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Best cheap helmet camera – TOP 7 under 100$

Cheap helmet camera - Wimus 4K Ultra HD Sports

Cheap helmet camera is something that has helped us a lot in this modern world. We can capture unlimited scenes in the action and the memory is saved forever. There are so many types of camera right now that we cannot even imagine. For every situation there is another kind of camera. Some of them are expansive but some of them are not. Both of these types of cameras work great. Both give their best results in every situation.

One of the kind is action and helmet cameras. Since, helmet cameras are used on motocross helmets or any other kind of helmets really, they are small in size. The cameras more often look like a button which is installed on the helmet. But other times the camera is fitted with the helmet. These cameras are designed very precisely considering the fact that these are going to be used by dirt bike riders, surfers, climbers, etc. this is why they are very high in definition, tough and can capture a whole world in tiny lens.

Helmet camera helps dirt bike riders in saving the amazing sites they are in and letting them complete their task on time or some time before time. Their small size is very amazing. Even though it is small but it has the capacity of capturing a whole world inside of it.

If you are interested in buying some cheap helmet cameras, then here are the Best Cheap Helmet Cameras of 2019.

Best Cheap Helmet Cameras 2019:

1. Wimius 4K Ultra HD sports helmet camera – best budget helmet cam

Cheap helmet camera - Wimus 4K Ultra HD SportsThe first cheap helmet camera is Wimius 4K Ultra HD sports helmet camera. This is the best camera which is cheap and works the best. This is a waterproof camera. You can use it under water or in water. The camera will give the best result in high resolution. The shoots will be perfect and amazing. This is an HD camera which means that it is very high in definition. You will get every shoot with every detail.

The amazing features of this cheap helmet camera

Slow motion mode

First of all, the camera has a slow motion mode. This a very amazing feature. With the help of slow motion mode, you can slow down every video you want to see. Slow motion mode also provides you an opportunity to have a look at the every detail in the video in a very clear manner. You will see the minor details which are normally hidden if used other cameras.

The Time lapse Mode

The Time lapse Mode is another feature which is very new for helmet cameras. Usually most of the cheap helmet cameras lack this feature, but Wimius Ultra k HD helmet camera has this feature to provide its customers with everything they want. There are so many times when we have taken so many good pictures instead of making a video. There are situations and conditions when we prefer taking pictures instead of videos. Time lapse mode allows you to make a video with the help of pictures you have taken from the intervals which range from 0.5 to 60 seconds. This is such a good feature which has opened so many ways of creativity for many people.

Loop Recording feature

Another feature which has enhanced the value of this camera is Loop Recording. Loop recording is the best for the helmet cameras since they can easily be carried on the helmet without fearing that it might get damaged. The battery is one of the important item in any camera. If the battery dies out, you will have nothing. Battery is the soul of the helmet camera. The company has put forward this view which is why we have Auto screen saver mode which controls everything on your camera. An Auto saver saves up the battery for your use automatically. You can use the saved battery as well. There are moments which you want to capture so, auto saver comes to your rescue then.

Why to buy this best budget helmet cam?

There are so many advantages of buying this cheap helmet camera. First of all, you are getting a camera which has so many advanced features which cannot be found in any other camera. Secondly, this camera is actually cheap, but it works perfectly. Thirdly, you are investing in something which has a guarantee. The camera comes with an amazing life span. You can take this camera anywhere and it will work. What else you need?

What are the main disadvantages of this cheap helmet cam?

Everyone has some types of questions before buying anything new. While some people question about the memory of the camera on the other hand, some people have doubts about the features of the camera. Well, once you have bought it, there is nothing to worry about. The 64 GB memory is enough, but it all depends on the footage’s size. If the size is big then it will consume more space. It is very good if you want to keep your camera’s lens safe, but company does not provide any cover for the camera lens.

There are very less disadvantages of buying this camera. But yes, every product has some flaws in it which can be ignored because there are some amazing features in the camera.

The camera does not come with a lens cover. You have to buy a lens cover if you want to keep your camera protected from everything. Other than this, you may have difficulty in using the accessories but you will get used to it after the first use.


2. ODRWM 4K Helmet Camera

Cheap helmet cam - ODVRM 4K, WifiAnother amazing and cheap helmet camera is ODRWM 4K. The camera has 4k ultra HD 20MP with the 12MP Sony sensor. The camera has some very new features which make this cheap helmet cam unique and amazing.

Features are the only thing which makes any item unique and different. When it comes to this camera, it has features and the best result.

Main features of this budget helmet cam

First of all, the camera has a wireless wrist remote control camera. This is especially made for the people who are in sports or you can say that the camera is an action sports camera. The camera is equipped with a 2.4G wireless RF wrist remote control with which you can control everything. This remote control will help you in controlling the camera and taking pictures along with making the best videos in a completely different and new angle. In addition to this it screen is the best. It has a 2 inch HD screen on which you can see the pictures and videos in a new way.

Why to buy this cheap helmet camera?

The camera includes a very dramatic FOV. There is an inbuilt Wi-Fi in the camera. You have to download apps and then connect your smartphone or tablet with the camera in order to use the internet. The internet range is interestingly wide as it ranges up to 15 meters.

This camera is basically perfect for the people who are divers or who want to have adventure under water and want to take the best shoot. The camera is not recommended for the use in forests and any other place. Since it is a waterproof camera it works best underwater.

There are always doubts and some questions about the product before buying it. So, here are some answers to the common questions. Yes, the camera comes with 2 extra batteries and a USB charging cord. The camera can easily be used on a selfie stick as well.


3. USATREKKER W9 Wi-Fi 12mp 170 Degree 1080p action Camera

Cheap helmet camera - USATREKKER W9 Wifi 12mp 170This camera is specially designed for people who loves to ride bikes. Bike riders can use this cheap helmet camera and capture their adventures in it.

This action camera is waterproof. You can take this anywhere you want. Other than this, its lenses are amazing. The size is 5.93 x 2.46 x 4.11cm. This size is very ideal for taking pictures. A micro SD card is provided with the camera. The limit of the card can be exceeded to 32GB. It takes really amazing videos, so you do not have to worry about the pixels.

The best features of this cheap helmet camera

The best feature in this action camera is that you can control this camera with your phone. No matter how far you are, control is in your hand. There is an app named iSmart DV app. This app helps you in placing the sports cam and then move away from it. You can control over it from a distance with the help of your smart phone. The camera box includes a pamphlet of instructions. Read it before using the camera.

In addition to this, the camera is really light weight. You just have to fix it up on the helmet with the straps (that comes with the camera) and you are ready to go.

Are there any disadvantages of this budget helmet cam?

It is very difficult to find out disadvantages of this camera. Since, this is an action camera it is best suited for people who are bike riders and runners. It works best in these conditions.

If used in other condition the pixels might deteriorate. It is preferable to use while riding a bike or running.

This camera is a discount camera. There is % off on this camera if you buy it. This is a good opportunity for people who really want to have a camera but cannot buy it. With this offer, you will have the best camera which has amazing features and amazing results.

Yes, the camera comes with different accessories like helmet straps, extra battery life and instruction pamphlet.


4. APEMAN Helmet Camera FHD 1080P

cheap helmet camera - APEMAN Action CameraAPEMAN helmet camera is a camera which is small in size. You can carry this camera easily. This small sized camera can do wonders. It has the capacity for taking best shots, it can edit them as well and it can give you a perfect direction.

Main features of this cheap helmet camera

Some other main features of this camera include a storage card. The capacity of the storage card may exceed up to 32GB. 32GB is a maximum limit of the card which can be installed in it.

The camera is waterproof. It comes with a waterproof casing. This casing allows you to take your best shots under water. However, there are some other amazing features in it as well. There are multiple video recording and photo shooting modes. You can take single shots with it or you can take several shots in no time.

When it comes to lens, the lens is a wide angle lens with HD quality. 170 degree angle provides you an opportunity to capture the stunning and amazing adventures happening around. It has a very powerful battery system. The recording time goes up to 240 minutes with the help of two batteries. You can charge up the batteries in 3 hours as well.

Main cons of this budget helmet cam

There is something which is minor but cannot be ignored. The package does not include a Micro SD card. You have to buy it separately. Other than this, the limit is 32GB only, which is a little less in comparison to the other camera which support 64GB memory.

Why you should buy this cheap helmet camera?

Anyways, you should buy this camera because this is on discount and it is at a very amazing price. There are definitely some good features in it which are really amazing.

The package comes with all the accessories like extra batteries, data wire, bicycle stand, waterproof case, etc.


5. YI action camera

Cheap helmet camera - YI This is the best small sized camera in very cute lime green color. It is a limited stock which has been released for a very short time. A 16MP camera is installed in it. It has a Bluetooth system in it along with Wi-Fi.

The camera is small in size and does not have many features as there are in other cameras. It is not waterproof. You cannot take it in the water and dive in.

But there are some advantages. This is small in size, which means it can be carried anywhere. The camera provides the best and professional shoot.

The camera comes with accessories like battery and cable wires as well.


6. KINGEAR F9 HD 1080P Helmet Camera

Cheap helmet camera - Kingear F9This is another cheap helmet camera that fitted in my list. It is a mini sport camera. This camera is best to use for climbing, skiing or riding dirt bikes. The features of this camera are that it is completely HD 1080P camera. The videos you take from this camera are high in resolution. The size of this camera is really small and compact. Since the size is small, the weight of this camera is less as well. It is easily carried anywhere you want.

What makes this cheap helmet camera great?

People like climbers, bike riders and those who love skiing are fun and adventurous people. They like to enjoy every bit of moment in their life. So, when they are on some adventurous mission they would like to capture every moment. This is why the battery timing of this camera is really amazing. The battery stays up for 2.5 hours. You can take unlimited photos and make videos. In addition to this, there is an inbuilt ¼ inch of low noise feature. This feature allows you to take pictures in the dark areas where there is no light. The recording format in this camera is Amarelle 1920 x 1080P. There is a memory card slot in it. You can use a card of 32GB in it.

Main disadvantages of this cheap helmet cam

There are so many things which cannot be neglected before buying this camera. First of all, the box does not have any charger in it. We have to buy a separate charger along with the camera. Secondly, a memory card is not included in the package. We have to buy a separate memory card as well. Thirdly, the limit of memory card is very less as compared to the cameras which provide 64GB memory storage.

Lastly, even though the camera is waterproof. It cannot be taken in the water. You cannot take the camera while you are surfing or diving. Your camera may damage if taken in the water in these situations.

What you should know before buying this cheap helmet camera?

The camera is discounted so, you can buy this camera, ignoring the minor disadvantages. If you are spending money on the camera then spending some money on buying the charger and an SD card.

There are some questions of the people like is it okay to charge the camera while filming or is there any problem if we use the camera in water. So, yes you can charge the camera while you are filming. There is nothing wrong in it and this will not harm your camera at all. However, you should not take your camera in the water while you are diving or surfing even though it is a waterproof camera. You should avoid taking this camera in water.


7. ICONNTECHS IT Full HD 1080P Sport Helmet Camera

Cheap helmet Camera - IConntechs IT This camera is one of the best cameras to use. It is a cheap helmet camera, yet it provides you the best results. This is an action camera so it must be used in the places like that. It is highly recommended for those who are sky divers, and motocross riders. Other extreme sports are included in this category too. The pixels in this camera are so amazing that when you sky dive it takes the clear, precise and the best shoots in the air.

The amazing features of this cheap helmet camera

Light in weight

There are many features on this camera which cannot be ignored at all. For instance, the size of the camera. The camera is so small that it only weights 64 grams. The sports like sky diving and jumping are so extreme that you cannot carry a heavy camera with yourself. Considering this fact, this camera is designed especially for these sports. It can also resist the extreme weather conditions.


However, this camera is completely waterproof. You can take it underwater while you are surfing, skiing or swimming. The camera will never fail to give its best shots.

Perfect lenses

Next comes the lenses. The lenses on this camera are so amazing that they can capture a whole new world inside of them. There is a 170 degree wide angle perspective which provides you to take the shots which are natural and realistic in nature.

Screen on the camera

There is a 2.0 inch LCD screen on the camera. This display screen gives you an opportunity to have a look on the perfect shoots in detail. The screen make sure that you do not miss seeing any angle of the picture. There is also a Wi-Fi system in the camera.

Main disadvantages of this cheap helmet camera

If we look at the other side of the picture, then the package does not come with an SD card. You will have to buy a separate one. The camera supports a 32GB memory storage.

The recording time in this camera on 70 minutes. This is a bit disturbing because there are other cameras which provide more time in comparison to this. The battery can die soon if not used with care. This is why you have to be very careful about this aspect.

Why you should buy this cheap helmet camera?

However, there are some amazing and new features which cannot be ignored at any cost. The camera is cheap and it ensures you the best results. What else can be better than this? You are getting all the accessories, the camera is waterproof and you can take it underwater while swimming and surfing. So, it has all the features which can be very useful.

However, there are some question and doubts of the customers which must be answered. So, first of all, yes, you can save up the battery by taking some precautionary measures. Do not plug in the charger if the camera is not completely dead. Use it and once it is completely dead, charge it to its full and then use it.




Image quality




Battery life


Memory capacity


Value for money



  • Light weight
  • Waterproof
  • Perfect lenses
  • Screen on camera
  • 32GB


  • No SD card
  • Recording time 70 min
  • Low battery life
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