review, plus information on which platforms they work on. As with all Motocross Advice reviews, we focus entirely on the positives. Amy negatives are only flagged if they present a potential risk to your technique or well-being.

Ready to race?


1. MXGP 2020 – Best Dirt Bike Game

MXGP 2020 - Best Dirt Bike Game 2020

If you are a regular gamer, you will have heard of Milestone, who produce a range of high-quality bike based games. MXGP 2020 has few noticeable upgrades from the 2019 edition. You might struggle to see the value for money when upgrading from the 2019 to 2020 version. If you are a first-time buyer, this won’t affect you.

The game itself is one of the better on the market. Awesome graphics, sounds and detail will keep you engaged long after your tea is cold. There are options for single races, championships and track editing.

As with all computer games, you can work up through skill levels and customise your bikes for increased performance. You can also adjust the set up of the bike for each race. The compound offers lots of solo riding fun with trail style obstacles.

The ruts are inconsistent between some tracks, which some players have highlighted. Courses do degrade as the race continues, especially with bad weather conditions on.

Realism factor ****

Graphics *****

Soundtrack *****

Improvement over previous version **

Excitement factor ****

Release Date
December 16th 2020

PlayStation®5 / PlayStation® / Xbox One / Windows PC®/STEAM

Online: up to 12 players

English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese




2. Supercross 3 & 4

Monster Energy Supercross 3 Motocross GameNew for 2021, Supercross 4 is another Milestone product. Until then, there is Supercross 3.

Version four has to work hard to justify the upgrade. It seems the Italian manufacturers are happy to reskin each version with minimal changes; in this instance, the gameplay on version 4 is tougher than it’s predecessor. Visually V3 and V4 look very similar to each other.

The gameplay is engaging on both V4 and V3, which saw a ground-up reworking of the way the bikes feel. A huge improvement over 2.

Expect fully customisable bikes, courses, and set up. If you love Supercross, you will enjoy these two games.

Realism factor ****

Graphics *****

Soundtrack *****

Improvement over previous version ***

Excitement factor ****

Release date
March, 11th 2021

PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Windows PC®/STEAM, Google Stadia.

Online: 12 players

English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, American English, Portuguese, Latin Spanish






Watch game play here


3. Mud Motocross Game

Mud FIM Motocross World Championship Dirt Bike GamesMud qualifies for the title “Classic” game. While the graphics, sounds and architecture are obviously older than the alternatives, Mud can still hold its own at a meagre price.

Championships, world-tour and multi-player all add up to more excitement. OK, it is dated, and the courses are not real world. The music is proper old school too. If you want a cheap game, which retains elements of real-world riding, this is well worth a look.

We love Mud for its thrashy music, wild riders and general old school feel. Product placement is heavy though. Stay off those energy drinks! they are not good for you.

Here is a little known fact. Mud was made by Milestone.

Realism factor ***

Graphics ***

Soundtrack *****

Grin Factor *****

Improvement over previous version N/A

Release Date:

27 April 2012


PlayStation®3, Xbox 360®, Windows PC


English, Francais, Italiano, Español, Deutsch

Players – Online: up to 12 players, Offline: 1 Player

Excitement factor *****




Watch Game play here


4. MX V ATV All-Out – Best Motocross Games

MX VS ATV all out best dirtbike gamesMX V ATV is a US game from Rainbow Studios. The first thing you will notice when loading up is that all gameplay options are available to you. This makes a refreshing change to those games which make you work to open levels.

A wide choice of tracks and layouts mean hours and hours of fun. Expect customisable kits, bikes, camera angles and multiple race options; including a solo time trial, season series (for career development), single events and an online community.

Great dirt bike, PLUS ATV’s, what’s not to like. We particularly like the variation between the circuits and the expanse of the open locations.

Overall the riding experience is great with MX V ATV. Tuning, camera options and physics are exceptional. There is a problem, though. Frame rate issues on certain courses are too much. No matter how good your game is, glitchy frame rates is a deal-breaker for many.

Realism factor ****

Graphics **

Soundtrack ****


Improvement over previous version ****

Grin Factor ****

Available on

PC / PS4 / Nintendo Switch / XBox One

Release date

March 23rd 2018




Watch the game play


5. FreekStyle Dirt Bike Game

Freekstyle motocross gamesIf you love the old arcade games of the nineties and early noughties then Freekstyle may well float your boat. EA released Freekstyle way back in 2002, which means graphics, platforms and music are all going to be dated.

However, that’s what the TeamMA crew love about this game. Its super retro. There are no official circuits or rider options. The entire Freekstyle world is fictional. Having watched Ready Player One recently, Freekstyle feels very in vogue again. That is the market this game is pitched at, and it is all the better for it. The only question is, do you have a console that it will run on?

Realism factor **

Graphics **

Soundtrack ***

Improvement over previous version N?A

Grin Factor ****

Available on

PlayStation 2, GameCube and Game Boy Advance. 

Release Date

June 17 2002

Watch game play


Dirt bike games – A secret weapon for developing technique?

Ok, so we have looked at some of the ways that you can lose a few hours. Just how much help are these games to you when riding in real life? Well, in fact, we believe that they can help new riders considerably.

While you will never learn how to change gear, brake or land a jump from a computer game, there are elements of riding that can be improved. Many professional racing drivers and riders use computer games to get to know courses. The Nurburgring and the isle of man TT are two incredibly complex circuits which pros are known to ride virtually. How else can you even begin to remember a 36-mile course! (TT)

We are not suggesting you use computer games to learn MX tracks. New riders can learn a lot about which lines to take through corners. We also think that in manual gears mode, you can begin to start thinking like an MX rider. Watching for braking points, downshifting, and positioning yourself as you approach corners are all skills which can be learned in-game.

If you are starting with the intention to race MX, then a computer-simulated race will certainly have you thinking like a racer, and that is never a bad thing.

Whichever game you choose, remember that computer games can be addictive, energy drinks are terrible for your health, and nothing beats riding your bike for real! (Also, don’t let your dinner get cold).

So, enjoy your bedroom riding, and have fun up there!

Martin and Team MA