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Dirt Bike Gear

Here you can find my guides and reviews about dirt bike gear. I will review different brands and put the gear into different price categories.  I am focusing on the best pieces you could find for the money. All the reviews are based on my own experience.

Fox Instinct 2020 yellow motocross boots

Best Dirt Bike Boots 2020 [Under 200$; 200+$; 400+$ Price Guide]

February 7, 2020

Dirt Bike Gear
best dirt bike neck brace 2017 - Leatt 5.5

Best Motocross Neck Protector 2020 | Buyer’s Guide & Best Deals Online

A motocross neck protector, when used in conjunction with a full face dirt bike helmet, is designed to help prevent neck trauma in the event of a crash. It does this by limiting your neck’s range of movement. Neck braces usually sit on the sternum and spine (or on each side of them), since the brace is lifted up off of your body, your…
Bluetooth motorcycle helmet 2019 - Airoh Commander

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet 2020 | Off-Road Guide

Bluetooth technology has made a significant impact on the motorcycling industry in recent years. More and more riders are demanding wireless communication, entertainment and GPS as part of their riding experience.  The ever growing range of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets, available to riders, is an indication of the burgeoning popularity. Are all Bluetooth Helmets up to the job though? Just because a helmet looks the part,…
Icon Airflite - best road bike bluetooth helmet

Best Bluetooth Helmets for 2020 | Road Bike Buyer’s Guide

A lot of us have road bikes as well as dirt bikes. By reviewing the latest technology in best bluetooth helmets, and featuring a range of road bike products, we will attract a whole new audience. Some of those riders will have an interest in dirt bikes, and may join our community too.  Joking aside, there is a lot of cross pollination in the…
essential dirt bike gear

Essential Dirt Bike Gear: What every rider MUST HAVE

Anybody who has spent time around dirt bikes will understand that there is a fair amount of gear available for riders to pick from. Depending on the rider, there will be different choices made about what gear they want to use and why. This article is going to help break down what we consider to be essential dirt bike gear, as well as gear…
FOX helmet V3 2018

Best Fox Helmet 2019 | Review & Recommended Deal to Shop Online

If you have spent a decent amount of time around dirt bikes, then chances are you have put on a Fox helmet and one point or another. Fox is known for always having offerings that suit every type of rider. There is the V1 which offers good protection, and is a price that almost any rider could afford. Then there is the V3 which…
best motocross neck protector 2017 - Atlas Carbon

Neck Brace for Motocross – Why You Need It | 2020 Buyer’s Guide

Motocross Neck braces have become quite popular with motocross racers and riders over the last 10 years. Although there seems to be on and off phases, there is no denying that neck brace for motocross has become an essential piece of kit for a lot of riders. As time has went on, these motocross neck protectors have evolved quite a bit from the original…
best dirt bike helmets 2018 - buying guide

Dirt Bike Helmets Buying Guide 2019 – What you need to know!

Buying a motocross helmet isn’t what it used to be. No longer should you base your decision purely on what you favourite pro rides, or how cool the helmet looks - you need to know the features of best dirt bike helmets! Nowadays, there is a ton more to think about than that, which is a good thing!  This article is going to cover…
Shoei helmets VFX EVO 2018

2018 Shoei VFX EVO – Returning to the Spotlight

Shoei helmets have always held their own little space in my heart. I remember getting my (older style) Shoei VFX helmet. It had stunning graphics, it seemed to be perfectly shaped, and damn was it ever comfy. Since then, I have had many other helmets, however, I still hold that old VFX-W dear. I even put it on occasionally (despite it no longer being…
Arai helmet VX-Pro4 2018

Arai VX-Pro4 Motocross Helmet – The Modern Classic

Arai is a household name when it comes to motorcycle helmets. Whether it is racing at a lighting pace on tarmac, or speeding through the bush over rocks and logs, an Arai helmet will be in its element. However, to understand a helmet from Arai, you must first know a bit about the company’s history.  The story of Arai began in Japan in the…
Bell helmet moto 9 carbon flex 2018

Bell Moto 9 Carbon Flex- What You Need to Know

Bell is one of those companies that feels like it has been around forever. Go almost anywhere that requires people to wear helmets and you will likely see at least one bell helmet. Whether you are at a skate park, a motocross track, watching a car race, or witnessing some BMX, there is probably a bell helmet not too far away. Since Bell’s founding…
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