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Best Dirt Bike Grips 2023

Comfortable dirt bike grips are an essential part of a great riding experience. Best dirt bike grips protect you against vibration, arm pump, and give you a control of your handlebar when riding on a wet, muddy track. If you are looking for a quality motocross grips that will feature all these things, then find your favourite from my 2023 ultimate dirt bike grip guide below.

Here are some key elements you should know when buying a pair of motocross grips:

Waffle, diamond or pillow pattern?

There are dirt bike grips with waffle pattern, diamond pattern, or pillow pattern and these are made for a better grip and handling on your bar. Full waffle is something I do not recommend, which means that the whole surface of the grip is covered with waffle pattern. Cheaper manufacturers make those, and it is not good to ride with them. You can choose a half waffle, which is better, but some riders do not like the waffle at all.

Hard/Firm compound or Medium?

There are different compounds of dirt bike grips, and they all have their own ups and downs. A harder compound has a better durability, but some say that the grip and feel are worse with harder ones. On the other hand, the medium ones do not last so much, but they make riding slightly better. So my recommendation for you here is to try different ones and find out which dirt bike grips fit you the best.

TOP 8 Best Dirt Bike Grips of 2023:

8. Scott SX2 Dirt Bike Grips

Scott SX2 Dirt Bike Grips 2023

Scott SX2 Dirt Bike Grips are different from the SXII mainly because of the softer compound and half grip waffle. This means that they have excellent grip and they feel comfortable when riding. Also, they are slim, which makes them similar to the Renthal ones. Having ridden with these dirt bike grips, I can say that the comfort level is just right in the middle, which is great. Not a huge fan with the waffle pattern though.

The slimness of these dirt bike grips may be a downside for some guys because it is not really easy to fit them in. You should use some sort of glue or lubricant, which makes it easier to fit them on. Also, the durability is not quite there with these ones.

So if you are looking for something with softer materials and slim, which allow you to feel the bike better, these are for you. If you are looking more of a durability from your future dirt bike grips, then maybe you should look for something else. To be honest, I think the variety of colors available makes these dirt bike grips kind of cool.


7. Pro Taper Pillow Top Lite Motocross Grips

Pro Taper Pillow Top Lite Motocross Grips

Pro Taper dirt bike grips are one of the most broadly used grips on the market and that is just because of the high quality they offer. This motocross grip brand focuses mainly on dirt bike handle bars and other related equipment.

These dirt bike grips have pillow pattern, which is something new on our list. They have a low profile design, which is to give you more feel and hand control when riding. The pillow pattern is basically made of small cushions (pillows), which add a lot of support and comfort when riding. These dirt bike grips are made of custom Kraton rubber which basically means really tacky surface and nice clove traction when riding.

With these dirt bike grips, I recommend you to use some grip glue to slide them on. Perfect fit is Pro Taper grip clue. From a comfort level, these grips are much more squishy than waffle pattern grips for example, which means that it is crucial for you to decide which type of rider you are. They definitely offer you better vibration dampening than Renthal ones for example, but on the other hand, they are not that slim. For me, the slimness of dirt bike grips is important.


6. Pro Taper Pillow Top MX Grips

Pro Taper Pillow Top Lite Dirt Bike Grips 2023

Pro Taper Pillow Top motocross grips are extra soft and against any vibrations. They are made of Vibrasonix pillow which absorbs vibrations and cushions impact. This dirt bike grip is especially suitable for any kind of offroad riders. Its tacky gel-like layer gives you awesome grip which is an especially great feature. When riding with rainy weather, your grip remains intact.

What I really like about this type of grip is the ANTI-rip Tip which is meant to defend the tips of your grips in order to have increased life. These are really the perfect grips for you if you are looking for something to ride on a muddy track. They are designed to self-clean, and they shed mud away from the grip’s outer surface.

If you would be crashing with a muddy track, then you would probably know the feeling when you pick up your muddy bike and the grip is all covered with mud. It is especially dangerous if it happens to be the throttle side. These grips make it better as they have bigger pillows and they guarantee the grip even when all covered with dirt.

If you are looking for something to absorb vibrations well and to grip well, these grips are perfect for you. If you have small hands, then I would not recommend these for you. Note that they wear off a bit faster than the non-pillow ones.


5. Scott Diamond Dirt Bike Grips

Scott Diamond MX Grips 2023

These dual-density mx grips are made to reduce arm tiredness, but at the same time, you are perfectly capable of remaining the control of your bike. They are durable and comfortable, and this is basically because of the medium density waffle pattern which is combined with a soft density diamond pattern.

You can see that Scott tried to make dirt bike grips which are durable, comfortable, and reduces arm pump and tiredness. I would say that they are quite close to this ambitious goal. They are durable, nicely soft, and they have quite a good grip. The only thing that I personally would like is these grips to be slightly slimmer.

Also, they are a great fit for your bike. I hardly put any glue or lubricant to these, and they stay nicely. I recommend these for you if you are looking for a durable grip that will serve you well in any condition.


4. Scott Deuce Offroad Grips

Scott Duece Motocross Grips

Scott Deuce grips are half waffle and like I said earlier, some riders do not like them. I personally have cut them off, but this depends so much on the rider. Some guys love them and couldn’t ride without anything else. So they are designed to give you the grip you need. The grip is dual compound, so they are nice and soft for a comfortable riding experience.

What they did is quite a clever thing – they made the waffle part with a medium density and palm area with a softer density. This is to absorb vibration better and to keep away arm pump and tiredness. At the same time, the Scott Deuce dirt bike grips stay durable and achieve a nice grip.

These are also a good choice if you are looking for something to fit the color of your bike. You can find these for your Kawasaki, Yamaha, or Honda. Take a look.


3. Scott Sports SXII MX Dirt Bike Grips

Scott SX II Best Dirt Bike Grips 2023

Dirt bike grips are something that is really a personal choice for every rider and especially towards the pattern of the grip. These are also diamond pattern grips, and it makes them suit me very well. The grip is awesome with these even though they are not the softest compound. This makes them more durable. They are a bit different from Renthal ones because of the stronger ends of the grips which usually are the fastest to break.

I do not recommend you to fit those grips with glue. There have been cases when these dirt bike grips are ruined because of that, so keep this in mind. The perfect way to fit them onto your dirt bike handlebar is to safety wire them.


2. KTM Dual Compound Dirt Bike Grips

KTM Dirt Bike Grip Set

Something for the KTM owners is right here. I have to tell you that I am not a KTM rider myself, but these grips are amazing. These are KTM OEM Genuine grips which will fit for all 22-28mm handle bars. Again, they have managed to make something that is both durable and with maximum comfort.

I really like that they do not have any robust pattern. I value a nice slim grip with a great grip and cushion. Also, they are on the thinner side of the grips like Renthal ones, so if you have smaller hands or you just like thinner grips, then these are a perfect choice.

These are not for you if you are a fan of pillow pattern, and if your most important feature is the grips to be protective against vibrations and arm pump. For me, this is not that important; therefore, I really like these. Again, here is the place to think about the main features you are looking for in a dirt bike grip and decide on that.


1. Renthal G091 Full Diamond Firm Compound dirt bike grips

Renthal G090 Gray Full Diamond Medium Compound Motocross Grips

I have been riding with Renthal dirt bike grips for a long time, and they are a perfect fit for me. Want to know why? I like Renthal dirt bike grips because they are one of the thinnest on the market. A thin dirt bike grip helps you feel the bike much more and, therefore, gives you a better understanding of how to control your bike. This also means that they are not the best when you are looking some that will keep you away from feeling bumps.

So the thinness of the grips gives you a lot of feedback coming through your dirt bike handlebars, and in my opinion, this is more important for the riders who have some more experience as well as more stamina in their hands.

These dirt bike grips are firm compounds, which means that they are more durable and at the same time they add more grip. Also, the full diamond pattern is something I really like about Renthals because they add more grip and the pattern is not uncomfortable when riding long runs.

The other good feature with these dirt bike grips is that they are easy to fit. Just add enough lubricant or buy a dirt bike grip glue (read below) and slid them on. No complication at all, and you have a nice comfortable ride ahead of you.


Dirt Bike Grips Glue or no glue?

That is an excellent question. I have used grip glue, although I have to say that there are better alternatives. To advise you to make better decisions, I would not use the dirt bike grip glue. Why?

  • It depends on the glue I think, but I have used only the Pro Taper Glued Adhesive (see here) which is basically a regular super glue. It dries too quickly, so if you are not the most experienced in fitting new dirt bike grips on, then you will dry the glue off before installing the grips properly.
  • The only difference between this and the regular super glue is that it is designed to come off a bit more easily. Having said that, this dirt bike grip glue makes it really hard to get your grips off if you need it. You will basically need to cut them off.
  • You have to be cautious when applying it because if you use it a bit too much, you will have it everywhere. Literally saying from my own experience.

So is there anything good?

  • Of course, they are. They are good for what they are made for, and this is to glue dirt bike grips on your handlebar. So when using this, you won’t have the trouble of getting these grips off your handlebar.

What would be the alternative to install dirt bike grips?

There are many alternatives and good ones. Installing new dirt bike grips is an easy and fast thing that is executable for everyone. The first step is to cut off the old grips and clean your dirt bike handlebar with a Contact cleaner. Check for any cracks or chips on your tube.

Now heat up the new grips, this makes them softer and easier to manipulate them into place. Use any kind of hair dryer to do that. When you got your grips hot and nicely soft, then use the tip off an air kompressor (or a dull screwdriver) and place it between the grip and handlebar. Now just stretch your grip a bit and pull it on. It should be easy when your grips are nice and soft.

The last thing you want to do is to secure these with a thin safety wire to wrap it around the grips to attach them firmly. Place them down in 2-3 places along the grip and make the sharp ends flat. Tadaa!

If you are looking for a great Dirt Bike Gloves to pair with your new grips, make sure you read my fresh review about the best dirt bike gloves in 2023.

Renthal G091 Black Full Diamond Firm Compound Motocross Grip


Grip quality








Value for money



  • Very thin
  • Good grip
  • Durable


  • Don't absorb vibrations
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  1. Dennis Reply

    Wondering what you would recommend for someone that is blister prone? I currently use Pro Taper pillow top grips and i can only ride for a hour before my hands start to bleed.

    • Martin

      Hi Dennis!
      I recommend you to tape your hands with Leukoplast.
      If you have softer hands, then also make sure that your gloves fit you well – that they are not too big or small.
      Also you should consider anti blister donutz


  2. aidan staples Reply

    what would be the best grip for a suzuki rm85 to absorb the vibrations and is comftorable

    • Martin Varrand

      Hey! Thanks a lot for your question. There is hard to recommend anything based on specific dirt bike, but ultimately you have a choice of either slim grip (less absorption) or pillow grips (more absorption). It really comes down to a personal preference.

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