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Best Dirt Bike Trailer 2023

Owning a reliable dirt bike trailer is essential for total immersion in the sport. Keeping your dirt bike(s) safe and protected can help avoid damage that could affect your performance on the track. However, it’s important to determine what exactly your needs are before ordering the first option that crosses your feed. This will most likely be a pricy purchase, and getting what you want is important!

Below you’ll find a breakdown of the best trailers for dirt bikes as of 2023. Many different facets will be a part of your decision, but TeamMA is here to make this process as easy and seamless as possible.

Types of Trailers

The first step to buying a dirt bike trailer is to identify which type of trailer would be best for your specific needs. Both enclosed and open trailers offer specific features to keep your dirt bike in place for a long drive. Built-in ramps on these dirt bike trailers make extracting your dirt bike even easier so that neither of you are in harm’s way!

Open Trailers

Open Dirt Bike Trailer

Open dirt bike trailers are the most affordable and easiest trailer option for a few different reasons. Open trailers will not block your view when driving, and they cost less to make because they require less fabricating and materials. Customization is also usually cheaper with open trailers since they are easier to add onto. Open trailers will be more fuel efficient as well, since air flows easily throughout the trailer.

However, there are some downsides to consider with open trailers. Since this trailer type does not offer as much protection, there is always a chance that unsecured pieces or accessories can fall off without you knowing it. This can cause a big problem if extra parts are not readily available at your destination.

The other major downside is exposure to the elements. Open trailers offer very little protection from extreme weather, and this can be a problem if you encounter unexpected conditions. No one wants to arrive at a race with their bike damaged from hail or extreme temperatures! 

Folding Trailers

Kendon multiple Stand-Up™ birt bike Trailer
Kendon multiple Stand-Up™ birt bike Trailer
Kendon multiple Stand-Up™ birt bike Trailer

As an offshoot of open dirt bike trailers, folding trailers are a convenient option for single or multiple dirt bikes. For this specific example (https://www.kendonusa.com/products/stand-up-dirt-bike-trailer-folding-sport-bike-trailer), a drop-down ramp with running boards is included for easy loading and unloading, and the trailer folds into a compact design when not in use. Unlike certain sizes of trailers, folding trailers can be towed by almost any vehicle.

In terms of safety, folding trailers include LED tail lights and self-locking wheel chocks for a secure and visible ride. While folding trailers may be the most cost-effective option, they don’t offer any additional storage. Closed trailers, on the other hand, provide more protection that open trailers do not.

Closed Trailers

Closed Dirt Bike Trailer

Closed dirt bike trailers offer more security than open trailers in a few different ways. For starters, the additional hanging room to store tools and riding accessories helps keep everything safe and in one place. Secondly, most closed trailers feature security mechanisms to keep everything intact during your drive, so you can rest easy thinking about the fate of your trailer contents. 

This trailer type also offers enhanced protection from the elements for a safe ride. Even if something shifts on the road, you know you won’t encounter any unexpected surprises or losses! 

Despite being the preferable choice, closed trailers have a few drawbacks to consider. Since closed trailers offer more protection, they can range up to double the price of some open trailers. There’s also still a slight risk of trailer contents getting knocked around, so it’s worth stopping every now and then to check that the contents are secure.

As opposed to open trailers, closed trailers block your rear vision and require exclusive use of your side mirrors when you’re on the road or trying to park. Also, closed trailers are far less fuel efficient because of the drag they create on vehicles. It’s worth considering if protection or convenience is most important when buying your own dirt bike trailer, as well as how many dirt bikes you need to haul.

Open TrailersClosed Trailers
Most cost-effective optionMore expensive, but more secure
Doesn’t block your view while drivingMore storage capacity
More fuel efficientMore security mechanisms
Pieces or parts can fall off mid-tripProtection from the elements
More exposure to the elementsLess fuel efficient & blocks view

Single Dirt Bike Trailers

Kendon Single Stand-Up™ birt bikeTrailer

While a single dirt bike is capable of fitting in a 4 x 6 trailer with some adjustments, sizing up to a 4 x 8 may be in your best interest. This is especially true if you have a considerable amount of gear to bring with you on your jaunt. The extra space will not only give you the ability to take more stuff, it will also make tying down and releasing your bike easier!

Multi-Dirt Bike Trailers

The first question to ask when sorting through multi-dirt bike trailers is how many bikes you’ll be consistently hauling around. While one or two dirt bikes may fit snugly in a truck bed, three or more bikes necessitates a sizable dirt bike trailer.

It’s important to consider where you’ll be storing your dirt bike trailer as well. Trailers ideal for more than four bikes are substantial in size and can be hard to store unless they’re planned for, so it’s best to think ahead before purchasing!

Double Dirt Bike Trailers

Kendon dual Stand-Up™ birt bike Trailer

While smaller trailers may suffice for one dirt bike, a double dirt bike setup requires at least a 5 x 8 trailer to comfortably store your cargo. This larger size avoids diagonal storage, crawling into uncomfortable corners to grab equipment and unnecessary hinderances while tying your bike down. Just be sure to turn the handlebars of both bikes away from each other so they won’t knock together during your drive!

Triple Dirt Bike Trailers

Kendon multiple Stand-Up™ birt bike Trailer

The next step up from a double trailer is a 6 x 10 trailer meant for three dirt bikes. The 6 x 10 is also an ideal upgrade for anyone willing to fork over the extra cash for a more comfortable setup. This wider size offers the ability to store your bikes at an angle instead of length-wise, which can mean more maneuverability or storage space depending on your needs. As with any dirt bike trailer, make sure you’ve got everything you need to tie down your bike and tools for the drive ahead.

4+ Dirt Bike Trailers

4+ dirt bike trailer

Four or more dirt bikes require a step up from the previous trailer to a 6 x 12 trailer. This size will comfortably fit four dirt bikes with space for additional dirt bike tools and accessories. For numbers higher than four, it’s best to expand in width before length so your dirt bikes can be stored diagonally. 7 x 12 trailers offer extra width for easy sideways tie downs, more storage and further peace of mind.

Dirt Bike Trailers by Size
Min size4 x 64 x 86 x 106 x 12
Max size4 x 86 x 106 x 127.5 x 12

Custom Trailers

Strictly dirt bike trailers offer safe keeping for your collection and not much else. If you want your dirt bike trailer to offer more than just dirt bike storage, two potential options offer more opportunities for customization if you’re willing to put in the time and money.

Cargo trucks are perfectly capable of being converted into dirt bike trailers for the right person. Like any custom option, cargo trailers are most ideal for someone with multiple bikes who has the cash to spare for a large project. Cargo dirt bike trailers can usually store three to four bikes with all the necessary tools. In addition to cost, this option is more of an investment because of the attached truck responsible for hauling your goods. However, building a cargo dirt bike trailer is a serious endeavor that can set you back months, so make sure you have the time and motivation first!

An alternate option is the dirt bike camper trailer. This requires getting ahold of an existing camper trailer and modifying it to include dirt bike storage. Camper storage is a solid option since most campers come with all terrain four-wheel drive. Like the above option, storage is not an issue once you get back home since your bike is protected in your new camper. Similar to cargo trailers, this will be one of the more expensive and time-consuming options since it requires customization. Since living space is involved, dirt bike camper trailers are best for one to two bikes at most. 

Necessary Trailer Accessories

As with most facets of motocross, you’ll need to be sure you’ve got everything you need for a rough ride with your dirt bike trailer. Consider the list below and make sure you’re prepared for the trek ahead:

Tie Downs & Lock Straps – Tie downs are going to keep your dirt bike from moving around or getting damaged during transport. Be sure to secure your dirt bike before your journey, as floating dirt bikes can be dangerous to you and other drivers. Use tie downs to keep your dirt bikes upright and steady so there’s no risk of collision between bikes. For open trailers, additional lock straps feature sturdy steel cables inside the strap and anti-theft measures to avoid unnecessary losses.


Wheel Chocks – Wheel chocks are another measure of keeping your dirt bike(s) safe during your drive. There are many different styles depending on what your concerns are, but the most secure chocks tighten down forwards, backwards and sideways to avoid movement.

Loading Ramp – When purchasing a dirt bike trailer, be sure to check whether or not a dirt bike loading ramp is included. A ramp is not something to skimp on, as you don’t want to risk hurting either yourself or your dirt bike.  


Dirt Bike Trailer Buyer Checklist

When pricing dirt bike trailers, it’s essential to understand your needs so you don’t get something too small or large. Take notes on the preferences below so you’ll know what to look for. 

  • Number of Dirt Bikes – As stated above, the first item of business when buying a dirt bike trailer is figuring out how many dirt bikes you’ll be transporting. This will give you your first idea of sizing and how big of a trailer you’ll need. 
  • Cargo Storage – Since you can’t take your whole garage with you, figure out all of the tools and accessories you’ll need and how much room they’ll take up.
  • Functional Extras – Be sure to consider what else might be beneficial from a vehicle standpoint. A spare tire and jack are optimal for potential flats, and lighting can make all the difference on late night jaunts. Built in shelves or storage can also help you save time and stay organized when it matters most.
  • Towing Capacity – After you’ve considered the above, make sure your existing vehicle is more than capable of towing your new trailer and dirt bikes. This includes inspecting your hitch and whether or not it will fit your new trailer.
  • Interior Lining – No matter what size, your dirt bike trailer will experience wear and tear when loading and unloading bikes regularly. You can avoid this by lining the walls of your trailer with plywood to absorb some of the impact.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a dirt bike fit in a 4 x 6 trailer?

It depends! In order to know for sure, you’ll need to measure your dirt bike first. Dirt bikes up to seven feet can be stored in a 4 x 6 trailer diagonally. However, it’s important to note that a standard trailer will need some adjustments to safely house your dirt bike. You’ll need solid tie downs and wheel chocks in order to keep your dirt bike secure so it doesn’t fly around the trailer during transport.  

What size trailer do I need for two dirt bikes?

For two full-size adult dirt bikes, a trailer measuring 5 x 8 is the smallest you can go. This ensures both bikes will fit inside without causing any space issues. A 4 x 6 trailer may be able to haul two kid’s bikes depending on the size of the dirt bikes.

How do you secure a dirt bike in a trailer?

First, make sure to track down reliable ratchet straps and chocks. This is the bare minimum you’ll need to keep your dirt bike secure. Cam buckle straps are an option for lighter dirt bikes, but ratchet straps are known for clamping down tighter. Follow the instructions below to tie down your dirt bike:

  1. First, attach the lower parts of the straps onto the floor trailer hooks. Leave the top part loose so the straps are easily accessible later.
  2. Push your bike up the trailer ramp and use your kickstand (if applicable) to hold your bike in place while you ready your straps.
  3. Remove the kickstand and hook the front straps onto the handlebars. Secure the front tire by placing & locking it into the wheel chock. 
  4. Attach the rear straps to the back end of the dirt bike frame. Compress your suspension & begin to tighten both sets of straps with even tension for a secure fit.
  5. Compress the forks & ratchet the front straps down until the bike is secured and stands on its own. Check again to make sure you’re keeping all of the suspension even & balanced.
  6. Check your work. Your bike should be vertical all by itself. Grab the handlebars and move them around to make sure. If your bike moves, or looks uneven where it stands, go back and adjust the tension until it’s perfect!

How do you tie down a 2-dirtbike trailer?

The instructions will be similar to the ones directly above, but you may have to do some rearranging first. Figure out which direction you’ll be loading in your dirt bikes (length-wise or at an angle) and make sure to secure the back bike first for the angled option. Before loading in the second bike, secure as many tools and accessories as possible in the back to avoid having to climb over your bikes on the drive. Load the second bike as described above, make sure it’s secure and you’re good to go!

TeamMA understands the importance of storing your dirt bike for a long jaunt, and we want to make sure that knowledge is extended to you for the best decision possible. Races are exciting opportunities, and ensuring secure storage and a safe ride is crucial. With so many factors at play, we hope this dirt bike trailer guide has aided in your decision-making process. Stay tuned for future updates and stay brutal until then!

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  1. Elias Reply

    Hey, I ride mtb mainly and am asking myself if I could get an enclosed trailer for my 2 bikes, since my current trailer doesn’t offer any security. Any ideas or recommendations?

    • Martin Varrand

      MTB bikes do not need much room tbh, so having a dirt bike trailer might be too much, but definitely works!

  2. Brian Reply

    Hi, I see that 3 dirt bikes will fit on a 6×10 but how about 5×10 utility trailers? A 5×10 will fit through my gate. They seem similar in width to a fold-up/Kendon style trailer. There is not much online about 5x10s. Also, are there specific trailer styles or brands that handle rutted roads better than others?

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