The Ultimate Dirt Bike Boots Guide 2018

Dirt bike boots are one of the most important protection you should have when riding dirt bikes. Even if you just want to test your dirt bike for a two straights, you should always wear a dirt bike helmet and dirt bike boots. In my opinion, without these two items, you shouldn’t even start an engine. With this guide I will walk you through the best dirt bike boots in 2018.

Best dirt bike boots 2018 - motocross advice

Why I am saying this is because I have seen some brutal accidents which have happened because of the lack of quality dirt bike boots or because the rider didn’t wear boots – he just wanted to try the motorcycle. Here is my review about the best dirt bike boots for entry, intermediate, and premium level. Also, I will guide you through the best motocross boots for Pro level in 2018.

In this Ultimate Dirt Bike Boots Guide 2018 I will walk you trough some of the key aspects of a best motocross boot and, hopefully, can make your decision easier.


Best Cheap Dirt Bike Boots 2018 | Entry-Level:

This category is for you if you are an entry-level rider and you are looking for cheap dirt bike boots. This means that you are riding a bit of your own fun and won’t go much to a racing track to race others. You are just entering the world and don’t want to make a big investment right away? Here is the list of best cheap dirt bike boots which will protect you on an entry-level riding.

Cheap dirt bike boots - o'nealO'neal Rider BootsO'nealCHECK PRICE >>>
Answer cheap dirt bike bootsAnswer Racing Fazer BootsAnswerCHECK PRICE >>>
AXO drone cheab dirt bike bootsAXO Drone BootsAXOCHECK PRICE >>>

1. O’neal Rider Boots

Price: 99.50$

 Cheap dirt bike boots - o'nealThese are simple, yet elegant design boots which have all the needed protection a good cheap dirt bike boot should have. These boots have nicely adjustable buckle closure which allows you to use them with any shaped knee braces or any type of pants. These cheap dirt bike boots have metal toe protection which is great against rocks and other bumps which will hurt you otherwise. Interior wise, these boots have comfortable heel support and soft insole for a better riding experience.


You can easily replace straps and buckles which you would have to buy as extra. These boots are not waterproof, but they are water resistant. This means that you wouldn’t want to go in the water with these, but riding on a rainy day is no excuse with these ones. What you have to keep in mind though is that the metal toe protection goes rusted if you leave the boots wet.


You should think about your foot size here! If you have a bigger and wider foot, then you probably should buy a bigger size. So these boots are perfect for you if you are looking for something cheap, yet protective for your fun ridings.



 2. Answer Racing Fazer Boots


Answer cheap dirt bike boots

Answer cheap dirt bike boots

Answer racing as a brand that has been on the market for a long time, starting at 1979. Since that day, they have produced great gear at a great price level. As they established a goal to produce a gear that every rider could trust, they are on track with that vision, and they are producing high-quality gear with the priority on protection.


This can also be said to these boots. Answer has been using high-impact polyurethane for the greater protection combined with genuine cowhide which is protecting you from the heat that comes from the engine. Like the previous model, these also have metal toe protection that protects you from rocks.


The one thing you should know is that these cheap dirt bike boots are better for a rider with wider feet.



3. AXO Drone Boots

Price: 112.50 (FREE SHIPPING)

 AXO drone cheab dirt bike bootsAXO Drone Boots are quite similar to O’neal ones, yet they are 12$ more expensive. So you would ask, is there anything more than the previous ones? I would say yes. And the main difference is the thickness of the materials which adds support and strength to these boots. There is also a slight downside to this: they are quite stiff at first. You have to know that the first rides will be uncomfortable and is hard to change gear or push the brake.


This being said, these are probably the best cheap motocross boots you will get for 112$. These are the entry level boots that will keep you safe whatever fun rides you are having, protecting your toe with a steel shank support.  Also, the buckles are very easily adjustable, giving you a lot of freedom to wear them with any kinds of pants or protection.


So when you just got your first bike and didn’t see any point of spending over 112$, these are the right choice for you!





Intermediate Motocross Boots 2018

The intermediate level motocross boots will increase in quality as well as in looks, and yet they are in the affordable price category. With some brands like FOX or Gaerne, their lowest brand motocross boots start from this category. These mens dirt bike boots in this category are great for you if you are an entry-level rider, but want to invest a bit more than the cost of an entry-level boot. Of course, this price class is good even when you are slightly a more advanced rider, but you are on a budget.

fox comp 5 xheap dirt bike bootsFOX Racing Comp 5FOXCHECK PRICE >>>
forma cheap dirt bike bootsForma Terrain EVOFormaCHECK PRICE >>>
Gaerne GX-1 intermediate dirt bike bootsGaerne GX-1GaerneCHECK PRICE >>>
Alpinestars tech 3 intermediate dirt bike bootsAlpinestars Tech 3AlpinestarsCHECK PRICE >>>
alpinestars tech 5 cintermediate dirt bike bootsAlpinestars Tech 5AlpinestarsCHECK PRICE >>>


FOX Racing Comp 5 Boots

Price: 129.97$ (FREE SHIPPING)

 fox comp 5 xheap dirt bike boots

fox comp 5 cheap dirt bike boots











Whether you are an entry-level rider or you already have some experience, the fact is that you need a boot that you can trust. Like all the boots in my review, these FOX Comp 5 are the ones that every entry-level rider can trust from a low-cost category. They are comfortable for long hours, and the protection they offer is on the money. When it comes to the quality of motocross boots, the main thing is the materials, and these boots are made from pretty decent ones.


These boots have alloy buckles which are easy to adjust and they provide a secure closure to your foot. The reinforced shin plate and protective guard give you top class protection.


In my opinion, these boots look nice. I like boots with bright colors, and are attractive. With this price, if you are looking for something to both look good and be protective as well, these are the right ones. Although I have to say that if you ride hard and frequently, you probably should look for something more expensive and durable. These boots may start to break down if you are a more serious rider.


If you are looking for something for your first motocross boot, then you are not going to be disappointed in these ones!







Forma Terrain EVO Boots

Price: 158$

 forma cheap dirt bike bootsforma cheap dirt bike bootsThese are great motocross boots and have an excellent value for the money. The biggest plus for me is that they are really comfortable when riding as it is easy to change gears and to move on the bike. Another thing is that these boots are with great protection features and all that with a light weight.


And there is more. These boots are true to the sizing. I have had lots of problems with even premium boots, such as size 10 is small, size 11 is too big, and so on. This problem is a history with these ones, and they fit perfectly even on my considerably wide foot.


And what’s more is that I really like the looks of these boots. They are elegantly put together, and they look great with every gear. They definitely worth the money!


Gaerne GX-1 Boots

Price: 188.18$ (FREE SHIPPING)

 Gaerne GX-1 intermediate dirt bike bootsThe Gaerne GX-1 boots are really similar to the Forma ones we just talked about. They look really similar and the materials used are similar as well. Gaerne is really serious about the materials they use, and they always have been. All their product catalogs from the premium to the entry-level ones are with excellent materials, and this is the reason why their entry-level boot is in the intermediate level category.


The boot has all the best raw materials which make it comfortable, protective, and durable. These motocross boots are performing well on the long rides and are perfect for different adventure riding or even enduro. I really love the alloy buckles they added. Also, these boots are true to the size, so you don’t have to worry about that. Even more, if you are using size 11 and you bought a size 11 boots, then you should be able to wear extra socks on a colder day with these ones.


The lifetime of these boots is good. Of course, it depends on how frequent a rider you are, but they have the materials to stay in shape.






Alpinestars Tech 3 All Terrain Boots

Price: 199.97$ (FREE SHIPPING)

 Alpinestars tech 3 intermediate dirt bike bootsThis boot here is really the minimum level boot you would need if you intend to go on the track and you want to start racing with other guys there. The boot comes in two colors, and they fit perfectly if you have a medium width foot. The All Terrain boot is an old school look boot with a metal protection on the toe, which the regular version of Alpinestars 3 doesn’t have.


Also, the All Terrain version has a slightly lower toe box which makes the gear changing a bit more comfortable than with the regular one. These boots have a four buckle system, and they are in plastic like all the cheaper class motocross boots are.


Also, these boots are not waterproof, but they are water resistant. The padding on the inside is really comfortable, and it makes the boots fit really well. These boots look really good and professional.






Alpinestars Tech 5 Offroad Boots

Price: 269.95$ (FREE SHIPPING)

 alpinestars tech 5 cintermediate dirt bike bootsAlpinestars tech 5 is nearly a Premium class boot. Tech 5 is the average guy to a Tech 3 and Tech 7. Alpinestars made this because the gap between 3 and 7 is quite huge and 5 fits well into that gap. However, in terms of quality, Tech 5 is more of a Tech 7 than a Tech 3.


The Tech 5 is much more advanced than a Tech 3. Let’s start with the toe box, which is a lot more of low profile. The boot has quite massive protection scheme with a new design buckle system which is half aluminium and half polymer. Also, the side of the boot that is facing towards the engine is all the way up PU heat shield which Tech 3 doesn’t have. It also helps to seal out excessive water and water entry.


The difference between the Tech 3 is that these boots have one-piece TPU injected dual compound foot shell which makes this boot much more protective and also adds beauty. This boot has replaceable footbed which is also a nice feature.


So, in conclusion, these motocross boots are an obvious level up from Tech 3. The extra features you got for the 70$ are really good, and if you are a bit more serious rider and thinking between Tech 3 and 5, I recommend you to pay 70$ extra.






Gaerne G React Boots

Price: 289.95$ (FREE SHIPPING)

Gaerne G React intermediate dirt bike boots

Gaerne makes one of the best boots out there today with a full focus on boots and for making the riding experience better. Gaerne is a European boot manufacturer. One of the most important features of the boot is flexibility – they have to make it easy for you to move on the bike and to change gears. Gaerne is famous for their flexible boots, and they won’t disappoint with these ones either. The boot is perfectly flexible, and it makes the riding fun.


One other key thing with these boots is the lightness. They are even lighter than their big brother SG10, which also have bilateral hinges. The G-React has single lateral hinges. The toe box of the G-React is quite big, so you can easily wear 2 pairs of socks with these ones, but I don’t recommend you go down in size. These are true to the size chart!


I definitely recommend you these boots for this kind of money. They are highly durable and protective, which are things you should be looking for in a great dirt bike boot. If you like Gaerne, but you are a more serious MX rider, then I would recommend you to pay a bit extra and choose SG10 – look from my review below.





Premium Mens Dirt Bike Boots 2018

Premium dirt bike boots are definitely high standard boots. The materials are the main factors that change the boot and make it stand out. What you will experience if you choose to have Premium dirt bike boots is high-level of quality which expresses in an excellent comfort, protection, and durability. If you are a rider who would like to spend a bit more for your own comfort and well being on the bike, then you should start from the Premium class.

Alpinestars Tech 7 white premium dirt bike bootsAlpinestars Tech 7AlpinestarsCHECK PRICE >>>
Gaerne SG 10 dirt bike bootsGaerne SG10GaerneCHECK PRICE >>>
Fox instincts LE Seca dirt bike bootsFOX Instinct LE SecaFOXCHECK PRICE >>>


Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots

Price: 349.95$ (FREE SHIPPING)

 Alpinestars Tech 7 white premium dirt bike boots

Alpinestars Tech 7 black premium dirt bike bootsAlpinestars Tech 7 orange premium dirt bike boots

The Tech 7 boot has had huge success among every level rider from amateurs to the Pro class riders. Yes, Pro level riders use this boot, and they have lots of reasons why. This boot has been built up with the newest material technology, which adds comfort and protection and being light in weight at the same time.


The boot has a low profile toe box for advanced protection and a better gear change at the same time. Also, protection wise, this boot has one-piece dual compound foot shell, and also have added co-injected hard toe protector. This combination keeps your foot comfortably safe. It has different PU and TPU protection plates all over the boot for every aspect of your foot.


The Tech 7 is a Tech 10 little brother, and these two are definitely from a different class than the earlier Tech’s. So what is the Tech 7 missing that Tech 10 has? The main thing is the inner bootie and support struts which are placed on the front side and the rear side.


These mens dirt bike boots are durable. From this point, you can buy the boots, and you know that these will last you a few years even if you are a serious rider. So this is definitely a good investment, and you can ride without thinking about having new boots the next season.





Gaerne SG10 Dirt Bike Boots

Price: 367.43$ (FREE SHIPPING)

Gaerne SG 10 dirt bike boots

gaerne sg10 premium dirt bike boots











The Gaerne SG10 motocross boots are high end with a traditional stitch down sole and hinged plastic construction all the way up. Gaerne boots fit the larger side, and this is no exception. If you wear size 10 and then this size is quite roomy for you; in my opinion, this is good as it lets you wear those with thicker socks and makes riding better even with cold weather.


The protection side is excellent with these boots. These boots have enormous protection against internal and external rotation and all that with a good amount of flexibility. Gaerne just can make boots that are highly protective and flexible at the same time. Also, the break-in time with these boots is basically zero because they are flexible from the first time of wearing it.


If you are an off-road/enduro/adventure rider, then you should know that there are boots more water resistant than these. If this is a big concern for you, you should probably buy Alpinestars Tech 7 or 10’s which are more water resistant than these. But if the above is not your concern, then these boots are perfect for you!


As the Gaerne G-React Boots were the super flexible ones, then these SG10s have bulkier sides. If low-profile, maximum feel, and light weight are your top priorities of the boot; then I advise you to try something else from this article. This is because these boots have a lot of hard plastic, so while they are highly protective, they are heavy and bulkier.


I have had these boots for over 2 years by now, and I mainly wear these in the woods. They are very durable, and I feel safe riding enduro with these. They are overall excellent value for the money, and you should buy them only if the pros of these boots are supporting your goals!





FOX Racing Instinct LE Seca Boots

Price: 391.96$ (FREE SHIPPING)

Fox instincts LE Seca dirt bike boots

Fox Instinct Boots are normally in the Pro class category, but I added them here because of the price level. With 391$, you get a lot of boots; I can tell you that! LE Seca stands for Ken Roczen special limited edition boots which were his 2016 season riding boots. So the name Ken Roczen says it all, and you can instantly trust those mens dirt bike boots.


Like all Premium and Pro class boots, these are high quality, comfortable, and durable, and all because of the expensive materials they use. The slim and flat design of these boots adds tons of eye value and keep you closer to the bike, which helps you control the bike much better.


As other premium boots, these also have the slim toe box for better shifting and breaking. These are the boots I have had several months from now, and I just purchased them because they look so stunning. I ride them with my matching LE Seca edition gear, and I got to say that these boots feel amazing. They are super light and comfortable.

For 391$, it is pretty much impossible for you to find better ones!





Best Dirt Bike Boots 2018 | Pro Level:

If you are looking for the best dirt bike boots a market could offer, then this is the category for you! These are the boots that Pro riders wear. These boots include the highest level materials with top-notch features for a better riding experience. These are the best dirt bike boots 2018.

forma predator white pro dirt bike bootsForma PredatorFormaCHECK PRICE >>>
Gaerne sg12 white pro dirt bike bootsGaerne SG12GaerneCHECK PRICE >>>
Alpinestars tech10 white pro dirt bike bootsAlpinestars Tech 10AlpinestarsCHECK PRICE >>>
alpinestars tech10 limited pro dirt bike bootsTech 10 Limited editionAlpinestarsCHECK PRICE >>>
sidi crossfire 2 srs pro dirt bike bootsSidi Crossfire 2 SRSSidiCHECK PRICE >>>
fox racing instinct pro dirt bike bootsFOX Instinct 2017FOXCHECK PRICE >>>


1. Forma Predator Dirt Bike Boots

Price: 429$ (FREE SHIPPING)

forma predator black pro dirt bike boots

forma predator white pro dirt bike boots

Forma boots are something new for the riders out there. They are much like 6D helmets; they came pretty much from nowhere, and now they produce Pro class equipment with high quality. These Forma Predator boots come with a 12-month warranty.


The first thing that concerns the boot is that this boot is for YOU if you have been looking for one with a wider toe box. This is a huge relief for all the wide foot people out there. Moving up the boot, there is a nice big shield which is an excellent protection. One thing that Forma has added to their boots are vents on top of the boot and the sides. What they do is that they make the air circulate inside of the boot which will keep your feet breathing.


The boot has amazing flexibility, thanks to the new dual ankle system (on the outside and the inside) which allows you to move with the boot. This makes the riding so much better and shifting gears with a fast pace is no problem at all. In the inside, Forma has placed extra grip which helps you to control the bike between your legs.


The buckles are super sleek in design, and I really like this. They have a button system which makes it easy to release them. When opening them, the skeleton of the boot easily moves away, which gives you perfect access to the inside of the boot.


The downside with these boots is that they are a bit heavier than other Pro level boots. So they are perfectly durable, flexible, comfortable, and protective, but a bit heavy. If this is not a problem for you, then these are for you!






2. Gaerne SG12 Dirt Bike Boots

Price: 452.33$ (FREE SHIPPING)

Gaerne sg12 white pro dirt bike boots

gaerne sg12 black pro dirt bike boots











The first thing I am going to say is that this pair of boots is really well made. The first downside with this (like with all Gaerne Boots) is that it takes a while to break them in. One of the most important features, in my opinion, is the Dual Stage Pivot System. This is quite a unique system Gaerne has. The first pivot is holding against to the Razorback. This gives a rigid component that offers you exceptional lateral support, and, at the same time, glide-plate keeps the upper in a firm and upright stand.


The gaiter which is surrounding the top of the boot is made from Swiss breathable material “Acronos,” and this is designed to keep dirt away from the inner side of your boot. The boot has a new toe cap, box, and new heel cup which is designed to absorb shock in case of a rear compression. They are all made stronger and to make you feel better while riding.


The shin guard is perfectly adjustable, and it has a four-buckle system like many boots. Buckles are made from a lightweight alloy which is attached to an adjustable strap.


Remember to go with the EU sizes with these ones as they are produced in Europe. But basically, they are true to the size if anything than a bit larger than your usual number, but in most cases the same.


All in all, these are great boots for the money. They are really comfortable and lightweight. Also, these boots are durable, which is the minus for the next, Alpinestars Tech 10 boots. The downside for me with these ones is the flexibility. If you want something safe and durable, then this is your boot!







3. Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots

Price: 466.34$ (FREE SHIPPING)

Alpinestars tech10 white pro dirt bike boots

alpinestars tech10 black pro dirt bike bootsAlpinestars Tech 10 has seen a total redesign with a lower profile and lighter weight. These are huge steps forward to a higher protection and functionality. These are the exact same boots that many Supercross stars are riding with.


What I personally really like about Alpinestars is the separate inner bootie, and Tech 10 has an amazing one. The inner bootie adds your protection; it makes the boots more comfortable, and, at the same time, they are really flexible which makes riding better.


This boot was designed with motocross rider in mind, and it shows.  These are top of the food chain boots with full-grain leather and lightweight microfiber, combined with microfiber and TPU shell. This makes these boots as light as hell, and they really are. You could think that they must be some Ironman boots and you probably are going to look like a duck while walking with them. Absolutely no, they have designed on the front and rear side a lateral flex zone, which adds flexion support and this allows your foot to move inside of the boot.


What is the downside with these? As I mentioned, these boots are made of war material basically. In developing them as light and strong as possible, they have failed to make them durable. These boots will last you a season – if you are a serious rider of course.


So here is a decision to make. If you want the top dirt bike boots that the market could offer, and you can afford a new pair every season, then these are for you!






Limited edition (593.95$ – FREE SHIPPING):

alpinestars tech10 limited pro dirt bike boots











4. Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Dirt Bike Boots

Price: 529.95$ (FREE SHIPPING)

 sidi crossfire 2 srs pro dirt bike bootsSidi is a unique manufacturer of the top class boots. They are focused on producing GP, SM, and MX boots and with an extraordinary quality. Sidi Crossfire 2 in a combination of flexibility, durability, protection, and lightness. They are designed specially to protect the rider from high impacts and with high-level ridings.


They have made a boot with a toe box that also allows a wider foot to wear them. These boots come with a dual flex system which provides you a personal fit, and this is important! SRS version also has an adjustable calf system that allows you to adjust the diameter of the Sidi boot calf and it makes this boot suitable for bigger and smaller calf riders.


Sidi boots do not have inner booties, and that’s for a reason. Booties make the boots larger and cumbersome, which adds to the thickness of the boot. This normally results in worse shifting and braking, and nobody wants that. The cam-lock buckle system has a brand new strap memory retention system. This is a really good feature; you just have to adjust your boots once and never have to adjust them again!


Like with every boot, it takes some time to adjust to them, but it is worth it. These boots have an amazing fit, and the most recognizable feature is the flexibility and comfort. They are amazing when riding! As you can see, they are not cheap, but they are worth every penny! If you can afford these, then take your riding experience to the next level with these Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS dirt bike boots. These are definitely on of the best motocross boots of 2018.






5. FOX Racing Instinct 2018

Price: 574,95$ (FREE SHIPPING)

 fox racing instinct pro dirt bike boots

fox racing instinct pro dirt bike bootsfox racing instinct pro dirt bike boots











Fox Instinct 2018 Boots are one of the best dirt bike boots in the world, and one thing to prove this is that the former four Supercross and motocross champion titles have been won with these boots. From the grip and durability to the sleek profile of the boots, they are made to dominate the racing tracks all over the world.


Instinct 2018 boots have nicely pending hinges and a great buckle system, which makes these boots highly flexible and adds on to your riding experience. They let you move on the bike and from my experience, that is making you faster!


The slim profile of the boot lets you feel the bike and makes gear changing faster and braking more comfortable.


One thing to notice here is the fitment. From the ankle up, these boots may be too loose for you, especially if you are with smaller calf or longer legs, you may want to try those before buying. Other than that, these boots are true to the size chart!

The only downside with these boots is the durability part. If you are a serious rider, then these may not last you longer than one season.


To sum it up, these boots are excellent. They are highly good looking, protective, and flexible. It is enormous fun to ride with these because of the good cognition of the bike. They are not the most durable boots on the market, and guys with a smaller calf should try these before buying. These are the best dirt bike boots 2018!




Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Offroad Boots


Boots quality








Value for money



  • Highly flexible
  • Durable
  • Protective
  • Light
  • Comfortable